Is Fee different when you pay than what is listed on I20 ? State Vs private schools Fee comparison

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Srikanth Asked “ my self srikanth applied for spring 2010 ..i choose siuc whose fee in i20 is 5lakhs per semerster..all my frds are sayin to wait for fall and apply for low fee colleg …wht do u suggest ..fee in i20 is different ,when we pay to college .???is this true

The fee you see in typical I20 is listed like this :

What you want to look at is the Tuition and Fee section only unless you are staying in Student Dorms ( Same thing as saying in College Hostel back in India ) . Most of the Indian students Do NOT stay in student dorms and stay off campus sharing an apartment with friends. If your Tuition fee section says it is 5 lakhs, then my personal suggestion is to apply to another school. It sounds pretty expensive to me for that kind of school. You should look for funding or other schools that have funding. Typically, if you apply for a very branded private school like Carnegie mellon, then your fee is very high. For instance, semester Tuition fee ONLY at CMU is $17,500 ( Check this link ) . The key is you have to apply to State schools where it is cheaper for instance, look at University of Houston-Clear lake (UHCL) its fee is $5100 per semester ( Check this link  )

You can see from above there is a huge difference in fee based on the private and state schools. UHCL is actually a good school too. So, do some reasearch for your program and then apply to cheaper and good schools unless you want to study in CMU or Harvard.

The fee you see in I20 is exactly what you will pay when you come here. It will NOT be different. Your Tuition fee is same as it says in I20. As I said, if you stay off campus you save all the other fee. Also, if you get any sort of funding like Scholarship then your fee will change. It all depends on your scholarship. If I were you, I would do some research for schools based on price and then decide. It is not worth spending 5 lakhs just on tution per semester for school like SIUC


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Comments ( 12 )

  1. S

    Hello Sir,

    I m one among those who dream for M.S in US. I read the information you publised, huge Thank you for that.
    I did Diploma in E and E after 10th , and B.E in E and E in the year of 2011. I tried hard to get job, bt since from 2011 i m unemployed.
    Still i hav dream to do study in US, not have any skill, not participated in paper publication. Not have good finanicial status too. Whether May i get seat n scholarship in good college where campus recruitment is done…

    1. administrator

      It is not easy to get scholarship these days. You really need to have very strong profile, scores and apply accordingly to get any sort of funding. Also, there is nothing called campus placement in US, you need to apply via career center and it works differently.

  2. Nusrath

    Hello sir..I hve cmpltd my b.phrmcy n wnt to do MS frm US ..can I pay d fees by doing part time job there??? Is it possible to clear all my fees on time by doing part time job??? Plzzz help me out sir..

  3. Farhan Belal

    Hello sir.. I am doing mechanical engineering.. And now in second year. . I want to do MS from US… so I want that u suggest me for preparing something or guide me. . So that it becomes easier for me to get admission in US. Thank u..

  4. A.J

    Hi Sir,
    I wanna to ask, can we apply to these University by ourselves I mean If I don’t want to take any consultancies help and don’t wanna waste my money on agents so is it possible or not.

  5. Anu

    Dear Friends,
    I have applied in some colleges for the fall 2012 and awaiting for response from college. By looking at above I20 form, can we exclude living expenses. If i do not opt for on campus housing, then how should i search for other stays and if i am going to US, then where can i stay and where should i report first. Most of the colleges are in California and after reading this article i am worried about expenses. Kindly help.

  6. krista

    You get what you pay for in a college education — although, a degree is a degree is a degree. Yes, some schools carry more weight than others and may increase your chances of getting a job (but that only occurs in rare cases such as harvard degree-types)…but its not just a degree that will get you hired here, its all about experience and who you know (connections!). Go to a school where you afford it and you can be happy — school is stressful enough, finances is just another hassle to deal with. Private schools advertise smaller class sizes and such, but public schools can offer that too (especially at the upper levels) at a fraction of the price. Also remember that its not just tuition that you have to pay for…you have to pay for lodging and food and social events.

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