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Interesting H4 Visa Questions, H1B Visa Stamping, OFC process – 2013 – Mumbai, India

One of our readers, NK, attended for visa stamping along with his wife for visa stamping. He has articulate it very nicely with lot of critical information at each step. Firstly, Congrats to NK for his visa and Thanks to him for sharing his experience. You can share your experience with our readers here

Background Info

First of all, a big thank you to all the members for sharing their experiences. Your posts really helped us prepare for the visa interview.

Overall Visa Stamping Timelines:

  • OFC Appointment: May 14, 2013 at 4:30 pm [Done is 20-30 minutes. There were some problem related to missing Surname in my passport, but I was prepared. Read more details below].
  • Consular Appointment: May 15, 2013 at 10:00 am [visa approved after a short interview]
  • Wife received her passport with H4 visa stamped on May 17, 2013 in Pune. 
  • I received my passport with H1B visa stamped on May 23, 2013. My passport was with US consulate for almost a week while my wife received her passport in just 3 days. During this week, passport tracker used to show the status as – “Your passport is still with post.” While visa tracker used to show that my passport is undergoing “administrative processing”.

US Visa OFC Appointment Process Mumbai:

Date & Time : May 14, 2013 at 4:30 pm.
We reached OFC around 4 PM. They do not allow you to take any electronic device (like mobile) inside. All you need here is your passport (both husband and wife) and DS-160 form barcode. They will scan the DS160 barcode and put a sticker behind your passport. Then they issue you a token and ask you to remain seated. You’ll be then called for a photograph and finger print. That’s it. We were done in 20-30 minutes.

US H1B and H4 Visa Consular Appointment

Date & Time :  May 15, 2013 at 10:00 am.
We reached there at around 9:00 am and had to wait outside. They let us in at 9:45am. Again you can’t carry electronic devices/mobile etc. with you. After security check, they make you sit outside under the shade. We went inside after about an hour. There they verify your finger print and give you a token number. Our turn for interview came after 30 minutes.

H1B Visa Interview

About the interview, it was a short one. The only documents VO asked for were passports and original I-797. She asked me the name of the client, my current Indian salary and salary being offered in US, my designation and my education qualification.

H4 Visa Interview Questions

She asked general questions to my wife – how many people attended the marriage, when did you get married, whether marriage was arranged or love, how did you guys met. She then congratulated us for our marriage(as we were recently married) and asked me one last question – what’s her favorite dish, which I answered. She then told us that our visa is approved.

Misc. items – Prior US Visa status and Previous B1 Travel to America :
Existing B1 Visa and multiple US visits:
I have 10 year multiple entry B1 visa. I was afraid that they might cancel my B1 Visa (as mentioned in few posts by other members) but they didn’t. I think they didn’t cancel my visa because the date of expiry of my B1 visa is well beyond the date of expiry of my H-1B (my H1B expires in Feb 2016 while my B1 expires in April 2016). I was also concerned that they may raise issue about my multiple B1 visits in 2012 and 2013 (almost 5 months in total) but they didn’t. I have read about few cases where they have canceled B1 visa citing the long duration of stay in US. Nevertheless, I was not too much worried about this because all my B1 visits were purely based on business reasons and I had proof for the same.   Also, my passport did not had last name, read How to fill DS-160 for Visa Stamping for missing surname

Tracking Passport and Visa
Trackers [In-case your visa is approved, please use following trackers to track your passport and visa. Note that there are two different trackers, one for the passport and one for the visa !]:


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  1. Hello,

    I am in a very similar situation as the one in the article. Interviewed at Kolkata consulate for my H1B and spouse’s H4 on 29th September 2016.
    Questions asked to me:
    1. What is your professions?
    2. How much will you earn per month?
    3. When did you get married?
    4. Do you have kids?
    5. Where did you meet?
    6. Was it a love marriage or arranged marriage.
    7. Have you got this white brochure? (pointing to the brochure with information on your rights in USA when going to work or study on temporary basis)

    Questions asked to spouse for H4.
    1. What is your highest level of education.

    Given a 221g white slip.
    Status on CEAC website on 29th September was ‘AP’.
    Status update on 3rd Oct still showing ‘AP’.

    Spouse received email to collect passport with visa issued on 4th Oct. We received the passport on 6th Oct with stamped H4 visa.
    My passport is still with the consulate as tracked on US traveldocs website.
    No updates on CEAC status tracker.

    Would appreciate it if anyone who has been in a similar situation would share their experience.

    • KaamJ,

      They shouldn’t approve H-4 visa stamp until H-1 visa stamp has been approved. So given that H-4 visa has been stamped and assuming they are following all the rules, I would expect your H-1 visa stamp to be approved soon.

  2. Hi, I am Suman and I’m currently in the US on H1B Visa. I am planning to get my wife to US too. My question is, from which consulate I need to process her VISA. Mine was processed from Chennai and for me Kolkata is nearer as I am from Orissa. Thanks.

  3. Now I am in Finland.. I wan in india when i appied for H1B and got approvel when i am in india only.
    Now can i get my stamping from Finland ????

    This is my first H1B stamping… Please some one reply me…

    Thanks.. Sunil

  4. Hi,

    This is Varun, I am working on H1B for employer A , and my visa expires in September 2015 both visa on my passport and on my I-797. I recently got an offer from an employer B.

    I am getting married in march and want my wife to go for H4 stamping at the same time.

    My question is : If i get an approved I-797 from employer B before i go to india, will my wife have problem in getting the H4 visa stamping as i will have employer A name on my visa stamped on my passport and employer B name on my I-797 or will we have any problem at the port of entry in US ?

    I am in two minds as i might loose a good opportunity or will have to suffer with my wives rejection. Please help.

    I really appreciate your help.

    Thank you,

    Varun Khare

  5. Hi Saurabh,

    I am in US and recently my H1B petition got extended. My dependant is in India. She had H4 visa, but now it has got expired. So, she has apply for new H4 visa or can the same(expired) visa be extended?

  6. I will be soon proceeding for h1 visa my petition is going to expire inaugust’15 I m hoping for visa till Aug’15.My concern is my daughter’s passport is expiring on 1stMay’15.

    Will her passport expiry date create issue for her h4 visa.

    Please help.

  7. My marriage date is 13 June 2014.

    The only concern is below:

    Spouse Name on passport- Nidhi Rani
    Spouse father name- Ram Lal Bansal

    Spouse Name on all of her other documents- Nidhi Rani
    Spouse father name on all of her other documents (education, aadhar card etc.) Ram Lal

    Now do we need to change the name to Neha Bansal before we apply for h4 visa. Since we have good time left so want to know on this.

    Since my name is Tarun Kumar Bansal so do you think its good to change her last name now.

    Looking for some help asap.

    • ignore previous comment please.

      My marriage date is 13 June 2014.

      The only concern is below:

      Spouse Name on passport- Nidhi Rani
      Spouse father name- Ram Lal Bansal

      Spouse Name on all of her other documents- Nidhi Rani
      Spouse father name on all of her other documents (education, aadhar card etc.) Ram Lal

      Now do we need to change the name to Nidhi Bansal before we apply for h4 visa. Since we have good time left so want to know on this.

      Since my name is Tarun Kumar Bansal so do you think its good to change her last name now.

      Looking for some help asap.

  8. Hello, I am on H1b visa and my visa (both on H1b visa page and I797) is until June 2016. But, my passport expires in April 2015. During my recent entry to US, I got I-94 until April 2015 at POE, which is my passport expiry date. Now my wife is entering US alone for the first time in three weeks. Her H4 visa expires in June 2016 and her passport is valid until 2019. My question is “will her I-94 be until my I-94 expiry date (April 2015) or her visa expiry date (June 2016)”? And will she experience any problem at POE?

    • Ram,
      She will get I-94 based on your H-1 petition (797). Your I-94 was for shorted duration b/c of your passport expiration date and doesn’t impact her I-94 expiration date.

      Remember to file for your passport renewal in time, so that you can extend your H-1 I-94.

  9. Hello

    My husband got his H1b visa visa approved on 26th December 2013 from Chennai US consulate and H1B visa stamped passport after two days.

    We started processing H4 visa process for me n my 5 months old daughter (DS160 and payment of Fees). Got OFC done for me and my daughter on 17th Jan 2014.

    We had visa interview appointment on 21 Jan 2014 7.45 am (first slot for that day) and i was first one to give interview for visa.

    VO: Good Morning
    Me: Good Morning
    VO: May i have your Passport
    I gave my n my daughter’s passport to VO
    VO: Do you have your husband’s visa with you?
    Me: Yes (i gave him my husband’s paasport also)
    VO: Where is your husband working currently?
    Me: ABC company (Indian Company)
    VO: Where he will be working in USA?
    Me: XYZ Company (Company In USA)
    VO: Why is he leaving company like ABC and going for small company XYZ?
    Me: He wanted global career exposure
    Then VO started nodded his head
    VO: Why you did not appeared for visa interview with your husband?
    Me: We had applied for my daughter’s passport and i wanted to apply for visa with my daughter
    VO: Where is your daughter?
    Me: She is outside with my husband. My Daughter is 5 months old.
    VO: When did you got married?
    Me: 24 Feb 2011
    VO: Why you husband went for his visa interview in chennai and you in mumbai?
    Me: There was no interview slots available in Mumbai during that time and his employer wanted him to go for visa interview in that week only.
    Again VO nodded his head
    VO: When did you got married?
    Me: 24 Feb 2011
    VO: Where you daughter was born?
    Me: Mumbai
    VO: Where your stay?
    Me: Mumbai

    Then VO left from his seat and went to one lady (American) with our passport and he talk to her 8 to 10 min then he came back to his seat and started typing in his computer for 7 to 8 min

    VO: When did you got married?
    Me: 24 Feb 2014
    VO: Where you husband will be working in USA?
    Me: AM, MMMM

    Then he again started typing in his computer and after 5 min one white paper to me and said
    VO: Sorry i will have to take your passport for some admin processing
    Me: You will keep my husband’s passport also
    VO: Yes i have to take his passport for enquiry
    Me: When will i get all three passport?
    VO: It will not take more that one week. You will get notification regarding your passport through Email or SMS.
    Me: Ok

    Then i left from there. I was very tensed because VO took my husbands passport also and i did not wanted my husbands visa get affect because of my interview.

    After two days i got mail on my phone that my and my daughters passport is ready for pickup and even my husband got same message.

    Next Day we went BKC, Mumbai US Trade center and got all three passport with VISA STAMP.

    Missed those golden words “YOUR VISA IS APPROVED” but still ALL WELL THAT ENDS WELL

  10. I am applying for H4. Unfortunately i have lost my old passport, but have my new one. Is it an issue? will i face problems during my visa interview?
    I have never traveled outside India and my old passport does not have any stamp on it.

  11. I have been married for 2 years , in Nov ‘ 2011.

    My wife applied passport few months back and received her passport , with spouse name stamped. But In my passport her name is not mentioned.

    My wife is appling for H4 Visa, since My name is mentioned on her passport.
    is it still required to have Marriage Certificate for H1B/H4 stamping ?


  12. I am currently on L1B visa and my visa/I94 got expired on 3rd June. My company filed an extension for me in month of May and I got an RFE in mid July. I have to respond to my RFE questions till 27th Sep ( date given by USCIS ) but I am planning to withdraw my application and go back to India on 14th Sep.
    So I have few questions :

    1) Will I be out of status from 3rd June till 14th Sep in USCIS and will this create problems for me in future. My attorney told me that you will not be out of status till 27th Sep.If I leave the country before that and withdraw my application , I will be good.
    2) I am planning to come back to US on dependent visa (H4) as my wife is here on H1. Is there any desirable time I should appear for the H4 interview.I mean should I wait for L1B visa status to be changed to withdrawn before I appear for H4 interview.
    3) I was planning to go for H4 visa stamping 1 week after I reach India which will be around 20th sep. So will this be problem for me as they will still be seeing my L1 status as RFE because I heard that it takes around 1 month for the status to get change to withdrawn in USCIS system. So can I be bombarded with questions in my H4 stamping and possibly result in a denial.
    4) I can wait for 1 month in India before I go for H4 stamping. Is this preferred approach or it doesn’t matter.

  13. My friend got laid off today from the company they are keeping him on payroll till july 15(2.5 weeks). He got a new job who is willing to transfer his visa but he didn’t tell them that he got laid off. But they looking for him to start on july 20 but submit his paperwork and all that stuff earlier. So is that ok or does he need to ask them to prepone his start date?

    • Granil,
      So there will be a gap of 5 days b/w the two jobs. 15th is a Monday while 20th is a Saturday. I don’t think this 1 week will cause an issue as he may be relocating, taking some time off etc.

      How about this – he asks B’s attorney that his last day at A is July 15 (not mention lay-off). So is it ok for him to join B 1 week later.

  14. My employer has confirmed about the selection in lottery but haven’t provided the USCIS receipt number yet. I have recently got a good offer from another employer and its too good to resist. If I change my employer now, would there be any issue to file H1B from new employer in cap exempt petition, as I do not have receipt number.
    Thanks RP

    • RP,
      You need to know at least the receipt number for the cap-exempt petition to be filed. Also the previous petition should have been approved before the cap-exempt petition is filed.

  15. Surprising to see so many qns. asked to H4 applicant. I was asked only one qn. – do you plan to work there? I gave a terse reply – No. Both our payslips were attached and I was drawing higher salary than my H1 wife 🙂

  16. Is it just me or do others agree that there seems to be a degree of leniency in the past two VISA stampings? This could be a trend this year, considering the severe shortage of genuinely skilled IT folks. DICE has tons of listing for developers. Earlier jobs on CORP-to -CORP were scarce, now they are offering a 15% to 20% raise on billing rates! 🙂

    Looks like the US economy is finally picking up steam.


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