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Indian Passport Renewal in USA 2012 – Houston – Checklist, Steps

One of our readers, Benny, share his passport renewal experience in America. Thanks to Benny for taking time to share his experience with our readers. You can share your experience here

Indian Passport Renewal Experience in USA

I am writing my experience to help those who want to renew their passport in Houston Consulate. I know before you found this experience of mine, you have already read many of the horrible stories/experiences/reviews. I was myself very apprehensive of the passport renewal process especially at the Houston Consulate.

I found someone on one of the forums who helped me with his prior experience and I finally decided to go ahead to renew my passport at the Houston Consulate by mail (I am from Georgia).
I sent my application by Fedex ground shipping with signature receipt on April 5, 2012 and to my surprise received the renewed passport (along with the old one) on April 21, 2012. Please note that my application was not Tatkal but normal and even in normal I got my passport in less than 3 weeks.

I prepared a covering letter and followed the format available at    www.path2usa.com/indian-passport-renewal-cover-letter

Indian Passport Renewal in America  – Documents Checklist

Following were the documents I sent –

1. Original current passport (number ZXXXXXX)
2. Completed application Form with 3 photographs.
3. Money Order of 60$ (inclusive $20 for return mail service)
4. Copy of the first 5 pages and last 2 pages of the passport
5. Notarized copy of US Driving License and GNG Bill.
6. Notarized copy of work authorization H1B form I-797 approval.
7. Notarized copy of the visa stamp on the passport
8. Notarized copy of I-94 document.
9. Notarized copy of Degree Certificate ( for ECNR)
10. Notarized copy of Marriage certificate (for spouse name inclusion)

Please note that I had sent the notarized copy of everything except the passport pages. I believe that is very important.

Indian Passport Renewal in USA  – Photos :
Also, there was a confusion regarding the passport photos. The consulate website says 3.5cmx3.5cm but in the application form it says 2x2in. I was very confused about it and finally could search few people who gave 2x2in. Here in US the passport picture is 2×2 in and its tough to get 3.5cmx3.5cm. I went to many places but could not get 3.5×3.5 hence I took the risk and sent 2x2in pictures taken at Costco and it worked for me.

Conclusion – Advice
I hope this experience will help you in some way. My suggestion to you is not to wait for the last moment. If you are within one year of passport expiry, please go ahead with application and send notarized copies. I will not be able to judge for you whether to do Tatkal or not. If you are willing to wait for 3 to 4 weeks then you can do normal. If you want earlier than that maybe you can go for tatkal. Again it is my suggestion, the final decision is yours.

Thank you,

 You can also check out Official Houston India Consulate Passport Renewal webpage


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  1. This is a great post and thank you for sharing your experience.

    I am in a little odd situation. I stayed in Texas for 7 years and now recently moved to California but I still do not have any utility bills or address proof for CA but do have employment verification letter to present that I stay here. I need to get my passport renewed before an upcoming business travel.

    Can I apply at the SF Consulate with employment verification proof instead of residence proof?

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    I require assistance for my client who has got his Passport expired and well as the US visa , the passport could not be renewed as it was misplaced and well as he could not apply for visa extension, now passport found is in damage conditions, kindly advise the checklist of documents in require to have the passport renewed.

    I got your reference through the website that you deal with the Indian Embassy so we would like to have information of getting the Indian Passport renewed here at the United States, the client visa issued on September 5th, 2008 expired on September 1st, 2013 visa type, R C 1/D, visa issued at India, passport issued December 09th, 2003, expired December 8th, 2013, place of Issue: Thiruchirappalli, India, current status damaged passport.

    Documents available damaged passport, bank account and any other supporting documents required will be furnished from San Francisco and Pennsylvania please advice documents can be enclosed to get the passport renewed, what is the best ground to get the passport renewed.
    Feedback could be sent to exploretalent.america.aol.com

    Ravi Eion

  3. Thank you for the info, when i googled I found one more site which has all the details with screen captures.


  4. Hi, I would appreciate your clarification:

    My Passport will expire in 8 months( 10 year passport)
    My visa stamp( H1B ) was expired in June 2013 but I have new I797 ( extension of my H1B) which is valid until 2016.
    I am planning to go to India in November 2013 for new visa stamping.

    For passport renewal, I have houston jurisdiction ( Nebraska resident).

    1) Since my visa stamp is expired ( but have new I797), do I need to send those 7 extra copies of nationality verification forms mentioned at different websites?
    2) Do I need to appear in person in Houston as my visa stamp is expired?
    3) What is the actual fee for passport renewal ( different websites showing different amount)?
    4) When they say visa status expired/pending, does it mean “visa stamp” which I got in India or does it mean expired I 797?

    I appreciate your input!!

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Manoj,

      I am in same situation like you. Did you carry the 7 additional verification forms and did you carry No status affidavit along with two green card witness sign ?

      Consider it as very urgent and appreciate your response as I have interview tomorrow in Houston.

    • Hi Manoj,
      I have the same situation.Did you go in person to reapply because of expired visa on passport .Appreciated your response

  5. Hi, I would really appreciate if somone one can clarify:

    My passport is going to expire in 8 months and thsu I am looking for renewal at Houston jurisdiction.

    queries: 1) My visa ( H1B) stamp is expired but I have new I797 with me now which is valid until 2016. Do I need to send 7 copies of nationality verification forms or not? When they say visa status expired/pending, do they mean expired I797? or the expired visa stamp which I got done in India? Also in this case as my visa stamp is expired, do I need to visit the houston jurisdiction in person? I read at one of the websites as requirement and would like some clarification.

    2) What is the actual fee for passport renewal after 10 years? Different websites give different fee structure?
    3) Where would I go If I would like to go in person in Houston for my passport renewal? I mean physical location address?

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate any inputs.

  6. All,
    I want re-issue passport at Houston Consulate.
    I have few questions
    a) From may 07,2013 – BLS international will provide passport services?. Do I need to go to their office and submit all documents?
    b) I would like to go in person, submit all documents. Do I need to notorize all these documents?.
    c) Do I need to submit original I94 along with old passport?

    Please help

    • Reena,

      Today my cousin went to Passport Kendra, located in outer ring road Bangalore. he took an appointment a while ago and though he was early in that office, they mentioned that they will address the person only at the appointment time mentioned.
      He was informed to carry only one address proof in which you are staying more than 2 years. Photographs and ten print will be taken at that centre only. His passport had a small damage, so they mentioned to get affidavit and sent him back…All the best

  7. Applying for passport renewal for minor over post was a cakewalk for us. We got the new passport within 5 working days ,despite the weekend being a Long Weekend. Appreciate the turnaround time at the Houston VFS. Keep it going guys, it helps a lot!
    Just follow the checklist mentioned and it should be on its way to success.

  8. Hi Folks,
    I have come to US on L1 visa which is valid until 2014 but my passport is expiring in next 5 days. My I-94 is also valid until 2014.

    Please let me know of the following:
    1. Would I become an illegal immigrant if I do not renew my passport and stay in US with expired passport bu valid I94.
    2. What happens if passport is not renewed on time and there is a gap between expiry of old passport and reissue of new passport.

    I would highly appreciate if someone can respond to my query.
    Devraj Singh

    • I personally suggest not to waste any time to go and renew the passport at the earliest – maybe tomorrow.
      There might be zero implications, but there might also be very serious implications – why take chances?
      Also – passport is your only valid Indian citizenship document in USA (AFAIK) and it should be kept current.

    • Devraj Singh,
      I agree w/ Sid. Usually they issue I-94 only until passport expiration date. They did a mistake in your case but do not take passport expiration lightly. Get it renewed ASAP.

  9. I had renewed my passport from NY consulate in 2008 – and got the new passport in 4 days via mail (they actually asked me to collect in person on the next day)!
    I walked in with all the required docs on a Monday morning, submitted them and paid fee+$20 for USPS mail , and got back the new passport + old passport on Friday.
    regarding passport photos, I had a good photo (dark shirt/light background) of mine taken on a DSLR/tripod combo, and used the site http://www.epassportphoto.com/ to get the exact 3.5 x 3.5 photosheet on a 6×4. Then just printed them in walgreens and cut them up in required pieces.

  10. Hi Saurabh,

    can anyone apply in Houston for Passport renewal. I live in Wisconsin, and can i apply here?


    • Suhasini,
      WI folks should approach Indian consulate in Chicago. The process should be similar to Houston consulate, but you can go through the details on the website for Chicago.

  11. Hi,
    I am planning to get my passport renewed here in Houston, USA.
    Can some please guide me in filling the application form. I found it confusing.

    Like what should I write for: permanent address to be printed in passport? Is it Indian address or US address?
    and what address should I give for other address? What proof should I give here?

    I want to add my husbands name in my renewed passport. I already have the notarized copy of my marriage certificate scanned. Can I submit this?

    Please suggest

    • Sandhya,
      “Permanent address to be printed in passport” – This needs to be your permanent address in India
      “Other address” – Enter your address in the USA

      For address proof you can carry driver’s license showing US address, or bank statement or utility statement.

      As for spouse name, you can refer this link.

  12. Applying Passport renewal is so easy and stress less in Houston .. Just follow the instructions carefully in their site and send it by postal mail.
    I applied mine and my wife , it took 2 week max. to get the renewed passport. They are very good. No need to go for TATKAL if you plan it before 1 month. Unless it is urgent for you.
    This is the best approach rather than doing it in india. In India we know ….. all brokers, no one respond properly.. etc..
    People think that , in india you can save money but end up with spending more.. If you are planning to visit india .. don’t even plan to do renew there.. do it here.. Here every thing is systematic and procedural ..


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