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How to search for accommodation at Client location ? First week accommodation in Hotel and Car ?

You have done great so far and you are one step away from proving your skills at work. You do not want to mess up anything on day one. Unless you are in expenses paid project, you may want to start search for accommodation. This post explains some key ways to search for accommodation and also things you can do keep yourself on time and not pressurize by worrying about transportation or accommodation. It is continuation of the series Everything you need to know about How to get a Job & face interviews in US . Make sure you read the previous article about Background checks, Drug tests and other client verification procedures to understand the progression of the series. This is the final article of this series!

First week accommodation by networking :

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One of the best ways to search for accommodation is by networking. You just have to ask your friends if they know anyone living in that city you are going to. Networking is very key, you will find someone in that city, by friend, classmate or colleague. It is all about asking your friends.  Once you get hold of a contact, you can directly call the person and ask them if it is Ok to stay for couple days or may be a week. Most of the times, you get a yes, but it depends. There may some disadvantages like below and you have to adjust.

  • the place you might be staying will be far from the company
  • There may be more than two people and one bathroom. You will have to wake up early and get ready. Timing issues.
  • You may have to adjust with others and the environment. You may be super clean, but the place you go may not be up to your expectations.
  • Parking your car may be an issue if in apartment complex

Websites for looking for accommodation :

Another best way to look for ads in Indian roommates Section of Sulekha.com Classifieds . You can also, put your own ad with description. It is free. Another very popular way is look at housing section in Craigslist.com . You can look at existing ads or post your own ad to. Another way to post ad is ask for Paying guest in the ads Many people do this too.  Another best way is to look at motels like Extended Stay America where they give you full kitchen. You can take it on a monthly basis for a cheaper rate. You will not have any obligation of lease.

Should you stay at Friends place or at Hotel ?

It depends, if you know the person very well as a friend and you are comfortable staying with him, you may stay at your friends place. Also, it has to be close too. Otherwise, you are better off staying in a Hotel. I would recommend to go with Hotel if you do not know the people very well. You do not want to have any issues when going to job on first day. Take the hotel for one week and you will be all set. No need to worry about anything. You can be prepared and go to work with peace of mind. You may start looking for place after the first couple days.

Should I rent a car or use my friend to drop me off at work ? Bus or train  ?

Well, unless your job is going to be in a bigger city like New York and have good bus or train transportation, I would totally recommend renting a car. You do not want to depend on anyone on Day one. If the person you might stay with works in same company, then  may be. But, still I would not recommend it. You should rent a car to be independent about transportation. You do not want to be stuck at some place. Also, unless you know the bus or train route well and used to this means of transportation, you may want to use Cab. It is expensive, but first day just do it !  Try to be as independent as you can with respect to transportation.  If you are flying from some other place, you may want to rent a car at airport for easy travel. Do not depend on your friend’s friend to pick you up. Unless it is weekend, it might be hard for anyone.

First day travel dry run ?

I would recommend you to go to the office or place you are supposed to report at ahead of time the day before and see where the office is exactly located. It helps you and you do not have to be worried next day. It gives you much more confidence and you will not panic if you stuck in traffic or any travel issue on the first day.

After first couple days, you will get an idea about the place. Look for any Indian Associations around the city and call them and ask for help. They will help you with accommodation search. Also, you may ask your colleagues or anyone in the company you just joined after two or three days about good place to live around the area. Do not ask on day one about all these. Overall, it is easy to find accommodation. You just have to talk to right people and look at right place. Rent a car and stay in hotel for the first week. It gives you lot of flexibility and independence !

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