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How to circulate your resume in Job Market for Consulting ? What you should not do?

This post is part of the series: Everything you need to know about How to get a Job & face interviews in US. Once you decide the company to join after looking at all the criteria and asking your employer questions and finally negotiating the salary . Once you commit to an employer, then it is your duty to plan and study. Once you have prepared your resume it is your job to circulate it !
Circulating your resume properly is a very key thing. You do not want your resume to be tagged as a bad or fake resume. It should not be floating too much in the market and become old.
Important note :
Ideally, YOU SHOULD NOT upload your resume on Dice.com or any other job site . Many people upload their resume on dice, but personally I do not recommend this option. It is your last avenue if you do not know anyone or a fresher who have hard time getting contacts.
Why should you not upload your resume on Dice ?
It is simple logic, the resume is available to everyone and it is OPEN. The resume cannot be customized or changed according to requirement if you need to at times . Also, the biggest issue is you get all the recruiters calls and not real calls from potential vendors. You might get some, but the odds are very less. The recruiters typically give the resume to the Sales people after reviewing. Honestly, people only pick resumes from Dice after they run out of resumes in their hand.
How to circulate your resume ?
You should not circulate your resume to anyone voluntarily. You should get contact from Vendors and ask them to send the requirements. Talk to them and tell them to send the requirements. Based on the requirements, you send the resume. You have an option to customize if needed. Talk to vendors, get their contact info. Talk to your friends, get contacts from them. Ask them give vendor contact info if they have. Tell your friends to keep in mind about requirements. Unless your vendors insist, do not give them resume. If you them, give them the complete resume with all the keywords and your full strengths. What vendors do is they upload to their databases and then will contact you based on the requirement. So, be careful what you send. Honestly, the consulting world is small and you will know if requirement is in market. The Sales people post the requirements on Dice as soon as they find out. So, you call them and ask the details before you send anything to them. It is your talent in finding and deciding if they are genuine and prime vendors. You have to negotiate the deal and conclude based on the offer they give whether they are layers or prime vendors.

If you are a fresher and do not have a choice, then you may upload the resume to Dice and other job sites. But, you have to constantly removing and re-uploading for the job sites to keep your resume in fresh or new status.

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  1. Hi there,

    I have a question. I am currently on H4. I have applied for H1,waiting for the result. Meanwhile, I have a few doubts regarding the terms W2, corp to corp, etc. When an employer asks my status, what should I specify? Should I just tell him that I am waiting for my H1 visa to be approved?

    • Observed,
      You already have an employer – the company that has filed your H-1.

      When you say employer, who are you referring to? When other company talks to you for a position at the client site, then your current status would be:
      – H-1 pending
      – open for corp-to-corp
      – open for H-1 transfer (once H-1 petition has been approved)

      You will be a W-2 employee of the company that has filed your H-1. That company can do a corp-to-corp w/ another company (vendor or client) and place you there.

      • Hi Kunar,

        I’m an Engineering graduate and having 2 years of experience in Customer Support in India.

        Are there any chances of finding H1 sponsors for me to work in US.

        If available, could you give any consultancies details which would help me for SURE.



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