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GUIDE to Check H1B Visa Processing times on USCIS website

Getting lucky and being picked in the H1B Lottery is one part and the long wait that comes after filing the H1B petition is another different thing. Many applicants may or may not know that they can check the H1B Visa processing times on USCIS website by USCIS Service Centers. This article is a guide with screenshots on how you can check the H1B Visa processing

Step 1: Find Service Center from H1B Receipt Number

You need to know the service center of your H1B visa petition so that you can check the processing times at that service cener. Read Understanding H1B Case Number to get details on the Service Center related to case.

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On a high level, the first three letters indicate the location name of the service center where the H1B visa petition was filed. Below is the full list of service centers and their corresponding 3 letter that are part of the receipt number.

  • LIN – Nebraska Service Center (LIN refers to Lincoln, Nebraska).
  • EAC – Vermont Service Center (old name: Eastern Adjudication Center).
  • SRC – Texas Service Center (old name: Southern Regional Center).
  • WAC – California Service Center (old name: Western Adjudication Center).
  • IOE – IOE stands for Integrate Operation Environment(where the petition was processed); it is not a service center location but indicates that the petition was filed electronically or electronically scanned and processed. In the H1B context, it was scanned at a shared service center and then processed. The service center details will be at the bottom of the receipt notice.

If your petition has an IOE receipt number, you must check the bottom part of the receipt notice, which will tell you the exact service center where your petition will be processed or being processed. Based on that you can check the relevant service center processing times.

Step 2: Check H1B Processing times on USCIS website

Navigate to Case Processing Times Page

You will find a link under “Manage your case” that reads “Check processing times”, you can click that link. Alternatively, you can find it in the Main Navigation menu on the top under  Tools  –> Check Case Processing Times. See the below screenshot.

You can directly go to  Check Case Processing times

Check USCIS processing times - How to navigate on USCIS website

Select Correct Filters to get the H1B Visa Processing time

On the Check Case Processing Times page, do the following:

  • Select your Form as ‘I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker
  • Select the Form Category, depending on your case and if it was filed as Extension, Change of Status or to be stamped abroad.
  • Select the relevant Service Center as shown.
  • Click on button in the bottom ‘Get Processing Times.’

See the below screenshot on how it looks.

Selecting Correct Form and Service Center Options on USCIS website
Selecting Correct Form and Service Center Options on USCIS website

Step 3: Understand the Processing times Displayed

When the user clicks on the Get Processing time, it will show a number and tell details on how it interpret it. They say that 80% cases will be processed in that time frame. Sometimes, they give a range. Depending on your case, sometimes, the processing times may or may not be accurate.

Below is the screenshot of how the processing time is displayed on USCIS for California Service Center.

H1B Processing time Displayed at the bottom
H1B Processing time Displayed at the bottom

Check your Case Status

You can also check your specific case status by using the the Check USCIS Case Status option on USCIS website. You can read How to check USCIS Case Status online.

Alternatively, you can directly go the USCIS Case Staus website and enter your case number to get the latest status. It will not tell the duration it will take to process the case, but will tell you the latest status.

Check USCIS Historical Processing times for H1B Visa Petitions

USCIS also provides a summary of the historical processing times by year for every form type that they process. You can also use the same to check the Historical Processing times for H1B Visa petitions.

Navigate to page at USCIS Average Processing Times History and look for I-129 Form in that table. See the below screenshot on how it looks in March 2024

H1B Processing times by USCIS - Regular vs Premium - Historical and Current Data - 2024
H1B Processing times by USCIS – Regular vs Premium – Historical and Current Data – 2024

Also, VisaGrader.com has a list of historical processing times for H1B petitions. You can check out H1B Visa Processing Times History. To get an idea from Crowd Sourced Data from users like you, you can also check H1B Tracker

What has been your experience? Share your thoughts.


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  1. Good afternoon , Reaching the end of July and have no received any news yet regarding application done in California. Please advice if I still have a chance of approval and time frame Thanks in advance

    • If you were picked in lottery, still there is time for approval..If you were not picked in lottery and have not got any communication, then no luck probably this year…

  2. RAJ

    I have a question, my H1 transfer approved in and valid till 2020 and my previous H1 visa stamp expired in Nov 2018, my client and location got changed and filed H1 Amendment post that with Vermont center as of Sep 10,2018. The case status is “Case was received”.
    Can I travel to India in Jan 2019, knowing I have to go for Dropbox this time?
    Please suggest?

    • Raj,
      You may travel to India, but remember you have an Amendment that is pending… If you have already started working at new location based on Amendment receipt, it can be risky as you are working without approval….It is recommended to wait and get the approval and travel. If you are just waiting and working at old location, then you may travel and get your H1B stamped with old details before amendment…Discus with your attorney and make an informed decision.

  3. How long does USCIS take to make a decision on a H1 extension petition after RFE is submitted? My H1 extension was filed in August 2017, Got an RFE in Nov 17 and responded back in Jan 18.

  4. My H1B, petition is approved on FEB-2017 which was filed in Mar-Apr 2016. I have till now not stamped yet, can I change the employer now as my current employer does not have a client and client letter? What should I do now?

  5. Hi All,

    My case was selected in H1b lottery 2018 and no change in status “Case was received” from April 27th.

    Is it normal or do i need to contact my lawyer to check with USCIS?


    • Hi all,
      My fiance got selctd in lottry in infosys.he is in usa ryt now.but his visa has expired today.and his extension file which was on premium basis got RFE.how many chances are there that he can hav extension?

  6. Does anyone know which of the classification should i be looking at for the H1B amendment under processing times. Vermont Service Center

    “H-1B – Specialty occupation – Extension of stay in the U.S.”

    for “Extension of stay in the U.S.” till yesterday it was showing one year now it shows I applied on “May 02, 2016”I got RFI . I sent already all document.I got a message On April 12 , 2017 that we are working on again same case.One year has been done.On May 2 ,2017

    what time currently it is taking for the application to get approved.I am waiting for approval .Please tell me

  7. My H1B and H4 Extension is Approved for 3 years without Client letter.

    Processing Type: PP
    Receipt Date: 31-March-2017
    Approval Date: 7-April-2017

    Note: Client letter is not mandatory. Only vendor is suffice.

    Good Luck all!

    • Hi All,
      Could you please let me know what is the current processing duration for H1B amendment at Vermont center
      Got Receipt number in Feb-13,, no status as of now..

    • My H1b filed in 2019, got RFE in Aug 19.Have submitted the documents. case status is( USCIS portal), we received the documents on 23 Oct. There is no update in last 90 days.

      My application is with california service center(WAC).

      Therebare couple of people whome petitions are either rejected or approved who has submitted RFE documents in same time line of mine.

      What could be reason. Please provide inputs.

      • Subbu,
        You cannot really assume or judge your case based on others….again, every application is different and do not compare yours with them….stay positive. talk to your attorney.

  8. My Amendment is in process, Got RFE replied with some documents.

    1. If it is denied is my underlying H1 holds good ?
    2. Can I file amendment with same client again ?

  9. Hi,
    I have approved H1B transfer petition but my amendment is in process. I need to travel India and have to go for stamping, Is it allowed to go and is it advisable ?
    Also My old visa is still valid.

  10. Hi,

    My case got picked in 2017 lottery and since May my status showing in the initial review ! Is it worth to convert it to Premimum Processing !

    • Hi Amita,

      Could you please update your status? I am also in same scenario awaiting for the case status update from “Received”.

      Thank you.

    • Hello, my H1B was approved in May 2015 and I resigned from my job and move back to India in Sep 2015. I had received all my documents from my lawyer. I still have my I797 Approval Notice.
      I am planning to move back to USA and find an employer soon. How do I find if my H1B is still active ( I think the new employer will have to file for a new petition).

  11. hi

    Now is it not possible to check the trend in website ?
    Could not find out National process times and trends . Do we have any other link to check the trend ?

  12. Hi

    I have submitted my H1 Not Subject to Cap to California Center on March 4th I have not yet received any update on the status it still shows case was received . Its been 6 months for the file being submitted. Can you let me know how long will it take for the result.

  13. I have H1B Amendment (Role change) filed on 1st Feb,2016 which is currently in Case received status.
    Please let me know If I leave USA for vacation and received any RFE (during Vacation period), Can I travel back to US before RFE approved?

    Please note This is only Role Change Amendment. Same Client and Location.

    • Sandeep,

      Yes, you can enter US while your amendment is in RFE. You can show the approved petition and visa stamp to enter US. Keep your attorney in loop.

      • Hi Saurabh,
        In the same situation, if the Amendment petition is rejected.. can i still travel back to US if my Initial petition is still Valid ?

  14. Hi All,

    I have a approved H1B starting from Oct 2015. But unfortunately
    for the client with which my petition got approved project ended.
    Now on 10th June they have applied for amendment + extension for a new project at different location since my petition is getting expired SEP 2016 under regular processing. Any idea how long it might take?
    Cant I travel to US until I get extension approval?


    • Amy,

      Couple of questions –
      1. Is your visa stamped in the passport?
      2. Where do you intent to work in US? At the new location? Is that project ready to start?

      • Saurabh,

        1) I havnt gone for visa stamping yet.
        2) Yes its a new location. So Amendment + extension has been applied during normal processing.

        • Amy,

          You should wait for amendment+extension to get approved first, and then appear for visa stamping. You can upgrade it to PP so that you get the result quickly. Also, the interview dates are pretty backlogged in India. You will have to schedule one at the earliest so that you can at least appear in Aug-Sep.

  15. The March month for the US travel Atlanta,Georgia and New York ,Southwest Airlines and meantime the project is on going… there is no discontinuation of the work as long as the US visa and reciprocity is functioning…

  16. HI all,
    My H1 amendment is in process, i am planning for india visit.
    can i go india while my H1 amendment in process.

  17. Hi,

    My visa expired 30-Sep-2015, i-94 expired 10-Oct-2015. Company filed h1b extension in normal processing and i have got the extension receipts by 2-Oct-2015.

    By 240 days rules i can stay in US till 10-June-2015(counting from 10-Oct-2015).

    I have not received any update till 15-Feb-2015. Current processing time for WAC center shows 31-Dec-2015 to 25-Jun-2015, for H1B extension for person in USA.

    Please help me to evaluate my situation and when i can expect confirmation for visa extension. Same time, what will happen if i get visa extension confirmation beyond 10-Jun-2015.

    • Vaib,

      Petition processing has been tremendously slow this year. Looking at the trend, your petition may get processed in next 1-2 months.

      Assuming Jun 10 is the deadline for your 240 day rule, you may decide to upgrade to PP once it is close to 200 days.

    • Did You get any update on the status. Even filing date is around the same period and haven’t heard anything yet.

  18. My I94 expires on november 2016. How long before I can file my h1B extention. I know the processing time is slow now. If I apply PP what about H4 extention?. Is that 240 days rule applicable for H4 also or they can stay until it got approved.

    What about the status of H4 EAD?

    • Prem,

      H-4 extension would include I-94 extension. It can be filed at most 6 months in advance. Yes, you get to stay for up to 240 days beyond I-94 expiration date, as long as the extension has been timely filed.

      EAD extension is another document, which can be applied along w/ H-4 extension. However, there is no PP option available for EAD. And you cannot work while current EAD has expired and new EAD is pending.

  19. Hi Saurabh,

    My wife’s employer filed H1B and USCIS portal shows that On July 20, 2015, they mailed a request for additional evidence. Her Employer responded to RFE on 10 Oct but since then the USCIS postal is not updated and still shows “Request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed”.

    Are there any delay from USCIS in updating the online portal to reflect the correct status.


    • Mech_Raw,

      At times, USCIS site doesn’t show updated information. If your employer has proof that it was received by USCIS, then you are safe. Still employer should raise an SR to know why the status is not updated and maybe have it fixed.

    • Hi Saurabh, Thanks for replying all queries patiently. My H1B amendment was filed on 18th June 2015. You have mentioned in the previous comments to check for I-824 in the processing times. For Vermont, I see that August 31, 2015 is the date mentioned. So, why does the EAC filing status still show “Your case was received status”.

      • Rahul Rathod,

        If your filing date is prior to processing date mentioned on USCIS site, then your employer should raise a SR to follow-up w/ USCIS.

  20. HI, i applied for H1 Extension. USCIS California Service received my application on 12 june 2015 and its Jan 2016 but no change in status for H1b extension. Still i can see the status as Case was received. Any idea on why there is so much of delay. It would be great if you help me with it.

    My employer attempted to initiate a service inquiry, but received this message:
    “Your application or petition is currently within the posted processing times. An inquiry may not be created at this time. Further information about recent processing times can be viewed on the uscis.gov webpage”.

    • Amit Kumar,
      USCIS has been way too slow this year. There are many others in the same boat and there is nothing you can do except to wait, or upgrade to PP.

    • Amit,

      The processing table shows june 8 as the last processed application as of November 31. Yours should have been picked up and processed. You can expect the status change by end this or first week of feb

  21. Hi Saurabh,

    Can you please help me understand whether does H1-B amendment (change of location) also takes care of H1-B extension? My amendmen (or extension) was filled on 1st September 2015, how much time will it take for the processing? Can H4 be filed separately in such a case?
    Please advice.


    • Deepika,

      Amendment doesn’t extends a person’s stay. It is either a correction on old approved petition (like name change) or a modification (like location change).

      You can amendment processing time on USCIS site for your processing center. Look for I-824 petition.

      You need to file H-4 for yourself (as COS) or for your spouse? Need more information about it before I can answer.

    • My Manager told me that along with H1 amendment my extension was also filed..However while submitting the docs I only sent the amendment ones..My i94 expires on 31st march, 16 and amendment was filed in August.No updates yet..

      So shall I be convinced that h1 extension is under progress too and my stay is not impacted beyond 31st march?

      • malu kothari,

        Check w/ employer if they received 797C for extension petition. If that was timely filed, then you are all set and can track it online on USCIS site.

  22. My application received on 31 august 2015 and its Jan 2016 but no change in status for H1b extention.I am worried as my current visa will expire on 29jan2016 and just now a new employer filed a transfer in premium.Can sombody pls help.What can be the consequences.

    • ramjasmeenakshi,

      There is a considerable delay in processing both cap-subject and cap-exempted petitions. However, if the new employer has filed petition in PP, you should know the result pretty quickly and can then switch to new employer.

      In case you don’t join the new employer, you can still continue to stay and work inside US for 240 days beyond your I-94 expiration date as long as your extension petition was timely filed. Your attorney did the right thing by filing it 6 months in advance. Gives you ample time.

      • Hi All,

        I have applied for H1B amendment in the month of June 2015 and still i can see the status as Case was received.

        My petition says it is sent to Vermont Service centre.
        When i verified the processing times at vermont Center, i can see they are processing Time frame is 27 August 2015 applications.

        Can any one please let me know whether my application is processed or what is happening to my application or is there any way to find the latest status.

        Thank you so much for the help.


        • Balraj,

          For amendment, you need to look at I-824 and not I-129. The processing time for Amendment I-824 is July 2015. So yours should have been picked up by now. Ask your attorney to follow-up w/ USCIS.

          • Hi Suarabh,

            I just called my petitoner and asked them to followup, they are saying currently USCIS is processing June 1st week forms, how does it different from the one what we got in the website and what i have been told by my petitioner.

            Please advise.


          • Balraj Kokkanti,

            This wouldn’t be the first time that a petition is still processing but the website is showing a later date. The attorney can again ask and mention the highlighted dates on the site, but I doubt if it would be very helpful, still worth a shot.

    • Thanks Saurabh, my employer told me that amendment will take are of the extension also (I am not sure what they meant by that). I wanted to file H4 for my husband, currently he is in India and I am in US with my H1-B under processing for amendment + extension. Please suggest what should I ask my employer to clarify? And can I file for H4 in this case.

      • Deepika,

        I checked amendment form and didn’t see anywhere to ask for extension of status. Ask your employer what form did they file – I-824 or I-539 or both?

        To apply for H-4, you need to have an approved H-1 petition. Your current petition has expired and new one is still pending. IMO, he should wait until you get your approval.

  23. Hi,
    My company submitted my H1 renewal on August 13th 2015, till date I didn’t get the update on the case.

    I saw the case status based on where they had filed it shows as of October 31’st they were processing June 1’st files and there is no current one.

    Can we assume by end of December or early January my H1B extension can be done.

    • Rajannaidu Menda,
      It may be done depending upon how many petitions were filed b/w June and Aug. If the load was similar then you can assume that progress is being made at steady state. If not, it can be done earlier or later.

    • HI
      My company Filed my H1b under regular process and got RFE and submitted the RFE on NOV16th 2015 and I am still waiting for a reply on my H1b status and this at California center .. How long will it take my RFE to be replied for my H1b case for regular processing .I am worried that its getting very late as we are in end of December 2015 di any one has got approval very recently please share your comments that will help me on what I can do my next steps.

      • varun,

        There is considerable delay at USCIS’ centers. Just ensure that USCIS did receive your package and then sit back and wait patiently. Or you can upgrade to PP.

        • Saurabh,

          USCIS had receive my case and its been 45 days still now..
          I have to join school to maintain my status again..
          I am worried if its gets denied if I do PP now..

          • varun,
            It an urban legend that upgrading to PP causes denials. If the petition is supposed to be denied, it will be denied under both RP and PP.

            Did you talk to your H-1 attorney about this?

          • Saurabh,

            Firstly I thank you being very kind in answering the questions asked by people.
            Now I am in a puzzle as I have told you I am waiting on my H1b status which had rfe and my employer replied to it and uscis received it.
            To maintain status I have applied to the college and then the ISO of that school found out that my F1 sevis is cancelled because they see approval in my change of status but when I asked my employer or checked my EAC nber there is no updates on my case.
            What should I do now please advise.
            Thank you

          • Varun,
            You can try couple of things:
            – Ask employer to raise SR w/ USCIS to find out what’s happening
            – What happens when you enter your I-94 on USCIS site’s self tool or use self e-verify

          • Hi Saurabh,

            When I am looking up on uscis with my EAC number I see a message saying your rfe was submitted on November 14th 2015 and we are working on your case. If u wish to change or update your address go here.
            This is the message I see in uscis..
            I am worried if it’s approved or denied..

          • Hi Saurabh,

            I had my H1b petition applied under 2016 quota under COS and I have attended the visa interview at New Delhi consulate in April 2016 and then got Rfe 221g yellow form asking me to submit all my F1 i20’s and my school transcripts, flight tickets, etc and I have submitted them at Hyderabad VFS center and then I was called for interview again on June 2016 and then gave me 221g white form asking me to submit my employer tax documents along with the employees list and submitted them in July 2016.
            Now I see my case is in Administrative process since August 2016 .

            I have few questions at this point of time
            1, How long will I need to wait till I get my Admin process cleared? If I get rejection will I be informed with the rejection letter?

            2, At this point of time can I find an another employer in USA who can transfer my petition which is in Admin Process?

            3, I have a valid F1 visa till 2019 can I apply for another masters and activate my sevis and travel on the current visa( Sevis terminated because of H1b Picked in lottery in January 2016) or do I need to for stamping again?

            4, I have to go for my graduation ceremony in December 2016 can I apply for visiting visa while my H1b visa is in Admin Process?

            I kindly need help …

          • Hi Saurabh,

            I had called SEVP to check my sevis they confirmed that my change of status was approved and told to contact uscis.
            When I raised a SR online I received a message saying I will get the expected reply by February 11th 2016.
            I have a question .. As of SEVP officials my status is approved 12th Dec 2015 . My question is in anytime back did people receive approvals and received the notices after 1 month or more.
            Next is there a chance where Uscis Web portal is not updated even if it’s approved.

            Thank you

          • varun,

            It is possible that the USCIS site is not showing updated info. If petition was approved in Dec, notice should have been received within 30 days. After that, the employer/attorney should contact USCIS.

            What is your attorney suggesting?

          • Hi Saurabh,
            Good news my h1b is approved after I made it to premium.

            My new question is i am suppose to go for stamping as it is consular process or so not sure as I got rfe on my h1b then my lawyer with drew change of status so now I need to for stamping to work on h1b.
            Now which other countries I can go for 1st time stamping I have my MS and Mba from usa.
            I am worried with denials on stamping going to home country.
            If incase dined by how many day I can reapply.
            2, list of documents needed for my stamping
            3, i was filled with in house project which is in implementing phase genuinely.
            4, i Just recieved my hard copy of I797 today to my employer (2/5/2016)
            How long will i have time to go for stamping.
            4, In my pet tion they mentioned my home country consulate so do I need to go there (Hyderabad, India) or any other country for 1st time stamping.

            Please help me answering this question it will be a great help for me.

            Thank you

          • Varun,

            Do you know your COS was approved or not? Is there an I-94 attached to the bottom of approval notice? Once you have clarity, it can decide future steps especially how soon you should leave US.

            1. If COS is approved, you can start working on H-1 immediately.

            2. If COS is denied, then you need to leave US ASAP as your F-1 status has already expired. You can go to CA for stamping as you have done Masters in US. But there is always a chance that they will ask you to attend the stamping in home country.

          • Hi Saurabh,

            I-94 is not attached. I have to go for stamping .
            Can you tell me if I pick Canada which consulate do you suggest or which has high successful h1b approval rates.
            I dont want to risk going to India. Because I have been rejected F1 visa last yr 1 times each in Hyderabad and Chennai. so I am worried if they reject my H1b..
            That is why I want to choose Canada.
            So, please suggest me the best for my case.

            Thank you

          • varun,

            In that case you should appear for stamping ASAP. Your F-1 has ended and H-1 was approved w/o COS. So you are probably out of status.

            Being out of status can also impact your stamping. You can go to CA but what’s the back-up plan in case 221g is issued?

            As the case is pretty complex, I would discuss w/ a good attorney and go by their opinion.

          • Hi Saurabh,

            I did not receive my i797 from yet from my employer as of today (2/7/2016).
            Next thing is can apply for Canada visa from USA to go for stamping with my current situation ( My f1 sevis is terminated because of change of status approval but I have visa till 2019.) Now once i get my i797 can I wait till I get my Canada visa and then go for stamping or do you suggest me to leave the country ASAP.
            How to apply for Canada visa in premium process or express as I have limited time.
            Can you guide me the steps to apply for Canadian visa or do we find any service agents who can help in getting me a visa.
            I have been suggesting to go to vancover for visa

            Please suggest.

          • Varun,

            As you may be currently out of status, it would be better to go to home country and not CA. There is a possibility that they will issue 221g or reject the case and ask you to appear in home country.

            I don’t know much about CA visa. Any action that you take now, do it after taking a good qualified legal opinion.

          • HI Saurabh,

            I hope you are doing good.

            I have attend my H1b interview at New Delhi on April 2016 and got my 221g and latter submitted the necessary documents requested and then they have asked me to attend the interview again on June 2016 and asked me for my Employer taxes and I had the 2014 returns as my employer took time to file 2015 taxes and Embassy issued me 221G again and asked me to submit my employer 2015 taxes and I have submitted them in July 2016 and emabbsey confirmed that they recived my employer taxes.Now when I am looking for my case status it still shows the same old date of May 2016 221g and how long I have to wait for my 221g to be cleared under administartive process and what are my alternative to make my case faster.
            2, I have my F1 vissa stamped till 2019 do you think that if I apply for any school now and get my sevis active will I need to still go for F1 stamping or can I travel with my existing visa.( Old sevis terminated as my H1b is approved in December 2015)
            Can you please give me some information.
            Thank you in advance..

          • Varun,

            1. Unfortunately, there is no SLA. Based upon case history looks like they make regular update to your case but it is anyone’s guess how soon that happens.

            2. I don’t know the answer to this question. Maybe Kumar does or you can search other articles on F-1 on this blog.

        • Hi,
          my petition got selected in lottery on “Apr 14 th 2015″ .
          but still the status is ” Case Was Received ” , when I inquired to USCIS we got a reply saying that
          “The processing of your case has been delayed. A check of our records establishes that your case is not yet ready for a decision, as the required security checks remain pending.”

          One of my friends who had applied along with me through the same employer also has the same status of mine.

          Could any one please give me some thoughts of yours why this delay ? may be some issue with the employer or really some random security check which is require for h1b taking place this delay??

          Really appreciate your opinion …

          Thank you

          • Satish,
            Looks like there is a security check happening. If it is happening for your colleague as well, then probably they are doing background check on the employer.

  24. hello my husband has applied for h1b extenstion he recived his uscis number also in june16th itself its been 6months also till now no updates…

    • Hi Saurabh,
      Thank you very much for your reply.,
      Any idea , like any cut of date or something that for clearing the last year petitions uscis, whether positive or negative ? as its already Jan 2016.

      Thank you

  25. Hi,

    I have applied for H1 B amendment( Role change) in the month of June, as per USCIS website Case was received on July 29th.
    My company applied it in Non Premium.

    Since June there is no change in the status, it still says Case Was Received.
    Processing centre is Vermont Service Center.
    Any idea how much more time it takes.

    Thank you for the information.


    • Dear All,

      My Employer has replied to RFE on 02nd Sep 2015 from then till today the status is “Request For Evidence Was Received Our California Service Center office will begin working on your case again. We will mail you a decision or notify you if we need something from you. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address”

      I am not sure still how long it will take for them to take a decision , either positive or Negative i am looking for some status.

      Will it really take this long 🙁 please share some thoughts on this please

  26. Hi,

    My H1B petition was picked in lottery and my employer received the receipt # as well. My case was not filed under premium. It is filed under normal processing.The case status shows “On June 22, 2015, we refunded the fee for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXX, and mailed the refund to the address you gave us. This refund does not affect the processing or location of your case. You should receive your refund within 30 days.
    Can someone please let me know if the case is rejected or still under processing. Again, before someone says the premium processing fee mightv’e been returned, the case was filed under normal processing and the fee is returned though it was picked in lottery.

    • Pavan,
      If the case is denied, no fees is refunded. The only reason I can think of is that your application was kept in buffer (to make-up for denied, withdrawn petitions) but they have reached their annual cap and are returning the buffered petitions along w/ their fees.

      Ask your employer to follow-up.

  27. I find it outrageous that the USCIS has stopped approving H1-B status extension visas since June 2nd 2015 (unless you pay for premium processing) and nobody is doing anything about it. They are forcing people to pay premium processing. Clearly, they can approve the regular processing ones, but they choose not to do so. I find this similar to the Indian government worker bribes. I cannot believe that it happens in a country like USA. So, if you pay, you get it… but you are forced to pay the bribe. Shame…

    • Carlos Larriba,
      Yes, there is a considerable delay in processing extensions. I think it has been caused by flurry of H-4 EADs that were filed few months ago.

      • Thank you Saurabh. I still find it out of line regardless of how many H4 were submitted. It is more than a 6 month delay by now. If they really want to ameliorate the status of H1-B elite workers, they should not treat them like you do not care and leave them in the blind.

  28. I have applied to H1B(CAP exempt) on Feb 2015 and i got approval in the month of Apr 2015. Then i attended in the month of Jun 2015. Got small query saying that they need to review my petition again and sent back to USCIS on 21st Oct.
    Can someone tell me how long it will take to complete the process

  29. Hi,
    Thanks for the informative forum.

    I got my h1b lottery picked up last year and it was for an year.I didn’t make the travel and now it being renewed by my current employer.kindly advise

    -The processing table at usics website shows April 20 as processing time.So should i wait till then

    -Since my case is different am I eligible for the visa.

    Thanks in advance

    • Ram,
      Your employer can file it whenever they want. As yours is a cap-exempt case, it may be processed faster than those who filed in April (cap-subject cases). I think it may take 2-3 months for the cap-exempt petition to be processed (issuance of RFE can delay the processing).

  30. Hi All,

    I have applied for my extension and it is in case recieved status from past 3 months . My case was received on 25th June 2015. Any idea on why there is so much of delay and i have seen many people get their visa renewed applying around the same time. It would be great if you help me with it. Thanks a lot.

  31. Hi,
    my H1-b 2015 petition status still in ” Case Was Received ” .
    any idea why this much time its takes ?
    may due to some issues ?

    Please share some thoughts


  32. Does anyone know which of the classification should i be looking at for the H1B amendment under processing times.

    “H-1B – Specialty occupation – Change of status in the U.S.”
    “H-1B – Specialty occupation – Extension of stay in the U.S.”

    for “Extension of stay in the U.S.” till yesterday it was showing 2 Months now it shows “May 11, 2015”

    My H1B Amendment application was received on 29th July 2015, i need to know what time currently it is taking for the application to get approved.

  33. I have applied for LCA due to a relocation on August 14, 2015. How long does it take to process a regular H1B amended petition for a location change as per the new amendment rules?

  34. My company had filed H1b amendment under premium. Kindly let me know how many days it take to get acknowledgement and petition approval.

  35. Hello
    Well I am not sure if any one of you here had to wait this long for a petition to get approved. I had filed for my h1 extension on dec 29 2014 and on June 23rd I did get an rfe notice, later I was told that I had to file an ammendement as my first h1 was applied from a different city.Currently I am awaiting for a response on my rfe and to add to my misery I had not filed my application under premium processing, so my question here is would it take an additional 2 months for Uscis to make a decision??Please suggest

  36. My H1B amendment approved on 30th may, but yet to receive my approval notice as per mobility team of my company. How much time it takes for USCIS to send hard copy to Attorney(mumbai)?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  37. My h1 status is changed to rfe response review on Sept 23.can any please help me how much time takes to approve the petion

    Califiornia is the centre

    • Papireddy Bhogasamudram,
      Typical processing time for petitions w/o PP is 60 days, but it can take longer in some cases. If PP, then its 15 calendar days.

  38. Hi,

    • Uwanuyp,
      Shouting in a forum doesn’t help. May I suggest turning off the CAPS lock next time you post here?

      There are still several petitions pending and so it is not out of normal for your petition also to be pending. You should get the receipt number and then track it online on USCIS website to get most up-to-date information.

  39. Hi Saurabh…

    The below dates are h1b approval I-797 form. But its not complete 3 years..Will the dates on the passport be the same or different.
    Classification: H1B
    Starting Validity Date: 10/03/12
    Ending Validity Date: 08/06/15
    Consulate notified (if applicable): NEW DELHI I-94 # (if applicable):

    • Hi Amit,

      Within how many days from the approved date you got the approval I-797 form. My H1b is approved (Post Decision) on September 27. Till now I didn’t get the I-797 form. Can anbody please tell me normally how much time will it take ?

      • Your employer should have received the i-797 approved notice by now. You should call them and follow up with them. Suppose uscis uses regular mail service, they for sure have mailed the i-797 on Sep 27th.

    • Amit,
      It should have been 3 years. Maybe an error on the side of the officer. Usually the visa stamp in the passport is same as petition validity dates.

  40. my wife’s H1 b is approved…

    EAC12168*****, 31st may, non masters, regular, approved 9th oct

    Thanks everyone for keeping me sane.. Thanks to this blog.

  41. Hi Saurabh,

    I was in US for the last 2 years with my dependents and came back to India for vacation. Now my H1-B extension is approved going for the stamping. I need your expert advice in below DS 160 questions.
    1) Do you have any immediate relatives not including parents in the united states?
    Do I need to mention my wife and children are my immediate relatives here? Thye are in their dependent visa H4.
    2)For my dependent application Is your father in US?and Is your mother in US?
    do I need to enter mine and wife names here with Nonimmigrant status?
    3) I am filling DS 160 for my dependents, do I need to answer yes for anybody assisted for filing the application?

    Pls clarify at the earliest.


    • Saju,
      1. I am not 100% sure, but you can mention them. You also need to mention their visa statuses in US
      2. Yes
      3. For children I don’t think that is required. I don’t remember exactly but there is something mentioning about signature of guardian in case of minors, right?

  42. I have question about on filling DS 160 form for visa stamping. Regarding the Educational qualification only graduation details are enough or 10th and 12th details required?

    Also I am not sure the exact date & duration of the education, so can I able to provie an approximate details? Did they cross check this information with old DS 156 & 157 forms.


    • Saju,
      10th and 12th details are not required. You can give those dates to the best of your knowledge.I don’t think they will match it against previously entered 156-7 forms, and if they do they will not penalize you for dates mismatching by few days.


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