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H4 Visa stamping Documents, Experience – Chennai, India

One of my friend’s wife recently attended H4 visa stamping at Chennai. Below is a brief summary of the questions asked by visa officer and documents they carried for H4 visa stamping.  Thanks to them for taking time to write and sharing their experience with our readers.

H4 Visa stamping Documents Checklist :

  • Wedding Photo Album
  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding invitation card
  • Wedding Hall letter (proof to show the marriage was performed in the wedding hall)
  • Principal H1B applicant/ Spouse Documents :
    • I-797 Copy ( H1B approval Notice)
    • I-129 form Copy
    • LCA Copy ( Labor Condition Application)
    • Passport copy
    • Client letter
    • Employment verification letter
    • Copy of 6 months of Pay stubs/ Salary slips
    • Copy of  W-2 forms
    • Copy of  previous Tax returns

H4 Visa interview Questions by Visa Officer ( VO)

1. When did you get married?
2. Can I have your marriage photo album?
3. Can I see your husbands W-2’s? ( I had an H1 transfer in the middle of the year, she showed the latest W-2 having which has less gross salary, then VO inquired if I worked for another company earlier in the year)

It was short and simple.  H4 Visa was stamped and got passport in one week !

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  1. My Husaband’s H1b has been approved only for 3months(October 1st 2019 to December 31st 2019).

    I am attending for H4 Visa on 30th September 2019 , will the consulate officer ask any questions related to 3 months approval ? Is there any chance to get my H4?

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. Hello!

    My husband and I are in USA with H1B. My husband’s I94 expires (and maxes out) by March 12, 2019. My current I94 expires by May 8, 2019 . However, I am eligible for another extension (for 3 months).

    What is the best way to convert my husband’s status to H4 and continue his stay here (as long as I do)?

    Will I have to apply twice for my husband’s H4? 1. Till my current petition expiry in May 8, 2019 and 2. For the dates post that.

    I haven’t applied my extension yet. Will I be able to combine my husband’s H4 application along with my H1 application?

    Please clarify.

    Thanks in advance!

    • As you can apply for extension 6 months before expiry, best thing to do is you apply for H1B extension and get it approved. Once done, then you apply for your spouse’s H4 extension based on how many days you get…Also, you can apply for extension with your Spouse H4 COS effective date to be from March 13, 2019. Discuss with your attorney, they will guide you on how best to do it.

  3. Hi,

    I have been living in US for 7 yrs on H4 and have gone through stamping 2-3 times already. Do i need to carry Marriage photos, wedding card every time i go for interview? Thoughts? Appreciate if you could provide list of documents needed in my case.

  4. Hi

    Im currently in US on H1B.
    My husband and kids are planning to join me next month.
    Please let me know if pay stubs and tax filing docs are mandatory.
    It’s been only 15 days since I’m here and don’t have the same.

    • No worries, submit your appointment letter, I-94 copy that indicates you recently arrived. No need for other docs, if you do not have them

  5. My fiance and i are planning a court marriage. we dont have a wedding album or marriage hall pics – just the marriage certificate. Would this present a problem for the visa interview?

  6. I got my H1 approved ,before i was in OPT.I would like to apply for my daughter H4 visa. Because my husband doesnot want to come to USA. What documents i need to send her.And what sort of questions she can expect. she is 14 years old.

    • Swapna,

      Did you consider the option that both husband and daughter appear for visa stamping but only daughter travels to US on that visa?

        • Swapna,

          – Your (mother’s id proof) – passport copy
          – Her (daughter’s id proof) – passport
          – Your H-1 documents – H-1 visa copy, letter from employer stating continued employment, copy of petition, recent pay slips and W-2 (if applicable), client/contract copy (if applicable)
          – Proof of relationship – her passport, her birth certificate, some recent pictures of you and her

          Possible Questions:
          – Qs related to your employment like where you work, which city, when did you go to US, where do you live
          – Qs related to her current education like where she is studying, which class
          – Qs related to her travel like when she plans to fly, what she plans to do in US on H-4

  7. Hi Kumar/Saurabh,

    I admire your continuous support throughout. Thank you very much. Please keep up the good work.

    Below is my query:
    My husband’s rfe got cleared a month back and he’s planning for h1 stamping in a week or so.

    My resume was shortlisted and me too am considered for h1b visa application by the same sponsor for this year. I guess my packet is about to be couriered to USCIS.

    Now, the query is.. If I go for h4 stamping along with my husband, would it affect my h1b processing?

    And, if I move to USA on h4, and if I’m lucky and lottery is through and visa gets approved, will I be able to get started with my job there?

    Is there any flaw in this approach?

    Kindly guide.

    • Suja,

      H-4 stamping doesn’t impact your H-1 processing. Once your H-1 is approved, you will have to apply for COS from H-4 to H-1 or enter US on stamped H-1 visa. This is a common scenario and you are not alone.

  8. Hi Kumar/Saurabh,
    My h1b stamping interview is to be scheduled this month. My employer is insisting me to go alone for stamping, and plan for dependants stamping once I land in USA.

    I’m keen to go for stamping interview with my spouse and kid. Please let me know if there is any document required from employer stating h1, h4 relationship or anything like that.

    Does it affect my employer in any way?

    • Amy,

      No issues if dependents appear for stamping along w/ you. No document required from employer for this and doesn’t impact them. All documents are required from you – wedding card/album, marriage certificate, child’s birth certificate etc.

  9. Hi

    I am currently studying in the US on H4 visa. My husband is on H1B visa and will be sponsoring for my mother’s visit to the US. If my mother is questioned as to what I do, should she tell I am a housewife or a student?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi,

    I’ve my H1B stamped in April2015. I’m still in India and will be travelling in June. My Wife is going for her H4 interview next week.

    Are payslips mandatory? Because, obviously, since I’m not yet in US I do not have any payslips yet.

  11. Hi Saurabh
    Could you plz guide me.
    My husband is currently in US having HIb visa. Me and my 7 month old baby is in india.Now he want us to join him in US.
    Though i will be applying for the minor passport after getting NOC from Indian embassy in US.
    Also i need to endorsed spouse name on my passport which i ll be doing by submitting a joint affidavit signed by both.
    but prob is dat we dnt have marriage certificate (3 yrs completed of marriage). For getting H4 visa for dependent is it mandatory to have marriage certificate.Will it be a prob for getting visa without marriage certificate. I have my engagement album ,marriage albums ,wedding card, birth certificate of our baby. Pls reply soon

  12. Hi Saurabh,
    My daughter’s passport is missing my last name under “Mother’s name”. My passport, H1B petition document and Husband’s passport (spouse name) all have my full name including FN and LN. So would this cause a problem when i go for H4 visa stamping for my daughter? Can the missing LN of mother in minor passport become a cause for rejection? Please let me know.

  13. Hi Saurabh,
    My husband is HB holder, and I am applying for H4.

    I have one question concerning the fact that we did only court marriage, and didn’t yet done church one, so I didn’t have any wedding album to show. Can it be a problem for them?

  14. Hi,
    My daughter’s passport is missing my last name under “Mother’s name”. My passport, H1B petition document and Hubby’s passport (spouse name) all have my full name including FN and LN. So would this cause a problem when i go for H4 visa stamping for my daughter? Can the missing LN of mother in minor passport become a cause for rejection. Please let me know.

  15. My H1B got approved for this year. I am planning to attend the interview along with my wife.
    She has two passports. One is old expired one and other one is current active one. The old one has France visa and she lost it.

    My question is, will there be any problem in DS160 if the old expired passport was lost?
    Suppose, visa is approved, then will there be any issues at port of entry?

  16. hi!
    I am currently on H1 in US, planning to send my family for H4 stamping . I have all documents except pay stubs and employer letter . Will there be any issue for stamping.

    Thank you,

  17. If apply for the H4-Visa then is it necessary that mailing postal address must be same in the passport of both(Husband and wife).
    Also my passport get updated and I have my spouse’name on my passport but my husband’s passport is not updated, he is having his old passport with him.

  18. Im applying visa H4 visa for my wife. She is a govt. employee in India. She got her passport after applying NOC. My question is does she need to carry any other documents while going for interview?

  19. I am applying for H4 visa and have been going through your website.I have really got many useful infomation regarding interview.

    I am going for H4 stamping alone as my husband is already travelled to USA.I am working in same company as my spouse.I have been granted leave for 1 and half month only from my office. I want to know what question may be asked regarding this.

    Hoping for quick response as I have visa interview scheduled next week.

    Appreciate your help


  20. Hi Saurab,

    My wife has got H4 to H1 COS approved during april-2013.
    she had to go to India during July-2013 and returning in sep-2013.
    My wife will be attending visa interview for H4 on 8/12/2013.

    Based on this post,

    I’m little bit confused what will be an appropriate answer if,
    Visa officer asks why are you attending for h4 visa when you have a H1b approved.

    • Arun,
      I don’t think they will ask. In case they ask, she can say that she doesn’t want to work right now, and wants to stay at home and be a dependent.

      • Hi Saurabh,
        I m planning for H4 visa and my wife having H1B & currently working in USA. Here I have some confusion.
        1. I need to carry all the original forms like I797, I-129, W2 etc or copy of these fine. I got all these copy through mail.
        2. H4 Supporting letter from Employer required? (Original or copy is fine)
        3. LCP and her employment letter is required? (Original or copy is fine)
        4. My wedding album is not ready. I have only 5 wedding photographs with me, is it fine or i have to take few more?

        I will be more than happy if you will answer these questions.


  21. My (Principal applicant) passport has been sent for renewal and is with indian consulate.
    Meanwhile my spouse is in india . She has got her H4 approval papers with her .
    can she go for H4 stamping ?
    Does she needs to wait for my passport

    • Arun,
      She can go for H-4 visa stamping while your passport gets renewed. If you have copy of your passport pages, then send her copy of your visa stamp and first/last page.

        • Hello,

          I would like to send my Wife for H4 stamping while currently I am in United States . She was already here in US with me and traveled back to India a year ago. She was here with H4 approval notice( approved I 797) with validity. I don’t have H1B stamping in my passport neither she(H4). Currently my H1B visa is in transfer and I have my receipt notice. Is it advisable to send her for visa stamping while my -H1B is in transfer and my passport has no H1B stamping. Can anyone kindly please advise.

          Thanks in advance

  22. Hi Saurabh,
    My h1 has approved on June 24th 2013.Now my spouse is planning to attend h4 interview and till October I will be in my Cap-Gap period. Please clear my following questions
    1.How long he has to wait after he gets stamped.Some people are telling I need to send two payslips after my h1 starts .Is that true?
    2.How much balance i have to show in my bank statements.

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Madhu,
      1. 2 payslips are not necessary. He can appear for stamping now and carry proof that you are in current valid status i.e. OPT payslips and employment letter
      2. It is not required. H-1 gives you a regular income and you need to show that your offered H-1 salary is at least the amount quoted in the LCA.

  23. My wife was in India from Feb 2013. I had changed my job in June 2013 and got new I-797. Currently I am having visa stamping(H1B) with my old company.

    My wife is planning to come back to US. She has to get her visa(H4) stamped. Is there is any problem if she goes for stamping without me getting the stamping with the new company because I am the primary petitioner.

    • Venkatesh,
      It is not required for your visa stamp to be present through new employer. Send her the latest employment documents. I assume she is going for stamping b/c her old stamp has expired and not due to the fact that you changed employers.

  24. Hi Saurabh,

    could you please clarify my queries.

    1. my wife is going for H4 stamping. Is it mandatory to take I-134 (Affidavit of support) form for the interview ?

    2. for my parents, I-134 is mandatory . does this form needs to be original ? can they take print-out of my signed form(scanned copy) for an interview ?

    Thanks a lot in advance.,

  25. hi saurabh,

    i am currently in U.S with H1b visa. my wife is going for H4 interview next month in chennai.

    copy of documents (like paystub , tax-return, bank-statement) needs to be notarized ?

  26. hi, i have a query regarding the name change of my daughter actually in her school records her name is santha kumari, but in her wedding album we had put santha laxmi because in house we use to cal her santha laxmi wil it be any problem in visa interview please peply to this message

  27. hi. i have a query regarding name in my records my name is santha kumari but in my weeding album my parents had put like santha lakshmi, in home dey use to cal santha lakshmi wil it be any proble during vissa interview because they wil see the album rt. please answer to this question

    • Venkataramanappa naidu,
      It should not be an issue. In the DS form there is a question where they ask if you have ever been known by any other name. In response to that question, you will have to mention the other name (only if the other name was ever your official name as well). If the VO asks about the name discrepancy then you can explain the same to them (chances of them noticing this is low).

  28. Hi,

    Am planing to got for my H4 stamping next month and i have a doubt regarding the photos to be produced. We have the engagement album only. We had a register marriage so dont have proper marriage album. Will tat be a issue . We have the marriage certificate with us also.

    • Saranya,
      The onus is on you to show the proof of marriage. It can be shown through various combination of documents including the ones you have. So it should be ok.

  29. hi sourabh,

    My h1 stamping done in Norway consulate in the month of october. I came back to india and got married in december. So now I am planning to apply H4 visa for my wife.
    can you please let me know what type of questions they will ask ???


    • Sunny,
      For dependent they typically ask:
      – what she does in India
      – when did they get married, other details like arrange/love marriage
      – what she plans to do in US

  30. Hi ,

    My Wife and Kid are attending the H4 interview next week. At the last moment, we ran into a problem. My kid’s birth Certificate has my name with initial. i.e, Firsname.a.a format.
    However, in my passport, the initial is in expanded format.
    Is it mandatory to have the initial in expanded format in birth certificate as well?

    • Rashi,
      It is not a big issue and should not result in denial. You can submit them as is and if consulate really wants clarification you can then submit a letter explaining the discrepancy.

  31. Hi,
    I have H1b visa and my wife have H4 visa. I need to get H4 for my 1 month baby who has passport. Also I have travel plan by 23rd jan 2013. Is it possible to expedite the process to get Visa for my kid or I need to follow big process for the same?

    • Hariharan,
      You cannot expedite the process. However, your baby is exempted from going to the consulate. You can drop the documents including passport and the consulate will issue the visa after reviewing it. You can check the details on their site for children and infants.

  32. Hi, very informative. Thanks for posting.

    Please clarify 2 doubts of mine… My wife (a H1 visa holder) who is currently in the US, has applied H4 for me. Due to time shortage, I did not mention details of my brother (who is a green card holder) in the DS-160 form. Will this be a problem during my visa interview (H4 dependent visa interview)?

    What all documents related to my wife should I carry for the visa interview? All I got from her employer were a BEP document and an employer certificate. Her employer’s visa desk said all other documents are optional (i.e. I-197, I-129, LCA, wife’s passport photocopy, tax & pay stubs, visa payment receipt). Could you please confirm the same?

    • S.Satish,
      Although you should have mentioned it, I don’t think it will adversely impact the outcome of the stamping.

      Yes, those other documents are optional, but I still prefer people to carry them (as it is officer’s discretion to ask for them).

  33. hello saurabh,,
    i m getting married on 26th december 2012. my hubby is on h1b in USA. he is going back on 8th jan.. will it be possible fr me to book a appointment now? and how many days wil my h4 take to process?

    • December 15th to Jan 15th is holiday season. I booked an appt for H4 visa last week and there weren’t any open dates between 19th of december and 20th of jan. Sorry.

    • Soumya,
      You should start looking for dates now. If dates are not available then you will not be able to travel w/ him on Jan 8th. In that case, you will have to go for stamping later (when slot is available) and then travel to US.

  34. Hi,

    I am on H1B visa and my current company applied for my extension here in US and I should have approval copy in next few days. Now, my wife is currently in India with our newborn baby born in India. My wife was in US for 2 years and then gone to india and is there since last 7-8 months.

    Now, we have to apply for H4 visa for my wife and newborn baby.
    Will there be any issue as she needs to get H4 on the basis of my new H1 extension…?

    please advice

  35. Saurabh for H4 visa stamping , many people say if the couples are married under Special marriage Act 1954 they wont ask for wedding photo album during the interview. is it true??

    • Vivek,
      This is the first time I am hearing this. At times, they take the marriage at it’s face value, other times they ask for some sort of documentation to prove it and this includes marriage certificate, wedding card/album and/or spouse names mentioned in the passport.

  36. Saurabh

    One more question without I-129 form can we go for H4 stamping ? Is it mandatory because asking my employer somehow he is not ready to give have no idea why ?

    please ….

    Thanks a lot

    • h1bholder,
      The person should at least have copy of 797 approval petition when appearing for H-4 interview. It is good to have remaining H-1 documents (including I-129 copy), but if you can’t arrange for them, it may still work out.

  37. Saurabh

    Initially my wife came on L2 visa and stayed for 2 years. She went back to India couple months back by that i changed my employer and now i am on h1.Now again she has to go for H4 stamping. So will they again check for all the docs like wedding photos,..etc apart from my h1b docs ?
    Could you please guide me on this

    Thanks a lot

  38. Hi Saurabh,

    I am planning to apply H4 for my Spouse. Currently I got approved my H1 . My question is , I do not have client letter Is there any problem to get H4 . Currently , I am consulatnt in Dell and They do not give any client letter . I have all other documents . Please help me

  39. Hi,

    Thanks for all the info regarding the H4 visa. I am planning to get H4 for my wife & would be great if you can guide me abt it.

    I got my H1 in Mar 2011 & was in US with client A until this July. I returned back to India & got married. I would be travelling back to US next month for client B.

    Now, what should my wife say in the interview if the question of client comes up? Also, since I moved back to India I only have my pay stubs until July. Would this be an issue ?


  40. Hi Saurabh,

    MY SPOUSE DOESNT have surname in HER passport

    Her First name in passport is as follows:

    Given NAmes: Name1 Name 2

    what should i enter in DS-160 form as her Last Name?

    Should I enter LNU in Last Name field in DS form?

    Please advice me Thaks for all your help.

    • Goodnews,
      There is nothing like LNU. There is FNU. So entire name goes into last name and first name becomes FNU. But do you want it that way, or do you want to have both first name and last name?

  41. Hi

    My current passport is with before marriage name. I am planning to renew it with after marriage name.
    I was in USA for 2 years and now in India.
    I have to go new stamping(with new passport which has after marriage name) as current visa is expiring.

    Will there be an issue in my case because of name change.

    There is another query.

    We have to apply for passport for our newborn baby. If I keep my current passport which has my before marriage name(and spouse name is there) that will also do. But baby’s birth certificate has my after marriage name. The passport agent told me that baby’s passport will have my after marriage name as mother name(As it is mentioned on baby’s birth certificate).

    Now, in this case, my passport which has my before marriage name(and have spouse name) and baby’s passport having my after marriage name will create any issues in getting depantdant visa for my baby ?

    We do have marriage certificate and my passport has my husband name as spouse name.

    please advice

  42. Hi Saurabh,
    My H1b has been approved only for one year it was applied for 3 years but USCIS approved one year as per Purchase Order. I am in EVC Model , I did not get Client Letter aswell.

    I am applying H4 Visa for my spouse will the consulate officer ask any questions related to my 1 year approval to my wife? Will it affect her H4?
    Thanks in Advance.

    • @ H1B2013,

      I was in the same situation and my visa is approved for 1 yr.. My spouse applied for H4 last month and it got approved. Just carry and the necessary docs and you will be all set.
      They didn’t asked about 1 yr. thing..

  43. Hi Saurabh,

    I have one question Peratining to DS-160 Form.

    I havent submitted the current DS-160 form which I was filling.

    I forgot which consular Post I selected while starting the application after i uploaded the photo.

    Can I Restart with a whole new DS-160 Form or I can change it in the current DS-160 Form.

    Thanks Alot!

  44. Hi Can I apply H4 Visa with H1B Approval . I am on F1 OPT extension and my H1 Starts october 12th 2012.
    I have last three months Paystubs on OPT from my employer.

    Is it necessary to have H1B Paystubs or will OPT paystubs be sufficient?

    Thanks a lot for this Blog!:)


    • Goodnews,
      Is the spouse outside US? If yes, then yes they can go for H-4 visa stamping using the approval notice and current payslips. If they go for stamping in Oct/Nov or later, then they will have to carry H-1 payslips as well.

      • Hi Saurabh,
        Thank you so much for your help!

        Yes :), My spouse is in India at present.

        I have prepared all the docs related to my h1 and since i am on F1 i have others docs:

        Copy of I797 , Copy of I129 and LCA, Copy of Last 3 Months Payslips, Copy of my 1099 forms and Tax Returns from IRS for 2010 and 2011 , Copy of Employment Letter, Copy of Client Letter , All my Certificates, OPT Cards and Masters Degree copy with Reccomendation Letters, COpy of all i20s and Student Visa and Bank Statements with Letter. ( Other Supporting docs for my marraige such as photo albums , marraige certificate and invite cards.

        do you suggest any other docs which will be helpful for my spouse?

        Thanks again for all your work and hope my post will help many others in the same situation.


  45. I am on my H1b visa and I have to apply for my husband H4 visa. I went to India on my OPT in Jan 2012 and we got married at the end of Jan 2012. I came back and applied for my H1 visa and now it is approved so my husband is planning to go for h4 interview in November. My question is I will have only oct month pay stubs with me after my h1 would that be suffice or should i tell him to apply after Jan ?? I only have my OPT paystubs for last year and last yr tax return. would that be enough ?? Do I need to provide him I134(affidavit of support) ?? Do I need to give him my personal bank statement ?? I would really appreciate your quick response.

  46. Hi Everyone,

    I have got successful H4 Visa after yellow color 221g at Mumbai Consulate.

    Visa Interview Date: July 27 2012
    Document submitted for yellow color 221g date: July 31 2012
    H4 Visa stamped Date: Aug 01, 2012

    Here let me explain in brief about my experience so that can help someone else.

    Documents which I carry with me as listed below.
    1) DS 160 Form, HDFC receipt, My Passport
    2) Marriage Certificate, Marriage Invitation Card, Marriage Album
    3) My Spouse’s H1 B approval notice, I-129 H1 B Petition including LCA.
    4) My Spouse’s Client Letter, Vendor or Mid-Vendor Letter, Employer letter (All these 3 which My spouse’s Attorney submitted to USCIS while filing H1 B.)
    5) My Spouse’s Bank Balance Certificate from the bank (saying A/C opened date, Current Balance & Avg Balance of last 6 months).
    6) My Spouse’s Bank Statement & Pay Stubs for last 2 years (One of my frnd got 221g requesting last 2 yrs Bank statement & Pay stubs that’s why I carried 2 yrs)
    7) My Spouse’s All the pay stubs, W2 and Tax Return document for prior 3 years i.e 2012,2011, 2010 (One of my frnd got 221g requesting last 2 yrs W2 & Tax Return)
    8) My Spouse’s personal documents copies like Copies of passport including F1 visa stamp page, Travelling stamp page, Driving License copy, Both EAD (12 Month OPT & 17 Month OPT Extension) copy, MS Degree Certificate, MS Transcript.
    9) My Spouse’s Employment verification letter & H4 Supporting letter from Employer (Saying joining date, Designation, Salary & responsibility. IMP NOTE: Please make sure these details are same as LCA or H1 B petition filing otherwise it’s hard for you to explain to VO at Mumbai Consulate.)
    10) My Spouse’s did MS in Electrical and working in IT so I carried copies of Certificate which she obtained before start working in IT. (This to prove that even though She did MS in EE how can she work in IT)
    11) My Educational documents & Personal like Driving license etc.
    12) Engagement Photos, Honeymoon Photos, if you have joint bank account then bank statement which have both of yours name on that or any other document which can prove your marriage legal except Marriage Certificate & Passport (This is for what I got yellow color 221g. VO had doubt on our marriage so he first ask about joint bank statement which we I not have coz we don’t have any joint bank A/C, then VO gave me yellow color 221g requesting Engagement photos & Honeymoon photos).

    I had an Interview for total 30 minutes. VO asked me almost everything about My Spouse as listed below.

    When did you got married?
    Where does your husband work? or he is working for whom?
    What is his date of birth?
    Since when he is in US?
    Has he applied for green card?
    Was it an arranged marriage or love marriage?
    How was it arranged?
    What is your husband’s residential address?
    What is his Cellphone number?
    When did your husband call the last time?
    How many times does he call?
    Since when is he working in US?
    What is he working as?
    What was he working there as?
    What are his timings at his current job?
    When does he call you?
    What is your husband’s full name?
    Where did he get his education-school/college?
    How many members were present for your marriage?
    does your husband has the visa stamped?
    What type/kind of visa are you applying for?
    When did your husband get his stamping?
    Why do you need a visa to U.S.?
    Who filed the visa application and where did you file it?
    Who made the interview appointment?
    How did you receive the documents?
    When did you meet your spouse for the first time?
    How did you meet your spouse?
    Who arranged this marriage or how did you get this proposal?
    Is your marriage registered?
    Can I see some wedding photographs?
    Where are you staying currently?
    Who are you staying with?
    Where will you stay in U.S.?
    Who will bear the expenses while you are in U.S. or who will financially support you in the US, Who will pay for?
    What is your spouse’s highest degree?
    Where is his employer located?
    Where are his clients located or Who is the Client or where he is going everyday for work?
    What kind of work does your spouse do at the U.S. Company?
    How long has your spouse been in U.S.?
    How long has your spouse been working for the sponsoring company or how long with current company?
    How much he is earning or what is the pay of your spouse or what is the annual income of your spouse?
    Can I see some pay stubs from your spouse’s paycheck?
    Can I have a look at your spouse’s bank statements?
    Can you show me his I 797 ?
    Were you both from same caste ?
    When was your engagement?

    My tips to Everyone is that Answer Confidently, with smile and DO NOT Worried of VO.
    You will definitely get Visa.

    Please let me know if anything I can help anyone.


    • Hi Everyone,

      Sorry, There is some correction in date as below…

      Document submitted for yellow color 221g date: July 30 2012
      H4 Visa stamped Date: Aug 03, 2012


      • Hi,
        I am also planning to go for stamping next week.
        Can you please help me with the format of the client letter and vendor letter that you had @ parmar dot tina30 at gmail dot com

  47. Hello Admin,

    I rejected my F1 visa in Dec’11 and after that i paid HDFC visa fee on 8th Dec’11 for my second attempt, but i did not apply the visa…Now i got married and my husband is in US & his H1 was approved but that will be started from OCT’12.

    I have two queries regarding my H4 visa.

    1. Can i use the previous HDFC visa fee receipt (which had taken for F1 visa) or do i need to take the new HDFC visa fee receipt for H4 visa?

    2. When can i apply for my H4 visa either in Oct’12 month or now?

    Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated…


    Shalini G.

    • Hi Shalini G,

      Your case seems like me.

      1) For, F2 Visa probably you paid 140 or 150 USD and H4 you have to pay 190 USD.
      Please visit nearest VFS center they will say Amount in Rupees which you have to make DD. Bring earlier HDFC receipt and this DD to Consulate. (If you are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat then please make sure the amount which you need to make DD.
      I had a problem like I paid 140 USD for F2 so VFS Ahmedabad suggested me to make 50 USD Demand Draft with some 2,960 INR.
      Now on the H4 visa interview date at Mumbai Consulate security guy told me that you have more money than required. He was assuming that I paid 150 USD so I have to make DD for 40 USD only and he suggested me to make DD for 2,320 INR.
      Then I explained to him like I paid only 140 USD not 150 USD and blah blah..
      So please make sure this if you face the same problem.
      One more advice from my personal experience is that Do not panic in these kind of unusual situation which might affect your Interview…

      2) As per law, you can apply 90 days prior to Oct 1 so you can apply now.

      Best of Luck…


    • Shalini,
      1. IMO you cannot use the previous HDFC receipt as you have already used it for your 2nd F-1 interview. You could have used it had you not gone for 2nd F-1 interview
      2. It can be applied anytime after you and spouse have all the required documents ready.

  48. I have valid H1-B VISA till 2015 with Exployer A but currently H1-B petition is with Employer B.
    Even my wife has H4-VISA with Employer A valid till 2015. As per my attorney we are good to travel with H1/H4 VISA and current petition documents. Now I want to apply for H4 VISA for my new born. What is the process to follow? Does his VISA will be based on my new petition? Do we all need to get our VISA stamped with current employer petition or is it OK if we get it done for my newborn only?

    Please help us to understand the H4-VISA stamping for newborn with appropriate VISA stamp.

    • Ravi,
      Yes, the new born’s visa will be based on your new petition. You don’t need to get a new visa for yourself and your spouse. Just a new visa for the kid.

  49. Hi Saurabh,

    My wife is in India and she went to Mumbai Consulate for H4.
    She got 221g Yellow color copy.
    In 221g they have requested some Engagement photos and Honeymoon photos.
    It seems that they have some doubts about our marriage. But our marriage are legitimate and I have those photos so no issues for that..
    VO said to submit these photos along with copy of my H1 B approval notice and her passport to near by VFS ASAP..

    Please let me know about following questions..
    How many number of photos I have to submit for Engagement and Honeymoon each(they have not specified anything in 221g)?
    Any idea how long it will take to resolve this?

    Please reply me ASAP..


    • 123456,
      I would suggest submitting 3-4 photos. Also submit photos that cover various marriage rituals. It would be nice to include marriage certificate and wedding card to show the legitimacy of the marriage.

  50. Applying for H4 visa after H1B approval but before activation date (Oct 2012)
    Did anyone recently applied for H4 visa?? Please come back and post ur experience will be help ful for others


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