H4 Visa Emergency Appointment Stamping India Experiences

H4 Visa Emergency Appointments, Interviews – 21 Experiences in India

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Due to COVID-19, US Consulates in India are not open for regular operations yet. Many of the H4 Holders are getting Emergency US Visa Appointments based on H1B & H4 Visa Exemptions from Trump travel ban. The H4 Visa community has really come together to help one another other during difficult times in various social media channels, especially many Telegram groups.

The below experiences are shared by many users in Telegram groups ( US Visa Stampings India, US Travel Ban, H4 Spouses Group) Full credits to all the users in these groups and community. Thanks to all of them for taking time share them with everyone. We have curated all these experiences for easy reference. All are kept as anonymous for privacy reasons.  We will continue to curate and add more relevant Emergency Appointment (EA)experiences from users to this article…

H4 Visa Interview Documents Checklist, How to Organize

Below is how to arrange H4 visa stamping documents for easy reference and to give to visa officer as needed.

  • Compartment 1: Major documents required for H4 interview.
    • Passport
    • Appointment confirmation
    • DS160 confirmation page (need to take print)
    • Form I-797 (H-1B approval notice)
    • I-140 copy if applicable
  • Compartment 2:  H-1B application documents
    • Employer or Petitioner Support Letter
    • I129 – petition for Nonimmigrant or Application for H-1B
    • LCA copy
  • Compartment 3: Marriage related documents
    • Marriage certificate
    • Marriage invitation card.
    • Marriage hall receipt
    • Reception hall receipt
    • Photos
    • Journey tickets and receipts
  • Compartment 4: H1B Spouse Work related documents
    • Spouse Employer Letter (need to take print)
    • Spouse- client letter (need to take print)
    • Spouse Vendor Letter (need to take print)
    • Client Identification Card
  • Compartment 5 :  Visa and travel documents
    • Spouse Passport
    • Spouse current i94
    • Spouse Travel history.
  • Compartment 6 : Taxes, Pay slips, Funds
    • Spouse last 6 months payslips.
    • Spouse W2’s
    • Spouse last 6 months bank statement.
  • Compartment 7 : Spouse Education
    • Transcript copies from University.
    • Master’s degree certificate (University).
    • Bachelor’s degree certificate .
    • Master’s Courses that are helpful for Current Job
  • Compartment 8 :  H4’s education
    • Master degree certificate if applicable
    • Bachelor’s degree certificate.

September 2020 Visa Experiences

We have organised the below list of US Visa Emergency Appointments and Visa Interviews in India experiences by Month, so that it is easy for your review. Most recent experiences are on the top

Experience 21 – H4 Visa Stamping in New Delhi

My visa got approved on 4th Sep in Delhi & received my passport today (11th Sep) in Hyd 🙌🏼😃

Situation : First time H4 newly married.

  • Original Regular appointment was scheduled for Oct 2020 @ Hyderabad consulate..DS -160 location was also Hyderabad.
  • It got cancelled due to COVID lockdown.
  • Rescheduled regular appointment for March 2021 with Delhi consulate as dates were not available for Hyd.
  • Then sent an email to the Consulate requesting an Expedited Appointment & I was advised via email to raise an Emergency Request on the portal.
  • Raised Emergency Request on the portal & got an approval in 12hrs !
  • Once the EA was approved I scheduled the Biometric and Consular interview on Sept 4th @ 8.30AM & 12.00PM respectively with Delhi Consulate.
  • Regular appointment got cancelled automatically on the portal once my EA was approved.
  • Reached VAC center by 8.00AM, they allowed inside at the appointed time & process was completed in 15 mins.
  • Reached consulate by 11.00AM & was allowed inside that time itself (although it was quite early). The entire process took about 1 hour.
  • We stayed at The Ashok- Delhi (had a very comfortable stay & is close to the Embassy)
  • You can use taxi services- Uber & Ola
  • VO was very friendly and interview was very smooth !
  • VO asked for Passport, DS -160, I797 of my spouse, Marriage Certificate, & Marriage Album

H4 Visa Interview questions:

  1. Is this the first time you’re applying for a H4?
  2. Where is your spouse working?
  3. Where is the office located ?
  4. Where does he stay in the US ?
  5. When did he travel to the US?
  6. When did you get married?
  7. How did you guys first meet ?
  8. How long have you been married for ?
  9. Can I see your Marriage certificate and marriage album ?
  10. What are your Quarantine plans?
  11. Have you travelled to any other country?
  12. Do you know your rights as a worker in the US? ⁃ Finally VO said – Your visa has been approved & gave me the worker rights booklet.

Experience 20 – H4 Visa Stamping in New Delhi

My visa (H4) got approved on 8th Sept from Delhi Consulate.

  • Newly married(Marriage date: Feb 2020)
  • Normal appointment scheduled on 31st Aug
  • Normal appointment slots booked for 14th March 2021
  • Emergency Appointment (EA) applied on 1st Sept
  • EA approved on 1st Sept(with in 12 hrs)
  • Biometrics on 4th Sept
  • Visa interview on 8th Sept
  • Passport delivery date: 12th Sept
  • EA Reason: Medical need. Newly married. Separated for almost 6 months now, since we both are separated, we are going through severe stress, emotional breakdowns and mental stress and sleeplessness.
  • Stay in Delhi : Luckily I got a good convenient hotel in Delhi “Hotel West Yard, in Greenpark” (per day charge 2k), which is 15-20 mins distance from all 3 places that is airport, consulate and US embassy.
  • Documents asked for Biometrics:
    • passport
    • husband’s visa
    • ds 160
    • i797
  • Consulate appointment was at 10.45am but they allowed at 9:30am. It is better to reach to the consulate as early as possible.
  • Documents Used at H4 Visa Stamping :
    1) passport
    3)Wedding Album
    4)Marriage Certificate

H4 Visa Interview Questions asked
1) where is your husband working
2) Date of marriage
3) Arranged or Love marriage? who arranged the marriage?
4) How many people attended the marriage?
5) What Quarantine rule you will follow?
6) Have you visited any other country?
7) Your Husband’s company? where is it located?
8) When did he go to US recently?

Experience 19 – H4 Visa Stamping in Chennai

Finally my spouse H4 visa approved today in Chennai Consulate.. First time H4 newly married.

  • Original Regular appointment was scheduled for April 2020 Hyderabad consulate.. DS -160 location also Hyderabad.. It got cancelled due to COVID lockdown..
  • Scheduled regular appointment again on Aug 10th for Feb 2021 Chennai consulate.. Applied EA on Aug 11th with tentative travel date as Aug 28th Chennai consulate
  • Rescheduled regular appointment on Aug 13th for Oct 1st 2020 Chennai consulate..As I rescheduled the regular appointment in the same consulate, EA was not affected..
  • Regular appointment which is scheduled for Oct 1st 2020 got cancelled on Aug 21st.. I haven’t rescheduled any further appointments, patiently waited for the EA approval..
  • EA approved on Sept 1st..

Biometrics & Interview Process

  • Scheduled both Biometric and interview on same day Sept 11th 9.00AM and 11.00AM
  • Reached VAC center at 8.45AM, they allowed inside, process completed in 15 mins..
  • Reached consulate at 10.30AM, they allowed inside at 10.55AM. It took 1 hour.
  • Stayed at the Park Chennai..hotel is good.
  • VO was very friendly and interview went very smooth..
  • VO asked for Passport, DS -160, H1 visa copy of spouse, Marriage Certificate, Marriage Album, 2*2 passport photo…

Visa Interview questions
Asked for passport, Ds-160 and Spouse H1 visa copy

  1. Is it your first time H4?
  2. Are you recently married?
  3. When did you get married?
  4. Your spouse recently stamped? And what is the stamped date?
  5. Where is he located?
  6. When did he travelled to US?
    Asked for Marriage certificate and marriage album
  7. How many people attended your marriage?
  8. Was it a big marriage?
  9. What are your Quarantine plans?
  10. Have you ever travelled to any other country?
  11. Have you booked your tickets?

Finally VO said – Your visa has been approved. Gave worker rights and Blue slip.

Experience 18 – H4 Visa Stamping in New Delhi

We have been trying to schedule Visa interview since March 2020, it keeps getting cancelled/postponed – booked for April (Hyderabad), June(Hyderabad) and then finally in October (Delhi). We tried for emergency appointment by booking regular appointment for Delhi in early 2021 & sending email on Aug 28th. We received EA approval by August 30th, booked VAC & OFC Appointment in Delhi for Sept 4th and Sept 5th.

VAC – Nothing major, pretty standard was done in 5-10 minutes

Consular Visa Interview & Questions : Interview was pretty straightforward with couple of questions related to our marriage & my husband’s job:

  • Give me your Passport and DS-160
  • What is your husband’s name?
  • Which company your husband work for?
  • Give me your husband’s I797
  • Can I see your Marriage Certificates?
  • Where is your husband ?
  • How did you met your husband?
  • Was it arrange or love marriage?
  • Do you plan to travel with him? (Since he was in India)
  • When did you get married?
  • How many people came to your marriage (I told 100 as we invited only close family & friends )?
  • Why so many less peopleCan I see Wedding Pics? ( I carried 10-15 pics with me to interview)?

Passport with Premium Delivery : Received passport with Visa in 3 working days – opted for premium delivery, since we flew back after interview.

Important Tips & Notes :

  • Make sure you carry all the documents, answer all questions correctly.
  • Do not forget to carry passport photo for the interview, they scan and give it back to you ( I came to know about this only through group and got photo done in hotel we were staying – there is a photo studio in hotel “The Ashok” – it is also walking distance from the consulate.)
  • Also take time to review all the questions and experience shared by so many folks.

Experience 1: H4 Stamping with EA – 221g Issue, Approval  

I received my passport with H4 visa today from Kolkata. Please find my visa application details and journey below

  • VAC and Consulate location: Kolkata
  • Got married during March 2020
  • Regular VAC appointment: scheduled for 23/02/2021
  • Regular Consular Appointment: scheduled for 26/02/2021
  • Took the appointments on 13/08/2020
  • Raised EA on family separation ground on the same day : 13/08/2020

Documents provided during Emergency Appointment (EA) request :

  • I797A Approval notice
  • Marriage Certificate
  • My husband’s passport ( front and back page)
  • My passport ( front and back page)

US Visa Emergency Visa Appointment – Booking Dates, Interview

EA got approved on 21st August and I was asked to schedule an appointment by 24th of August. There were only 2 dates available 24th and 25th August of which I chose 24th for Biometric and 25th for Consular Appointment.

Biometrics  experience at OFC

  • Biometric 24/08/2020 – I was asked to show the following:
  • DS-160
  • Passport
  • Appointment confirmation letter
  • The authority put a stamp on DS-160 regarding the passport collection

Experience 2 : H4 Visa Interview – Missing Spouse Visa

Consular Interview 25/08/2020 – the VO asked for the following:

  • My passport
  • Appointment letter
  • My husband’s stamped H1-B Visa

Unfortunately, I could not show him my husband’s stamped visa because he is currently in the US with I797A only. He came here for marriage during March with a valid F1 Visa and got his I797A once he returned to US. I showed him every other document he requested but he was still in a fix and called his Chief Consular officer to consult on the issue. He also asked me that an expired H1B visa copy of my husband in will also work. Unfortunately, I did not carry one since it did not find it important. Finally he gave me a Green 221g form and told me that he will follow up on this.

I came back home and wrote a detailed email as directed in the form along with the the expired visa copy. Visa status CEAC website on 25th Aug : Refused

  • On 28th Aug, I got an email from the Kolkata consulate to submit my passport, 221g form and the email to Kolkata VAC.
  • US Visa status CEAC website on 01 Sep: Administrative Processing
  • US Visa status CEAC website on 02 Sep : Issued
  • Received an email on 3rd Sep to pick up my passport from the given address. Also checked my ustraveldocs profile to find that my passport is ready for pick up
  • Picked up my passport today from Kolkata VAC
  • Note: Today I found a lot of people present in Kolkata VAC for Dropbox

Experience 3 : H4 Stamping with EA – New Delhi  

My wife visa got approved today ! Regular appointment is on March 2021 in Delhi. Request EA ( Family separation with kids) on 27th, got approval email on same day with in 6 hrs. Got another email from consulate to book slots before Sep 5th.. Booked slots for 2nd and 3rd Sep, 2020.

Documents uploaded for EA:

  • I797, I140, Marriage certificate

Visa Officer  questions:

  • How long your husband working in US
  • When did you came to India
  • What is the reason to visit India and did your husband came with you.
  • What is your husband role.
  • When did your husband last came to India.
  • Quarantine plans in US.

Documents asked by VO: I797

Note : Please carry one US Visa size (2×2) photo when going for an interview.

Experience 4: H4 Visa Regular Appointment at Hyderabad.

  • Got regular appointment for Feb 2021
  • Requested EA on Family separation (Newly Married) on Aug 10th.
  • Did follow up via email and got response “under review”. After 5 days, I did reschedule it for Oct 5th 2020 in Delhi (many people told Emergency request will get nullified after reschedule. Even I thought so)
  • Recently US State Dept did mass cancellation of regular appointments. But I kept on following up with Hyderabad Consulate Via email for emergency appointment update.
  • Finally, my wife received call on Aug 31st that they are waiting for the response to the email sent out to my employer for last 15 days.
  • As soon as my employer responded. She received a call on Sep 1st that emergency request approved and scheduled for interview on Thursday.
  • And My Wife’s H4 Visa has been approved today morning Sep 3rd IST.

Visa officer Questions Asked.

  • When did u get married?
  • Which company does your spouse work for?
  • Marriage certificate and album?
  • Spouse Date of Birth.

Experience 5 : H4 Visa Interview (EA) – New Delhi

Below is my experience

  • Consulate – New Delhi
  • Visa Interview Date – 03/Sep/20
  • OFC – 02/Sep/20
  • Type of Visa – H4
  • Status – Approved
  • Applied for EA on 28/8 and got approved on 29/8. Applied for medical emergency.  I’m ( Applicant’s wife) with him in India.

H4 Visa Interview Questions

  • VO : Pass on I797
  • VO: Asked for the wedding date
  • VO: Urgency for wedding during Lockdown
  • VO: Curious to know why the wedding took place during Lockdown
  • VO: Asked for work location details of spouse
  • VO: Asked about spouse’s education
  • VO: Asked for marriage certificate and wedding album
  • VO: Asked plenty of questions regarding previous F1 rejections which was unexpected
  • VO: Asked the reason to choose that specific university for the F1 visa
  • VO: Asked if the marriage was love/ arranged
  • VO: Asked where the spouse is right now.

Got grilled for almost 10 mins

And finally beautiful words were your visa is approved and passed on the flyer stating the work rules and asked him to carry I797 for sure during immigration

Experience 6 :  H4 Visa Interview (EA) – New Delhi

Hi everyone my visa is approved at Delhi embassy today.

I applied for Emergency Visa Appointment(EA) on 31st.  EA approved. Also on 31st. Travelled from Bangalore to Delhi.

Biometrics at 8:30 AM. There was some queue at VAC. And found that vac was underground in Delhi 🧐. They didn’t allow me before 8:15. I was the first one to get biometrics!

Stayed at the park. So walked back from VAC to park. Interview at 12 Noon.  No queue at Embassy. Very quick process. Took along a friend with me to carry my phone 😛

The following is the visa interview questions which took about 20 mins.

  • VO: Show your passport
  • VO: show spouse’s I 797
  • VO:  since when is she in us
  • VO:  what company does she work in
  • VO:  what does she do
  • VO: what company you work for
  • VO: what do you do
  • VO: seems like you were in us previously what was the purpose
  • VO: can you show marriage album and certificate.
  • Me: Gave the certificate. The marriage album was big and couldn’t fit through counter. So showed from outside the counter
  • VO: how many people attended the wedding.
  • Me: showed album and estimated the number as 200
  • VO: since when you guys were married
  • VO: was it love marriage or arranged marriage?
  • VO: why are you applying now? Why didn’t you go back with her?
  • Me: told the uncertainty of her coming back to India.
  • VO:  Do you have your wife’s visa copy
  • Me: Showed the old visa copy of hers.
  • VO: Asked a questioned related to me being in us prior. About me overstaying previously
  • Me : told the reason

Throughout the interview there were some technical issues preventing him from scanning my passport properly. So he was asking these questions while he was trying to scan.  There were long periods of silence while he was typing and I was waiting nervously.

After getting the scan done.  Your visa is approved. You will receive the passport in 7 days.

Experience 7 :  H4 Visa interview (EA) Mumbai

My visa got approved at Mumbai consulate on September 1st.

  • Applied EA on 18 Aug
  • Approved EA on 24 Aug
  • Interview date : 1 Sep
  • EA Reason :  no family separation, but medical issues

Documents asked at H4 Interview

  • Spouse i797
  • Spouse visa stamping
  • Passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Marriage certificate

Questions asked at Visa Interview

  • Where does your husband work?
  • Marriage date ?
  • What is your quarantine plan?

Experience 6 :  H4 Stamping – New Delhi

  • Emergency Visa Appointment(EA) -23 Aug
  • Email sent-25 Aug
  • EA approved -25aug
  • Location : New Delhi
  • OFC and Visa date – Aug 31st and 1st sept
  • Visa Officer Questions
    • Where does husband live, work profile
    • Marriage certificate and photo
    • Why you haven’t accompanied him when he was going
    • Love or arrange marriage
  • Status : congrats your visa approved you will get it by courier within 1 week

Experience 8 :  H4 Stamping Emergency Appointment – Mumbai

  • My H4 is approved today at Mumbai
  • Applied for EA on Aug 12th got approval on Aug 17th
  • Had biometric on Aug 18th and Interview on Aug 2th.

Visa Interview Documents asked

  • My husband’s visa copy
  • I-797
  • My Daughter’s Birth certificate (minor)
  • Passports
  • Original marriage certificate

H4 Visa Interview Questions

  • Where is your husband working?
  • Where is he currently?
  • Since when are you married?
  • Do you have any kid?
  • How old is she?
  • Do you or your daughter have any valid visa of any other country?
  • Have you ever been to US?
  • When did your husband last came to India?
  • How do u plan to quarantine yourself?

After this officer said ur visa is approved and u shall get an email on when to collect it

The process was done in just 15-20 mins

Went in at 8:35-40 was out by 9

Experience 9 :  L2 Visa Interview – New Delhi

  • Applied for EA (L2 visa) for Delhi consulate on 21st August
  • EA approved on 22nd August
  • Rescheduled the appointment and got 30th August for OFC and 31st August for interview.

L2 Visa Interview Emergency Appointment

Interview was very simple. Asked for spouse I797 asked few questions

  • Which company your spouse is working?
  • For which client he works?
  • What’s his work location?
  • Is this the first time you are applying for visa?
  • Have you been to USA before?

That’s all, then he told me your visa is approved..

Experience 10 :  H4 Stamping EA – Hyderabad

H4 visa approved. My case : Family separation without kids(1st time H4 newly married)

  • Location-Hyderabad
  • Normal Appointment booked for Feb 2021.
  • EA raised-12th Aug
  • Reason-Family separation for months after my marriage which is causing mental stress and anxiety.
  • EA approved -28th Aug
  • VAC and interview-31st Aug

Visa Interview Questions

  • where does he work?
  • what he does?
  • where he lives?
  • Will you stay with him?
  • Wen you got married?
  • How long he is been in US?
  • How long he is been working?
  • Do you know the Quarantine rules in us?

H4 Visa Documents  Asked

  • I797 Approval Notice
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage photographs
  • My Passport
  • DS-160 confirmation

VISA APPROVED. You got to take them in a folder

You’re allowed wallet . Women are allowed small hand bag ( not big .. just enough to put money or necessary things ). But nothing electronic  No pen drives or anything of that sort

Experience 11 :  H4 Stamping EA – Chennai

My visa got approved today at Chennai

  • Applied on 7th aug, approved on 25th.
  • biometrics and interview on 31st.

Questions asked

  • when did your husband got H1B
  • what is the nature of his job, company
  • where does he stay
  • what is the quarantine rule in the state where he lives
  • which place have u been for honeymoon (because I’m recently married)
  • have you visited any foreign countries
  • what’s your highest qualification

H4 Documents asked:

  • i797
  • DS160
  • I-94
  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding album

Also mentioned to take a direct flight to US

Experience 12 :  H4 Stamping – First EA rejected. Second EA at Delhi

My h4 visa got approved today. would like to share my experience with you all.

Below is the process I followed.

First EA Process with Kolkata Consulate

  • Filled form ds-160
  • Opened an account in us travel docs
  • Paid for visa fee (h4) and waited till that got published in the portal
  • Booked normal appointment in Kolkata for the date of February and March 2021
  • Applied for EA in Kolkata only.
  • Got rejected in a single day without any reason
  • Several follow up with support team and Kolkata consulate with the documents but no luck
  • Tried to communicate to Delhi consulate to know the exact reason of cancellation but they didn’t provide any.
  • Scheduled normal appointment in Delhi for the month of October 2020.
  • That too got cancelled, that was a mass cancellation for all.
  • Followed up with cc and support and consulate but no luck.

Process to raise Second EA, Approved at Dehli

  • Tried to know the procedure to raise EA for second time
  • Exhaust the regular appointment by scheduling it for 5 times and then cancel it. One will not be able to see the reschedule option once it’s exhausted.
  • Paid second time visa fee for h4 on same profile with same ds-160.
  • Scheduled normal appointment for February 2021 and then EA for Delhi consulate
  • Justification was family separation just after getting married in march 2020, the same was in the 1st EA as well.
  • Uploaded the documents along with the ea justification.
  • 2nd time EA raised on 26th August around midnight IST time.
  • EA got approved on 27th August, was asked to schedule my appointment by 5th September

Biometrics, Visa Interview Process

  • Got my biometric on 31st August AND consulate appointment on 1st September.
  • Biometric was smooth enough, asked for appointment confirmation, ds-160 and passport.
  • Embassy was also smooth, asked for passport, one photo, ds.-160 stamped by vac, apportionment confirmation at the gate.
  • At the counter, asked for ds-160, passport, I797, marriage certificate, marriage album

H4 Visa Interview questions

  • Are you going to join your spouse
  • When did u get married
  • when did he leave for US
  • what’s his position
  • which company
  • love or arrange marriage
  • how many people attended the wedding?
  • she confirmed with a smile that my visa is approved.

Experience 13 : H4 – Spouse, Kid Interview EA

This is regarding EA appointment for H4. After lot of here and there I managed to get appointment.

  • I was able to manage the Emergency Appointment (EA) on 28 Aug, 2020.
  • My spouse and son went for interview and Biometrics at OFC on the same day…
  • Consulate Officer put passport and visa on administrative processing.
  • On, 2nd September it was Issued..
  • On September 4th they have received the passports with stamp

Experience 14 : H4 Interview EA – Hyderabad

  • My visa got approved on sep 2 in Hyderabad.
  • Done with the biometrics on March 15 but still they took the biometrics again on sep 2nd during the time of interview.
  • No need to panic guys, the interviewer in Hyderabad consulate is cool
  • They are issuing h4 visas for almost everyone as h4 is under NIE.
  • H4 Visa Interview questions
    • When u got married?
    • Is your husband presently in US?
    • Is this your first time for H4 visa?
    • Nothing more than that.
  • But better to be prepared about some basic questions regarding husband job details like company name, address.
  • Where does your husband live in US?
  • When he went to US? etc.
  • Just be confident and be clear about your answers.

Experience 15 : H4 Interview EA – Kolkata

My wife’s visa got approved today from Kolkata consulate
EA was approved in 6 hours.
Biometric – Sept 4 Appointment – today
Initially they thought she was for H1B visa they were giving her some form then she told is this needed for H4 visa and they apologized for the mistake and scheduled H4 visa interview questions.
Interview Questions asked
1) spouse’s birthday
2) visa stamped of previous employer and my current employer was different so they asked about that
3) Quarantine plans in US
4) Asked her about her current job and her education
5) How long your husband is currently working in the current company
6) Why your husband didn’t attend the interview with you?

Experience 16 : H4 Interview EA – Hyderabad

My spouse H4 visa was approved today, September 8th, 2020.

  • Original Apt was scheduled for Biometrics and Interview for Mar 12th and Mar 16th in Hyderabad.
  • Mar16th appointment was at 9 am i.e. the earliest Appt 🙁 that got cancelled due to COVID19.
  • Mar 13th: Raised EA. Was declined same day. (This was the biggest mistake realized later to raise EA during COVID).
  • Aug 17th: (After consulates reOpen) Raised query to all consulates to reconsider EA now that they have resumed H4 via EA.
  • Followed up continuously for 2 weeks but got nothing but automated response. This is the most frustrating part.
  • Aug 31st: Gave up on wait. Scheduled/Cancelled all appointments to expire the MRV fee. Purchased another MRV Fee.
  • Sep 1st: Scheduled Appt for Delhi embassy and then raised EA (Got error). Submitted a help query
  • Sep 1st: Within seconds of raising EA with the error – got EA approval in email.
  • Sep 1st: Scheduled Interview apt on Sep 8th as earliest.
  • Sep 2nd: (Height to be on time) Chennai Embassy finally called to give an Appt date for the original EA declined reconsideration which we politely mentioned that we would like to keep our Delhi embassy appt.

Word of caution: There is no locker facility in Delhi Embassy. So anyone coming by herself/himself will have difficulty handing over bag/mobile. My Spouse took help from the helpful taxi driver but it was tricky to be in that situation.

H4 Visa Interview Questions, Documents Asked

Visa Officer asked for I797, Marriage Certificate, Marriage Album and below questions:

  1. Where is he located.
  2. Where does he work.
  3. What does he do.
  4. With whom are you staying now.
  5. Was it arranged or love marriage.
  6. How did you first meet your spouse.
  7. How many people attended your marriage.
  8. How did you guys meet.
  9. How was the marriage arranged.
  10. When did you meet your spouse first time.
  11. In which company is he working.
  12. Since when he is working for his current company.
  13. How long have you been married.
  14. When did he first arrived in US.
  15. Where did you stay in India.
  16. What are your plans after going to US.
  17. Are you planning to work there.
  18. When did he last came to India and when did he reached back to US.
  19. How is your relationship with your in laws.

Finally VO said – Your visa has been approved. You will receive your passport within a week.

It has been really a wait and 6 months of struggle for both of us to wait through this COVID and finally get the visa to be together. Thanks to this group and everyone. Sending positive vibes for all who are in the process. All the best 🙂

Experience 17 : H4 Interview EA – New Delhi

My wife H4 interview successfully completed on Sep 9th, 2020, at Delhi consulate. Here is the story

  • First EA requested at Hyderabad but EA got cancelled due to reschedule.
  • Lapsed all the chances to expire MVR fee. Paid again and this time EA applied with Delhi, got the approval in hour’s.
  • Biometrics: Sep 4th Hyderabad
  • Visa interview: Sep 9th Delhi
  • Questions asked:
    • Where he live
    • Which company he work for?
    • How long with current company?
  • Documents asked:
    • DS-160
    • I797
    • Marriage certificate

H4 Court Marriage Visa Interview Questions

One of the users had court marriage and these were the questions asked.

  • They grilled me also yesterday because mine is a court marriage
  • Where did u 2 meet?
  • Why court marriage? Don’t u follow the same religion?
  • Are u planning to do traditional wedding sometime?
  • Do u have any other valid visa?
  • Is it first time to US?
  • Does ur spouse have younger sibling? What does he do?
  • Where are ur in laws? Y dont u stay with them?
  • How many months of marriage? Why did u not travel back with him only
  • What are your quarantine plans?
  • They did not ask photos or marriage certificate.
  • Some things that can be showed for proof of relationship are emails, call records, whatsapp chats with spouse, etc.

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Comments ( 30 )

  1. Megha

    Hello all

    Me and my daughter on H4 visa , currently stuck up in Bangalore . We came in Feb for personal reason along with my husband , he return to US on march 11. We both stayed back .
    My problem is my husband changed his job and his visa got transferred to new conpany and approved also and our visa H4 stamping is valid till November 2020 from my husband old company .
    My question is can I travel with same visa from my husband old company or do I need to go for fresh visa stamping , if so what and all documents required for new visa stamping procedure
    Plz anyone answer for this .

    Thanks in advance

  2. Tahira


    My husband is currently on h1b and i had to come to India in July suddenly due to some family emergency and now i need to get my h4 stamped. Can someone please share a basic email format they used for requesting EA under family separation and mental stress? Also did anyone submit a documentary proof for this reason?

  3. Suwarna Bhawar

    My husband is in USA currently with valid visa. I and our 2 kids stuck in India .
    My visa interview scheduled on 16-17 April 2019 but got canceled.
    Can I apply for EA now? As me an kids are away from my husband from November 2019.

  4. Mahesh


    I am trying to apply H4 visa for my wife in next month, but here the situation, due to covid i am stuck in India since march and currently Working from Home my company doesn’t have problem with that and i am still in India. But if my wife goes for interview for H4 VO will is going to ask her like.
    *where is you husband currently?
    *when is the last time he came to India?

    like this questions if VO raised what she has to answer and is there will be a problem to get her visa approved. can you please respond and give me some suggestions.

    FYI – I am trying to go back to US when my wife Visa got approved, but there will be any problem i can fly back before visa itself, please give me some suggestions.



    1. Vimal Khanna Vadivelu


      I don’t think that should be a problem because one of my friends who is in the same situation, attended H4 interview (EA for family separation) in New Delhi and got approved. But he was ready to defend for the above questions by proving that he is temporarily staying in India and will be going back to US soon (he booked a return ticket).

  5. vinay

    My first H1B stamping was expired in aug 2020 but I have H1B extension till dec 2022(but no stamping for extension) and currently I’m in USA, So can I book an emergency appointment for H4 for my wife with my I797 which is vaild till dec 2022.

  6. Priya

    Hello guys,

    I am in a very complicated situation. Any advice would be appreciated.

    I am in U.S currently working on H1B. I applied for a change of status to H4 and H4 EAD in June 2020 because I am maxing out my H1B in December 2020 and my company filed PERM only in May 2020. None of that is going to be approved by December 2020, so I am going to be on loss of pay from December.

    My question is if I travel to India, will I qualify for expedited appointment? My only reason for traveling to India will be to come back directly as H4 (so that I can come here and apply EAD which will hopefully take less time for approval) or come back directly as H1B (suppose my PERM, I140 get approved in January 2021, I cannot get back to H1B immediately because at that time I will be in a period of authorized stay. No more change of status is possible. So I will need to leave U.S and come back with H1B stamped).

    Basically, the only reason for all this is to minimize my time on loss of pay and avoid eventual termination.

    Will the consulate give me an expedited appointment for either H4 or H1 stamping considering my only reason is loss of job?

  7. Vivek


    Currently, my marriage date is on December 4, 2020. My fiance is from India and I am on my H1-B (stamped and will expire on July 2021). Can I apply for an EA in Chennai embassy for my Fiance’s H4 visa interview, is this a valid situation?

    Also, she is holding an MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) degree, do you think higher degree qualification will be a show stopper? Any comments on this are much appreciated.

    1. administrator

      Yes, after the marriage. She may try to book for normal appointment putting as single status and fill out new DS-160 closer to the date and then apply for EA.

  8. Sarath P K


    From this what I have concluded that NewDelhi & kolkata are faster in approving the EA request, where as Chennai , Hyderabad and Mumbai take time.

    I had already raised an EA request on 3rd September at Chennai, but no response yet.

    Will this be a good option to reschedule to Delhi at this moment. Please share your thought.


    1. Theerdha

      Hello ,
      I also raised an EA on sep 1st at Hyderabad but no response yet. Could you please let me know if you get any response from the embassy.

  9. Kalyan

    Thanks a lot for publishing these experiences.

    We got H4 EA appointments for 9/10 and 9/11. I will share our experience in next few days.

    For us , it is H1 to H4. It means the previous expired stamping on passport is H1b.

    Does anyone have an experience on VO asking for NOC from the employer if a working professional is attending H4 interview ?

  10. SO

    could any one who got the visa approved answer if the visa stamp have NIE annotation? and they have to mandatorily travel within 30 days of approval?

  11. Nayana

    I thank all of you who have shared your experiences here. It really brings hope. It would be of great help if we get to hear a few more details from experience no.9 ( L2 visa at New Delhi consulate). Like, was it first time application of L2 visa or renewal of the L2 visa, because I stand in a situation of coming to India for my L2 renewal in the first week of March which was followed by a lockdown and our visa interview slot with the US consulate Chennai was cancelled.

    1. administrator

      Unfortunately, we may not be able to get that clarified as it is anonymous and we did not keep track of the user details.

    2. Gowthami


      i have a emergency situation. My kid is stuck back in India and we were supposed to get her back in March. But due to corono, all the appointment were cancelled. I m on h4 and planning go this month . Can I book emergency appointment for me in oct ?

      1. administrator

        If you were in US on the day of EO, then you should be…You may even go for dropbox, if the visa expired anytime before two years .

  12. Chandra

    The above experiences are great and very helpful but can someone write-up the detailed steps for requesting EA with New Delhi Embassy? What should be the ideal supporting documents apart from marriage certificate and my immigration documents for requesting EA. I would be travelling to India in November 2020 for my marriage and would like to schedule H4 visa appointment for my wife so that we both can return back to US together.

    Thanks in advance for all the insights to the tricky process.

    1. administrator

      The process is pretty much same, all you need to do is select New Delhi as interview location when you try to book appointment. As you can see in experiences, that’s all they ask. Nothing other than that. Do not worry, if you are exempt, you will get it.

      1. Chandra

        Thanks Kumar for the reply but my question was more towards the steps needed to request for Emergency Appointment(EA) as I don’t see that option on the visa application portal and what supporting documents to upload while requesting for Emergency Appointment. I see I might need to followup via emails after requesting EA so what’s the email ID I need to use to do the followup?

        1. administrator

          you will only see that after you book the appointment, you will see something called Emergency appointment. You submit proof based on your situation. You need to attach based on your situation to get EA approved. If not approved or no response, you may need to follow up. But, they usually respond within 48 to 72 hours.

        2. Pavithra

          My spouse currently in US with valid H1B. I applied for h4 and got my interview scheduled on march ,2020 which was cancelled due to corona.

          Can i apply for emergency appointment now ? As I’m away from my husband for more than 7 months.

          Kindly respond

          1. krishna

            Yes you are eligible to Apply EA . Go through the process which already discussed in this website and as of now Delhi is approving EA’s very fast

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