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How to get Emergency US Visa Appointment in India – 2 User Experiences

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As US Consulates in India are not yet open due to COVID-19 for regular visa processing, the only way to get US visa stamping is to get an expedite appointment.  Expedited appointments are available only for special situations like medical needs, funeral/death, ESTA Denied, Students or exchange visitors with urgent need or urgent business travel.  

Two of our readers (anonymous for privacy reasons) were successful in getting emergency appointment and were kind enough to take time to share their experience for everyone benefit. Thanks a lot to them for sharing the experience with community. We really appreciate it ! You can email your experience as well to [email protected]

Emergency US Visa Appointment for H4 Visa – Chennai, India

Background: H4 visa holder is in India along with child, who is US Citizen.

H1B visa spouse in US.  Applying for H4 visa renewal. Not eligible for Dropbox Stamping.

Filled out DS-160, Booked Appointment before Consulates were closed

I already filled DS-160, paid the US visa fees and booked my appointment. I had biometrics appointment on April 21st and April 22nd was supposed to be my visa interview. Due to COVID-19, my visa interview got cancelled.

Contacting US Consulate in Chennai using email and phone.

Starting from May month I would keep on trying to reach the US consulate by email and through phone call, but no luck. Then comes the Trump H1B travel ban issue, I knew reaching embassy in this situation will be a big failure, I was helpless. 

Below are the email and phone numbers used to send my request and make calls.

After a month, got the clarification on Executive order from Trump that there are some exceptions in travel ban for H4 visa holders and my condition will come under that exception. From next day again I started emailing (every three days I will email them) to embassy requesting for appointment, even that time no luck for me. Usually I would call on Monday and Friday. Literally, I would have called then a dozen times or more. I would get reply, saying “my request has been denied, please reach us once the embassy start there normal process”.   

Emergency Appointment Response within 48 hours

Usually, the consulate would respond to emails within 48 hours saying that your request is denied.  Below is a screenshot of the denial request from consulate for expedite appointment in India.  

US Emergency Visa Appointment Denied - India
Emergency Appointment Denied – Standard Template reply

Emergency Appointment Request – Baby Vaccination

Finally, on July 30th again I emailed US consulate in Chennai requesting for appointment, reason I mentioned vaccination for my baby who is 10 months old (US citizen). In that email I attached my baby vaccine sheet and I got a letter from her doctor, saying “she is my patient, she missed her 6th and 9th month vaccine, her next due is next month”. Below is the sample vaccination letter that I used. This is my true reason too, not made up.

Doctor Letter Sample for Expedited Appointment US Visa - India
Doctor Letter for Emergency Appointment in India

Expedite Appointment Approval Email – Interview Slots Open

On Aug 3rd I got reply from embassy saying my request has been approved and please reschedule your appointment. Below is the email I got from US Consulate in Chennai. It clearly tells that my emergency appointment validity is only until Aug 6, 2020.

US Emergency Visa Appointment Confirmation - India
Confirmation on Emergency Appointment Approved

After the email, I quickly logged in into my account in USTravelDocs and I saw the slots. The first interview availability was on August 10th, so I booked that appointment.

Important Note – Attaching Proofs of Medical Reason

Every time when I emailed the embassy or called them, I gave the same Medical reason. I did not know why they didn’t approve before. Now, that I look back and think, I was not submitting any proofs in the past emails. So, I suggest you submit any medical reason proof. Also, do not try to make up reason, it has to genuine as they would be verification. If you fabricate any documents, you can be barred from entering US for life.

H4 Visa Expedite Visa Appointment Process, Stamping – Delhi, India

Background : H4 holder in India along with Child. H1B spouse in US. We were requesting for visa stamping based on the vaccination requirement for our baby.

It is important you have the relevant documentation like doctor letter beforehand for providing proofs as needed.

How to get Doctor letter for US Visa Emergency Appointment

   You must have check list for all vaccines for the baby. See what all are pending from that list from the day you were in India. Call you doctor and tell them you haven’t visited Indian doctor as the situation is not good. They will give you a letter or note with list of vaccines due.

Important : While requesting emergency approval mention clearly that Vaccines are highly recommended for Kids immunity.

Steps to Apply for Expedite Appointment from New Delhi

Below are the steps followed by me to get the Emergency appointment

  1. Send out an email to [email protected] regarding your situation. make sure you provide valid reasons
  2. Vaccine due for kids ( this can be considered for expedite approval)
  3. Family Separation ( mention depression problems or health condition is not good for spouse due to separation). Wait for their reply, usually takes 1-2 business days.
  4. They will forward email to Hyderabad Consulate & [email protected]. Support team will create a case for your request and update their comments.
  5. If they consider its valid request then you get an email from [email protected].com to raise expedite request, they provide link.
  6. Click on link which navigates to US Visa Travel docs website, there you can choose emergency request link. When you open the form, it looks like below, you choose the Medical Needs.US Emergency appointment booking options
  7. Select Medical reasons for emergency request and provide documentation if available. In my case, I called doctor office and requested them to provide a letter or doctor note for vaccines due. I uploaded this document in expedite request and click submit.
  8. After 8 PM EST you will receive notification for approval or rejection from US consulate. If approved the will ask you to reschedule appointment before 6 days of approval. Approved cases will have new dates in appointment selection, and I believe only New Delhi & Chennai locations are operating.

H4 Visa Interview, Biometrics with Emergency Appointment

  • Both Biometric and Visa interview will be done at same place (no need to visit VFS locations for Biometric).
  • Collect all required documents & supporting documents, there is no queue and they call by name.
  • Interview was very smooth they ask about spouse details, address etc. Visa officer will ask you to collect passport next day. 

Did any of you apply for emergency appointment ? How was your process? Do share your experiences in comments for community benefit.

The general process for US emergency visa appointment for India is described on the ustraveldocs India expedite appointment details page.


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Comments ( 170 )

  1. vinay

    Is there anyone here for whom employer booked the H4 appointment. in this case, who has to send email/book EA because employer login with their profile and booked the appointment and how can EA will be scheduled?

  2. vinay

    Hi, this is vinay and My employer booked normal appointment and now I have to request to EA, can my employer request EA or should I send email for EA request link?

  3. Sonal mujmer

    I have to get my H1-B stamped. My husband and kids are in USA.
    Can I select both family separation and business urgency to get emergency appt for H1B stamping? Also are EA open in both Delhi and Mumbai?

  4. Sumit

    Hi, I submitted emergency request but got error after submission that “Stay tuned. Please email us if you need to get in touch.”

    Can anyone help me to share phone number for support team so that i can cofirm if request has been submitted. I am not getting any emergency request option now. 🙁

  5. Sumit

    Hi, I submitted emergency request but got error after submission that “Stay tuned. Please email us if you need to get in touch.”

    Can anyone help me to share phone number for support team so that i can cofirm if request has been submitted. I am not getting any emergency request option now. 🙁

  6. nick

    Has anyone tried using 2 reasons for EA – medical emergency and urgent business letter? I have both letters, thinking which one to choose in EA request if I attach both letters.

  7. Janhavi


    I want to schedule an EA under national interest exception for H4 visa at Mumbai Consulate. Can someone please tell me which option should I select while scheduling the appointment?

    Any advice or suggestions.

    Also, if no option is available then, is there an email address to which I can explain the situation and schedule the appointment or get a reply?

  8. Dan

    Hi when I contacted NIV[email protected] recently for EA, I received auto generated response immediately after sending email.The response is copy paste of the info available in U.S. Embassy India website.Did anyone received actual reply from NIND team recently ?

    1. administrator

      You should try to use USTravelDocs website and create the request. Now the volume of requests is high and they take long time for responding in email…

  9. Bhavin

    Hi Kumar and All,

    Do you heard anyone got EA for B2 visa to support their pregnant daughter. Also, anyone tried doing the EA through the CGI portal itself? How does it work. Please provides inputs.


    1. administrator

      I have not seen anyone try it…You may try it. Yes, the process is same. Put in medical reason and give it a try. Do update the community here, how it goes.

  10. Phani


    I am planning to apply EA for H4 for my spouse. What reason did you select for Family separation – newly married for EA and what supporting documents have you attached? I have sent an email to [email protected] but I did not get any response yet. I do find an option for submitting an Emergency Request from ustraveldocs website but I am not sure if I should wait for a response from [email protected] Please guide if anyone applied with similar reason. I went through this blog post and a couple of other ones but the above point is still a bit unclear for me.


    1. administrator

      You should try the online form. The email is not reliable.
      You will see the option, after you pay fee, book appointment. The above blog posts are slightly old, I will create a new post on the process.

          1. Phani


            Sorry for late response, I was occupied with work and Visa related activities.

            Here is what we did:
            – Submitted DS-160 on September 14,2020 and booked first possible date, which was March 08, 2021 at Delhi Embassy.
            – We had an option to request EA after the previous step. Filled in details on Sept 15th picking “Medical reasons” and Reason as “Family separation – newly wed”. Got approval within 2 hours.
            – Re-booked appointment as per instructions on Sept 20th(VAC) and 21st(Interview). We only got approval to book EA within the next 10 days.
            – After we booked the slots, Embassy requested my LCA, I797, Passport, Visa and Job details like position, clients, location, manager contact details; and also home address. They contacted my manager a couple of times for verification.
            – Rest of the process was same as regular H4

            Interview questions:
            – Give me your passport.
            – Give me a copy of your husband’s I797, H1B visa copy and LCA.
            – Where is he staying in the US?
            – When did you get married?
            – Give me your marriage certificate.
            – Give me the employment letter of your husband.
            – When did he return to the US?
            – Give me your photo.
            Visa got approved.

            Received the visa in post on September 26th and planning the travel soon.

            Kumar, Please add this to the list of experiences for H4 visa through EA as it may help someone.

    2. Akilesh

      Hello Phani,

      I’m in a similar situation as you but my wedding is scheduled for Jan end. When I try to book appointment on cgifederal now, it shows OFC date available in all cities in Feb but interview date is not showing up in any cities. May I ask when you had booked the original visa date before you sent them the email for EA?

  11. Sai

    Hi kumar
    I need your in this regard.
    I was applied h1b visa emergency appointment, after submission of application error message was displayed as”error occurred while uploading visual work force page” and again went to back to home page where I could not see any emergency appointment tab.
    Is this appointment request was submitted or not, how can I resolve this.. please help.

    1. administrator

      It should have been submitted, that is a common error. You can call the customer care and confirm, most of the times it will be submitted in backend.

          1. Gayathri

            Not yet. But sent a mail for the status, for which they responded that they will get back after completing the prior commitments.

  12. Utkarsh

    Hi.. Can someone help me with the info, want to know the available h1 dropbox appointment date slots for chennai consulate. if anyone in process of booking/booked appointments recently can help me on it..

    I got to travel to india in next month. this one is for H1 renewal under resume ongoing employment with same employer, same position.

    Thanks advance..

  13. Sai

    Applied for EA for my wife (H4) on 17th August at Hyderabad Consulate. Still haven’t received any response. Did anyone manage to get an appointment at Hyd Consulate?

    1. Kalyan


      Our 1st EA was submitted to Hyd and we never received a response. But, CC can check if the request was rejected at backend. Even though we did not receive any email response, CC confirmed that our EA was denied at backned.

      So, we requested our 2nd EA (by paying another fee) to Delhi and got response on same day.

        1. Balu

          Hi Sai,

          any update on EA? Same here. I have requested EA for H4 at HYD location on Aug 24th , still awaiting decision. contacted CC via email and phone and the response I got that request is still under review.

          1. Theerdha

            I raised an EA for h4 visa on September 1 st at Hyderabad but didn’t get any response yet, can we raise second EA by paying fee even though the 1st EA is under review.

        2. Anusha

          Hi sai ,
          Any update on EA? I also raised an EA for H4 at hyd
          on sep 1st but didn’t get any response yet. Could you pls let me know if you get any response from the embassy.

          1. Sai

            Contacted the consulate through online feedback system. Received the below response, looks like it was reviewed but not considered for the moment and will be looked later.

            “Requests that do not meet the criteria for an expedite appointment under our current operating posture may not be considered until a later phase in our resumption of routine services. If you have not yet received a reply to your expedite request it is most likely that the request will be considered at a later phase.”

      1. Girish

        when you say applied for EA-you mean mailed the consulate as a request for EA correct? My wife is on H4 and needs stamping to return. Her expired visa is within 12/24 months from expiry date and still did not get an option for dropbox while filling out the ds-160 and the visa consular appointment page which is strange. but we paid the fees anyway but cannot get a slot despite it showing its open on their calendar. should we mail them now with a request?

    2. administrator

      Many have got it. Did you submit online on USTravelDocs or emailed them ? Follow up with email, if no response or email consulate.

    3. Chakri

      Hello Sai,

      I got it approved on 9th day. You will get an email. I got an error when I submit EA request, so I have contacted support over phone. they told me that they can see the request in their system and it is open. I got approval email later.

      1. Sai

        Hi Chakri,

        May I know the date you applied and received the response? It’s been more than 15 business days since I have applied. Contacted CC, was informed that my request is still open.

          1. Pawan

            Hi Chakri,

            I am also thinking of applying H4 EA appointment for Spouse and Child. What and all details you have submitted. On March 16th 2020 the stamping was supposed to happen but the same day the Embassy closed. Can you share the details of what you submitted and for which location its better to get this EA. Thank you.

    4. Manasa

      We applied for EA for H4 at Hyderabad embassy in Sept 3rd and got approved on the same date. Biometrics were given on Sept 15th and interview was scheduled on Sept 24th. Visa has been approved.
      We used the medical emergency reason and family separation as an emergency for applying for H4 EA appointment.

  14. nishant shah

    Hi all,

    My mother is in critical condition and I need to visit India soon. I am eligible for drop box at this time. Is it possible I can get emergency appointment due to above stated reason? What papers do I need to show in that case?

    Appreciate any response and help in advance

    1. administrator

      If you are eligible for dropbox, they may not give you any emergency appointment. EA is given to get stamping to return to US, the reason you show in India is to arrive…
      You need health, business reason for EA.

  15. Anitha

    I have requested for Emergency appointment for H4. My husband is in US.

    Requested EA – Sept 3.

    Can anyone let me know, how many days they will take to process EA request.

        1. Sam

          I’ve submitted an EA [Chennai consulate] on Aug 30th quoting family separation and haven’t got a response yet. Called them on Monday, and they said they’re still processing those who applied before me.

          1. Janani

            Hello, can you pls let know to what number you tried calling CC . I’ve been trying to reach them everyday but no one seems to attend. I applied EA on 26th Aug- Chennai

      1. nandini

        What about mumbai consulate? Do they also do emergency appointments? Where can I email and ask them about my situation. Need H4 stamping. I am here with 2 US citizen kids and husband on H1 in US. And if I know that I won’t be able to go for another 2.5 months when is the good time to apply for an expedieted appointment. Do they give immediate appointment? For my individual case reason I need an appointment immediately after 2.5 months are done.
        Btw this blog is very helpful..hats of to the moderator or blog owner.

      1. Pavan


        I think it’s taking longer these days. I have applied for an EA and haven’t even got a response or a confirmation. I emailed to nivnd and then chennai consulate replied after a week saying the EA is pending without any time frame.

          1. Pavan

            Hi Sam/Anitha,

            Long story short, I submitted an EA for my wife on or before Aug 18th (referring the latest updates to Presidential Proclamation). I was looking for a confirmation or a response from them. As I was going through redbus2us articles, thought my EA didn’t go through because of their crappy system. Emailed nivnd on Aug 31st got a response on sep 6th. Below is the response from them. I think mine’s getting delayed because of the language preference (Telugu). At least, that’s what I think or, I should’ve mentioned stronger reasons like family separation or health issues and provided a doctor’s certificate.

            Dear Applicant,

            Thank you for your inquiry.

            We have received and noted your request for an expedite appointment at the U.S. Consulate General in Chennai.

            We continue to schedule a limited number of expedite appointments each week, however due to strict limitations on availability it will take some time after the submission of an expedite request before we can approve an appointment.

            Please also note that unpredictable changes in local conditions may further delay our ability to schedule an expedite appointment. Requests will remain in pending (“open”) status in the appointment system until we can accommodate the request.

            Thank you for your continued patience.

            Consular Information Unit
            U.S. Consulate General
            220, Anna Salai
            Chennai 600 006

        1. Gayathri

          I applied EA on 06th Sept 2020. Even one of my friend who has applied for EA on 27th August for H4 did not get any response.

          Can anyone share information on the H4 emergency appointment got scheduled without medical needs after 27th August?

  16. Naveen Mangal

    Can anyone provide a template letter from US company requesting emergency appointment for visa stamping?

    Can you apply for EA from US? I have already scheduled regular appointment for Feb, 2021 at Hyderabad.

      1. administrator

        Frankly, there is no template letter. Just write couple of lines stating your situation and why you need visa. that’s it.

  17. Himanshi

    Has anyone been able to schedule expedited appointment for H1B visa to resume ongoing employment with same employer, same position? What documents we need from employer to prove the emergency? Anyone has a sample letter for it?
    Also, do we have to be in India to schedule the EA or can it be done from US? I am currently in US and have to visit India to take care of family member for a short time. Trying to figure out the travel plan accordingly.

    1. administrator

      I saw one user got it in one of our groups. They got a letter from employer saying the business need and they used the salary over 15% of LCA wage. Ask your employer to explain the need for you to go back. Also, if it i extension, no need.

  18. Abhi

    As the Indian consulates site mention “Applicants for H1B, H2B, L1, and certain J categories and their dependents covered by Presidential Proclamation 10052 should request an expedited appointment only if you have reason to believe you may qualify for one of the exceptions listed in the Proclamation.”
    Note: Exception to consider is ‘seeking employment with same employer and same job position’
    So question is what would be the option to chose for the above category to request expedited appoinment while Emergency request form filling?
    Right now only option to choose within are:
    1. ESTA denied
    2. Student or Exchange visitor
    3. Urgent Business Travel
    4. Funeral/Death
    5. Medical Needs

    On the August 12 exceptions proclamation, they call it as National Interest exception eligibility, but no such options I see on above list of options.

    Any advice or comments are appreciated.

    1. P

      I applied for one as medical reasons as there was no other appropriate option and still no reply from them. Feel like we should file another lawsuit as to why we need all these procedures when they could’ve straight away opened visa slots just like how they did students.

      1. Abhi

        Thanks for replying. I agree on your note. So did you show medical needs or related documents?
        What if they consider someones individual medical needs and tranfer the visa category to visitor or traveller?

        Also did you try emailing to [email protected] or any embassy related email group for H1 thing And had they ever replied?

        1. P

          1. I mentioned in the EA request saying I selected medical needs as there was no other appropriate option (cause I feel they should’ve made necessary updates to have such an option and it’s not our mistake that they don’t have one) and I didn’t attach anything related to medical cause my wife already qualifies for a visa appointment as per the latest updates to Presidential Proclamation.
          2. I don’t think they’ve the power to downgrade or upgrade our visa category based on our needs.
          3. Yes, tried emaling to that address but got an automated response and I did email [email protected] as well and then I got an email saying that my EA request is still pending so hoping for the best!

          1. Abhi

            Thank you for comments.
            Did you receive email within 1 hour from [email protected] after you submitted emergency request?
            I submitted and received response “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, routine consular services across India remain suspended, and visa operations are very limited. We have reviewed your request, but at this time, we are unable to accommodate your emergency appointment request. We will re-assess your request when local conditions allow us to safely expand our services.”

            Ahh..I dint expect that kind of response..
            Is there any other email from where we get a response of approval or denial of EA appointment or the above is it?

          1. Abhi

            It is H1B, I explained to show that I am seeking to join same employment with same employer. Called out some points below.
            Also highlighted that under h1 which exception I believe to qualify..
            1. Current approval and to travel urgent to perform work. Letter from employer on same
            2. Previous approval thing
            3. My employment with employer like in brief..when I joined..what happned, how many petitions filed

            Attached docs..emp support letter, lca, approvals, attorney lettr..etc..

            Also from @ustraveldoc reply it doesnot seem that they fully denied as well…stating they will re-assess once local conditions are good enough to expand their service..
            So was slightly confused seeing their political answer which is only having covid as reason…

            I tried to explain what I can to show I am still with same emplyer because i have denial once for my extn of stay thing …
            I selected business travel option..what is not exact option but approriate enough to select.

            Not sure if it is something to deal with intended travel i called out oct 3 to travel..considering between weeks for interview, stamping, and delivery of passport and scheduling to travel between weeks..

            Also my petition is valid till this year, so anyways i need to take this chance for EA as all regular appoinments are available only starting next year from feb or march somewhere.

          2. Richa reddy

            Hi Abhi
            Did you receive EA approval yet? Did you or your employer need to use an attorney’s help for the documentation to prove exception and urgent need?

  19. Amber

    Is anyone familiar with IR1 Visas? My husband is waiting for 221G processing to begin in Mumbai and wondering if we are eligible for an Emergency Appointment.

    1. administrator

      Usually, if you have something pending, you need to get that clear…There was one user, who applied for visa when 221g is pending recently…But, I do not think it was for IR1. Again, worth a shot, call or email them.

  20. Ramakrishna Patchuru


    My spouse is in need of parents support as she is 33 weeks pregnant now, will I be able to apply b1 visa under EA category. Please let me know. Thank you.

    1. administrator

      Well, you can definitely give it a try. They may or may not approve it unless you have some medical letter. The reason is they cannot validate the urgency without any letter from doctor and support need.

    2. Bhavin

      Hello Ramakrishna Patchuru,

      Did you get EA for your case? I am in the same situation. Please update once you get to know.

      Also, I am trying to book regular appointment at Mumbai Consulate but I do not see any interview date. Can someone please provide input if they have any idea about regular appointment at Mumbai and then converting to EA.

      I really appreciate your quick response.

      Thank you

  21. Krishna


    Can some one please help me with my situation. My wife EA got nullified because of rescheduling while EA request is in process. If I pay the Visa fee again, am i eligible to apply another EA, did anyone did it before.

    1. Ajithkumar

      Yes, you can go for new EA if you have a new receipt.
      But Make sure your current Receipt should lapse in order to activate or pay for a new receipt.
      How to lapse Current Receipt? — reschedule the appointment multiple times(max 6 times I think) that way it will lapse.

      1. Kalyan

        Thanks Ajith. With system not allowing to book any regular consular appointments, how can we reschedule the appointment multiple times and lapse current fee receipt ?

          1. Kalyan

            Yes, I was able to exhaust all scheduling chances by rescheduling multiple times. However, during this process our account was locked 2 times, each time upto 72 hours. Yesterday, we paid fee again. Hoping to book regular appointment today using new fee receipt and then submit EA.

          2. administrator

            What approach did you try. Did you try 5 time reschedule or call them and got it lapsed ? Did the second EA get approved ?

      1. Krishna

        Hi Kumar,

        I called them multiple time. They always say the same answer like for 1 visa fee only 1 EA available and I am not eligible for 2nd EA on same payment. I asked them I am ready to Pay again but they are not saying properly whether I am eligible for EA or not with 2nd payment

        1. Ajith

          You are eligible for 2 EA, i f you pay again. In order to have 2nd EA, your current Receipt should lapse.
          two ways to lapse the current receipt
          1) Email : [email protected] and explain that you want to cancel the current receipt and they will open a case, this might take 3-4 business days to complete( i did not try this option ) — i am updating you the response what i got from Customer support.
          2) Use all chances to reschedule the appointment so that it will lapse (you have 6 attempts and 1 EA per receipt) — i did use this and applied for EA, waiting for reply.

          1. administrator

            Thanks for sharing ! Good insight. Some users said, you have 5 attempts to reschedule. Did you include EA scheduling as one and say it as 6 ? Please clarify.

          2. Ajith

            we have 6 chances (6+1 EA) per receipt — you can call US travel Docs for more Info at +91 22-62011000 and options 1 2 2 1 5 to speak with rep.

          3. administrator

            Other users said, it is 5 chances for regular visa appointment re-schedule. I heard many say it as 5 for regular and 1 for EA… Did you personally try it 6 times ?

      2. krishna

        I rescheduled 5 times to lapse the receipt. my second EA got approved with Delhi. When you apply for EA go for Delhi, their approval rate too good and quick

        1. Kalyan

          Krishna – If original DS160 is filled for Hyderabad, how to request EA for Delhi ? Do I need to book regular appointment also for Delhi (which I book for enabling EA option) ?

          1. krishna

            It doesn’t matter which location you choose in DS 160. If you schedule regular appointment with Delhi then you can apply EA at Delhi even in your DS160 location is Hyderabad.

            Below Answer I found in USCIS website

            The Embassy or Consulate at which you actually apply should be able to access your form using the barcode on your DS-160 confirmation page, which you must bring to the visa interview. For example, a business traveler intends to apply for his visa at the U.S. Embassy in City X, so he selects City X as the location where he will submit his application when he completes his DS-160. He then has an urgent reason to travel to City Y on business. Because there is a U.S. Consulate in City Y, he schedules an appointment for a visa interview there, using the barcode from his completed DS-160 application for appointment scheduling. The U.S. Consulate in City Y is able to accept his DS-160 even though it lists the U.S. Embassy in City X as the location where he originally intended to submit his application.

          2. Kalyan

            Krishna – Thanks for lot for this info. I am able to book regular appointment at Delhi, I see EA option enabled now. Want to make sure I am following steps correctly this time.

            This is for H4 stamping. I will select something in category (say, Medical Needs), give justification and proofs satisfying H4 exemption condition. Is that all ? Do I need to mention anywhere about ‘Family Separation’ ? I mean is this a term to be used for justifying the exemption condition ?

            Any specific proofs/documents to support H4 exemption condition ?

          3. krishna

            yes for H4 you need to choose Medical needs and upload I-797,I-94,Visa Copy, Marriage Certificate and Wife front and back passport. If you still didn’t apply for EA use below information as description.

            My name is XXXXX and I am married to XXXX who is currently working on H-1B visa in the United States. We were married here in India on the xxxx date after which my Husband traveled back to USA to continue his employment. Being separated in the early months of our marriage has been extremely difficult for us. This family separation has taken a toll on our mental state.
            I would humbly request that you grant me an Emergency Appointment so that I can appear for an interview and obtain an H-4 visa. That would allow me to be reunited with my husband and I would be very grateful.

          4. Kalyan

            Krishna – Thanks for this info. Much appreciated.
            I have submitted EA request yesterday, got system error. However got email by evening that request was approved. As you said, we applied for Delhi. May be thats why it got approved on same day.

        2. administrator

          Thanks for the info. There was confusion on the number of times, it is confirmed now and good to hear your second EA got approved

          1. krishna

            Thanks Kumar. some people have a doubt on DS 160 and VISA on different locations. I just spoke with Consulate people they told me, it’s not a problem and no need to change anything even your DS 160 in one location and your visa in other location

  22. Swathi

    I have sent a mail to the mail ID’s that u have mentioned above. I received a reply with case ID. They provided a link but is again redirecting to cgi federal to book an appointment. I don’t see any expedite appointment option or any visa slots available. I just see only OFC appointments. When I select a date and click continue it is saying no appointments available. No one is picking up the customer care number. im looking for an H4 visa appointment.

    1. administrator

      It could be the dates are not available. Try emailing them again or call them. Call USTravelDocs or email their support.

    2. Srini

      Hi Swathi,

      I ran in to same situation (re:I didn’t see an emergency appointment button) , you will have to schedule regular interview ) then you will see a emergency appointment button.

      1. Pawan

        I am also seeing this situation since last 2 weeks. Not seeing any Appointment slots for H4 Stamping.Can anyone tell whether they got normal appointment slots at Hyderabad location. However will book EA once I get book the normal slot

  23. Hailey

    I have applied for CR1 visa, my file got approved but didn’t get interview call. Now me and my partner feels stress about separation. It’s been 20 months since I got married. Can I apply for emergency visa too?

  24. h427742


    I have filled DS160 and paid fee and booked slot (Feb 2021 @ HYD) for my wife. She is eligible for Dropbox, but the website showed me two dates, one VAC and one for consular. I am not seeing the yellow interview waiver page.

    This is her first time to be eligible for drop box, can you guys pls let me know the correct procedure?

    Where exactly I went wrong in the application?

    1. Bsingh

      Hello, currently they are not giving the dropbox option because routine visa services are suspended – maybe in the future you can apply for it once the regular services resume.

    2. administrator

      The online system is not working for the dropbox process yet. Once the consulate takes dropbox appointments, then it would work.

  25. Kalyan

    Hi – We are trying to get H4 stamping slot. This blog post is really informational. We tried to get an expedite appointment but no luck so far. Want to share our progress so far and get some feedback.

    We have contacted visa customer care in India about booking expedited appointment. We were told that we can proceed with expedite appointment book only if such option is visible in our ustraveldocs login page. We had that option enabled initially, so we have submitted a request with kid’s immunization as a reason. But request did not go through due to application bug and also later on we don’t see that option displayed. Customer care said if we don’t see that option enabled, it means emergency slots are not available.

    Any idea if we need to send email as per the process outlined in this post above in order to get an emergency slot?

    Also, as per updated guidance on ustraveldocs website

    “Applicants for H1B, H2B, L1, and certain J categories and their dependents covered by Presidential Proclamation 10052 should request an expedited appointment only if you have reason to believe you may qualify for one of the exceptions listed in the Proclamation.”

    …it sounds that if H4 is covered by the exemption, they are eligible for expedite appointment booking. If satisfying the exemption is sufficient, dont we need to have any medical reason to apply for expedite booking ?

    Any thoughts or guidance ?

    1. administrator

      There are some system bugs as they just changed their website. Yes, H4 is exempt, if eligible and can request for the same. You can email the consulate too and inform the same. Maybe if they approve, you can try to login again and see, if you can book. It is the new website issues that are causing some problems.

      1. Ajith

        we can only use EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT option once per one receipt, for any reason it did not go through then you have to apply for new receipt (pay $190).
        I had same issue and with lot of back and forth support calls they said i have to go with new receipt and try for appointment.

          1. Jananee

            Hi Ajith/Moderator,
            Just wanted to know if there is anyone who got drop box appointment for H1B and it was stamped successfully.
            me and my husband were in USA on June 24th and we are planning to travel to India in Oct. we got a dropbox appointment for Oct 1. Our question is
            1) is there any rejection right now for h1b stamping through drop box (due to presidential proclamation)
            2) Has anyone on h1b who got stamping successfully able to travel to USA (with no issues at port of entry).
            Thanks for your response.

          2. administrator

            There are few who got H1B approved, who shared on the social media groups. we have no info, they are back in US.

        1. administrator

          Thanks for sharing. Probably, if the first one you did not avail due to our own issue right ? What if there is a system glitch ?

          1. Ajith

            I had a system Issue, and i have contacted the Customer support (+91 22-62011000) with selective option for EA, and they opened a case for the same and said wait for 24-48 hours and i did not get any response.
            So i used all my chances to reschedule my appointment( there were dates open for 2021 March chennai) and then lapsed it to apply for a new one.
            Now i have opened a New EA waiting for response from Chennai Consulate Hopefully on Monday or Tuesday.

          2. Ajith

            I have Cancelled my 2nd EA as they recently opened Dropbox option and successfully scheduled dropbox appointment at Mumbai.

      2. Kalyan

        Thanks Kumar.

        We will try for an H4 emergency appointment based on exemption eligibility. Will share detailed experience on this forum if it goes through well.

          1. Chakri

            I am also in same situation. Got an error when I submit the EA request and didn’t receive any confirmation email. Now the EA request option also gone.

            Not sure on whom to contact. It is clearly an issue from their end and expecting another payment is not at all fair. They suppose to resolve the issue.

          1. Kalyan

            Hi Deven, Pavan – After that error message, we did not get any email response. But CC checked at backend and confirmed that our EA was rejected and we can not put a 2nd EA request as only 1 EA allowed per passport number. Not sure about next steps.

        1. Pavan

          Hi Kalyan,

          I submitted one and it’s almost 2 -3 weeks now and still didn’t get a response. Yesterday they said my EA request is still pending. It’s weird that request for EA is taking so much time. I don’t know what to do other than wait?

          Any thoughts?

      1. Kalyan

        Hi Swati – We called at numbers mentioned in below link during India business hours.

      2. Nidhi

        I and my husband have stamped L1 and L2 visa respectively. We have a new born of one month. How can we get emergency appointment for our little ones L2 visa as my husband’s company is planning to send him to US to join work.

  26. Ajithkumar

    Did any One requested for H1B emergency appointment, I am on H1B and my Drop was scheduled on MARCH 26th but it was cancelled due to Covid19 and my wife got stamped before covid.
    with recent updates and exemptions for H1B, did any one requested for emergency appointment.

    1. varma

      Hi Even I am on the same boat. Looking for feedback from someone who has requested Emergency appointment for H1B. Please help if they were successful in getting request approved

        1. Bharath Dantuluri

          Hi Kumar , Thanks for the reply. My case is visa renewal.I hope I don’t need to meet any criteria’s .Since I am going to resume my work for same employer.For renewals what supporting documents we need to send ?

          1. administrator

            Nothing special, standard documentation and maybe copy of I-129 that indicates it is extension.

    1. administrator

      Dropbox is not yet open as it is for regular visa operations. You may need to attend in person. Check with consulate.

  27. Chaudhary

    Has any student starting in fall 2020 applied through the expedited process? I will be starting my program in Spring 2021. The program start date on i-20 is dec 14th and class start date is Jan 11th which one should I use? Any help?

    1. administrator

      yes, there are some who got it for fall 2020 with start dates in late august and Sep. You can wait for some more time for Consulates to open, as it is in December.

  28. Padma

    Just back from Mumbai consulate for h1 to H4 stamping via emergency appointment. Sharing my experience for better prospects.
    1. Background_Biometric done on 15th March with canceled 16th March appnt.
    2. Time was 9 am. They took me in at 8.30. Looks like Mumbai consulate opened yesterday. And today they had 15 appointments in all
    3. Questions asked revolved around my past because of my past track record of student and work visa. While answering I would bring my kids reason, but the officer whole politely say “I don’t need to know that”. And he stopped me almost 5 times with that same statement making me nervous.
    4. But at the end after mentioning the quarantine rule of Boston, he took my passport and verified my right hand biometrics.
    5. I was given a pamphlet about passport collection process.
    6. I asked an officer outside but even they had no clue about same as well as when the normal processing will resume.
    7. Hence when to passport collection building few blocks away. But the officer there said none from yesterday had collected their passport yet.
    Keeping fingers crossed for next step and wishing everyone good luck.

      1. Padma

        Screenshots are available in original post above. Select Medical reasons for emergency request and provide documentation . In applicable cases one has to get letter from doctor and upload the document to expedite request while submitting form.

      1. Jayshree

        I have booked appointment for next year, I am eligible for Dropbox, but due to issues in portal I did not got that option. Now the Dropbox option is working for my friend, is there any way I can cancel my appointment and schedule Dropbox appointment, if yes how do I do it and do I need to pay again

        1. Ajith

          Yes, You can book new appointment for Dropbox after you cancel your Appointment ( given you did not reschedule your appointments for 4-5 times as we have only 6 chances to reschedule appointment in a single receipt).
          You no need to pay again.

        2. administrator

          As soon as you cancel appointment, when you try to re-run the vizard to book appointment, you will get the questions and based on that they will qualify you for dropbox, if eligible. Other have done the same way. You can call customer service before you cancel and then proceed based on their advice too.

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