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As US Consulates in India are not yet open due to COVID-19 for regular visa processing, the only way to get US visa stamping is to get an expedite appointment.  Expedited appointments are available only for special situations like medical needs, funeral/death, ESTA Denied, Students or exchange visitors with urgent need or urgent business travel.  

If you are looking for step by step guide for Emergency Appointment, read COMPLETE guide to applying Emergency Appointment in India

Two of our readers (anonymous for privacy reasons) were successful in getting emergency appointment and were kind enough to take time to share their experience for everyone benefit. Thanks a lot to them for sharing the experience with community. We really appreciate it ! You can email your experience as well to [email protected]

Emergency US Visa Appointment for H4 Visa – Chennai, India

Background: H4 visa holder is in India along with child, who is US Citizen.

H1B visa spouse in US.  Applying for H4 visa renewal. Not eligible for Dropbox Stamping.

Filled out DS-160, Booked Appointment before Consulates were closed

I already filled DS-160, paid the US visa fees and booked my appointment. I had biometrics appointment on April 21st and April 22nd was supposed to be my visa interview. Due to COVID-19, my visa interview got cancelled.

Contacting US Consulate in Chennai using email and phone.

Starting from May month I would keep on trying to reach the US consulate by email and through phone call, but no luck. Then comes the Trump H1B travel ban issue, I knew reaching embassy in this situation will be a big failure, I was helpless. 

Below are the email and phone numbers used to send my request and make calls.

After a month, got the clarification on Executive order from Trump that there are some exceptions in travel ban for H4 visa holders and my condition will come under that exception. From next day again I started emailing (every three days I will email them) to embassy requesting for appointment, even that time no luck for me. Usually I would call on Monday and Friday. Literally, I would have called then a dozen times or more. I would get reply, saying “my request has been denied, please reach us once the embassy start there normal process”.   

Tracker for EA Requests : You can check US Visa Emergency Appointment Tracker to understand average processing times based on user contributed data. You can add your case for community benefit too.

Emergency Appointment Response within 48 hours

Usually, the consulate would respond to emails within 48 hours saying that your request is denied.  Below is a screenshot of the denial request from consulate for expedite appointment in India.  

US Emergency Visa Appointment Denied - India
Emergency Appointment Denied – Standard Template reply

Emergency Appointment Request – Baby Vaccination

Finally, on July 30th again I emailed US consulate in Chennai requesting for appointment, reason I mentioned vaccination for my baby who is 10 months old (US citizen). In that email I attached my baby vaccine sheet and I got a letter from her doctor, saying “she is my patient, she missed her 6th and 9th month vaccine, her next due is next month”. Below is the sample vaccination letter that I used. This is my true reason too, not made up.

Doctor Letter Sample for Expedited Appointment US Visa - India
Doctor Letter for Emergency Appointment in India

Expedite Appointment Approval Email – Interview Slots Open

On Aug 3rd I got reply from embassy saying my request has been approved and please reschedule your appointment. Below is the email I got from US Consulate in Chennai. It clearly tells that my emergency appointment validity is only until Aug 6, 2020.

US Emergency Visa Appointment Confirmation - India
Confirmation on Emergency Appointment Approved

After the email, I quickly logged in into my account in USTravelDocs and I saw the slots. The first interview availability was on August 10th, so I booked that appointment.

Important Note – Attaching Proofs of Medical Reason

Every time when I emailed the embassy or called them, I gave the same Medical reason. I did not know why they didn’t approve before. Now, that I look back and think, I was not submitting any proofs in the past emails. So, I suggest you submit any medical reason proof. Also, do not try to make up reason, it has to genuine as they would be verification. If you fabricate any documents, you can be barred from entering US for life.

H4 Visa Expedite Visa Appointment Process, Stamping – Delhi, India

Background : H4 holder in India along with Child. H1B spouse in US. We were requesting for visa stamping based on the vaccination requirement for our baby.

It is important you have the relevant documentation like doctor letter beforehand for providing proofs as needed.

How to get Doctor letter for US Visa Emergency Appointment

   You must have check list for all vaccines for the baby. See what all are pending from that list from the day you were in India. Call you doctor and tell them you haven’t visited Indian doctor as the situation is not good. They will give you a letter or note with list of vaccines due.

Important : While requesting emergency approval mention clearly that Vaccines are highly recommended for Kids immunity.

Steps to Apply for Expedite Appointment from New Delhi

Below are the steps followed by me to get the Emergency appointment

  1. Send out an email to [email protected] regarding your situation. make sure you provide valid reasons
  2. Vaccine due for kids ( this can be considered for expedite approval)
  3. Family Separation ( mention depression problems or health condition is not good for spouse due to separation). Wait for their reply, usually takes 1-2 business days.
  4. They will forward email to Hyderabad Consulate & [email protected]. Support team will create a case for your request and update their comments.
  5. If they consider its valid request then you get an email from [email protected].com to raise expedite request, they provide link.
  6. Click on link which navigates to US Visa Travel docs website, there you can choose emergency request link. When you open the form, it looks like below, you choose the Medical Needs.US Emergency appointment booking options
  7. Select Medical reasons for emergency request and provide documentation if available. In my case, I called doctor office and requested them to provide a letter or doctor note for vaccines due. I uploaded this document in expedite request and click submit.
  8. After 8 PM EST you will receive notification for approval or rejection from US consulate. If approved the will ask you to reschedule appointment before 6 days of approval. Approved cases will have new dates in appointment selection, and I believe only New Delhi & Chennai locations are operating.

H4 Visa Interview, Biometrics with Emergency Appointment

  • Both Biometric and Visa interview will be done at same place (no need to visit VFS locations for Biometric).
  • Collect all required documents & supporting documents, there is no queue and they call by name.
  • Interview was very smooth they ask about spouse details, address etc. Visa officer will ask you to collect passport next day. 

Did any of you apply for emergency appointment ? How was your process? Do share your experiences in comments for community benefit.

The general process for US emergency visa appointment for India is described on the ustraveldocs India expedite appointment details page.


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Comments ( 423 )

  1. Pratima

    i have to visit hyderabad, india from US since my mother is been hospitalised.
    She needs me very badly. but i have no stamping and my kids too who attend 8 and 6 grade in US. i am on h4 visa. need to return back by dec31. how much time it will take for stamping on passport in india?

    1. administrator

      Sorry to hear…The challenge is to get appointment, it is very hard to say. If you get an appointment and no complications, then it may take up to couple of weeks. Also, if you are not eligible for dropbox, you need to get Emergency appointment, that has a very long wait time. Check some data here at H1B EA wait times

  2. Hrishi

    I see that most of the recent EA requests in Mumbai are getting denied the same day or next day. Has anyone experienced the same? Would applying at other locations increase my chances of approval?

  3. Ashish Khare

    Can my wife apply for Expedited request for her F2 VISA. If so what options to choose, the only option seem relevant is Student/Exchange visitors. I have a valid F1 and currently working. It has been more than a year we are living separately. We have a regular appointment for next year, but want an expedited one this or next month. Please suggest.

    1. administrator

      You may try, but they have clearly told recently on twitter that they are not honoring F2 visa stampings as there are shortage of the appointments.

  4. Meeta

    I want to visit India and I am eligible for dropbox until Dec 31, 2020 (new extension of 24 months). Is dropbox available only for emergency appointments? and what are the wait times for drop box in India?

    1. administrator

      You can apply for dropbox, even for normal. The big issue is not able to get the interview slots. the wait times are really bad. Only travel, if you have a slot confirmed for visa stamping.

  5. Vimar


    Can we email respective embassy regarding the EA status?
    Is EA being given if tentative travel date is very near? Or depends on the valid reason?

    1. Sri


      Did anyone recently apply for a B2 visitor visa for parents? If yes, can you please share the process. I was looking for an appointment from either Chennai or Hyderabad US consulted.

      1. administrator

        The process is no different from other visa types. The big catch is getting the appointment now in India as there are very limited appointments and they are not open for regular visa stampings. Only Emergency appoints are honoured now.

  6. Ranga

    I have submitted my EA request on Sep 3 and no response till date. I am calling twice a week and sending mails as well. Response is same as from the beginning that – “Thanks for your inquiry, we will let you know when the slots are available.”

  7. Ravi Kumar

    Does anyone have any idea if Chennai consulate is approving expedited appointment requests for L-1 (Blanket) Visa?
    Normal appointments are not available, and when I wrote to Chennai consulate requesting for an expedited appointment, my request was rejected.

    1. administrator

      There are delays and they are not approving the expedited appointments as before. Many are in pending state and they are denying too. They gave guidance earlier this month telling they are only processing really urgent cases.

  8. Aditya

    Does anyone have any idea if the consulates in India are approving expedited appointment requests for F-1 Visa on OPT?
    I am applying for an EA for F-1 Visa with the reason being ‘Business Need’ related to my job on OPT.
    I know that they are considering EA requests for F-1 with the university start date reason, but haven’t read anything about this situation (F-1 + OPT + business need).

      1. Aditya

        Hi Aman, I applied for the EA on 11/18 and got it approved on 11/19!
        So it looks like they are considering EA requests for F-1 (STEM OPT) with urgent business need.

        1. Vimar

          Thank you for your quick reply. Could you let us know what Emergency appointment dates are available after you got your request approved?

  9. AV

    Can my spouse apply for F2 visa, we are getting married in Feb ’21 and my OPT expires in June ’21. Heard that the slots in Feb and March are going to be cancelled.

    1. Ashish

      Haven’t seen recent EA approvals from any of the consulates. Did the consulates stop processing or people refrained from sharing their experience?

      1. administrator

        Consulates have reduced the pace of approving the EA. They gave guidance telling that only, in emergency cases they are approving…so, people are sharing, just that nothing is happening. They are doing more of the Dropbox kind of applications.

  10. Harshad Pandhare

    Can anyone help? I have 1 question regarding appointment booking. If I fill my application ds160 for Mumbai consulate. Can I book ofc appointment for Mumbai and consulate appointment in delhi?

  11. Baljeet

    Hello everyone, this is a very useful thread. Thanks all for contributing. I have a questions: Did you guys get any confirmation email saying that your EA request is received once you raise the request through the scheduling portal? I requested for EA and uploaded the documents, but didn’t receive any confirmation as such. But now in my profile I no longer see the EA request link. Is this something expected?

    1. administrator

      It is expected, you may or may not get confirmation. yes, the link would be gone, if it was successful. You can write to the UStravedocs if you want confirmation.

  12. maddy1504

    As no update from Delhi consulate since 2 months trying my second H4 EA request after all follow ups, while raising new EA for hyderabad I see next available date is 2/10/2021 is it like even if EA is approved, i need to wait till 2021 Feb? Thanks for help!

    Any inputs on this really appreciated.

    1. Sara

      Hi, Maddy1504

      No, it’s not…
      You may see dates initially for general appointment. Ex: let us assume u may book an appointment on the date of 2/10/2021 irrespective of any Embassy. Then only u will be able to find Emergency Appointment that, so u will be receiving an email form an embassy states that your EA request got approved/ Denied if it is approved u will be provided a link (in same email) which takes u to book an emergency appointment for nearest available dates and u may asked to book within the week or 10 days to do so.

      If it incase EA requests denied then Routine Visa date would be remains.

      But EA appointment date would not be the same that u booked for Routine Visa Appointment.

      Hope it helps you

      1. Maddy1504

        I already booked regular visa appointment for March 21 but when I try to raise emergency request I see that date which is strange 2/10/2021. Got confused with that date.

    2. administrator

      No, EA will be approved for only within 2 weeks of travel. The date you see is only for rescheduling and it will be expedited.
      There are many delays with EA requests. Check EA Tracker

      1. Maddy1504

        Awesome Thanks for your input! Will request EA again and keep you guys posted.

        Couldn’t decide between Hyderabad or Mumbai as I have not had good outcome with Delhi, suggestions would be great!

        1. administrator

          When you are in doubt, go with the data you have access to and make an informed decision. Frankly, it does not matter now as almost all of them have a lot of wait time.

    3. Rohit

      Hi ,

      Even I am trying to book second EA.But I am not sure how to invalidate the first visa fee to pay visa fee again to book second EA ? Please help.

      1. Maddy1504

        Try rescheduling the current appointment upto 5 times that will invalidate mrv fee and pay again to get new receipt. With that you raise another EA request.

        1. Aditya

          When you invalidate mrv fee and pay again to get new receipt, do you lose the previous appointment (regular, not EA)? I am asking because I have a regular appointment for March and trying to get an EA, but would be hard to get another one if I lose that, since there are no appointments available for any date.

    4. Lakshmi P

      Hi Maddy,

      May i know how you cancelled your first EA with Delhi Consulate and how you applied your second EA with Hyderabad? Is it through Portal or through Support?

      Thank you.

      1. Maddy1504

        Try rescheduling the current appointment upto 5 times that will invalidate mrv fee and pay again to get new receipt. With that you raise another request.

  13. Prabhu

    Hi , I have been trying to book an appointment in Mumbai consulate since 5th November. I am getting schedule only for OFC Appointment but There are currently no Consular appointments . Has anyone booked appointment in Mumbai consulate since 5th Nov? Thanks.

    1. Sonia

      Same issue here. I am applying for a B2 visa since a week. Scheduling the appointment page shows many dates with slots for November but when I choose a date, get the message “There are currently no appointments available. Please press the Back button and choose a new OFC appointment Date”. But when I actually press the back button and choose a new date, my profile gets frozen for 72 hours.

  14. Arish

    Hi Guys – I have a really important question and really need any insight on this one.

    So I am stuck in India applied for EA in Delhi and no response for 1.5 months. Cancelled it and applied for EA in Mumbai and got rejected a day after.

    Since I am Canadian PR, I am thinking of traveling to Canada and get a EA there. Do you know anyone or any case in Canada getting EA approved? I have regular appointment scheduled there for 4th February. Reason is business need!

        1. Daisy

          I need to ask that if your expedited appointment request has been rejected, can you take again appointment by again paying fees and creating an another account?

    1. Richa

      Hi Arish,
      Sorry to know about the rejection.
      Did Mumbai consulate specifically say rejected in the letter or that the case is pending and they would reassess later? I have pending status and don’t know what to expect from it.

      1. arish

        Thank you Guys.

        @kumar – I am working with my company to get clarifications and may travel there this week and apply for EA after landing there.

        @Richa – I was told that we can not consider your request for emergency appointment at this time and will re access once local conditions allow us. I am guessing that’s a rejection.

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