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How to Expedite H4 EAD? Process, Sample Letter, 3 Experiences

Since the introduction of Biometrics for I-539 form, there has been significant delays in the processing times for H4 and H4 EAD by USCIS. If we look at H4 + EAD Biometrics Experiences, we can see many have been waiting for months, many have lost jobs as well…USCIS gives an option make an expedite request and they consider everything case by case basis for the same.

Some of our readers like Manasa Veena, Anonymous User and  Harish Kumar were successful in expediting their H4 EAD application with USCIS. They were kind enough to do a detail write up, including sample letters, screenshots for community benefit. Thanks a lot to them for taking time to write and share with the community, we really appreciate it ! You can email your experiences as well to redbus2us(at)gmail.com or share in community forum

What is H4 Expedite Request Process ? How does it work ?

USCIS provides Premium processing options for certain forms to get a decision from USCIS within 15 days. But, I-765 form that is used to apply for H4 EAD does not have the premium processing option. USCIS to address such forms that do not have premium processing and need faster processing, provides an option called “Expedite request”.

Anyone can apply for Expedite request based on certain criteria like severe loss to company or person, urgent humanitarian reasons, US govt. interests, or USCIS error. After applicants submit the request, USCIS evaluates them on case by case basis and approves or denies the same request. If approved, USCIS processes the expedite request immediately and you are likely to get a decision on your application within 30 days. Read How to Apply for USCIS Expedite Request, Process, Criteria for complete details.

Now that you have the background, below are experiences shared by users, who were able to expedite H4 EAD processing using various reasons like loss to company, personal loss, etc.

H4 EAD Expedite Request – Loss to Company

Thanks to Anonymous User for sharing the experience

H4 EAD Expedite Process – Calling USCIS

  • Call USCIS Contact Center at : 1-800-375-5283
  • Press 1, pause , press 1, pause 2 pause, press 2 pause, then press #
  • It took 10-20 mins to get connected to someone on Tier 1 level
  • Explain the situation and they will give an Expedite Service Request# number and a follow-up inquiry mail was sent to us and how to send the emails.  They will ask for your case number and email.

Tip : Usually wait takes 25 to 40 min, but one user was able to get hold of a agent in 5 min. When you enter the Receipt number in the Interactive Voice Response System Options, it does not let you proceed directly, it will disconnect, if you ask for agent or “speak to agent” . The trick is, change your first question to say “I want to speak about appointment”, then it will get you speak to human faster.

The status of this service request mail was sent after we called make a call, below is the screenshot of the exact email sample.

Sample H4 EAD Expedite Request Email sent from USCIS Customer Service

USCIS Expedite Request - Sample Email from Customer Service
USCIS Expedite Request - Sample Email Details to Submit

You need to provide a company letter which should have the request number reference and get it to be signed by company representative.

H4 EAD Expedite Sample Letter Template – Loss to Company

USCIS – California Service Center
EAD Department
P.O. BOX 30111-30115
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-0111

This letter is with respect to an EAD renewal application for my employee Mrs. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, which was filed on xxxxxxxxx xxth, xxxx and has been pending adjudication ever since. Her current EAD expires on xxxxxxxx xx,xxx. The company will be unable to let her work in her current capacity without valid employment authorization. Without proper work authorization approved before xxxxxxxx xx,xxx., XXXXXXXX Inc. will require to go on unpaid leave beginning on xxxxxxxx xx,xxx., which will cause a financial hardship for XXXXXXXX and result in critical projects missing key deadlines in 2020.

XXXXXXX has been employed in her current capacity starting on XXXXXXX, as a XXXXXXXXXX>

Her annual salary is currently $XXX,XXX per year, which does not include her additional bonus amount target of $XX,XXX or XX% of her salary. Any time spent out of the office on unpaid leave will result in significant financial hardship for she and her family.

XXXXX, Inc, will also lose credibility with our XXXXX XXXXXX Partners, which will result in significant project delay’s due to her critical role leading multiple multimillion­ dollar projects with XXXXXX, Inc. XXXXX organization. So kindly request you to PLEASE EXPEDITE processing of her EAD Renewal and ensure that she receives it before xxxxxxxx xx,xxx.. Thanks again for your understanding in this matter.

1-765 RECEIPT #: WACxxxxxxxxx

Expedite Service Request# Txxxxxxxxxxxx

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the number provided below if you require any further information to support the Visa approval.




Cell Phone: xxxxxx, email id: xxxxx@xxx.com

Once you have the Company Letter ready, send the complete document to the listed email in the email from USCIS with Expedite Service Request Number.

As mentioned, you cannot exceed 15 pages and attach them in the form of PDF and send the email. Below is the checklist of documents.

Document Checklist for H4 EAD Expedite Process

Create a single PDF for all the documents and give reference as below in the email.

Supporting Documents attached :

  • Exhibit(A) (Page 1,2) – Copy of expedite inquiry
  • Exhibit(A) (Page 3) – Expedite request letter from XXXXXX XXX Inc.
  • Exhibit(A) (Page 4) – Project milestone delivery timelines and her roles
  • Exhibit(A) (Page 5) – XXXXX Offer letter
  • Exhibit(A) (Page 8) – Home Loan statement (monthly statement)
  • Exhibit(A) (Page 9,10) – XXX Car loans
  • Exhibit(A) (Page 11) – Driving license
  • Exhibit(A) (Page 12) – Kids Daycare expenses

Processing time for Expedite Request :

Our request was delayed due the Holiday season. When I asked how many days to see the approval, they said normally it would normally take 7 days to respond to expedite request. But due to low number of resources (due to holidays season) it might take up-to 30 working days. Below is our timeline for the entire processing.

Expedite Request Processing Timeline

  • Service Center: CSC (California)
  • H1+H4+ H4EAD applied in Premium processing
  • H1B – WAC19283xxxxx – 8/26 receipt generated
  • H4 – WAC19283xxxxx – 8/26 receipt generated
  • H4 EAD – WAC1928350xxx – 8/26 receipt generated
  • H4 Biometric notice date – 8/30 notice
  • H1B – Approved on 9/3
  • H4 biometric appointment date – 9/18
  • H4 Fingerprint Review Was Completed updated – 9/20
  • Expedite Request – 12/10/2019 (Accepted)
    • 38 Days for Processing after Expedite request was accepted.
  • H4 EAD Approval – 01/17/2020

H4 EAD Expedite Request using Congressman & Ombudsman

Thanks to Manasa Veena for sharing her experience. 

Background of H4 EAD Application :

We applied H4 EAD on Sep 3, 2019 along with my husband’s H1B, went for Biometrics on Sep 30, and then upgraded all together to Premium Processing. Received RFE on Oct 9, RFE answered back on Dec 9, H1B approved on Dec 20, 2019 but no change in H4 or EAD status.

My employer was very worried and they suggested me to reach USCIS and expedite. Below is the process I followed.

Step 1:  Called USCIS to Expedite – Standard Expedite request way.  

I Called USCIS on Dec 30, 2019 to expedite.  They sent me an email to send the supporting docs after 2 hours of my call. They also mentioned to send all supporting docs as a single attachment.

Important Info on Calling :  I called Toll free number and almost every time I am on wait time more than 15 mins, but as we are waiting for a big thing we need to be patient. The voice mail clearly says which options to press, we need to follow those, I did not reach tier office anytime before my requests is expedited. After it got expedited I told Customer Service Representative to transfer the call to Tier 2 as I have medical therapy and I need to discontinue if I lose my income, after 3 unsuccessful attempts they finally forwarded. But even that Tier 2 person said you have to wait 10 days after expedite is approved.

H4 EAD Expedite Request Documents Checklist

We attached below documents

  • Offer letter
  • Employer letter saying financial loss(My employer is a medium sized consulting firm)
  • A therapy I am undergoing
  • Cost of therapy
  • Kids day care expenses(Bill).

We wrote an email in the below format.

Sample Expedite Request Letter to USCIS for H4 EAD Faster Processing  


I am writing this email to sincerely request to approve expedited review of my EAD case (bearing Receipt # XXXXXXXX) and approve it before my current EAD expires. This will enable us to support my medical needs.

Please see the supporting documentation in one single document attached to this email. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or any additional information is needed from myself.


I did not receive any update after then though I contacted customer service next 2 days.

Step 2:  Reached out to Ombudsman – Expedite Request Denied

  • On Jan 2, 2020 I raised an online request for Ombudsman to expedite..
  • You can raise your Expedite Request by filling out the form at : https://www.dhs.gov/topic/cis-ombudsman/forms/7001
  • I got call back from Ombudsman and I explained my situation they said they will review on Jan 03, 2020.   
  • On Jan 06, received an email from Ombudsman saying your request is denied as its under processing times.

Step 3 : Expedite Request for H4 EAD using Congressman

Also contacted Congressman online on Jan 02, 2020

Meanwhile I called Local Congressman office(California) on Jan 3, 2020.

I found the local congressman using https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative. The congressman was a House Representative

I did not visit their office, only spoke on phone. The House representative office asked me to sign a waiver and send supporting docs along with waiver to some email id. I did everything same day on Jan 03, 2020. The process can vary by state, so you need to call the Senator or House Rep in your area

A person emailed me from Congressman’s office saying I will work on your case and by EOD he said sent a request to USCIS to expedite your case.

Documents Submitted to Expedite to Congressman.

I sent her the same documents with my offer letter + medical therapy expense(Same one I sent to USCIS). Luckily for my case she is very friendly and elped me in expedition

Expedite Request Status – Reviewing, Approved

After 3 days on Jan 8, 2020 USCIS changed status to we are reviewing your request for expedition and after 6 hours same day another status change saying expedition is approved. Expedite approved on Jan 08, 2020, Card being Produced : Jan 14, 2020

Timelines with Expedite Request Congressman, Ombudsman.

  • Service Center: CSC (California)
  • H1+H4+ H4 EAD applied – Sep 3rd, 2019
  • H4 Biometrics – September 30th, 2019
  • Upgraded to Premium Processing after H4 Biometrics
  • H1B RFE – Oct 9th, 2019
  • H1B RFE Response – Dec 9th, 2019.
  • H1B Approved – Dec 20th, 2019 ( No changes to H4 / EAD all along)
  • Called USCIS to expedite H4 EAD – Dec 30th, 2019.
    • Sent Documents, attachment same day. No response.
  • Ombudsman Expedite Request – Jan 2nd, 2020.
    • Expedite Request Denied, Call back from Obmudsman – Jan 6th, 2020
  • Congressman Expedite Request – Jan 2nd, 2020.
    • Documents Sent to Congressman Jan 3rd.
    • Jan 8th, 2020 – USCIS Status change – H4 EAD Reviewing your request for expediting
    • Jan 8th, 2020 – Same day after 6 hours, it changed to expedite request approved.
  • Card being produced Status for H4 EAD – Jan 14th, 2020.
    • 6 Days for H4 EAD Processing after Expedite request was accepted.

What did you tell to convince them to send the documents ? many said they were not given an option to send docs ?

No need to convince USCIS at all, it’s their process, a soon as you call for expedite request they say they will send an email to send documents in 5 days, but for me I got the same day.

Which email to send documents  for H4 EAD Expedite Request ?

They clearly give the information in the email to send the documents to this email id:  CSC-NOREPLY-DOCREQUEST@USCIS.DHS.GOV.  

Tips from my Experience of raising Expedite Requests :

In my case Congressman’s office did a very big favour. Mistake I did is as ours is upgraded to premium after Biometrics I assumed my EAD will be approved after 10 days and simply waited. I would have got my approval if I would have done it before without wasting 10 days in between.  My suggestion is don’t assume things at least on behalf of USCIS and keep moving with available resources.  My suggestion is to apply for EAD renewal as soon as possible, if you cannot because of H1B extension issues first raise the expedition with USCIS(Need to be very patient) and then with Ombudsman or Congressman. My case Ombudsman rejected saying its under processing times but Congressman did a great help.

H4 EAD Expedite Request Experience – USCIS Call, Congresswoman

Thanks to Harish Kumar for sharing her experience. 

Step 1 – Called USCIS for H4 EAD Expedite Request

On Jan 6th, I tried to expedite my EAD by calling in the USCIS, tried to explain that I would lose my job and also have financial loss & cannot pay my medical bills if I lose my job. He raised the request as ‘extreme emergency’. Next day it was assigned to an officer and within few hours got a rejection notice.

Step 2 : H4 Expedite using Congressman

On the very same day, Jan 6th I tried to contact my congressman to see if they can help in this case. Used this link to find congressman https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members, this gave me 2 senators and one representative for my address. When you click on this link “official website” of senator / representative, it would redirect to their personal home page where you can raise request on various topics.

I used the representative ‘Watsen Coleman for New Jersey’ https://watsoncoleman.house.gov/ .

This website had an option Services -> Constituent Services -> Help with a Federal Agency.

It opens a form, you just fill out all your personal details, case number / date and the nature of problem -> Click generate request. It would give a printable form of the request which needs to be physically signed. It looks like below.

Consent Waiver Form Congressman - H4 EAD Expedite Request

Additionally I also prepared a cover letter and attached few documents like

  • Offer letter
  • Letter from employer saying that they need the EAD card for me to continue employment
  • Few big medical bills which needs to be paid in next few months.

Scanned all the documents and faxed it to the address given on the printable version of the request. [Office of Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, Attn: Constituent Services, 850 Bear Tavern Road, Suite 201, Ewing, NJ 08628].

Processing Timelines with Expedite Request Congresswoman

  • I applied for H1+H4+ EAD in premium processing.
  • H1+H4+ EAD Filed – 1 Oct
  • H1 RFE – 8 Oct
  • H4 Fingerprint – 22 Oct
  • H1 RFE response – 19 Dec
  • H1 approved – 23 Dec
  • Expedite EAD – 6 Jan
  • EAD Expedite Request rejected – 7 Jan
  • Expedite EAD (via congressman) – 7 Jan
  • EAD – New card is being produced – 10 Jan  
    • H4 EAD approved after 3 days.

Honestly, I am not sure if this request I submitted was even raised with USCIS. I did not receive any notification from congressmen about expedite request. Within 3 days my EAD case was approved and next day H4 case was also approved.

What has been your experience with Expediting H4 EAD with USCIS ? Share your thoughts in comments.


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  1. Updated as of 9/20.

    DO NOT use “Speak about appointment” phrase for the automated voice system which eventually asks for your case number and disconnects. You could rather use the phrase “expedite H4 EAD case” to move forward to wait in the line.

  2. Hi Folks,

    I am just describing my experiencing with expediting H4 EAD in case it helps anyone.
    My H4 EAD was a standalone request- husband switched jobs beginning of last year and both our visas were approved and extended at the time. But my EAD didn’t expire until this year so had to file for that separately.
    I contacted USCIS for requesting expedited processing via “Ask Emma”. I was requesting the service based on “Severe financial loss to the employer”. My service request was then sent to USCIS and the representative informed me that USCIS would make a decision. USCIS did not contact me for additional proof i.e. letter from my employer and in a week my case status changed to “Expedite request denied”.
    Meanwhile I had contact our MA Senator’s office and asked for help. I submitted all my relevant documents and a cover letter explaining my situation to a case worker at the Senator’s office. They contacted USCIS on my behalf and within 8 business days my expedite request was approved. 4 business days after that my EAD was approved and 8 days after that I received my EAD in the mail.
    7/29/21: Contacted our Senator’s office via the “Help with a federal Agency” feature on the website
    8/2/21: Contacted USCIS and requested expedited processing
    8/2/21: Was contacted by a case worker at the Senator’s office and they asked for relevant documents
    8/3/21: Submitted cover letter, employer’s letter explaining financial loss to the company and my role in the company and all other relevant documents
    8/4/21: Got an email from Senator’s office saying they had contacted USCIS on my behalf
    8/6/21: USCIS case status changed “Expedite request denied”. At the time I didn’t know if this was in response to my personal request or the request put in by the Senator’s office. The most likely scenario was that this was in response to my request and so decided to just wait till I heard back from the Senator’s office.
    8/16/21: Status changed to “Expedite request approved”.
    8/20/21: Status changed to “New card is being produced”.
    8/25/21: Status changed to “Application approved” and that the card was being mailed to me.
    8/27/21: Received my I-797C in the mail.
    8/28/21: Received my EAD in the mail.
    A few take-aways from my experience:
    1. Contacting USCIS yourself is good but seems like they are very tight-fisted when it comes to regular citizen requests. Contacting your congressional liaisons-Senators, governors etc is most definitely advisable.
    2. Financial loss to self doesn’t seem to be a valid enough reason for expediting processing. This was told to me by the Senator’s office as well. The letter from my employer explaining how my absence would severely negatively impact the company financially was crucial in getting my case expedited.
    Hope this helps. Good luck everyone!

    • Thanks for sharing, this is extremely helpful. If it’s not much trouble, could you please let us know what “relevant documents” you submitted to the Senator’s office in addition to cover letter and employers letter. Further, if you don’t mind, could you post the template cover letter and employer letter here.


  3. A big shout out to this forum which helped me get a lot of information. I have been approved for H4 EAD from Nebraska center. Applied in April 2021. I have applied for expedite request on July 15th and got approved on August 2nd.. received EAD card in 4 days on the basis of loss to the company. My job resignation was on August 3rd.. by the Grace of God received it 1 day before and thereby able to continue my job.

    • First of all , congratulations of your H4 EAD approval. Can you please let us know what exact process you followed to expedite your H4-EAD renewal? Many thanks in advance.

      • Added Details:-

        I have got multiple private chat messages and therefore decided to post the answers for all the questions here.

        My H4 EAD request was standalone which means did not submit along with H1B.
        The request was for H4 & EAD together.

        I work for the IT sector @ State Govt department for DHS (Department of Human Services)

        Since my role was critical in the project, my manager has agreed to provide a ‘letter to USCIS’ with all the crucial responsibilities I have played during the past 1 year of my tenure. I was crucial in providing services & assistance to the citizens during pandemic.

        Initially, I consulted my attorney but I did not get a positive response. he said I wouldn’t fall in any of the 4 clauses mentioned by USCIS to expedite the request.
        Then I contacted my manager. By God’s Grace, he advised me to go ahead. His support played a crucial role. He also advised me to send the requests to Senators and congressmen of the state I am residing.

        Next, I contacted USCIS.. the voice message led me to an officer who asked me the reason to expedite my case. He asked me several questions and said he would send me an email. Here is how the email looked —- “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) cannot answer your inquiry over the phone or through a referral. You must submit your inquiry in written form and with the original signature of the inquirer. If there is an attorney of record or representative, you must submit a properly completed Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative (Form G-28). ”

        I have forwarded the above USCIS response to the attorney.
        Attorney’s response was — “This is a strange response – USCIS normally allows an expedite request over the phone (and then typically refuses them over the phone as well). Can you please provide the letter you were planning to provide from your manager? We can prepare a written expedite request to be sent directly to USCIS.”

        Basically, USCIS wants me to submit an originally signed request to the service center. Attorney had prepared a package to make that request to print out the attached, sign the first page (your letter) and submit it to the address on that letter.”

        I have posted the package to USCIS Nebraska center which included – the letter from the employer on the company letterhead with signatures + letter from an attorney. They received it on 7/13.

        Meanwhile, I have emailed 2 senators and a congressman’s office with the attached Manager’s letter and the H4 & EAD receipt numbers. Note that every senator’s office has a unique way of submissions. You can check them on their respective websites or can call them directly too. The good thing is Senator’ offices are quite responsive. Congressmans’ office has emailed me saying it would take at least 30 days for USCIS to respond to congressional requests.

        I have got a negative response from one of their offices but others have requested USCIS to accept my expedite request.

        I have been approved on 8/2.

  4. I have applied H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal on April 23rd 2021 before 6 months of my EAD expiry date. Both went to Texas center and I have tried to expedite H4 approval in the month of May 2021. On May 24th expedite request is denied on my H4 case status.

    Right now after talking to attorney he asked me to submit for another expedite request with a letter mentioning business loss. My company is ready to provide the letter.

    So in this case do we need to submit expedite request on case H4 EAD or H4 visa? I just want to know if there are any other information to be sent apart from that letter inorder to have my case approved.

    • Hi,
      My company prepared a similar letter, they mentioned both application number – H4EAD and H4 visa. I think my employer’s attorney sent this letter with cover letter which has mentioned ‘Expedite Application Request’.

      • Hi Apurva,

        hope you are doing great. Can you please help me with what context your company mention in the email. My HR needs too see letter issues by some other Company.

        It will be great help if you can provide me sample of letter


  5. Hello All,
    Is it better to expedite H4 EAD using lawyer (who filed H1B – a big firm starting with F. ) or should I do it myself by calling USCIS ?
    Please advise.

    • I may be very late in replying but you don’t need a lawyer to do this, you can request expedited processing yourself. However it is more advisable to also contact your Congressional liaison- Senator, governor etc to see if they can request USCIS on your behalf. You will also need to meet the criteria USCIS has for approval of expedited request. In my experience contacting USCIS on my own did not work. Even though I met their criteria of ” Severe financial harm to the employer”, they denied my individual request even without requesting any additional evidence. But I had also requested our state Senator’s office to submit a request on my behalf and that worked like a charm. I got my EAD within a month.

  6. Hello All,

    I will document my journey here for Expedite H4 EAD.
    Sep-20-2021 is last day for the job.

    Raised service request today.

    Wish me luck,

  7. Hi @Kumar,

    We filed an expedite request for I-539 and I-765 renewal through Congressman’s office couple of weeks back. They said they haven’t heard back from USCIS yet, the tracking page also does not show any update regarding the expedite request that was submitted. Not sure what the hold up is from USCIS.

    Is it okay that we submit another expedite request directly with USCIS in parallel to an enquiry done through Congressman’s office ? Does this impact my chances at getting my expedite request approved or puts a negative effect ?
    EAD expiry is less than 2 months away at 29th Aug 2021. We are very confused and lost at the moment.

    Thanks for your response in advance.


    • Hi Saurabh,

      I am in the same situation as you. Expedited my H4 EAD through USCIS and it got denied. After the second expedite, it updated in the online portal. Also tried contacting Congresswoman but they have not responded to me yet for any documents.

      Let me know if anything has worked out for you. Good luck!

  8. I called USCIS, I spoke to someone to raise an expedite request. They took sometime to create a request in the system and gave me a “Confirmation Number”. They said my request will show up on my USCIS account or I will get details of request by email within a week. If not, I can call them back with the confirmation number. Do you think I raised a proper expedite request.

  9. Hi, I raised an expedite request for H4 extension (biometrics not done yet). RD was in September 2020, Nebraska center. What would the next steps be? I haven’t received any emails from USCIS regarding the request.

    • Hi, I had a similar experience. I called the USCIS call center to follow up and it turned out that they sent an email to an incorrect address. They resent me the email with instructions on submitting additional documentation. I submitted the documents and no response for a week. I called them again and they finally sent my request to an officer for review. After this step, my process moved fairly quickly and I received my card in a week. Good luck!

          • Hi Priyanka,

            We are in same situation but our expedite request was denied even though I submitted expedite request saying financial hardship/job loss to my family. If it’s not personal May I know what was the reason you have mentioned to expedite the request? Also in my case, my Biometrics were submitted on May3 and my case was updated on May 4th saying biometrics were completed but still my H4 and H4 EAD is not approved. May I know was your H4 approved before you are raising expedite request for H4 EAD? or your expedite request was for both H4 and H4EAD?

          • Hi Priyanka, could you pls let us know what was the reasone you have used for ER. we have rasied Financial Loss to family but it was denied outright

      • Hey Priyanka,
        Can you please share more info regarding your timelines of when the application was submitted and how you proceeded with the expedite request?

      • Hi Priyanka,
        I tried reaching out to USCIS and speak to an agent but was not able to speak to an agent. Can you please let me know how your call got transferred to an agent? Tahnks

  10. Hi Kumar,

    Have a question regarding my L2-EAD Application/Approval as my EAD is getting Expired on March 15th -2021

    My Husband L1 – A Extension and our L2 and L2 EAD Extention Concurrent filing date – 9th Dec (L1 A Extension was in Premium Processing) –

    RFE for L1A Extension – 15th Dec

    RFE for L1A Cleared 2nd Feb

    L2 Biometrics Date (For myselef) – 26th Feb


    How many days it might usually take for L2-EAD Extension Approval after the L2 Biometrics ?

    My Current EAD is getting expired on March 15th, Can i expect my Ead extention approval in a month after my biometrics is done for L2?

  11. Hi,

    H1 and H4 (extension, non PP) applied – Oct 1, 2020
    H4 EAD renewal applied (current EAD expiry – Mar12,2021) – Oct 19, 2020
    H1 Approved – Nov 9, 2020
    H4 Biometrics given at ASC – Dec 9, 2020
    H4 and H4 EAD expedite request (separate requests) to USCIS – Feb 11, 2021
    Both the expedite requests were denied on the same day.
    H4 approval – Feb 12, 2021 ( status updated on USCIS )
    H4 EAD status is still “Expedite Request Denied”

    Are H4 and H4 EAD processed and approved together ?
    What are the chances that H4 EAD will get approved soon ?

    Thank You.

  12. We have moved to a different state and my EAD biometric appointment got scheduled in my old location on Oct 7th. I have requested for rescheduling the appointment and after 3 months since I didn’t hear anything from USCIS, I called them and they said they did not receive my reschedule request and asked me to send it again. I did send it and after a week I called USCIS again and they created a service request for me. I am waiting for the immigration officer’s call now. My EAD expires on April 12th. Is there anything I can do to expedite the process? I really appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!

    • smeca,
      One suggestion is, you can go to the ASC and explain your situation, they may adjust at times…You can try multiple ASCs and see, if this works…worth a shot.
      You may try the Senator route, but may or may not help with this as getting Biometrics is difficult.

  13. Hello,

    I submitted my H4 + H4 EAD request on 11/19/2020. Okay, now comes the hard part: I received my receipt number YESTERDAY (1/23/2021). 2 months and 4 days after submitting my request. And here’s more, no receipt. Nothing came in my mailbox. I couldn’t imagine the biometrics appointment date, perhaps it will be 3 months from now? 5 months? + the processing after the biometrics? Perhaps it will take 2 years. My current EAD expires 2/13/2021.

    I have drafted a letter to the Senator. Company allows me to stay on an unpaid leave, but only for a limited time. Will the biometrics also get expedited in my case? Or is it required that I submit the expedite request through Senator AFTER I do my biometrics?

    Many thanks,


    • Y,
      It is hard to get the Biometrics expedited. Senators may or may not be able to help. Others did not had luck with this. Continue to follow up with USCIS and see…Frankly many have been waiting for many more months…

    • Thank you Kumar for your quick response. None of the websites provide ASC’s contact number or email address. The govt website says you should call the national customer service center and ASC do not directly provide case services assistance. Do you know if they encourage walk-ins? Again thank you Kumar for your time!

  14. Hi
    Is there a way to expedite H-4 and H-4 EAD COS (previously on H1-B and quit to take care of new born for a year) for a case where my wife is not currently working. Her company will offer the job once she has the EAD. Does she need to have the job offer on hand and then only the case becomes stronger?

  15. Applied for H4 COS (f1-h4) -h4EAD in march for my wife. Did not receive biometrics appointment yet. I did put in a request for application processing beyond processing time, all they said was waiting for biometrics.

    She lost her job because of OPT end date. Can she request for expedite request with financial loss showing just her student loan?

  16. Hi – Thank you for this article!!

    1. If I need to expedite H4 and H4 EAD, can I do that together?

    2. For Home loan receipts – Does Mortgage needs to be on my name? Title is on both me and Husband’s name

    Thanks in advance!!

    • MS,
      1. If you expedite H4 EAD, the other is automatic.
      2. Well, I dont know what they would look at…submit whatever you have with you.

  17. Hi
    I work of state attorney firm, will it comes under “compelling U.S. government interests (such as public safety and national security interests)” during expedite process for H4 EAD if i get my HR letter? Please advise.


  18. Hi Kumar,,

    do we need to complete bio metrics appointment for h4 ead to expediate. I applied H1B extension, H4 and H4 ead in a single packet.
    Is there a timeline to receive biometrics appointment after submitting the applicatiion?

    • Sai,
      Yes. If not, when it goes to expedite process, they will say No biometrics so cannot process. There is no timeline…Hopefully soon, call USCIS.

  19. after lot of hurdles i managed to get a job offer which is my mere hope as it is a second chance on my career after a huge break ….the offer is exclusively from such a firm which takes only women looking for second chance …. they have now given me few weeks to hand over physical cards …. It has been 65 days with WAC center my standalone EAD application still in received status my biometrics already done …..i did an expedite request havent got any call yet ….can anyone please guide me if you have succesfully done expedite with a job offer .. pls share any similar experience or relevant advise ,….am very tensed ! thanks

    • raji,
      Everything varies by case. The above experiences are few examples of how it was done. You can try few options listed above. Talk to your spouse as well and try out other options.

    • Hi Raji, I am in a similar situation as yours. Did you try expediting the process using the offer letter? If yes, did it help and can you please share the process with me? Really appreciate any help with this.


  20. Hi all, Let me start with a quick background of my case: I lost my job a few months ago on h1-b. So I applied for an h4 (dependent) visa to maintain my status. Now I found a job and my new employer’s lawyers have filed for an h1-b visa. My lawyers said that I will have to wait till my H4 is approved and then the h1-b  transfer would happen. The issue is current wait times for h4 is 13 to 16 months. So I sent an application to request an expedite my h4 change of status application My H4 expedite request was denied today. The reasons I gave were – a financial loss to my employe and ongoing medical treatments to my newborn (who was born a month ago with a rare genetic condition.) My request was denied saying “the evidence you have provided is insufficient to establish that your expedite request”. 

    1. Anybody here going through similar issues?

    2. Would you recommend putting another expedite request, with a hope that some other agent may have a different verdict to my case.

    3. Anything else I can do – e.g. calling local congressmen etc?

    • Reach out to Ombdussman & Congressman/senator.

      Try again. I have seen comments wherein their expedite request approved after a couple of tries

    • AK,
      1. Many have got denials…you are not alone.
      2. Yes, does not hurt, try other routes.
      3. Yes, try other routes…
      Some have tried like 7 times and got it finally, if the case is genuine, you have a good chance. Just job loss cannot be considered for expedite appointment, it has to be multiple things.

      • Thank for your reply and advice. I do have multiple reasons (child sickness, mortgage payments etc) but isn’t job loss considered a financial loss? I have been out of job for over 5 months and living off on a single income since. If i have to wait for my h4 approval it will take 15 months per their current processing times, which means I will loose out on the job offer.

        • AK,

          What happened to your case? Did you expedite get approved? I’m in a similar boat (almost a year later but things are worse now!).

          Would love to know and so will really appreciate a response!


      • @W I could be wrong here. But I think USCIS needs to approve and accept your expedite request first and then you will get an email to make a biometric appointment. My first request was immediately denied, I received an email that my request is denied because all biometric centers are closed in my area. (I live in LA). I called again and made a second request with the same story just letting them know that I am okay with traveling to any biometric center in the country. They took my details and asked for more evidence in a few days…I provided them the details but they denied the second request again. Yesterday, I made a third request.

  21. Hello All,
    I am trying to understand the below from USCIS site. link is below.

    Could anyone clarify does this mean H4 EAD is allow to work for 240 days after EAD expires?


    If You File in a Timely Manner. Nonimmigrants generally do not accrue unlawful presence while the timely-filed, non-frivolous EOS/COS application is pending. Where applicable, employment authorization with the same employer, subject to the same terms and conditions of the prior approval, is automatically extended for up to 240 days after I-94 expiration when an extension of stay request is filed on time.

    It means automatically extended for up to 240 days after I-94 expiration is applicable to H4 EAD holders?

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  22. Hi,

    Now my H4 EAD status is showing as ‘Expedite request denied’. Previously it is used to show as ‘Case was received’. Will it go back to ‘Case was received’ after couple of days or will it show same status until it get approves?

    Also, I see this message ‘You did not provide evidence of an extreme emergent need.’ I didn’t receive any email from USIS asking for evidence documents after I raised expedite request through phone call, it is directly got denied. Is this normal?

    • Hi Priyanka,
      My husband’s H4 petition is in a similar situation where by we attempted the expedite route and it was denied and now on the USCIS case status it reflects the same message. Would greatly appreciate if you could share what additional steps were taken (if any). Thank you

  23. Hi,

    I am looking for some guidance in expediting H4 and H4EAD. Below are the details –

    – H4 and H4EAD – expiring on Sept 14th, 2020
    – Receipt Date – May 4, 2020
    – California Center
    – Haven’t got Biometrics appointment but since i am working on EAD since 2016 i have submitted biometrics previously which i am guessing that they can reuse.

    – Raised expedite request with USCIS on 8/6 and got the email to submit the evidence on the same date.
    – Reason provided – Financial Loss to Person – Since i am pregnant and going through high risk pregnancy which is involving huge medical bills. Even provided out of pocket expenses and medical bills that i paid so far. Also there are going to be more with surgery and all.
    – I have provided similar documents mentioned in this page, recurring expenses, medical bills etc.
    – My request was denied on 8/11 saying not enough evidence provided.

    – On 8/11,I have reached out to Congressman in my state and provided details as well. i am waiting for response.

    – My question if my trial with Congressman also denies what are my options? Can i request another expedite with USCIS again before my expiry?

      • Hello Rajesh,

        I was told by my case worker that congressional inquiry has been raised on my behalf to expeddite the process. Hoping some positive outcome.

        • My Request got Denied through Congressman. Not sure what can be done now, my wife’s job have been terminated and that does not seem an extreme urgent case to USCIS.

          • Hi Rajesh

            Can i know if you got response from Congressman or USCIS? Also did you provide medical bills as well?

            I am still waiting on response on my case.

          • SR,

            I got response from USCIS first on July 28th about the request denial, then raised it with the congressman and received the denial again yesterday with same reason of not providing an extreme urgent case. I do not have any medical bills to be frank, I only provided the following:

            1. Employer offer letter
            2. Employer Expedite request — Loss to individual
            3. Termination letter due to expired EAD

            My question is what kind of medical bills would be provided in these kind of cases, regular doctor visit would suffice then we have one scheduled for tomorrow so we can send them. What are the documents you provided?


          • Rajesh,
            Well, it does not hurt to try with Ombudsman or other Senator. They will only consider, if it is important. Losing job is not a criteria for Expedite request.

    • SR16,
      You can definitely try as many times as you want. Try all avenues, it does not hurt. Some users tried like 5 times in different channels.

      • No Surbhi nothing worked tried expediting twice.. raised SR for service request for biometric expedition I am still waiting on biometric..

  24. Hello All, please support H4 EAD visa holders. Please sign this petition and share it with all your friends to increase the support


      • Rajesh,
        Good question. It also wonder…. there is no one accountable or nothing there. better is to work with Senator or Congressman for the same cause.

        • Kumar,

          After my biometrics I have asked Congress to help me and got below response. do you think uscis can approve my card within 14 days?

          Your constituent’s cases are currently assigned to an officer for further examination. While we are unable to determine the date on which the adjudication process will be complete, you may follow-up with the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) if your constituent has not received a USCIS decision or other notice of action within approximately 14 days.

          • Sai,
            Maybe…That’s what they are saying, hope it is going to be positive. Try to follow up with NSC as they said.

  25. Hi,

    Today i contacted uscis customer service center and requested for expedite process for my h4 and h4 ead. He documented everything and gave me the ticket number but i did not receive any information in the email. He said it will take 5 to 7 business days to know the expedition request status. Do anyone of you received email after raising the request?

    • Priyanka,

      You will receive an email with in 5 days. Also if you have online account, you should be able to see the Expedite request tied to your case. Good luck!

      • Hi Sai,

        I created account in myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov . When I logged in it is taking me to myeverify.uscis.gov there I can see several options which are case tracker and case history. I provided the case number here but it is not recognizing. Is this is the correct way to track the status in online? Please guide. Thanks in advance.

          • Today I received an email from USCIS stating that my H4 EAD expedite request is denied.

            I haven’t received biometrics email yet for my H4. My EAD is expiring on Oct 3rd. Is there anything I can do at this point of time? Or Should I just wait for my biometrics?


          • Priyanka,
            Until you get Biometrics, it is going to be tough. Maybe wait till biometrics are done and then try again.

        • H4 EAD expedite request will be denied unless H4 is approved. Call USCIS and ask for H4 to be processed in expedited manner. They approve case only if you prove you have a job loss or medical emergency. In both case, need proof of it.

          Once H4 is approved for expedited processing, an emergency biometric appointment will be set up

  26. Hello All,

    Please sign this petition for H4 EAD automatic 180 days renewal until the visa gets approval. Please act Fast

  27. Hello Everyone,

    If we raise an expedite request and what is the normal timeline that congressman gets a response?
    I saw some posts with 3-30 days, any idea on this base don experiences?

  28. HI

    My H4 EAD is expiring in September. To expedite the case, my employer would not provide me a letter supporting ‘financial loss to the company’if i discontinue working.
    I am thinking to submit proof of child care expenses, rental expenses to support case for ‘financial loss to person’ to expedite the H4 & H4 EAD application.
    Do you have any sample or checklist on what documents to submit?
    I am looking for some reference on what/how to submit documents in support of my case.


    • Spence,
      You may try, but does not sound compelling. Usually, if there is any medical related expenses and sever financial loss, then it will be compelling. It is always worth a shot, you never know, it depends on the officer.

    • I am in the same boat and have gone down the same path. No result. Raised expedite request twice. denied both the times. I did add a letter from the employer as well in support of my application but they didn’t care.

  29. Hi,

    Thank you for all the information you guys have shared in these forums, as part my contribution. I am adding my experience with H4 & H4 EAD.

    Filed H1 + H4 + H4 EAD applications: 12 Feb 2020 (Receipt Date) – Texas service center (SRC)
    H1 approved: 25 Feb 2020
    Biometric appointment completed: 5 Mar 2020
    My Current H4 & H4 EAD expire on 31st Jul 2020.
    Submitted expedite request for both H4 & H4 EAD:
    H4 Expedite request submitted: 14 Jul 2020
    H4 EAD Expedite request submitted: 14 Jul 2020

    Received email from USCIS requesting for supporting Documents for H4: 15 Jul 2020
    Received email from USCIS requesting for supporting Documents for H4 EAD: 15 Jul 2020
    Submitted documents: 16 Jul 2020
    – Covering letter explaining my situation
    – Hospital bill
    – Medical insurance cards of dependents
    – Day Care bills
    – Expiring Driving License
    – Letter from employer explaining the risk of me having to go off payroll
    – Mortgage Statement
    – Payslips

    Response (email) on H4 EAD expedite request: 17 Jul 2020 – It was DENIED,
    – Email stated “ Due to the high volume of expedite requests for this case type, we are strictly enforcing the criteria that has been set for these expedite requests. While your situation appears serious, we are unable to expedite the processing of your Form I-765 due to the pending status of your Form I-539. Until such time as your Form I-539 has been successfully adjudicated, your Form I-765 must remain pending. Therefore, your request for expeditious processing has been denied.”
    – Case status got updated to reflect the denial of expedite request and it will be processes under regular process

    Response (email) on H4 Expedite request: 21 Jul 2020 – It was APPROVED
    – Email stated “Your documents submitted meet the requirements for expedited processing of your application. You should receive a decision or notice of further action within 45 days.”
    – Case status got updated to reflect the Approval of expedite request and it is being processed

    28 Jul 2020 – Waiting for an updated on my H4 case.

    One twist to this tale is, my company filed from my H1B Change of status (I had H1 before and a I140 approved) on 21 Jul 2020.
    Now it is a race against the clock, whether H4 gets approved first or H1B. If H1 gets approved first and then H4, then my employer will have to file from my H1B COS again grrrrrr..

    All Fingers Crossed.

    Hope this info is useful.
    Goodluck everyone.

    • Lekha,
      Thanks for sharing. Did you do any follow up after the initial request was denied or they automatically sent you Approved email ? Just wondering. Also, have you given biometrics.
      The COS can be tricky with timing as last action from USCIS will be the effective one.

      • My H4 EAD expedite request was denied after submitting the docs and there is no followup after that.

        My H4 expedite request is Approved.
        I have given biometric on 5th march 2020.
        I agree on the COS, i am hoping for the best.

          • Hi Can you pls update finally what happened to your COS. If you applied COS ( H4 to H1) on previously approved H4, then if your H4 Extension gets approved after your H1, then you will have problem. If it is on H4 extension receipt ( h4 to H1), then H1 will be your last status. Pls correct me if I have wrong understanding. Also I would like to know the reply since one of my friend is in same situation now.

        • Hi Lekha,

          How did you apply for H4 Expedite? which documents did you submit to USCIS for your H4 Expedite? please can you share me the process.


    • Hello Lekha,

      Did you have to withdraw your H4 petition to file for H1. I am also in a similar situation.
      Could you please provide more insight

      • There was no process to withdraw H4. My H1 got approved last week. I have started working using the H1B. If H4 gets approved (based on expedite request) i will work with my employer to file H1B petition again immediately. I might end up with a 3 to 4 week gap in employment.

        Looks like EAD cards are delayed, so i am not going to wait for my H4 EAD to get approved. I am going to file for my H1B immediately.

    • Lekha,

      Today I got an email to submit the required documents to expedite my spouse H4 extension, Do you have any cover letter format for H4 extension expedite request ? Also what are the documents did you submit ?

      My spouse H4 extension will reach 240 days period in August 30, current I-94 expired on 11 Jan 2020.

      • Hi Narain,
        I had sent the below docuements:
        – Covering letter explaining my situation
        – Hospital bill
        – Medical insurance cards of dependents
        – Day Care bills
        – Expiring Driving License
        – Letter from employer explaining the risk of me having to go off payroll
        – Mortgage Statement
        – Payslips
        Also, please find below the covering letter i had sent:

        U.S. Department of Homeland Security


        I am XXXXXX, currently residing in XXXXXX. My current H4 expires on XXXXXX. I filed for my H4 & H4 EAD extension back on XXXXXX. Both the application are currently pending with USCIS for approval and has gone past XXXXXX days from filing. My H4 EAD (XXXXXX) is dependent on my H4 application

        My continued employment with XXXXXX is extremely important to support my family’s medical and financial needs. My income helps pay for Medical expenses, part of our mortgage, children’s day care expenses and support my aging parents residing outside USA. Medical insurance provided through my employer supports me and my XXXXXX children, Due to an accident and emergency visit that my son had last month, we are also anticipating a huge medical bill which we won’t be able to afford if I lose my employment.

        The current status of my case poses a risk to continuity in my employment which will create financial distress for me and my family. I was in the same situation last year which resulted in my employment discontinuity and we are still recovering from the financial hardship caused by it. A second impact to my work authorization could risk my current employment which will lead to a deep negative financial implication for my family. And these COVID times will make it even harder for us to recover from this.

        Therefore, I urge USCIS to approve my H4 expedite request. I am attaching the following documents in support of my expedite request.
        1. Medical Emergency visit
        2. Day care bills
        3. Expiring Driving License
        4. Mortgage statement
        5. Medical Insurance coverage through employer
        6. Payslips – supporting my employment

        I hope USCIS understands my personal situation and takes necessary action to support me and my family in these testing times.

        Please let me know if you need any additional information.

  30. Service Center: California service center
    Jan 14th 2020 – Filed H1B (PP) + H4 (renewal) + EAD (renewal)
    Documents sent to USCIS.
    Jan 15th – USCIS received our document
    Jan 17th – Receipt generated for H1B
    Jan 29th – Receipt generated for H4 EAD
    Jan 29th – H1 B approved
    Jan 30th – Received letter for Biometrics for Feb 4th appointment
    Jan 31st – Went early for Biometrics (Walk-in)
    May 4th – Raised Expedite request with USCIS ( Category 1: Financial loss to company)
    May 6th – Sent letters from employer to USCIS
    May 7th – Reached out to congress women for help with expedite request and sent documents. Congress office reached out to USCIS same day.
    May 8th – Expedite request denied – reason: documents do not prove emergent case to support expedite request
    May 11th – collected extra documents/letter from employer to prove expedite request stating financial loss.
    May 11th – contacted CA senator to help with re-expedite request.
    May 13th – requested congress women to re-submit new letters/documents and re-consider expedite request with USCIS. The office agreed to re-send my documents to USCIS
    May 15th- documents submitted to USCIS via congress women.
    May 26th – received approval for both H4 and EAD (new card being produced)
    June 3rd – Received new card via priority mail.

    Hope my information helps others obtain the EAD on time.

    Good luck!

  31. Hi,

    We filed H1B+H4+H4EAD at the end of April, and got the receipt notices on May 1.

    On June 1, H1B is approved with normal process. However I did not receive the H4 biometric appointment notice yet. I did not have previous H4 biometric at US.

    Since my H4 and H4EAD will be expired at the end of July, I want to expedite H4 + H4EAD to avoid losing job. My questions are
    1. Do I need to have separate expedite request for H4 and H4EAD?
    2. How can I expedite H4 without Biometric appointment notice? (USCIS just opened the offices and it seems that ASC will only open at the end of June.)

    Please advice in this situation, thank you.

    • H1B+H4+H4EAD,
      1. You only expedite for H4 EAD, H4 will automatically be processed as they need that for H4 EAD.
      2. Well, this is the tough one, if you have already give in US before at USCIS ASC, then they may reuse it..if not, we do not know…But anyways, now they are open…

      • Got denied: “We are unable to grant your request for expedite processing of your I-539 application as the requisite biometric data is not on record.”

        We have not received biometric notice yet, it seems that one should wait the biometric done to submit the expedite request. Is that correct?

  32. Hi,

    I applied H1+H4+H4EAD with Premium process on 15th Jan, California Service Center,
    H1 approved on 17th Jan,

    Submitted the expedited request for H4 on 15th Apr, received the reply that I should get the reply shortly, no reply yet, called Support Center, talked with Tier 2 , they asked to wait and said they do not have any other information.

    Submitted the expedited request for H4EAD twice, none of the request says it`s rejected but received the reply that I will get the reply in 45 days, it`s been more than 45 days since I submitted the request but no status change yet.

    H4EAD is expiring on 28th Jun,

    Please let me know if you think there is anything else that I can do or there is a possibility of getting any decision based on my expedite request

    • Mahesh,
      You can try to call them again, that’s all you can do…You would have got some email stating that they are processing in expedite and submit documents or something…So, cannot say for sure…

      • Thank you so much Kumar, I really appreciate it.

        I will call the USCIS again to see if that helps.

        On the USCIS website, California Center EAD processing time is 7 to 9 months, does it mean that it takes minimum 7 months for any case approval without any expedite request ?

      • Hi,

        I called to USCIS yesterday morning and requested for expedite the H4 EAD process. During the call, I provided my H4 case number and explaining i have not received biometric scheduling appointment due to covid-19 delays which delays my H4 EAD process. She took all the details and asked me to wait for 5 days, i may get the email if my expedite request is cosidered.

        I am not sure if she expediting the process for H4 or EAD. Can i call them back to confirm? Please advise.

        • Also kindly let me know, can i expedite my EAD with Congressman while i wait for USCIS reply? Appreciate any response on this.

        • Lucky,
          You may not get a call back. You would usually get an email asking for information. Do follow up with them in a week to see the status, if you do not hear anything.

          • Hello Kumar,
            Thank you for your reply. Both my H4 and H4 EAD expedite requests are denied without sending me an email for supporting documents. So far I have not received my finger printing appointment for H4 as well. I know the service centers are open in my state MD. Do you have any idea when they start sending the finger printing scheduling letters.

            Also do you suggest any alternatives to get my H4 and H4 EAD process expedite? Thank you for your help!

          • Luckuy,
            There is no pattern as such, some are getting early, some getting late.
            You can try to contact Senators or Ombudsman again, if you have not and give it a try. You do not lose anything.

          • Hello Kumar,

            Thank you for your reply. But i have a question. Since i am done with my finger printing yet, how it works if expedite my process with Senators or Ombudsman. Please advise.
            Appreciate your help!

          • Lucky,
            You need to get fingerprinting done first. There are delays with ASC offices closed. It may or may not help going to Senators, if there are no fingerprints given.

          • Kumar,
            Sorry there was a type error in my previous comment.

            Thank you for your reply. But i have a question. Since i am NOT done with my finger printing yet, how it works if expedite my process with Senators or Ombudsman. Please advise.
            Appreciate your help!

  33. ****—-H4 EAD expiring on June 8th—-****

    H4 got approved on March 12th, have not given bio metrics prior to this renewal or currently as USCIS offices are closed for public due to COVID 19. I filed for expedited request on May 11th on medical grounds(as i was in a car accident and paying bills out of pocket). Received a letter from USCIS on 6/2 asking me to submit any supplemental documents to aid my case. My job is ending on 8th June.

    I am submitting the following documents –
    – Offer letter
    – Expedited request letter from employer
    – Letter from employer highlighting my contribution to company and the loss in my absence
    – Pay slips for last 2 months
    – Police report of car accident and medical bills

    Please let me know if you think there is anything else that I can do to aid my application for expedited request. Thanks and good luck to all of you

    • Android,
      Sorry to hear on the accident. Hope you are doing well.
      Yes, they seem to be fine. Mostly they will consider the medical bills and your car accident related documentation.
      I am not sure, if you will get it by June 8th as you are only few days away. Plan ahead with your employer on the same, if there are delays.

      • My request for expedited process has been denied despite submitting documents from workplace, police report for car accident, mountains of medical bills!!! frustrating!!! 🙁

        • Android,
          Well, this has happened to many in the past, so do not worry. Try again…Yes, it is very frustrating, there is no clear guideline.

    • Just now the status changed to “card was mailed to me”,

      Just wanted to update that it`s now taking 3-4 weeks time from “Card being produced” to “Card was mailed”

      time line :
      17th Jun – Card being produced
      18th Jun – Case was approved
      8th July – Card was mailed to me

        • Hi Kumar,

          I applied first time H4 EAD for my wife last year – 24 Sept 2019, still waiting for the approval. Raised couple of Service Request(May & June 2020) but still no update, requests closed with status assigned to officer.

          Is it possible to raise this request with Senator, she is not working now and hence we don’t have any offer documents to submit.


          • Rajkumar,
            Yes, you can try that route, but there needs to be a compelling reason for it. If no job or medical emergency, it may not work…

  34. My Case Timeline:
    H1+H4+EAD applied: 02/11/2020
    H1 Approved: 02/28/2020
    H4 Biometric: 03/08/2020
    Reqeuest to expedite: 05/08/2020
    Reuest to expedite approved: 05/11/2020
    H4+EAD approved: 05/15/2020.

    When I called to expedite the request, I called around 11 AM PCT and there was no wait in answering the call. Followed the same instruction as mentioned in this blog. The reason I selected for the expedite request “Severe financial loss to a company or person”. The person asked for my email and phone number and said it will take 5-10 business days for the response and they will ask for the additional support.
    Just one important thing, I just kept mentioning that because of the COVID 19 situation loss of job will have adverse financial and psychological effect on us.
    Also, H1B petitioner can call on behalf of their spouse, just that the spouse need to be with you if they ask her for any confirmation.

  35. Hi

    My EAD expedite request was denied and reason was my case did not support the emergent need to expedite the case. Now, my manager has given me a different letter stating more information on the work I do and explaining more details on how it is considered an emergent situation and financial loss to the institute. Should I re-submit this letter to USCIS using the same previous expedite case number? Or call them and request for a new expedite case number.

    • uma,
      you can try to resubmit, if you think it is compelling enough. Try calling and expedite again. You lose nothing.

  36. On April 22 i called USCIS and asked to expedite the case on the basis of loss to person. The representative said i will receive an email to submit documents. I didnt get any email. Today on April 23 i see the case status as denied- On April 23, 2020, we denied your request for expedite processing of your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, Receipt Number *****. You did not provide evidence of an extreme emergent need.

    My receipt date is Dec 23 2019. My ead is expiring on May 14th and I may loose my job. What can we do after this point? Can we expedite again? Is it of any use?

    • Sasikumar,
      You can try to do it again. Well, that is hard to say..many have tried at least 3 to 4 times, some get lucky after few attempts.

      • I called to expedite again and they said you can expedite only after 30 days from your previous request. So i had to wait one more month. I called again last tuesday 5/26 to expedite. I didnt get any response on it for a week. I called to follow up yesterday and they said the case is with an officer. Anyways the status changed to approved today!

        Dec 23 2019 – files h1 premium + H4 + H4 EAD
        Jan 1 2020 – h1 approved
        Jan 15 – finger prints given (thuogh online status never changed to finger prints received)
        Apr 22 – expedite request sumitted
        Apr 23 – expedite denied
        May 26 – expedite requested
        Jun 2 2020 – H4 and EAD approved.

        Hope the card will come within few days…

        thank you for all your support

  37. I have filed h4 ead extension on Apr 15th (by the my h4 has been approved which was applied separately with spouse h1b), current ead is expiring on May 10th and looking for an option to expedite my ead request to continue my current job. Is there any time limit, I should wait before making expedite request?

    • S3,
      Expedite is meant for extreme situations…There is no time restriction, you can do it anytime, if you have a reason.

  38. Hi All,
    I got H4 EAD receipt nbr on Jan 15th 2020.
    I raised an expedite request and got approved in a week by April2nd.
    But still I am waiting for approval having break for my job with old EAD expired last week.
    I see many people who expedited got approval in less than 10 days.

    I applied in Texas service center? Is there way I can check on what is happening with my expedited application? Anyone facing any delay from texas service center?

      • I see few people who applied later to my date, or who got expedition approved 2 weeks after me got approval for their H4 EAD. But my aplication is still left at Expedition request approved status since April2nd.
        As there is high risk of my current job being terminated because of the client policy, I called USCIS again and tried to escalate mentioning my financial and medical situation.
        After long conversation, they just replied saying I need to wait for 45 days and they cannot do anything.
        Do we have any other way of expediting more or escalating to get the processing done soon? Please advise if we have any.

        • Ish,

          I am also in similar boat and it’s been more than two weeks since my expedite request is approved. It’s also with TSC. Even I thought it will be approved within 10 days, but no luck so far.. not sure if there is anything else can be done..

          • Hi Chandu/Ish,

            Any update in your cases, Since I am in the same boat. Its been 2 weeks my expedite request was approved. But no updates since then.

            If your cases approved. Please let me know what extra steps you have taken.

            Thanks in Advance.

          • Chandu, did you need to do anything other than waiting before you received your EAD? When did it happen?

            I have waited 23 days since expedited request approval for EAD. VERY frustrated

  39. Suppose someone’s H4 EAD ends on APRIL 30. Say he\she continues to work for another 2 months without EAD. The employer bills the client for these 2 months and the associate continues to work. The associate is unpaid. But once the ead gets approved beginning of 3rd month, they pay him\her the salary if remaining any for those 2 months. Is that legal ? Or are there any complications in this ?

    • Naveen,
      Working without proper authorization is illegal. It does not matter, when you get paid. Do not try to cut corners with immigration, you can jeopardise your future.
      If there is an audit at any place, you will be in deep trouble…

  40. Hi Kumar,

    I raised expedite on H4 EAD, today the status shows the expedited for recipes completed,

    1. They didn’t ask for any documents neither an email nor mail(should I wait for mail for 5 days or they just send an email)
    2. Completed does that mean denied or ER accepted

    Please guide

    Thank you

    • H4 EAD Wait,
      Usually, you would get an email to submit documents or telling something that expedite request is approved or some message similar. Try calling them, I am not sure…They will send an email as users reported above.

    • Hello- Thanks for sharing your experience. I have raised an expedite request too and never received a follow up email or an email confirming request has been received . Did you happen to receive an email after 5 days?

  41. My wife called USCIS on friday April 3rd to request expedite processing. On Monday Apr 6, her EAD and H4 both got approved. No documentation/evidence. She just told them that its important to continue working otherwise it will be lot of financial stress on my husband.

  42. I have applied for H4 extension expedite request. My receipt date is July 2019 which is currently outside the normal processing timeline. My EAD expedite request got rejected already. What are the documents to be submitted for a strong application.

    Offer Letter
    Pay stubs
    Letter from Employer
    Medical bills
    Husbands H1B approval
    I140 approval.

    Can anyone with expedite success suggest if this is good enough for the application. I’m running out of time as My job is at stake here.
    Expedite was raised based on ‘Severe Finanicial /medical reasons’

    • H4-Expedite-CSC,
      It is based on case by case basis, there is no template for it…USCIS assess based on the criticality of your situation… It is discretionary. Reach out to congressman.

  43. Applied for H1+ H4 on October 31st,
    Biometrics was done on Nov 22.
    Applied for H4EAD on Dec 19.
    My H4 extension went to Texas center and H4EAD to California center,
    Since then I have not seen any status updated.
    Called USCIS to expedite the process on March 25, I was told that I might get a call from USCIS If any documents are required in 5 days.
    Is this how the process works.
    If they call me for any documents, what kind of documents would they need?
    please help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Did any one receive the

    • kavitha,
      Usually, they do not call. they would send email to submit documents…Try calling them again. The documents are listed in above experiences.

      • Can we expedite h4 ead (waiting for bio metrics)? Bio metrics Scheduled for March 18 but canceled due to covid-19.

  44. I’ve raised an expedite request for my EAD on March 12th and received an email from USCIS to submit supporting documents for the request on 16th March. I promptly sent an email stating the reason (Medical reasons & Job Loss) along with all supporting documents (Medical bills, Insurance, Doctor’s letter, Pay stubs, Offer Letter) on March 17th. After that I haven’t received any response from them nor any change in status messages in USCIS portal.
    Any idea when they would usually respond? Do they usually acknowledge the email we send to dhs.gov?

  45. Do you guys know what does this mean
    On March 12, 2020, we received your response to our request for additional information regarding expedite processing of your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, Receipt Number WACXXXXXXXXX. Your request has been forwarded to an officer for review. We will notify you if we need something from you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    • ead-user,
      It just means someone is looking at your request, they will update, if the expedited processing will be given or not…

  46. My EAD expedite request approved on 02/04/20 and H4 approved on 02/11. Still waiting for EAD to be approved. Any idea how long will it take for my EAD to get approved.

    • My h4 ead expedite request approved on Jan 9 th. Later I have also raised expedite request for h4 on Jan 23rd. Got h4 approval on feb 9 th but still waiting for h4 ead. I even tried calling customer rep on feb 24th asking to connect to tier 2 officer and he raised e-request and they told to wait for 15 days.

  47. Filed my H4 on November 14th along with spouse H1 and applied EAD on December 9th. My current EAD is till 16 mar 2020. Is it ok if i expidite now is it too early or late and which method would you all suggest .. Also what are the supporting documents that are needed

    • Anonymous,
      It all depends on the case. Expedite is only done, if your situations are bad like losing insurance, medical related, etc. You cannot expedite, because it has been long or out of the processing times. For that, you raise a service request. Read the above article to get an idea, the documents vary by case and situation.

      • My EAD expedite request was approved last week. Should we submit an expedite request for H4 as well seprately? I have submitted both the applications in one single packet and they are linked.

        • florida,

          Can you please let me know if there was an update on your EAD. Did you raise expedite request for H4 as well? I am in similar boat where EAD expedite request is approved. So, I am not sure now whether to raise separate expedite request for H4 as well.
          Thank you..

  48. I have applied expedite request with medical document through senator last week and how long will it take to get reply from USCIS ?


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