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H1B Visa Stamping Experience 2012 – Approval at US Consulate, Hyderabad, India

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One of our readers, Sajan, shared his H1B Visa stamping experience. Though it was aggressive, it went smooth and he got visa. Congrats to him !  Thanks to Sajan for sharing his experience. You can share your experience here


H1B Visa FY 2013 – Stamping Visa Interview 

Hello Friends !!!

I know how useful it is to share H1B stamping experience for all those people who are eagerly searching the web so that they can be well prepared for their big day. Even I did the same thing before I went for my Visa stamping. For this reason, I feel like sharing my experience with you.

Profile : BTECH from a good engineering college in Hyderabad. Over 6 years of Work Experience. Has got a valid B1 / B2 Visa and has been to USA on a business trip for 3 months.

Type : New H1B Petition ( Not through my Indian Employer but through an Employer in USA )

Case : In House Project of Employer

Brief of my Interview with Visa Officer :

I don’t want to waste much time by narrating the entire story about how I went till visa officer. Instead, I’ll directly come to the most important part of it, i.e., the Visa Interview

After exchanging pleasantries …

VO (Male) : Can I have a look at your Passport ?
I gave a file containing my passport with I797B etc stapled.

VO : I just need the passport.
He returned the file to me and I had to hand over the passport with the stapled documents to visa officer.
( Strangely, my file had just the passport with stapled I797B etc and nothing more. But the VO wants whatever he asks in particular. Lesson to be learnt is PAY UTMOST ATTENTION to VO and only give whatever he / she asks )

VO : So, You have already been to USA. So, what did you do there ?
Participated in business meetings and got trained on the product

VO : How long have you been there ?
3 months

VO : Did you do all this for 3 months ?

VO : Are we aware of it ?
SORRY ? ( At first, I did not understand his question. But then, I thought for a while and then said YES … But he was too busy typing something … Not sure whether he got my answer )

VO : So, How long have you been working for this (US Petitioner) company ?
I got a job opportunity and I am yet to work for my US company.

VO : What is this company ?

VO : I don’t understand acronyms. Please do not use acronyms.
So, I had to tell the full name of the company.
( Lesson to be learnt is better not to use acronyms. Instead use full forms followed by acronym )

VO : What does your company do ?

VO : Who are going to use your companies products ?

VO : I want to know who buys your companies products ?
Answered ( The VO wanted to know the names of the clients )

VO : Do you have any client letters ?
I have the client agreement letters. ( I showed him the same )

VO : What is the project which are going to work on ?
Answered ( I made sure I did not use any acronyms here )

VO : Can I see the technical description of your project ?
I gave him the product brochures.

VO : This is not what I want. I want to see the technical description of your project.
( I was searching for the technical description … He asked me to step aside and get back later. I did whatever he asked me to. The next person was interviewed and after him, he checked with me whether I am ready. I said YES and gave him some documents which had the information about what he was looking for )

VO : Is this an In-house project ?

VO : Your Visa is approved. You will get your passport couriered to your address in a weeks time.
THANKS . ( And then I left and thanked god & had a huge sigh of relief !!! )


Few Visa Officers may appear aggressive. But we should keep our cool and always be confident. And most importantly, we should give him / her whatever he / she asks. ( I mean, the right things at the right time ). If you have a genuine case, then you are through unless you mess it up. I should also thank my visa officer for considering my case despite few shaky moments here and there.

Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to share my interview experience. I wish you good luck to all those who are geared up for their interview. Have that SMILE on your face, be honest & generous irrespective of whatever happens during the interview. Give your best shot !!!

Cheers !!!


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Comments ( 7 )

  1. jon

    Hi Saurabh,

    can i apply for h1b visa interview at US Consulate Hyderabad,,few of my friends telling that that we should apply at chenni only for h1b


    1. administrator

      You can apply in Hyderabad as well. Only for L-1 blanket visas, everyone should go to Chennai. For other visa types one can go to other consulates based on their jurisdiction state.

  2. SM

    Hi Saurabh,
    My H1B petition has got approved, however the validity they have granted is only 1.5 years though it was applied for the full 3 year term.
    My question is, can I serve the full 6 years term on H1B(fresh + extension)? Or the max I can get is only 1.5 years now and 3 years extension, i.e. 4.5 years?

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