H1B Visa Interview experience at New Delhi – FY 2013- Approved

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One of our readers, Prasad, shared his H1B Visa stamping experience, which took place in New Delhi earlier this month. Congrats to Prasad on getting H1B Visa ! Thanks to him for sharing his experience. You can share your experience here

H1B Background Information
I am sharing my experience with all regarding my US visa interview at US consulate New Delhi. My interview time was at 8.00AM and I was there at around 7.40AM.

Checklist of Documents Carried for the H1B  Visa interview

1. Original Passport (If carry old passport (in case of name bifurcation) if it is cancelled also to be on safer side)
2. Axis Bank Receipt (No more HDFC VFS payment receipt)
3. Interview confirmation letter
4. DS 160 Confirmation Page (The page with bar code, generated after submitting DS 160 online)
5. Two photographs (50X50 MM size with clear white background and negative based, should not be more than three months old and should not have been used for other visas) (No more photograph required)
6. Original L-1/H-1B Petition [Three sets in case of Blanket L-1] I-797B
7. BEP letter from company (if required)

Along with this I also carried the following document to be on safer side

1. Original company (which you are currently working) Appointment/Offer letter or Service letter
2. Degree Certificates and Mark sheets for all semesters and a photo copy.
3. Previous Experience Certificates from all organizations and a photo copy.
4. Company ID badge with Logo


What NOT to carry to US Consulate
Please do not carry Mobile phones (if need be deposit in the counter), laptop or any kind of electronic devices.

Wallet, backpacks and ladies handbag allowed but should not have any electronic devices or metal items

Kirpan not allowed ( curved dagger carried by Sikhs as part of custom)

Visa Stamping Process at New Delhi

Counter 1: Please show your passport and interview confirmation letter to be verified in the list of attendees

Next security check will be done and you are allowed to enter main building

Counter 2: please show your interview confirmation letter to obtain your counter token (different tokens for different visa types)

Then you will be redirected visa interview hall (please make note of counter number for respective token that will be displayed)

Here first according to the token number you need to go to respective counter and has to undergo biometric check (please keep DS-160 and passport handy)

And you will be again redirected to waiting hall

Now comes the main challenge

Your token number will be displayed again on Hall number 2 and you are asked to go to a particular counter

In front of you is the VISA Officer, please handover Passport and VISA petition to them through a small window below the glass shield

Visa Interview Questions

Question time (what was asked for me)

• Visa type
• Which company
• Who is the client
• Your role
• Indian salary
• Is this first time you are travelling to US

My visa was approved (VISA is the required document to enter US and there will be again immigration check at US airports)
Please note your visa validity will be same as Petition expiration dates


What Happens after VO is done with interview
Once you are done with the interview and the VISA Officer will retain Passport and Original Petition with her/him

Meanwhile the VO will hand over a white booklet to you(if VISA is approved for the first time) don’t be scared that book is usefully and contains about Human trafficking and Labour right violation and escalation details in US( I request all to read, please do not throw, it is very useful)

VO will ask you “have you ever read this “showing the booklet. Please answer promptly “No”

If all done well you can hear “Approved “else you get a colour slip. Do not argue or request VO to approve your VISA in case of failure. Say thanks and silently walk out

If VISA approved come out pay 300Rs for Premium courier of passport delivery by filling a form there.

My personal thoughts for your H1B visa stamping :

Please follow
• Be on time
• Business formals for boys and saree, churidar or Business formal for girls
• Answer to point
• Be confident
• Don’t lie or argue(VO is trained lie detectors)
• Keep all documents in order and in available
• If you are done with interview do not speak with others or loaf around. Just go out of building
• Do your homework properly

All the best to all who are attending the interview

Additional Information :

Rejection of VISA cases:

B1 VISA (If you say I am going to work there)
L1 (Blanket)
H1B EVC Model

Here is the address of VFS/OFC and embassy

S – 1 American Plaza, (Hotel Eros Managed by Hilton),,
International Trade Tower,
Nehru Place, New Delhi,110019

Consulate NEW DELHI
U.S. Embassy Shantipath
Chanakya Puri
Delhi ,110021



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Comments ( 54 )

  1. Aashutosh bajgain

    I had my interview yesterday. The counselor was satisfied with my answers but since my college start date is 17th august, he asked me for the extension letter and provided me 221g form and took my passport. That means, what is probablility of me getting my visa approved when I submit the extension letter from the college? And willl they again take my interview or just ask for the extension letter?

    1. administrator

      I think it is just about the extension letter. The reason is that by the time you get passport and travel to US, you will be past the joining date at school and the VO wants to validate that. Speak to your DSO or admissions office and get this letter ASAP, so that Visa officer can approve visa and you can fly. I guess getting approved without extension letter is tricky and hard to tell.

  2. Mohammad kaleem


    I am working in chennai and i have applied US visa last year from chennai location but unfortunately it was rejected but now my company is planning to apply again. Can i apply from Delhi location ? is there any problem if i apply from Delhi as i am working in chennai. My company has office in Gurgaon as well.
    Please suggest.

    M Kaleem

  3. Sifat

    Hi ,

    I have got a job offer from USA ,they have just sent to me three questions primarily . Will my employer take an interview later ? Will US Consulate find out about my papers after submission ? Do they want to see bank account balance ? Please anybody reply to me .

  4. Saurabh Baghmar

    I had h1b visa extension interview at Newdelhi consulate on 20th May 2014. They kept my passport and i-797 and asked me t submit few documents via email. I did the same but after 2 weeks my status still says “Administrative Processing”. Any suggestions how long it will take and whats going on in my case? Thank you.

    1. vamsi krishna

      HI Friends,
      I am going for H1B interview in Delhi on August 7th,Could you guys suggest me ,how about the Procees in Delhi?
      what is the success rate of H1B in Delhi?
      What are the document si have to carry for the Interview?
      please help

  5. Navin


    I went for B1 Visa Interview today and did well, The VO said that my Visa is approved but he returned my passport to me. When i inquired to customer care they said that i will be receiving sms and based on it i have to submit my passport to Nehru Place again. Let me know if you have any words for me.


  6. Antony


    Surname in my I-797 B form has Space,But Surname in my Passport Doesn’t have space.

    [I-797]Surname :AB CD
    [Passport]Surname : ABCD
    [My Name is Correct in both the forms]
    I have interview on February 26th 2014,in Chennai Consulate

    Will it be an issue during US Consulate Interview ?

    Please help in in this Regard.


  7. Ramesh


    I came to India for vacation on last week and my visa got expire on Feb28 and my H1B-extension got approved and my employer received the hard copy on yesterday and they sent to me the soft copy to me. I am planning goto usa on next week end. I scheduled the usa embassy for biometrics on coming Tuesday. Is require the original approved-I797 petition or copy of I-797 petition


  8. pavan

    I am getting fresh H1 for FY 2015 with 3 yrs exp. a consultant has offered me after paying him money .It is EC model. Let me know if i can get H1 visa with the strict rules present.

  9. ram singh

    Hi Guys.

    Its great site and I would like to ask one question.

    I had my H1B expired as my employer forgot to extend it and i came back to India after 10 days .Now i got the visa extended and need to go for Visa interview again. I am directly working for my client – EV model and I have been working for same client for 4 years and will work for longer time.

    My consultant has started the green card processing but its very slow and still in initial phase.

    My question is – How do the VO see that 10 days after visa expired. All this happened during government shutdown , we could not process anything as DOL was closed for renewing LCA.

    Any information or any experience shared will be appreciated.


  10. mohammad naved

    hi, today i attended the us business visa interview after interview VO told me that i can collect my passport with 3 or 4 days .. but she did not informed me that i get visa or not.

    please let me know if they take passport it means visa is approve.

    Kindly reply me.



      1. user13

        I had my H1B visa interview today, counselor asked me few questions and took my passport. They didn’t confirm the status(approved or anything else). Just ended the conversation, saying ‘Thanks’. Also they haven’t asked for any documents to submit.
        Does that mean my Visa is approved ?

  11. Vijay


    I have a question on name in Indian passport. As per my passport Surname is blank:
    Given Name: XXX YYY

    My H1B petition is approved, and I am yet to schedule interview. My question is can I go for name bifurcation before stamping such as –
    First Name: XXX, Surname: YYY

    I know it will lead to new passport number. After bifurcation there will be mismatch between name in new passport and name in I797. Does this name bifurcation need any amendment to already approved petition?

    Please help.


  12. Ranjeet Sharma


    My H1B is approved and while filling for my H1B I also filled H4 for my spouse. Now as I got my approval for H1B but don’t know what happened for my spouse H4 application.. is it auto approved with my application ? Pls let me know … and also what is the process of dependent stamping on my wife and kid’s (one 6 year and one infant) passport done.

  13. vijay

    I had applied H1b petition with employer —- from India. The petition is approved.

    During my first travel to Melbourne, I lost passport at Hong kong Transit. However, I got new passport issued in India. Currently I am in Melbourne, Australia because of my current company job responsibilities.

    My H1b petition was approved with Lost passport details.

    I am planning to attend US consulate office in Melbourne, Australia for H1b visa stamping.

    In such what is the procedure i need to follow as My i797 has the old passport No in it .

    What is the procedure i nee to follow

    Can someone advice me the correct procedure on this Please , Would be really kind full

  14. GG

    In my approval notice (I797 b) consulate is mentioned as Delhi. Can I change it to Chennai while scheduling appointment for H1B interview?

  15. dhuvaraha nath

    I am Dhuvaraha nath, from tamilnadu,india.i want to confirm my appointment in ur renowned mouritian cansulate.i herewith sending my passport submission
    letter ref no sb/ev098wp-mumbai, vide no mcg5077, counter 23h,. 24-07-2013  date this appointment, this is true or not 2pls reply me

    as soon as possible sir.

                                          Thanking you sir

  16. dhuvaraha nath

    I am Dhuvaraha nath, from tamilnadu,india.i want to confirm my appointment in ur renowned mouritian cansulate.i herewith sending my passport submission
    letter ref no sb/ev098wp-mumbai, vide no mcg5077, counter 23h,. 24-07-2013  date this appointment, this docmt true or not 2pls reply me

    as soon as possible sir.

                                          Thanking you sir

  17. XYZ

    Hi Friends,
    Can anybody give solution on my below doubts?
    1.I have to fill my DS 160 and submit it within a week. What time it will take to arrival of visa Stamping?
    2.I am planning to do H4 Visa of my wife and in case my wife was pregnant with 3-4 months baby and we will fly together and Is there any problem can occur if i will born my baby in USA?Is there any restriction from US Government to born a baby in USA???

    Thanks in advance…

    1. administrator

      1. You will have to see what dates are available for interview. If interview goes fine, then stamped passport is received within a week. If 221g is issued then it can take days or weeks or months.
      2. There is no issue w/ baby being born in US. The baby will be considered a US citizen, if that’s an issue.

  18. Shady

    what do you mean by photographs aren’t required?

    In my DS-160 also no photograph is present, do I need to take photographs during my H1-B visa interview?

    1. Nitesh

      No Visa Photographs are required, at OFC center they will take photo and same will be use in your visa. this is new process stated form Sept 2012.

      1. Shady

        Thanks a lot Nitesh for the response, I also thought the same. Actually I asked the US Consulate at Hyderabad (call center) and that guy asked me to come with photographs.

  19. Veer

    Hi ,

    Need your urgent advise : I am planning to go for stamping in Delhi, India soon. My question is do we need to submit the documents 3-5 days in advance or we need to carry it with ourselves on interview day?

    Thanks in advance

    1. administrator

      I don’t think documents need to be submitted in advance. You can carry them on the day of interview.

  20. Xyz

    What does this mean?
    Additional Information :
    Rejection of VISA cases:

    B1 VISA (If you say I am going to work there)
    L1 (Blanket)
    H1B EVC Model-is it that all h1b’s with this kind of model face rejections? So very untrue. If all the documents are correct and placed in order then there is no chance of rejection which I have seen in many cases. It Is just a misconception that EVC is all about rejection.

    1. administrator

      EVC models may face additional scrutiny especially around employer-employee relationship. As lot of companies are unable to show that, they run into issues.

  21. Vishwa

    Hi Saurabh,

    My H1B interview is scheduled on Apr 5 in chennai. I am really worried whether my H1B visa will be approved or not, beacuse my L1b was rejected on 2010 for my previuos employer. It would be very helpful if you reply to me.

    Please advise. Thanks.

  22. Harish


    I went for the H1 interview last friday.

    The VO asked me about the company and the project and a few more questions related to the size of the company etc. After that:
    1) she told me that she cannot approve my visa rightaway as she needs to do further study on my case. When I asked for the response time she said 2 weeks.

    2) she asked me for a letter from my employer to the US department of state mentioning my name and my job responsibilities. I did not have such a letter with me at that time so I told her that I dont have that letter.

    She did not approve or reject my visa there. Neither did she give me a slip of any color. She only said she will study the case further and will get back to me in 2 weeks time(through SMS). She retained my passport and the original petition documents and the offer letter.

    This is the first time I have faced this process. I am really confused. What are the chances that my visa is going to be approved?? Is there a way I can check my visa’s status?


    1. administrator

      Your case has gone to administrative processing. It can take few weeks to several months for them to process, and they will start the processing once you submit the requested documents.

      Chances of approval vary from case to case.

        1. administrator

          They can keep the passport in the scenario:
          – they approved the visa
          – they approved the visa but later decided additional processing is required

          If they deduce that processing will take lot of time, then they will return the passport; else you will receive the stamped visa.

          1. Harish

            Hi Saurabh,

            Thanks for the information.

            The VO did not issue me any slip of any color. She only said they will get back to me and when I asked about “how long will it take” she said 2 weeks.
            How would the consulate inform me about the status whether visa has been approved or not? Is there any online page for this purpose? Would they call or SMS or email me?


          2. administrator

            They will SMS you about the approval and the status for your passport will change online on the consulate site. I think they email as well.

          3. Harish

            Hi Saurabh,

            Its full 3 weeks since I appeared for the stamping interview and I have not recieved any update from the consulate. My case is special because they did not issue me any slip.

            How do I know if they are waiting for a supporting document from my side. The consular at the time of interview did ask me about a document that my employer should have sent to the “department of state” mentioning my name and job responsibilities etc on it? I have no idea what this document is. Can you shed some light on this?


          4. Harish

            Hi Saurabh,

            Today I recieved an SMS to pick up my documents from New Delhi consulate. I went there and got an envelope with my passport, I797B and a letter. The letter says that an H1B visa cannot be issued to me and it has been refused under 221G.

            This is what the letter says:

            “Based on the documents you have submitted to us and the information elicited in your interview with and American consular office, we are not able to issue you an H1B temporary work visa because:

            Your petitioner does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employment in the united states in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations

            In accordnace with US law and Deptt of state guidelines, action on your case has been susupended and the I129 petition for a non-immigrant worker filed on your behalf will be returned to USCIS with a memorandum explanining the facts of your case as presented to ur at the time of interview.

            For your information , your visa was refused today under 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act(INA). “

  23. Nitin

    I am not sure to what extent the dress code matters, YMMV but I went to New Delhi embassy last year for my first H1B visa interview in a casual jeans and t-shirt and had my visa approved in less than a minute.

  24. Raman

    What happens if VO rejects your VISA? Does he/she return your passport back to you at the same moment? OR he/she is still going to retain it?

    1. Prasad

      Hi Raman,

      Sorry for the delayed response.You VISA Petition and other documents will be returned back immediately with the reason on another paper.

    2. administrator

      If it is outright rejected, then they will be returned to you. The officer can also keep the 797 and send it back to USCIS for review and possible revocation. If the officer needs to do additional checks, then 221g is issued and the visa is either approved or denied at the end of the process (can take weeks or months).

  25. DJ


    Mine is fresh H1b application with EVC model . I havent done masters , i have 3 yrs exp in India . Will my visa be rejected . I have visa on 29th . worried now !!!

    1. pavan

      I am also getting fresh H1 for FY 2015 with 3 yrs exp. a consultant has offered me after paying him money .It is EC model. Let me know if you have got visa stamped last year

  26. Srinivas

    do I need to carry original petition ? My employer says, only the bottom receipt is required and I don’t need original petition. I have OFC on 20th and interview on 26th. please reply so that I can ask my employer to send it in overnight courier.

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