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H1B Visa Extension – When to file petition? Fee? Issues ?

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I got my H1B visa extension approval notice just a day before my first 3 year H1B visa and I94 were expiring. I have experienced some real nervous days in US when I had to wait for my H1B visa extension. I was not sure about my future as some of my friends got H1B extension denied or got RFEs.  Anyways, the point is I could have avoided some of those tensions if I had planned well. I will explain few things that might be helpful about extending your visa.

When to file H1B visa extension petition ?

USCIS lets you apply for H1B visa extension 6 months before the expiration. What it means is, let’s say your H1B visa is expiring October 1st, 2018 then you can apply your visa petition anytime after April 1st, 2018.  The question arises is, How soon should you start the H1B renewal process ? It depends, the sooner the better. Ideally, USCIS takes two to three months for processing the H1B visa petitions.  If you are not applying for premium processing, you should apply at least 3 months before your H1B is expiring. It gives enough time for USCIS to process the application. There are cases where they take longer, but at least you planned ahead of time. What it means is, you should talk to your employer and attorney at least 4 months before your H1B visa is expiring and get the ball rolling. They may need some documents and you might need some time to gather them. Also, with the New H1B rules after Trump  and previous rules for H1B Extensions like Employer -Employee Relationship, you should do it as soon as you can as there may be more paper work from your employer side and USCIS may take longer too.

What if your H1B extension was filed, but USCIS has not processed your application yet and your H1B visa expired ? Can you still work  ?

This question was something that bothered me a lot as I was waiting for my H1B approval notice. You will not believe how many people I have talked to about this to clarify. Anyways, the information I have gathered after talking to few employers, lawyers, friends is : as long as you have filed the H1B extension before the expiration of the visa and I-94, you are good. You can keep working until you get a response from USCIS. You do not have to worry about anything because as per law, you have done your job and you are waiting for USCIS to respond.  So, how long can you work ? Well, as per  USCIS rules, you can work for up to 240 waiting for your petition decision. I know people who have been working for 6 months too…Always keep checking with your attorney and raise case inquiry, if it is getting delayed.

Is it worth doing Premium for H1B extension ? How long does it take ?

Well, the answer depends on your need. If you switching employers, then it may a good idea to do premium processing. But, if you are applying through the same employer, I do not really see any point in spending extra $1,410 US dollars for premium processing. As you know you can file for extension before 6 months, you can plan ahead of time and avoid this expense.  Typically, USCIS guarantees the premium processing time for H1B visa is 15 Calendar days. They say that they expect to have a decision within 15 Calendar days.

How much does it cost for H1B visa extension ?

The extension filing fee is same as filing a new H1B visa petition except if you are filing H1B extension through the same company, you do not have to pay the $500  Fraud detection/ prevention fee. Check out H1B Visa Filing Fee Summary to get an idea. You should check USCIS website for correct H1B filing fee, as they revise fee every year or 6 months.

You must also read : documents needed for H1B visa and filing fee for full information on what NOT to give and what to give…

Consequences If no H1B visa extension approval document by the visa expiration date:

  • You will have an expired driver’s license, unless you were proactive and contacted the DMV and they agreed to give you an exception. You cannot really drive because your drivers license will be expired and it is illegal to drive with an expired driver’s license. You can read my horrible experience with expired driver’s license and H1b visa expired situation issues
  • You do not really have any legal ID given by US government because you may not have driver’s license. You will have to carry your passport all the time for any travel or going to bar. Imagine, you going to bar with a passport and you losing it ? not so good… This is a very critical thing for travel.

What has been your experience with H1B Visa Extension ?  Please share your thoughts.

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Comments ( 909 )

  1. sanjeev

    I have a stamped US H1B visa since 2017 and it is expiring on Oct-2019.

    I have never travelled to US. So can a different employer apply for extension for this after its expiry ?

    1. administrator

      It is slightly grey area, but as you had H1B stamping done, you would very likely be considered as cap exempt.

  2. Prabhakar

    Hi ,can anyone share your recent experience as how long it is taking to get the original h1 extension petition from uscis ?My h1 extension got approved 7days back .So when will I get my original petition from uscis?

  3. Rajesh


    My I-94 Expiry date is 31st May 2019 and i am with the same employer. Due to many family issues, i applied for visa extension just before 15 days. Now my employer asking for role change and it will take another 3 or 4 days to update in the internal system. But after that, i have only 25 days. My employer will take another 10 days to verify the document and submit. Will USCIS accept the application or not. If i try in premium what will happen.

  4. mlf_user1


    My current visa is expiring on May 14 2019 and due to some emergency I need to travel to India for one month. I have already booked my ticket which is on first week of March and my returned ticket is on 4th of April. I have exact 40 days of window to enter into USA. My extension has been filed couple of weeks ago and i have already received extension receipt of it few days back.

    Is it advisable to travel in this scenario? I have done lots of research on it but couldn’t find proper information.

    Will there be any issues at port of entry while entering into USA?

    What kind of questions I’ll be asked?

    What all are the documents I need to carry?

    I’m working for XYZ (Banking & Finance) company as a full-time employee.

  5. First time guy


    I have one question here , I heard H1B validity is 6 years .Initially I got VISA for three years and working in US ._After three years I am for my extension and if got approval I don’t have any issue .
    But in case if we got any extension rejection I have to move India .
    Here can I use my same H1B with another extension(Becuase still I have three years )or I have to apply new petition to go for lottery selection .

    1. administrator

      You can file under cap exemption as your H1B was approved once, no need to go through lottery again as you had approved H1B once.

  6. Soni Khetan

    Hi Sir,

    I have a query regarding on Visa extension as my husband’s visa is getting expired in this December 2018 and he is already in US but me and my daughters visa is also getting expired on this December.

    My husband’s Visa extension is applied on 8th Nov 2018, just 11 days back. and somehow me and my daughter can not travel to US before the visa expiration date.

    By when My husband’s visa extension get expected to be approved as the dependent visa extension can only be applied once my husband’s visa will be approved, is it or any other way to handle this situation as we were planning to fly by end of February 2019.

    Please suggest.


    1. Soni Khetan

      Sorry , i missed to mention that me and my daughter are in India but my husband is in US already and We were planning to fly next year by EOM February.

  7. Amol

    My Visa will get expire in Aug 2019 (Within 8 Months).

    Couple of Questions:-
    1)In case of H1B transfer, can new employer file for amendment along with extension or extension has to be filed only 6 months before visa gets expired?

    2) What if my new employer has started regular processing of visa amendment/ extension and incase premium processing suspension gets revoked in Feb 2019, can employer switch from regular to premium processing?

  8. AD


    My H1B extension approved before expiration of my I-94 however my company forget to apply for my family ( spouse and kids ) with my extension case and they applied now and my family I-94 got expired and company applied for their extension after 40 days of I-94 expiration, what are chances and is there any way to keep family in the US.


  9. Mayuri

    You can stay in the US for 8 months (240 days) after your latest i94 expiration date if you haven’t received a response from USCIS. At the end of 8 months if you still do not have an approval, you have to leave the country.

    1. Hani

      My I-94 and Visa petition expiry dates are different. Is 240 day rule based on I-94 expiry or Visa petition expiry. Thanks

  10. PRIYA

    Need your advise on my present scenario.

    My visa and i-94 is getting expired on 25th June. My company has started my extension processing recently. I work for a MNC and Fragommen is our attorney.
    Does anyone have experience on how many days it takes for Fragommen to file the extension ? As i would be able to stay here once i have the receipt of filing, wanted to know on just filing timelines by Fragommen?

    Thanks !

  11. Nandha

    I Got My RFE and then Denial for my Visa.I have left US within 3 days after i received the Notice.Now i am considering to change my employer and reapply with New employer since my current employer require me to get promoted due to internal criteria to process H1B NSC.
    Please let me know whether the New employer will require the Extension denial notice hard/soft copy for his processing?

  12. Nandha

    I Got My RFE and then Denial for my Visa.USCIS website have not changed the status but company portal they have updated as denial and they are waiting to receive the denial reason.

    USCIS website is not updated with the decision also.Let m eknow what to be done my visa have ended on Oct 20 2017 my visa got denied on 03-jan-2018,how long i can legally can stay.

    1. Ram

      I am so sorry to hear about your denial. Your are technically out of status as soon as you or your employer receives the hard copy of the denial notice. Most likely, the notice might ask you to leave too. Though you are out of status, you are going to need some time to wind up your activities and plan for leaving. But remember you would be accruing unlawful stay, so plan to leave in a reasonable time frame.

    2. Ram

      IS the denial for Extension or Just Amendment?

      What happens if it’s for Amendment but Visa (I94)is valid for 2 more months

  13. Sam


    I was arrested for CDV and case got dismissed, I am planning to change to new employee or I need to go extn thru my current employee, will I have any problem ?
    how it will impact on my Green card and when i go for visa stamping ?


    1. administrator

      Sam, Not sure, if that will have an impact as it was never proven. I suggest you speak to an immigration attorney, just to clarify and be sure.

  14. Debkrishna Basu


    I am a first time onsite traveler, currently working in India. My H1B VISA petition will expire on 12-Dec-2017. My VISA interview scheduled on next week. I have 2 questions:

    01. If I’ll not able to travel on/before 12-Dec-2017, then what will be the procedure to renew the VISA ?
    02. Is there any possibility, to file an extension of the same being at offshore (India) ?

    Kindly share the answers separately.


  15. Raje

    Hi, my visa is expiring in sep 30. Current employer has applied Extn. Now I have another job offer. Can I accept it. The other employer is saying there is no risk.. any advise

  16. Anvita

    Hi, I’m currently on H1 visa (first H1) which is valid till Aug 10, 2017. My contract ended so I do not have a project now. My employer said he can file for extension only if I get a project. I applied for F1 visa, which has school start date as Aug 28, 2017. Is it legal to stay in the US from Aug 11- Aug 27? Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.

  17. Harita

    My husband applied for H1B extension in Nebraska service center and his application got rejected saying “not our jurisdiction”. He applied for extension under the same employer and he works in Virginia. Can you please help and suggest where should we send the application? His H1B is getting expired in June 22nd and his application has got back twice from Nebraska since March. Please help!

  18. Dil

    H1B Extension denied – My current H1B is valid till June-30-2017 and applied for extension in premium on March, got RFE for the following documents
    1. Employee-employer relation – provided
    2. Job Duties – provided
    3. Org structure – provided
    4. client letter – Could not provide due to HR policy

    I have provided all the documents and attorney submitted all requested documents on the first week of May-2017, but it got denied on May-15-2017 by saying USCS could not find any documents stating the specialty occupation. This has happened with one of the big MNCs. So, again my company has started another extension by filing new LCA. What would be the chance of the success? How can they prove the specialty occupation? I am having 10 + years of software development experience, post graduation and approved I-140.

    Any leads would be appreciated.


  19. rksingh

    Hi ,
    My current H1B is getting expired on 30th Sept 2017 , currently I am in India and due to client location change and visa expiry date , my employer has filed extension and amendment together . Could you please let me know how much time it takes to get the acknowledgment from USCIS for amendment process and is the amendment and extension separate process in USCIS.

  20. Rajasekhar

    Hi Sir,

    My Visa expires on Jul 12 2017 and I filed for extension just two days back.
    I checked with my attorney for the processing time and they confirmed that it takes 1 year 4 months.

    My question is: Do you want me to go for Premium processing before April 3rd or regular processing is sufficient.
    With 240 days policy total I can stay for only 11 months.


  21. Teenvilla

    I came to US in June and My visa status expired on Dec 31-2016.
    My employer filed for extension in september. Case received on Sep-14-2016.
    It’s been 4 months and I haven’t seen any change in the status.

    Can someone please tell me, how long would USCIS take to process my application. California center is processing my case right now.

    The problem is see are w.r.t:

    1. My client engagement is coming to end in mid Feb. If I do not get the extension..I will have tough time to find another client?
    My employer my have to file another case or new set of documentation, requesting client change and location.

    1. Dinesh Chandra

      just ask your Employer/Consultancy to not be so stingy & spend the Premium processing fees of $1225 so that your USCIS can pick your existing case & adjudicate it with in 15 calendar days. You would have to pay a price tag for this security/stability though.

  22. hariraaj

    Dear Sir,

    I have few questions.My application got picked up in H1B lottery by the year 2015 through my organisation.I didnt went for stamping and my petition got expired in Sep2016.I am having Petition number with me.With that do we go for H1B cap Exemption.

  23. Nick

    Hello There,
    My H1B is getting expired in Apr-2017 and i have filed the visa amendment + extension (PP) . if my VISA gets approved before April – 2017 then will i am getting a new i-94 from the date when VISA is approved or after my current valid i-94?

    i mean to say, can i still use my old i-94 to travel?

  24. Shailaja

    My husband is on H1b visa. He got his visa expiration date on Oct 31st 2016…so based on his visa even my visa got expiration date on Nov 6th 2016.
    I’m staying currently in India along with my son. My son got tourist visa which is for 180days.(6months).we came to India on may 27 2016. We have been staying here for more than 6 months now. We got to change our sons visa from tourist visa to entry visa,as he got to stay only for 180 days.

    My husband says,there company had applied for his visa extension on July mid week…
    It’s been 5months already.. and we haven’t received any updates.

    My question is:
    I want to go back to US along with my kid.
    1)How long does it take for my husband’s visa to get extended?
    2)Is there any other option that I can travel to US without my visa extension?

    Thank you.

  25. ktechie

    During my previous stay, my H1 expiry date was July 10 2013. I had applied for extension and my receipt date was July 5 2013. When the approval notice came, it had the valid from date as Nov 14 2013 till Nov 14 2014 and receipt date as July 5 2013. I am just confused if my stay between July 5 2013 till Nov 14 2013 is valid or not.

  26. Goku


    I am in a strange situation. My H1-B petition(i-797) is expiring in March 2017 whereas both my passport visa stamp and I-94 form are expiring in March 2018. When should i apply for extension, please help

    Thank you

    1. Golu

      My current I94 expires on 07/16/2017 and I have got my new I94 approved which has start date as 05/04/2017(same date when my petition was approved) and end date as 09/30/2017 (does this practically means I got 2 months’ extension?) what does this mean? please suggest.

    2. administrator


      Extensions need to be applied anytime your 797 and/or your I-94 are expiring. You mentioned 797 expiring in Mar 2017 – that is in past. Was extension applied?

  27. Jay


    My H1B extension application receipt date is 21st July 2016 and it has been filed with Nebraska service center.
    The latest application status showing on the USCIS official website is – “Name Was Updated”

    I have following queries pertaining to my application:-
    1. Latest status shown on the USCIS website are as below:-
    Receipt No Received on Service Center Application Latest status shown on the USCIS website
    EAC1617XXXXXX 23-May-16 Vermount Amendment Case Was Received
    LIN1620XXXXXX 21-Jul-16 Nebraska Extension Name Was Updated

    2. What does the status “Name was updated” mean?
    3. When can I expect my extension and amendment approvals?
    4. When I filed my VISA extension, my amendment was in process (filed with VERMOUNT service center – Receipt No: EAC1617XXXXXX).
    Is it going to affect my H1B extension application? It has been observed that VERMOUNT has much more backlogs and hence it might take more time to get my amendment approval.
    However, normal processing time for Nebraska service center is less than 3-4 months.
    5. Is it going to affect the processing timeline if applications are filed at different service center? How does it get processed when applications are filed at different service centers?
    6. As per the information available on the internet –
    If any employee has their amendment in process, USCIS will process his/her “extension” only after getting an “amendment approval”.
    7. What if I travel to my home country when my application is under process?

    Thank you!

  28. Gokul

    Kindly clarify the following query regarding H1B Visa Extension.

    Can I able to apply used H1B visa extension from outside US?

    My current scenario is I was in US from Oct 2015 to April 2016(nearly 7 months) and due to resource unavailability I’ve moved to Germany from US for same account currently am in Germany and my H1B visa is going to expired on July 2017. Due to Dependance and resource unavailability I am forced to stay in Germany but not more then June 2017, So it is possible to apply H1B visa from Germany before H1B expires?

  29. PrasV


    My H1B visa expires by the 22nd of November 2016 and I-94
    is valid till the 2nd Dec . I came to the US
    a month ago as there was a long delay in getting the visa stamped.

    My couple of questions.

    i) If I file for extension through PP before end of October, would I get
    approved assuming no RFEs before the expiry dates ? Is it mandatory to get the approval before the date of expiry or just the filing is good enough ?

    ii) How long can I stay here after the filing ? Also, can I switch employers
    during the waiting time ?

    1. administrator


      1. It is important that extension is applied before your current 797 and I-94 expiration date.

      2. Once it has been filed, you can stay for up to 240 days post I-94 expiration date, or H-1 extension denial date (whichever is earlier). If you want to change employers, do that before your I-94 expires. Once I-94 expires, your transfer would be dependent upon the approval of the pending extension.

  30. NKV

    My H1B gets expired in Feb 2017, and I am still in India, planning to make a travel by end of October. Please let me know if that would be too late to file an extension. I am also planning to bring my family to US by March. During that time, my petition extension would still be under processing. Would there be any issue, for my family’s travel? What visa they can apply for.. Can they still be applying as H1B dependents against my Visa?

    1. administrator


      If you enter US in late Oct, you still have enough time to file for extension. I would suggest either have your family enter US before the extension is filed (so that their extensions can be applied w/ you), or after your extension has been approved (so that they get stay period based one extended petition).

      If they enter while extension is in progress, then they will get stay until current petition expiration date and need to file extension ASAP using your extension receipt as reference.

  31. akhere

    My amendment is in progress.

    My visa will expire after 8 months.

    I read everywhere extension can be filed min 6 months before expiry of visa.
    But some of my friends told they filed amendment+extension together 9-10 months before expiry of visa.

    So does it mean 6 month rule is applicable when alone extension is filed. Otherwise amendment+extension can be filed even 10 month or 1 year before expiry???

    So can we file extension now to modify amendment to amendment+extension

    1. administrator


      You are correct. When applying extension with amendment, it can be applied even before 6 month expiration date.

      I don’t think you can change amendment to amendment + extension now.

  32. Aks


    I totally missed the expiration date of my H1B visa. It expires on 25 Sep 2016. I have just one week. I have sent my documents to my lawyer. What steps should I take to minimize the damage? Would I be able to work past 25 Sep 2016.

    1. administrator


      If your extension package doesn’t reach USCIS office before Sep 25th, then you will start accumulating out of status. The cleanest way is to leave US if this happens. Did you ask the attorney when he would be ready to file?

  33. Paras

    Hi Sir,

    My current H1B extension will expire on 15 March,2017. I am still in India and got my stamping done few days back itself due to longer than usual waiting time in US consulate, Mumbai. I got my visa stamped valid till 15 March,2017. I am planning to travel on 05 October, 2016. My question is that:
    I will file extension immediately after coming to US. But I need to travel back to India in the first week of February,2017 due to unavoidable conditions. At that time I will hold valid visa on my passport. So can I travel internationally after my extension gets filed and before current visa expiration?

    Someone was telling me that, in my case I94 will get updated and I need to resubmit the updated I94 to USICS and they will reprocess my extension again from scratch. Is it true?

    Please advice. Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator


      The advice you received about I-94 is correct. Your H-1 extension would be approved w/ consular processing if you leave US while it is pending. So either apply in PP to get H-1 extended prior to leaving US, or apply for it after re-entering US next year.

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