H1B Visa Approval Trends, Top Industries, Top Countries FY 2007 to 2017

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As many of you are going through the H1B process and experiencing long delays, you maybe wondering, is it like this every year or something new…USCIS has recently released H1B receipt filings, approval rates and other key stats as part of the transparency under the Trump’s  Buy American Hire American Executive Order .  I have tried to put the graphs together from the available data in tables for everyone’s benefit.  Below are some of them.

H1B Approval Rates by year from FY 2007 to 2017.

USCIS gave data of receipts and approvals. I just computed the approval percentages. You can see the significant drop in H1B approvals percentage from average 87% to 59% last year for FY 2017.  Approximately, the average in all 10 years is around 75 to 80%, but it is dropped significantly last year to 60%.  Definitely, the data speaks about the tighter H1B visa adjudication process by USCIS.

H1B Visa Approval Rate Trends 2007 to 2017 by USCIS

H1B Visa Filings by Country from FY 2007 to FY 2017

The below graph is pretty clear, India, China, Philippines & South Korea are the major beneficiaries of the program.  What it means is that, if the rules get tough under Trump administration, there is potential for more rejections for applicants filed under these countries.

H1B Visa Filings by Country 2007 to 2017 History USCIS Data

H1B Visa Applications by Industry FY 2007 to 2017 (Top 30)

The three major industries that utilize H1B program are Custom Computer Programming Services, Computer System Design Services and Colleges & Universities.  It is not surprising to see this as the major beneficiaries from the global IT outsourcing companies fall under these, except Universities.

H1B Visa Petitions Filing Trend by Industry Top 30 FY 2007 to 2017

USCIS Actual Data – Table Format

With these above stats and the new H1B Rules for H1B extensions, we can expect more delays, RFEs and stats may change for the upcoming years, both from approvals, industries, and countries.

What are your thoughts on the H1B Trends and Data ?  What is the future for H1B prospective holders ?

Reference : USCIS Forms Data & Reports  

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Comments ( 12 )

  1. Guru

    I have been visiting your website for more than 5 years now. You guys are awesome. Hope you update on issa bill which was approved by committee on Nov 15th

    1. administrator

      Thanks Guru. It is too early to write detail info on this because, it is just approved by a committee, but nothing more than that. We have many bills around the same status in House as listed at H1B Visa Bills – Status . We will post more as it moves to certain stage.

  2. Prashanth


    What I meant to ask was if I-129 petition has been denied by USICS, is there any chance if my employer files an appeal.


  3. Prashanth

    Hi Kumar,

    Can you please tell what are the chances if the I-140 petition has been denied by USCIS. Will the status change if the employer files an appeal? Please let me know.


    1. administrator

      Everything depends on the case and it is very hard to give a generic answer. No one can tell you, even you attorney on the chances…all you can do is do everything right and hope for the best.

  4. Arsal

    Is this 59% approval rate for 2017 expected to increase AFTER all current RFEs are resolved? Or this %age is only taking into account the resolved cases.

  5. Bala

    For H1B approved cases this year(2017), what is the probability of success in interview. As there has been a lot of rejection in interview stage in past.

    1. administrator

      It is very hard to say, everything depending on the case, all you can do is have proper documentation and be confident. Yes, there is definitely more scrutiny than in the past.

  6. Charles

    Are there stats on # of RFEs compared to years past and how many of those result in approvals or rejections? My employer got an RFE for my position. I’m curious what that means for my chances. I’m applying from Canada.

    1. administrator

      No, that data is not available. Usually, such stats are not published usually. AILA requested some data in the past under FOIA, to get such info. But, nothing current.

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