H1B Visa and H4 Visa Stamping Experience 2015 Mumbai India

H1B, H4 Visa Stamping Experience 2015 – List of Questions – Mumbai, India 2015

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One of our readers, Praveen has attended H1B and H4  visa interview along with his family in Mumbai earlier this year. He has taken time to write up a detail visa stamping experience, including set of questions he used to prepare for the interview. It is very well written experience and worth reading for anyone planning to attend H1B visa interview.  Thanks to Praveen for taking time to share his experience with our readers. You can share yours as well here, so that we can publish it.


First of all i would like to thanks to the editor of this website who has started such a good webpage in which we can get each and every information regarding USA.  I too had very good experience and I too had prepared myself well in advance by the help of blogs present here and successfully got visa stamped 🙂  Let me share you my experience and also some of pet question which VO asked during interview.

Background Information – H1B Filing, Lottery Selection, Approval.

Getting H1B is everyone’s dream so was mine. I got sponsorship from a company based out in Detroit (MI).  They filled H1B petition for me on April XX 2014, and gave me the receipt number so that I can track online at USCIS website.  On May XX 2014, I got mail that my petition got selected in lottery,  that was wonderful day for me.  Once every week I use to track the status of my application. On August XX 2014, I came to know my H1B petition got approved now the day has arrived for which I was waiting……Visa stamping day…  Due to some personal issues I took VISA interview date bit late i.e; on  XX Jan and XX Jan 2015

XX Jan for OFC (Biometric) and XX Jan for VO interview.

Documents I carried to the Consulate for H1B visa Interview:

  • Passport
  • DS-160 confirmation
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Original I797
  • I129
  • LCA
  • Client letter
  • Wedding album
  • My Resume
  • Educational Documents.
  • Offer Letter from H1B Company
  • Consulate letter from H1B Company
  • My previous Experience Letters
  • Bank statement
  • 2 PP photos of all of us

My experience was good but I too have some question from embassy which I will explain here.

On XX Jan2015 I went to OFC center which is located opp. MTNL building in Bandra Kurla Complex, there as it was Sunday I was expecting lot of crowd, which stands true.

Note : There is no Locker facility to keep your belongings like bag, cellphone, etc.

On gate I showed my OFC appointment letter and my PP, which one of VFS guys verified and guided me to go in ( I was accompanying with my wife and my 3 yr. old son). After entering the building at another verification point a lady checked my and my wife’s & child PP and issued a token number and put sticker behind our Passport.

After entering the premises I saw 10-12 counters where all Indians were sitting, and there was big screen in front of you where you can check the token number and as per your turn you can go to the counter window.

Everything was normal and there was no sign of fear or anxiousness on anybody’s face who ever was there.  My wife’ token number was shown on screen and she went for photo and fingerprint scan. After that my number was shown on screen and then I went with my son

Questions at OFC Center for H1B Visa Stamping – Mumbai, India

  • Me: Good Morning mam.
  • OFC Center lady : Good morning, can I have your PP
  • Me: I passed it to her.
  • (she scanned its barcode) and asked
  • OFC Center lady : Why you want to go to states?
  • Me: (I was not expecting this question at least from her) I said, its new opportunity for my there.
  • OFC Center lady : What’s your son DOB?
  • Me: XX:XX:XXXX
  • OFC Center  lady: can I have his pic?
  • Me: I gave it to her ( for biometric they don’t take pics of kids less than 5 years old, one has to take pic as specified in standard with him while going for biometric).

The OFC center Lady struggled bit to adjust kids pic on wall and focusing her camera, after few min she returned it to me( they don’t take Kids finger print). Then they took my pic and my fingerprint of both hands and I left the premises.  The day was cool, whole process took hardly 10min. advised not to reach before 30min, as the security person will not allow you to enter.

 H1B and H4 Visa Stamping Day 2 at US Consulate in Mumbai, India

As my appointment for VO was at 08:00Am, I reached at 06:30Am at BKC outside USA consulate. I was prepared with all necessary documents aligned.  There were 20-30 people at that moment, I was relaxed that my turn will come soon coz of less people, as the watch showed 07:00Am suddenly  I noticed people start gathering and at of sudden there was 200-250 people waiting outside consulate for being interviewed.  I enquired some were for tourist visa some for crew visa some for student visa and some for PR, all of them made a queue at consulate gate, I too joined them and stand in queue, the VFS guy outside started checking everyone’s PP and scanned the sticker behind it.

At 08:00Am I was in at consulate premises, before entering the consulate at gate they scanned our documents and warned not to carry any USB, Cellphone, CD, Hard disk which I was not carrying. At entry a guy again check our PP and guided us to seating area.  We seated there, after 20-25Min they said our row to move inside consulate main building area where VO sits.

As I entered the building I saw again there was 15-18 counters and every one was talking/replying to VO, again after entering the Vo area a lady (US) took our fingerprint (perhaps she matched it what we gave previous day), and we moved ahead in queue.

Before me there was 2 students and one of the guys(crew visa) waiting for interview and I was also observing other counter, one can listen easily what VO asking to other candidate, someone trying to convince the VO and the VO was not satisfy and issuing white slip and for some VO was taking long time while interviewing. In front of me the VO seems to be in good mood and easy but at other row VO was not easy and asking too many questions. My turn came.

H1B Visa Interview Questions India – Mumbai

  • Me : Good Morning sir.
  • VO : Good Morning.
  • Vo: PP please
  • Me: passed it to him.
  • VO : Since how long you been working with this employer?
  • Me : This is new opportunity sir.
  • VO : Oh ! Can i have your petition?
  • Me: passed.
  • VO : scanned the bar code and did some thing in his system.
  • VO : what do you do?
  • Me: Explained
  • VO: What does this employer do?
  • Me: Explained
  • VO: Where are you going?
  • Me: Detroit.
  • VO did something and wrote something in his system while asking questions.
  • VO : How’s baby doing?
  • Me: Fine sir.
  • VO : Tied band to our all three PP, and asked, are you going to work for any client?
  • Me: As I was prepared and I was expecting this question, I said “NO”.
  • ‘Coz if said yes VO would have asked for client side letter.
  • At last he said what I was waiting to hear and for what I did this lot of preparations.
  • VO: I am approving you VISA, you will receive a SMS regarding that.

HAPPY : -) and left the premises, very next day I got SMS that my PP is ready to collect from nearest collection center.  I collected my PP and checked all details.

This was my experience, now I am sharing some set of questions which VO asks, and which I prepared and made list for my own interview hope it will help some of users.

Other H1B Visa Questions that can be asked in Visa Interview:

  • What does your US employer / company do ?
  • What will be your job duties in the US company ?
  • How many employees does the US company have ?
  • What is the annual turnover of the US company ?
  • Where will you be working in the US ?
  • What are your primary work skills and benefits ?
  • How long have you worked with your current employer ?
  • What is your current salary ?
  • Have you ever been in a ‘no-job no-salary’ kind of situation ?
  • What is your role in the current company ?
  • Which university in the US did you study at ?
  • What is your highest education level ?
  • Where will you be staying in the US ?
  • How long do you plan to stay in the US ?
  • Which State do you live in / will be living in the US ? What’s your opinion about the State ?

H1B Visa Questions about your intent:

  • What is the purpose of your trip to the United States?
  • Do you have any family in the United States?
  • Why are you changing your Job?
  • Why do you want to work in the US?
  • Have you applied for visa for any other country?
  • Do you know what is the living cost in the U.S. specific to the place where you are going?
  • When are you planning to travel?
  • How will you survive for the first month?
  • Have you been to any other country before?
  • If yes, how long was your stay there?
  • Will you come back to India?
  • When will you return to India?
  • Why would you want to return to India?
  • Is it your first H1B or visa revalidation?
  • After the conclusion of your visa, what do you plan to do?

H1B Visa Interview Questions about your education and experience:

  • Are you a student?
  • Which university is your degree from?
  • What was your thesis about?
  • What is the difference between PL/SQL and SQL?
  • What software you know? Do you have work experience with these?
  • What courses did you complete in India?
  • Show me your certificates.
  • Show me your educational certificates and experience letters?
  • Tell me about the jobs you have done, and your work experience.
  • What is your highest educational qualification?

Questions about your current job and company:

  • How long have you been working?
  • Where are you working currently?
  • What is your current salary?
  • What is your current role in the current company?
  • Is it an Indian company you currently work for?

Questions about your sponsoring company:

  • What is the company you are going to work for in USA?
  • Where are you going to work in US?
  • Why are you joining [New Company]?
  • How do you know this is a real company?
  • When did you receive your offer letter?
  • What will you be working on there? Is it an internal project?
  • I need a client letter describing your work project.
  • Tell me what do you know about [New Company]?
  • When was the US company founded?
  • Tell me about the project and the company (client) you will be working for?
  • How did you find out about this company?
  • How did you contact the [New Company]?
  • What is the current project you will be working on?
  • What are your responsibilities and for which client are you going to work for?
  • Do you have any proof from your new employer regarding your responsibilities?
  • Do you have any company photographs?
  • How long has the company been in the current location?
  • How many rounds of interviews has the USA company conducted?
  • What is the name of your interviewer?
  • Can you give me the dates of your interview?
  • Who are the clients for your U.S. company?
  • What are the technologies you are working on?
  • Who is the President/CEO of the U.S. company?
  • What kind of projects is the U.S. company working on?
  • What is the annual turn over of the company?
  • How many employees does the U.S. Company have?
  • What’s your designation in [Previous Company] and what’s your designation in the [New Company]?
  • Will you be working from [New Company] office or client’s place?
  • Can I see the Employee petition to USCIS and the Tax Returns of the Company?
  • What is the salary you will get in USA?
  • How many rounds of interviews did the U.S. company conduct?
  • What are they? 4 rounds (2 technical, 1 HR, 1 manager interview)
  • Can I see your client end letter and itinerary of services

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Comments ( 77 )

  1. Geeta

    Hello guys, I had submited my visa renewal documents at drop box pune but status is pending as finger print verification is required at OFC mumbai..I would be going alone , as there won’t be visa interview, I am not staying at hotel..my question is for finger print verification, do they allow to carry your phone if you switch it off or can you keep the phone at security guard or is there any shop nearby where you can keep your belongings in exchange of money..Please help me..

  2. Raghav

    Hi Ram,

    My employer is a US based company. My H1B got approved and COS activated on Oct 1. I traveled to india for stamping on Oct 3 and yesterday the interviewer at the new delhi consulate asked to submit more documentation. Me, my office, and my lawyers are working on getting the documentation ready. My question:
    1) How long does it take for them to process things and take the next action (more doc requests or ask to bring passport for stamping) after I email the documents they have asked me to email?
    2) While this processing take place, am I allowed to work for the same company remotely from india? If it takes more than a month I would need the income to pay US bills.

  3. Naresh


    I got H1B through CAP Exemption after RFE on November, 2014. Due to personal reasons, I couldnt attend Stamping till now. Now,I have scheduled visa interview for next week. Will there be any questions on why I didnt attend stamping till now?
    Also, LCA expires byApril, 2017. So do I get visa for three years or till end of LCA only? Please clarify!

    Thanks in advance!!


          1. Naresh

            Thanks Saurabh!

            I have one more question.

            As I dint travel on H1B till now, is it possible to extend visa after its end date from USA Or will it be considered as 6 years finished even though I didnt travel?

          2. administrator


            It can be extended until you have spent 6 years inside US on H-1. So all the lost time can be recaptured.

  4. pratik


    i had my h1b interview in feb 2016 mumbai location

    below question were asked by VO

    VO :good mornin

    vo: What is purpose for your travel?

    Vo : what is your role
    should say role as per petition

    Vo: what is your salary?

    Vo:who is your client?

    Vo: what you will do for your client?

    Vo: you are married?

    Is your wife coming with you?

    these are questions asked by vo. There were two more guys in my queue who has h1b both of them cleared and even i also cleared … so mostly nothing much diff they will ask u.. only whatever u will say shud be with confident and as per petition and lca.

    1. Naresh

      Thanks Saurabh!

      I have one more question.

      As I dint travel on H1B till now, is it possible to extend visa after its end date from USA Or will it be considered as 6 years finished even though I didnt travel?


  5. Pradeep

    Hi all,

    I have a question. I have my I-797 from Company A and it was acquired by company B recently. I am travelling to india for stamping and I qualify for the interview waiver program. Our attorney suggest that we shouldnt take the interview waiver and should attend the itnerview in person so we can provide with the necessary documents about acquisition. But from what I heard, we can’t override the interview waiver and schedule an appointment. Has anybody come across a similar situation? Please help!

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hope4H1B

    Hello Everybody.

    I had my H1B consular interview last week Friday at Hyderabad consulate. Everything went well but VO has kept my case in Administrative processing, more over he returned all the three passports of mine, wife and my kid. I can see that my case in Administrative processing where in it says it can take server weeks. I am not sure what are the chances here. What exactly they do in Administrative processing ? Do you thing the visa can be issued? Does any one had same case ? Appreciate if you guys can put some information for same. My fingers are crossed and until when I am not sure .

    1. administrator


      There could be multiple reasons for visa stamping to go into administrative processing. It could be as trivial as getting PIMS update to more complicated like verifying client/project or getting security clearance.

      Wait for them to reach out to you. If they need anything, they will ask for the documents. If not, they will issue the visa stamp.

  7. krishna

    I got my f1 visa approved spring 2016 for SVU. Now iam planning to go H4 dependent visa, and recently my wife went to us by H1b visa. please anybody can help me in this. now i can attend for H4 visa already i have f1 ?

    1. administrator


      They may cancel your F-1 visa stamp w/o prejudice when approving your H-4. Just treat it as a usual H-4, and don’t worry about your existing F-1.

      I assume you no longer intent to study on F-1. So let the officer know if asked about your F-1.

  8. Sreeni

    Hi All

    Yesterday I had interview at Chennai. VO asked below questions
    1. Give me your passport
    2. Who is your employer
    3. Show me I797 form
    4. Working in Client place or Employer place
    5. What is your project
    6. Brief me about the project
    7. How was the interview
    8. What are the difficult questions you had faced
    9. Are you married
    10. Why didn’t you bring here
    11. Do you have kinds and how many
    “YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED”. Please go through rights pomplet.

    Thanks for Red bus to get prepared for all.

  9. Susheel

    Inspite of all the bragging and internal memos about weeding about fake documents these american a..hs. don’t do any background check usually, unless you are very unlucky in which case the refuse genuine people as fake. I was recently shocked (nov dec 2015) when a few persons who have been early to US on fake education and exp on h-1 visas returned to india and applied again using same documents and got the visas again. So it is all b.s..talk so that the weak hearts stay away from using fake documents. they don’t have any back ground or fraud prevention strategy. If at all they randomly check 1 in 100 or probably 20 applicants for fraud.

  10. Amarnath


    I have a question..

    I filed a H1B it got picked in lottery, But to my application got RFC, Which is answered 1 month back.. Any idea how much time it will take to have a update on my RFC .. If there is any way to check the process let me know.

    Please help me 🙂

    1. administrator

      Its RFE and not RFC. There is no set processing time, but can take anywhere from few weeks to several months.

  11. TheAmericanDream

    Thank you everyone for sharing your visa interview experiences here. It really helped me in preparing for my case.
    Below is my experience at mumbai consulate:
    OFC: Nothing special
    Visa Interview:
    VO: So, what does this company do?
    Me: explained. To the point.
    VO: Since how long you working with them?
    Me: I am working since xxx years with my current company but this one is a new opportunity (stressed on new)
    VO: Oh, new job! how did you get it?
    Me: Explained whole process
    VO: What will you do for them?
    Me: Started explaining,( he was typing something, so missed first sentenc. Asked me to repeat). I repeated. (He interrupted in the mid.)
    VO: Are you directly going to work for this company or any other client?
    Me: Directly going to join this comp at their XXX office
    VO: (looking into the screen for 30 sec), I am approving your visa, you will get an sms/email within 2-5 day.
    Me & Wife: Thank you very much.
    No question was asked to my wife. No other document except I797 and PP.

    Thanks and all the very best if you have an upcomming appointment,

  12. Krishna441


    I am planning to attend an important Family function in India, I have below questions, could you please clarify me.

    1. I have my Last H1 stamping in India in 01/2011 with Cognizant Technology Solutions US CORP and cam to US on 02/2011. In 2013 i have moved to a very small Desi consulting company. Am i eligible to go for stamping to Jamaica or Mexico now with my Dependents(Wife and Child).

    Is there any possibility of Administartion processing ?

    My client provides Client Letter too.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Krishna, As per US Travel Gov Website, you may be eligible to apply. I do know that in the past there were some changes indicating that some of these consulates do not accept stamping for Third Country Nationals. I suggest you check the current status on the consulate websites of these countries and get confirmation.

  13. Manjunatha

    My Current Visa and Petition is getting expired in this month Sept 2015 and I got my I-797A approved and extended through premium processing with the same employer for next 3 years. My Wife’s H4 visa is getting expired in this month itself (Sept 2015) and I was not knowing that we can include H4 extension request with H1B extension. Now I have applied for H4 extension and received the receipt as well with case number and still it’s under process. Due to some personal emergency I’m traveling to India next week (18th of Sept) with my wife.
    Now I need to go for stamping which I’m thinking to do in October first week. My question is Can I take my wife also with me for Stamping ? Whether she can also get stamping with me ? What would happen to the current H4 extension application ? Please advise.

    Also, Do I need to go for Visa Interview or would DROPBOX help me with this case ?

    Appreciate your quick response on this please.

    1. Rams


      I have paid H1 fee and confirmed my DS 160 form. It need small correction.. In my Father name, 1 character need to be added,. Will it create any problem in Visa interview. What are the next steps i have to do.. Please help me.


  14. Rams

    Praveen, i have a question.. I have Canada ICT visa valid for 1 year 6 months. Next month i am going to attended H1B visa interview. What possible questions i can expect from VO?

  15. TheAmericanDream

    Hi Kumar,
    I have another query. If someone working at petitioner owned location for a client project, is client letter a must? As per following link it seems its not a must

    1. administrator

      It depends on how your employer/ attorney has filed your petition. It may or may not be required. The memorandum FAQs you have given are related specific to the establishment of employer, employee relationship. These were given to avoid the IT Bodyshop fraud few years ago.

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can. When you schedule the interview you can choose interview language and select other language that your dependent speaks. Check USTtraveldocs website for more information.

  16. H1B Hopeful

    Good Evening All,

    I attended my H1B Visa Stamping at the Chennai Consulate and I was subject to the 2016 H1B Masters Cap having missed out on the lottery in 2015. Below is my experience at the Visa Interview:

    VO: Good Morning
    Me: Good Morning Sir, How are you doing today?
    VO: Doing good, thank you and you?
    Me: Doing good, thank you Sir.

    VO: Can I have your PP please.

    VO: Which Company will you be working for?
    Me: Answered.

    VO: Which City will you be working at?
    Me: Answered.

    VO: Have you ever been to Sri Lanka? (Well that was really random)
    ME: No (Thank God :D)

    VO: A couple of minutes of silence as the VO was typing on his computer.
    VO: Your Visa has been approved, thank you.

    I never expected the interview be such a cake walk and no documents other than my PP was asked for, but I am glad it was smooth sailing after what I have been through for more than 1 year after not having made the H1B Lottery in 2015 although I was part of Masters Quota and having had to stop working in March and not being eligible for the Cap-Gap. Thought I’d share my experience and I wish everyone all the best.

    Thank you

    H1B Hopeful (Now Granted :))

  17. 221g


    I attended the interview for h1b stamping last month and it was approved. But later received 221g to attend the interview again. VO said they have to do some administrative processing before issuing the visa. Yesterday received the following email:
    Your case has been updated, please log back into your account to view the details.

    Date/Time Case Opened:
    Origin: Email
    Case Reason:
    Public Response: Dear Applicant :

    Your case is pending for the submission of passport. Please submit your passport to the nearest VAC center.terday received the following email:

    Please guide the meaning of this email when My passport is with US EMBASSY Currently. VO took it along with my other documents. Thanks.

      1. 221g

        Hi Kumar,

        I did wrote to them asking the reason for passport submission when they already took my passport during interview. Still waiting for their reply.

        Do you think they have taken the decision on my application that’s why I received the email or it came by mistake?

  18. viku

    H1B and H4 Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate
    I recently attended H1B visa interview at Hyderabad consulate with my wife(H4 visa)

    Ofc was easy becayse I already attended preivously and because of USCIS technical issue my Visa interview was cancelled in June.

    During OFC @ Gaura grand Begumpet Hyderabad:
    1.VO asked Passport and DS 160
    2. VO asked to read pamphlet on wall which is basically oath saying all the documents and information are genuine to the best of my knowledge
    3.VO informed that since I already atttended OFC earlier my Biometric and photograph details were available in system so no need to provide again.
    4. He asked twice whether I have attended any visa interview or not. I said It was cancelled by consulate so I didn’t attend
    5. VO asked me to leave and attend interview as per appointment at consulate.
    6.My wife was on a separate counter and she(VO) asked for another picture but no biometric print. Lady VO informed her that it is already in system.

    Next day @ Consulte, chira fort lane which is next to passport office in Begumpet Hyderabad:

    A person collected mine and my wife passport and gave it to VO. My earlier H1B was rejected so little bit worried with the Q/A round.
    VO: Who is your petitioner?
    Me: said my company name.
    VO: Where you will be working?
    me: Said location and company name
    VO: What will be your role and responsibility?
    Me: Said software devleoper, design coding, framework blah blah.
    VO: Interrupted in between and asked my wife – Where you will be staying?
    Wife: Said location and place.
    VO why you are going to US?
    Wife: To accompany my husband there.
    VO: When you got married?
    wife: said date and duration
    VO: Which place marriage happened?
    Wife: said location
    VO: Was it arranged or love?
    Wife: Arranged
    VO: How many people attended this marriage:
    Wife: Around 300
    VO: He turned to me and asked I can see your visa was refused earlier. Why it was refused?
    Me: Sir it was not refused it was kept in admin processing.
    VO: No sir (angrily) we refused your visa and sent you a refusal letter along with I797 and passport on date XX year XXXX?
    Me: I was waiting for this question and prepared well. I explained him with all in details and told him I have all the ltter communication happened between consulate, client and my petitioner.
    VO: From when you are working with this petioner company?
    Me: Said year it was more than 3 years.
    VO: What will your salary in US?
    Me: said in $
    VO: Why there is change in work location between earlier LCA(rejected visa) and new LCA
    Me: Client has aggreed to let me work from my company devlopment center so it is changed. I will be reportin to my company supervisor and will work from my comany XXXXX devlopment center.
    VO: Where you will be working from? Location?
    ME: Infromed my comany XXXX devlopment center, Address told.
    VO: Ok I approve your visa.
    Me: Surprised and was standing still there.
    VO: ok sir now you can leave and said to my wife- you too madam.
    Me and my wife: Thank you sir.

    In my case I prepared all the document I and my company could possibly think off and was confident with any question.

  19. H1B Documents Checklist

    Do we need to carry Marriage Album?
    Or is that sufficient if we carry some Tens of photos in an envelope.
    Or Is that Ok if I create a small album with a 10-20 photos?

    I currently work in a location which is very far from my home town (almost 2 full days journey).
    Also, please mention about memo’s.
    Is that mandatory to carry Original Mark’s memo’s?

    1. administrator

      I dont think you need to carry the entire album. Something small that you create with 10 t 20 photos should do. This is just some additional proof that typically someone would carry… It is recommended that you carry the original mark’s memos. For H4, I do not think it is required. If you are going for H1B, it is recommended to carry the degree certificates originals or degree certificate originals

    2. Praveen

      Yes…its necessary to carry all original …album….memos….original petition…mrg cert…everthing……its upto VO if he wants he can ask….dont take risk just take little pain go to home and bring the album……..

      i too did like that though VO didnt asked anything from me..

  20. Documents for stamping

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Very informative.
    The questions were almost like a guide. 🙂

    Can you please tell me if I need to carry my original Marks memo’s?
    I dont have them currently.
    I have work experience/relieving documents and all H1B docs.


  21. Hari Babu Ch

    I applied for H1B in 2012 and my petition was approved. But my employer unable to submit the required documents for 221G which was issued during my visa interview. So consulate asked me to revoke that petition and they took my original I797. Now in 2015 I approached another consulting firm to file my H1B with cap exemption. But it went to RFE and the USCIS is saying that you are subject to cap, because your H-1B approval was revoked in 2014 and you never entered the USA. What does it mean? If my old petition revoked and I didn’t travel on that petition to US means I can’t apply H1B through cap exemption quota? Paralegal team also surprised to see this type of RFE. If you have any info such type of situations please advise me.

  22. MM

    I was tracking my petition – EAC1514254***- status was case received dated 13th April. I also checked the status of the cases 50 numbers preceding my number and 50 numbers after my petition i.e for eg. EAC1514254**1 to EAC1514254*99. Here is interesting statistics for 100 cases in that series
    Approved cases 52 52%
    RFE cases 21 21%
    Received (13th April) 26 26%
    Rejected 1 1%
    Therefore, looks like they have
    – responded/taken action in 74% of the H1 B petition
    – Approval rate is 70% (52/(100-26)
    – Rejection rate is 1%
    – RFE rate is 28% of the cases (21/74)

    There is no particular order for processing. People way above me in the series have got approvals/RFE in June/July and so too below me in the series.
    You can also carry out similar exercises for your cases as well..

  23. lsp

    My H1B petition was picked in lottery and I got I797 for the same. Currently I am serving my notice for an MNC and August 5 is my last date. It means I am potentially unemployed at the time of my visa interview. Will it have any adverse impact on my case in visa stamping? If so can you suggest me how to handle this scenario in the interview?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Sach

      H1B also is served as a visa for the future employment. Think about the case where a college graduate is got his H1B approved and he is going for a visa interview without having any kind of experience. It does not matter if you have a job or not during the interview unless you have all the necessary document for your future employment like client letter, offer letter etc

  24. Arijit Paul

    Hello All

    I need to clarify a few things as I am trying for H1B for next year. I was looking out for an opportunity and Ark IT services responded back. I discussed the steps and one of the employers was interested in me and I had a Skype interview and I cleared the interview. I shared all the documents as well. Now Ark IT mentioned that I need to pay $1000 as the total H1B cost comes out approximately to $4200 as it is premium filing. The employer which is interested is ready to pay around $3000. And I need to pay $1000 now. If my name comes out in the lottery(they mentioned that there is more than 95% chance as I got a job and it is premimum filing) then it is fine. If my name does not come out in the lottery then I will get back 80% of my amount within 48 hours. After I make the payment they will give me the receipt as well as the agreement copy. I have not been able to completely be sure about this. Can anyone help me out on this?

    1. Optimist

      Lottery dictionary meaning is that it is purely based on chance :). So, I am not sure how can they predict chances of selection. I have seen people who have had their VISA not getting picked in the lottery, even when they filed for premium processing for two consecutive years. and yes, I am talking about a product company which wanted to transfer a certain high skilled employee.

  25. Divya

    Hi I am picked in H1B this year,I am working in Mumbai,I can opt Mumbai consulate for H1b Stamping right, Please confirm.

      1. Rams


        My H1B was approved and waiting to receive the documents. Currently I am working in Cananda on a work permit. Can I attend H1B Interview in Canada US consulate or I have to go back to India and attend the Interview.. Please guide me on the best option to get t he Visa.


  26. Bhushan Laddad

    Hello Friends,
    I want to apply for H4 visa for my wife. However in DS-160 we have included Mother’s Name, but in passport Mother’s Name is not present. Can we proceed for stamping?What can be done in that case?
    To include her mother’s name in passport we will have to re-issue passport that to be under Norma root(It cant be done under TATKAL)

    1. RR

      yes youi have to f you have applied for them… Normally it would be together with a question or 2 for your deopendant or nothing

  27. daemon

    What do you think would be the purpose of asking questions like the ones below? and what answer you gave?

    -> Why you want to go to states? This should be obvious right? for increased opportunities.
    -> Have you ever been in a ‘no-job no-salary’ kind of situation? => what if someone took a study break?
    -> Have you applied for visa for any other country? => Are they talking about current visa or for business or pleasure travels made in the past?
    -> Do you have any family in the United States?
    -> Why would you want to return to India? => Dont they want to encourage this? Why ask the reason when someone wants to come back?
    -> Is it your first H1B or visa revalidation? => what is visa revalidation? Does it help or create problems?
    -> After the conclusion of your visa, what do you plan to do?
    -> What’s your designation in [Previous Company] and what’s your designation in the [New Company]? => Will it be any issue if previous company designation is lower or higher than current or new company?

  28. Praveen

    @Rahul……what Martin commented is right, he understood correct

    What I have mentioned above ….as client letter is my sponsor company offer letter…..and I answered correct to VO that I don’t having any client as I will be working for the sponsor company.


    1. Rahul

      I still dont see why you would list “Client letter” and “Offer Letter from H1B Company” as separate bullet points when according to you both mean the same.

  29. Martin

    @Rahul, I think you misinterpreted it, he had an offerletter from US and the VO’s question was “Are you going to work for any client on behalf of the company that offered you the job?” If he had said he would have needed a Client letter in addition to the Offer letter that he was carrying. This is what I understood, sorry if I am misinterpreting.

    1. Rahul

      If I read the experience correctly, under “Documents I carried to the Consulate for H1B visa Interview:” he clearly mentions “Client letter” as the 7th item.

  30. Rahul

    Something amiss, you said you already had client letter, yet you chose to tell a lie to the VO about not working for a client…

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