H1B Visa Stamping Experiences 2015 - FY 2016 India

3 Latest FY 2016 -H1B, H4 Visa Stamping Experiences – India

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Below are some of the H1B, H4 Visa stamping experiences shared by our readers. Thanks to Amolk for sharing detail experience. I have taken experience posted by Ram and added it here. Thanks to them for sharing with all of us, you can share your experience here so that we post it on the blog for everyone’s benefit.


H1B, H4 – FY 2016 Quota Visa Stamping Experience in Mumbai 

Background :

I got my H1b visa approved on 14th Sept. My appointment was on 13th for Photo and Fingerprints at VAC, Trade center, Mumbai @ 2:45 PM. Visa interview was on 14th Sept 10:00 AM at U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai Consular Section C-49, G-Block, Bandra Kurla

Fingerprint Taking – Experience 

On 13th we(me and my wife) reached at Trade Center at 2:15 PM. Security ask us to step in for the process. Same time there was a queue of applicant whose appointment was at 3:00 PM

There they need your passport and DS 160 copy.
Then we got one bar-code sticker on back of our Passport. We moved then to the window individually where they were clicking your photo and taking the Fingerprints. This process hardly took 7-8 mins. We were then out at 2:35 PM and headed to our Hotel for next day preparation.

Day of H1B Visa Stamping

 What NOT to carry ?
On morning of 14th we reached at U.S. Consulate General office around 9:15 AM. There was queue of applicant. We followed the line and entered into open area inside Consulate’s office after security check. Note here don’t take any electronic item while going to interview. We ware knowing this fact so we kept our mobiles at hotel. There are some people outside Consulate office, they will charge you around 300-500 bucks to keep you mobiles.
What’s the process inside ?
The queue (which is a seating arrangement) was moving to interview hall, we stepped into interview hall at around 10:25 AM. While inside the interview we ware able to listen Q&A for other applicant’s as the interview window was not far from the queue. There was three windows, where interview was conducted by ladies was having more rejection than other window. We prayed to got not to give those window to us. Luckily we got window #28. The guy that side was cool. Then the conversations starts as follow.

 H1B and H4 Visa Interview Questions :
Me: Hello Sir, Good morning.
VO: Good morning. (Looking at both of us) so what is your relationship?
Me: She is my wife.
Vo: Can I have you PP please.
Me: Yes (Handed over to him.)
Vo: I 797?
me: (I gave him void copy, and asked) You need original one?
Vo: Yes.
me: here it is (gave him both)
VO: Ohh , off course. (He mumbled something , I couldn’t heard that). Where are you going?
Me: @ north Brunswick, NJ at client’s space.
VO: Is it in-house or client project?
Me: Client’s , xxxxxx(client name).
VO: (he was searching for something) How do you spell it? (I think he was searching)
Me: (I spelled it and gave him client letter)
Vo: Thanks (He took the client letter). What is your role and responsibility?
Me: My role will be programmer analyst. (and explain as, The responsibilities are end-end s/w development. That includes Requirement analysis, estimates, design, coding, testing and if required prod support and maintenance.)
Vo : You have prior experience in it?
Me: Yes. As I been working in the S/W development and have more than 8 years of experience.
Vo: What will be your salary?
Me: xxxxx per year.
Vo: What is you highest qualification?
Me: Bachelors of Engineering in 2006.
Vo: How many years you have been married?
Me: Answered
Vo: You have children?
Me: No
(Then one guy came to him asking something, he asked us to wait for couple of min. He went away from the window), When he came back.
Vo:(To my wife) You had L2, this your first time travel?
My Wife: Yes
Vo: Why you have not traveled on L2 earlier?
My Wife: I had some health issues?
Vo: (He made a sad face) ohhh! (He was going through her passport as there was some tourist visa we had in our passport).
Vo: Are you working ?
My Wife: Yes.
Vo: Which job you are in?
My Wife: I am working as QA engineer at xxx company.
Vo: You know that on H4 you cannot work in USA?
My Wife : Yes I know.
Vo: (To me, showing me workers right template) you have this template with you and gone through it?
Me: Yes.
Vo: (With Smile) OK, Your visa has been approved and will be ready in 2-3 business days. Thank you.
Me: (With bigger smile) Thanks you sir. (left the window with smile and relief)


Second Reader’s Stamping Experience 

H1B Visa Interview Questions in Mumbai, India – FY 2016 

I have done my visa interview today in Mumbai and approved. Here i am sharing my experience with you guys, It could be helpful. I have carried most of the documents but not even single document asked.

Me: GM Madam with good smile.
Vo: GM and asked PP and I797
Vo: What this company do ?
Me: Software Dev company
Vo: Where this is located?
Me: Told
Vo: Who is ur client?
Me: In-house partner development project
Vo: What about project?
Me: told
Vo: Are you married?
Me: yes
Vo: Are they coming along with you?
Me: not at the movement.
Vo: What is ur highest qualification?
Me: B.E Comp
Vo: What is salary?
Me: Told
Vo: Are you from Chennai?
Me: No, I am working in xxx company in Mumbai.
Vo: What is ur designation?
Me: told
She took about another 2mins checking in the system and Finally Golden words, left the place.

I know its easy to tell that don’t be nervous, but be confident and maintain eye contact. I was very much thinking for last 2days and finally said to my self that Vo’s are there to give the visas not to reject the visa. there are many people who applied for visa, very few are rejections and who ever got 221g they are sharing the here most so look for positive side, many of them getting approvals as well, not all of them sharing positive. Be confident and finally god is there. hope it will helpful you guys.


Third H1B and H4  Stamping Experience – FY 2016 Quota 

First of all I would like to thank to this forum. I am silent listener of this forum from past 3 years. last 2 years was not having luck and not been through lottery. But this time luck was with me and all went well, Today I received my passport with H1B stamping. I never posted single comment in this forum from past 3 years. but now I am sharing my this year experience to all of you. Please find below my brief experience from my filing to my consulate interview. Which may help others.

Background Info :

Vermont Service Center.
My Petition type : Regular/Non-Advanced Degree
Receipt Date : 23rd Apr, 2015
Approval Notice : 24th June, 2015
Consulate location : Chennai
OFC Appointment Date : 30th Aug, 2015
Consulate Interview : 31st Aug, 2015
Passport with H1B stamping Received date : 2nd Sep, 2015

Conversation With Visa officer at Chennai:  Questions

VO : Hello!!! How are you doing?
Me & Spouse : Good afternoon officer, I am good. Thank You.

VO : Passport please.
Me : Passed mine and spouse passport.

VO : XYZ is your petitioner.
Me : Yes, That’s Correct officer. and repeated XYZ.

VO : How did you come to know about your sponsoring company?
Me : I kept my profile in naukri.com job portal, They are posted their job advertisement in naukri, their job description best matches to my profile and applied for it.

VO : How many employees working for your petitioner.
Me : 10000+ Employees [ my voice was very low, Officer heard only 10+ ]

VO : suddenly, only 10.
Me : Yes, 10000+ employee with my louder voice.

VO : Do you have client letter.
Me : No, I will be working from my petitioner development center at XXX City, YYY State.

VO : Do you have project description letter.
Me : Yes, and passed my Itinerary of Service letter and said her my project description mentioned in it.

VO : Officer took some time and looking at her system, and said me, you said you don’t have client earlier.
Me : I do have client project, working from my petitioner location at XXX City, YYY State.

VO : Took some more time at her system, and asked, are there any third party vendor involved in.
Me : No, I am directly associated with my employer.

VO : Finally heard 3 golden words “Your visa approved”, will be keeping your passport and you will get it in 2 to 3 working days. And provided me “Rights to in US pamplet” and asked me to go through it before you travel.
Me : Thank you very much officer, and was in hurry to come out from there.

Spouse : Not even single questions to her. My spouse said to me after interview, officer has looked at her many times, and whenever officer looked at her, she has given smile to officer.

I congratulate all who all are been through lottery and done their stamping.
And others please don’t be upset, Keep try till you get it. I understand the frustration when we won’t through lottery and more on waiting for it. Good luck to all.

Silent Listener



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Comments ( 98 )

  1. Adhi


    My LCA doc shows xxx salary so, I used the same to fill Ds160 form for visa appointment., but my i129 document shows different salary yyyy.,

    Will it make any issue in visa interview
    Please Tell me which salary I have to tell if the VO asks.

  2. Arun

    Hello everyone, I have a few queries and will really appreciate if any one could help me with it. My H1b got approved but since I work for a small company in the US my LCA was filed for only 30hr job (part time) . My visa interview is on 22feb 2017 will there be a problem depending on todays situation, also while filling DS160 i forgot to mention i had done a 6 month internship in India before going to the US, but I have shown that experience while filing my H1b petition. Will this lead to a conflict as wilfull misrepresentation or should i fill a new DS160. FYI I have done my masters in the US and I have been working for more than 2 years. I am a civil engineer and work directly for my employer.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Akash

    Hi experts

    1)I have received h1 b approval and would like to schedule an interview date but I am confused about my wife who is going to apply for h4 so should I go with her for stamping or I go alone ?
    I heard that rejection chances are likely more when you go with your spouse
    This is my first interview for h1b

    2) how come we know that is that in house project or client based ?

    3)I was rejected before in 2010 for student visa and also rejected in 2013 for masters studies so will these refusals affect my h1 b interview ?

    4) my sister is us citizen and my parents are green card holder and also my sister has filed petition for my green card in 2013 so will This affect on my h1 b visa interview and my petition which has been filed will be open after 12 years so is this affect and will VO ASKS about the same ?
    Please help me on above questions as I m not able to make any decisions for schedule my interview date

    I hope you will answer my all questions so can get any idea

    Thanks and waiting for your reply

  4. first timer


    My H1 B got approved, but stamping is not done yet. I have been married for 3 years but haven’t yet updated my passport with spouse name. Now I wish to add it so that he can apply for a dependent visa when I go for stamping. Will this have any impact of my H1B stamping?

  5. Anitha

    Hi i am Anitha,

    Last year me and my husband both are applied for h1b visa,my husband application was approved but my application was rejected under 221g

    My husband went to US on mar 2016

    Now i want to go to US on h4 visa

    Previously me and my husband both are applied through same petitioner

    Now is it any effect on my husband visa?

    Is they asked any questions about my previous rejected visa?

  6. Shaina

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am currently working in US on h1B visa.(My Visa is not stamped on my passport as I converted from H4 to H1B when I was in US)
    Current Visa Validity – till 9 March 2017
    New H1b visa extension approved- starts from 10 march 2017
    India travel plan Feb 15- Mar 8

    Now the issue is I have to be in delhi in feb 2017.I have to fill ds160 form now for stamping.
    Can i fill my new visa(effective mar10) details in DS160 form which I have to fill now?
    Can I go in stamping with new visa(which starts from mar 10) details in feb 2017?

    Please advise

    1. administrator


      Use new petition in the DS 160 form to get the extended visa stamp. When entering US, show the new petition at PoE and they should issue I-94 accordingly.

  7. Tapan


    I have a query regarding my Spouse H4 DS160. my wife is still working and she will quit the job next month but I need to fill DS160 now so is it ok to show she is working or should I show her as home maker and no work experience.

    any issue if I share the details of her work experience or showing she is home maker. Please advise

    1. administrator


      You can complete the form with the information that would be correct on the date of interview. So if she would have resigned by that date, then use that info.

  8. SRK

    I live in the united states. I did my masters with non-cs as major, now I work as a software developer. I got my H1B approved without any query in July, 2016. From October 1st, 2016 my status has changed to H1B. I’m planning to go to India for stamping in November mid week. I’m wondering would they have any concerns about how my master’s major is related to my work ( I did my bachelors in Computer Science though)? And It’s been just a month and half I started my H1B, would that impact? Your suggestions are sincerely appreciated.

  9. M Bishop

    Hi Friends,

    My H1B visa interview will be on 22nd September’2016. I’m unemployed since February’2016 to till date. Will it create any problem during interview session?

    Also, when I submitted my documents for H1B filing , by mistake I mentioned in the CV that, I’m continuing my work with last company which I already left. Anyways, my H1B was approved and it was premium processing. All those things will create any issue during my H1B visa interview?

    I’m looking forward your valuable reply.


  10. Navaneethan

    Currently, I am in the USA via H4 and my H1b got approved . As I traveled to India on April month when my employer applied my petition .So my cause H4 to H1b got delayed and asked to me to get visa stamping from my home country.

    Please let me know what are the questions , I can expect in visa stamping in India.

    1. administrator


      There is no exhaustive list of questions that can be asked. Typically the questions are related to your employer, job, profile etc.

  11. Karthik_Siv

    Hi Saurabh,

    My case got picked in 2016 lottery and yet to get the petition approved. I have 11yrs of experience in IT particularly in application development/DW/ETL using latest technologies. My education background is B.Sc.(Maths) which is non computer background. I did MBA recently in distance education.

    While approving my petition by USCIS or at the time of VISA stamping interview, will they have any concerns on my education background as my education is non IT/Computers. Please reply.

    1. administrator


      Yes, it may be asked. It varies from case to case. Given the fact that you have 11 years of work experience, it may or may not be overlooked.

      You would have to submit detailed experience letters, certifications etc to show how you qualify for the offered position.

      1. Karthik_Siv

        Thanks Saurabh.
        Can you also pour your views(pros n cons) of chances of approval for attending H1 VISA stamping alone and along with dependents(H4). Thanks.

        1. administrator


          Personally, I prefer to get all visa stamps done at the same time. This way you all can travel soon after the stamping. Otherwise the stamping dates are delayed and if you take H-4 appointments later, you don’t know how much in future they would be. When appearing together, most of the questions are asked to H-1 holder and minimal/limited questions are posed to H-4 holder.

          Downside is that if the visa stamp is denied, it would be denied for everyone. So there is loss of stamping fees for everyone vs just H-1 holder if you go separately.

  12. Raj


    I am planning to attend H1B visa interview on Sep 15th 2016. Do I need to carry any documents from my employer for my wife and sons H4 stamping. Do I need to inform my employer about H4 stamping for my wife and son?

    1. administrator


      No documents needed from employer with regard to dependents. They can accompany you, carry their own DS forms and passports and proof of relationships.

  13. Ayan

    I have H1B Visa stamping interview in Mumbai on 15th and 16th Sept, 2016.
    I have fractured my left wrist a couple of days ago and doctor has put plaster on my hand.

    All my fingers are free from the plaster but there is a plaster strip running across my palm.
    So i wanted to know whether this will be an issue during fingerprinting?

    Do they take ask us to place only fingers or entire palm during the fingerprinting time?

  14. H1 Query

    Hi, I have a couple questions about my H1 stamping. when I filled out my DS 160, I was expecting to take the interview at Chennai. But there are no appointments for the dates I am looking for. So I’m thinking about taking the interview in Mumbai. Would that be an issue, since I have to location in the DS-160 as chennai ? Also, the address that we will be living in is going to be different from what is in the DS-160 form. Should i create a new DS-160 and late it with me ?

      1. Anuj

        Hi Saurabh,

        I am currently in USA and got selected in H1B lottery this year. I have taken my H1b appointment for VISA stamping and travelling to India on 21st Oct 2016.

        I filled up DS-160 first where I selected the OFC and VISA both interview locations as New Delhi.
        So on my DS -160 the VISA Location is mentioned and U.S. Embassy, New Delhi.

        Now while taking the interview appointment, I could not get the VISA interview date in New Delhi So I booked in Mumbai.

        Now my –

        OFC appointment – 24th Oct 2016 in New Delhi (in OFC center New Delhi)
        VISA interview appointment – 27th Oct 2016 (U.S. Embassy, Mumbai)

        Could you please confirm, If I need to fill and print a new DS-160 with New location as Mumbai ? Please confirm.

  15. Ka

    Also i have small 4 months baby.we both want to apply for h4 dependent .as she is too small will I be able to get some help inside consulate in handling her ,while appearing for interview? .i have not opted for drop box for my baby.

    1. administrator


      The kid will be eligible for interview waiver. So submit the fees for her, and carry her passport and documents w/ yourself and go to the interview. She doesn’t need to accompany you. **However** if the baby co-operates and you do decide to carry her with you, you may be moved to the front of all the queues 🙂

  16. Ka

    My husband got h1b stamped and he ia now serving his resignation period in india.can I apply for h4 visa and appear for h4 interview while he is in India and not joined in US as yet.

    1. administrator


      Yes, you can appear for H-4 interview even though H-1 holder is still in India and hasn’t traveled to US on H-1 yet.

  17. Radhika Venkat

    My H1B is approved for Oct 2016 to Sep 2017. I am married and my husband is a marine engineer.

    I would like to take a H4 dependent visa for my husband. I have the following questions. Appreciate if you could clarify the same. Sorry for the long list of questions.

    1. Are there any chance that H4 could be rejected for my husband because of his profession? He sails for six to 8 months and will be on leave for next 6 – 12 months.
    2. He has not sailed for past 18 months (he was at home) and if he gets the H4 visa, he is planning to stay with me in the US for a year and then will come back to India. Will Visa officer find a problem with this?
    3. What is the minimum duration that he has to be in the US for H4 not to get expired?
    4. Can he just obtain the visa now and join me later, say after 6 months?
    5. Can we book appointment for both of us together and if he is not able to make it to the interview will I have problems with my visa? Or is it ok if I reschedule the appointment for my husband alone?
    6. Is he allowed to work outside the US when he has the dependent visa?
    7. He already has C1D visa for his work and will that be a problem for him to obtain H4?
    8. If he gets h4 will there be a problem for his C1D visa?

    1. administrator

      Radhika Venkat,

      1. Not necessarily. Maybe get a NOC from the employer as well.
      2. No. H-4 visa holders are expected to stay at home and that’s what he would be doing this way.
      3. H-4 visa has its own validity dates and it would expire on that date irrespective of whether he is in US or not.
      4. Yes. He can travel to US anytime during the visa and your petition validity period.
      5. You can take it together and cancel his appointment if he is unable to appear. No impact on your stamping.
      6. Only when he is not present inside US. If he travels outside of US, then he can work for any company
      7. No
      8. There is a possibility that they would cancel C1D when approving H-1. It is officer’s discretion.

    2. Vishal Gupta

      Hi Radhika

      Hope your husband’s visa got approved. I am in a similar situation and was wondering if I could get in touch with you through e-mail and get some help regarding the process? Would that be possible?

      Thanks a lot

  18. H1Stamping1stDayCPT

    I have done my masters in US and I have been working with US employer from past 3 years,I did not get into H1b lottery twice and my OPT expired so I started with my second masters degree and work on CPT and my H1 got picked up this time.Now my company lawyers are suggesting to complete master degree program or atleast do it till dec and don’t go for stamping immediately in sept/oct because it might question my intent of doing 2nd masters with 1st day CPT.
    Can anybody please suggest me anything here?

    1. Ron

      Yes, follow your attorneys advice. It’s crystal clear you did 2nd MS to stay in US. You should stay as long as legally possible, sell your stuff and then go for stamping.

  19. 221g

    Hi Saurabh/Kumar,

    i attended the h1b stamping interview at Chennai consulate. VO asked few questions and i answered. He was not t all happy with the employer and client documents and was saying this all document is not genuine and i paid for it. I denied. He asked who would be paying for your travel. I answered, I will be paying for the travel and then my employer will reimburse. And thats it, he gave a blue 221g, with a case number on it and your application requires additional admin processing…” checked. He collected the original 797b and other documents and said your employer will get the request in few months.

    Do you see any positive hopes of passport request or re-interview request?

    Alternatively, can i attend interviews based on approved 797b(i’ve only photocopy now) and try to get a new petition applied by another employer? Is it allowed in this situation?

    Or, any other thing you would suggest? Kindly help.

    1. administrator


      Do you know if other employees attended interview recently and what their outcome was? They are cracking down on the slightest hint of H-1B fees payment. So it may be tough to get approval in your case.

      You can approach another employer and have them file cap-exempt petition for you (aka H-1 transfer). Just copy of 797B should be fine for this. Once approved, appear for stamping through new employer using their newly approved petition.

  20. Raj

    Hello Expertise,

    I have H1 B approval upto Apr 2018. Now I came to india for family emergency .

    I have asked my cousin to submitted my document (Ds160 confirmation letter,dropbox confirmation letter,photo,I797 copy,my passport) at march 7 2016 through dropbox option at chennai.

    Case created : March 9 2016
    CEAC status : Ready

    Status update: March 11 2016
    CEAC Status : Administrative Processing .

    I called customer care and came to know it may take 60 days waiting time. My wife and two month baby are in USA. Now I am really worried lot.

    Can some one help me to understand will my case will be approved?. Is it normal to see the status “Administrative Processing”. When the status will change to “ISSUED” . Please reply me ASAP.


    1. administrator


      It looks like it went into administrative processing. There could be several reasons for it to go into that status. It could be as trivial as PIMS update (few days processing) to more complex ones like client/project verification (few to several months). Wait for sometime to see if it automatically changes to Approved. If they need any documents from you, they would email you for the same.

      Unfortunately, there is nothing more you can do at this time.

  21. Vijay

    I have got my H1B visa stamped in 2014 but I have not yet traveled to US as I did not get any opportunities in my organization. Now I want to transfer my H1B to some other company and planning to travel US, is there any risk in transferring the VISA to from my current company to some other company. please let me know.Thanks.

  22. first timer

    Hi Kumar,

    60 days passed ,no progress. So as per advice, planning to post one email query for update on my 221g .

    ChennaiH&[email protected] is the official email id right, for 221g related queries?

    Or any other email is, to be kept in CC ?

    Also sharing contact number to reach the consulate team , is welcome.

    Thanks & Regards,
    first timer

  23. Preeti


    Can somebody help me with h1b interview questions for in house project asap. I have interview next week. In the document my consultancy sent, have the details of multiple projects and multiple clients like I will be working on xxx, xxx, xxx projects. But tenure was not mentioned.

    What should I answer if they ask about client letter and they question on multiple projects.

    Thanks in advance


    1. administrator

      What’s your definition of in-house projects? If you have clients then its not an in-house project.

      What will be your work profile?

      1. Preeti

        Thanks Saurabh,

        This is what written in the docs sent.

        “will be employed full-time and performing the duties prescribe”

        “Here they stated all the J2EE technologies”

        Next Heading : In house employment evidence

        “Will be part of xxxx group and work on (technology) implementation services to xxx, xxx, xx and many other projects.

        Can you please reply asap like what should I tell if they ask about project.

        I have only 2 years of experience, will that going to be issue?

        1. administrator

          You may be asked to show that employer really has contract with these clients.

          With inhouse projects, the person works on a product/project which is not specific to a client and can be used by multiple clients. Employer doesn’t earn from your billing but makes money out of sale of the product/project you are working on.

          So you may be asked about the financial success of the product/project you will be working on, how employer will market the product etc.

  24. rajan

    Hi All,

    I got my petition approved for 3 yrs, but my passport is going to expire on Jan 2017, so my question is if i go to stamping now whether the visa will be approved till Jan 2017 or for 3 years as per my petition validity.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rajan Peri

    1. administrator

      They would issue it for 3 years. Once your passport is about to expire, you can apply for passport renewal and will have to carry both passports when traveling out of US.

      When entering US, you will be issues I-94 valid until passport expiration date. This needs to be extended once your passport has been renewed.

  25. Adeel

    Hello Everyone,
    I’m the silent reader of this forum for the last few months. I have applied for H1b visa and fortunately my application got selected in lottery and since then i was waiting for the next phase. yesterday, it is being informed me that my visa package delivered at home . Nowadays I’m out of country and did not update my employer about my current address. The Address mentioned in documents is ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN whereas I’m in Auckland New Zealand but my family still in Pakistan. Kindly help me what is the process to change the address if needed . And If i appear for the interview in Auckland US embassy what’s about my family. Can they applied from Pakistan?

    1. administrator

      USCIS will deliver the package to the employer. Did the employer deliver the package to your Pakistan address?

      You should check w/ US consulate in NZ about their policy on TCN (third country national). If they allow you to take visa interview there, then someone can fwd you the package from Pakistan to NZ. If not, then you have to travel to home country in order to appear for visa stamping.

      1. Adeel

        Thanks for comments. yes employer sent me package my home country. I have asked the employer they would let me know either it is possible to stamp from here NZ or not. Meanwhile, i will contact US consulate and ask the question. I’m quite worried about this..

      2. Adeel

        I have sent the email to my employer and he replied me ”
        Family uses the same i797 to apply for h4 visa(full package that you have). For you, we will check and get back to you. Even if we do or do not do any thing for NZ, your package will remain the same.”
        one of the question he asked is “Can you check that if we have to update pims record?” How can i check PIMS i have google PIMS not get any ways to check online. Any help in this regard ?

        1. administrator

          How will you know about PIMS. Your employer or attorney will know about it and not you.

          Did you get any response from US consulate in NZ about the possibility of attending interview in NZ? Also, do you have dependents appearing for stamping? Are they w/ you in NZ or back home in Pakistan?

  26. m29

    Hi All,

    I need details on below queries, please help.

    – I have to go to VISA interview on 20th Oct.
    – I have Appointment Confirmation letter, which has fee details as my name and my wifes name before marriage.
    – Now we have got her new passport with name change.
    – Her earlier DS160 form has name before marriage.

    – Do I have to fill again DS160 with new name changes?
    – While booking the appointment I have give the DS160 details of earlier one, which is her name before marriage. Now do we have update that as well. If yes how can I do it?

    Please help me with this if anyone have gone through same situation.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      As you have already scheduled interview, you can’t do this by yourself. You can complete another DS-160 form with correct information and carry that to interview as well. You can then request the officer to use new DS information for the interview. You can also call their help desk to confirm if this will work.

  27. Baba

    My employer has responded back to the RFE on 1st of July, But I did not get my case approved.

    The status till now is “response received”

    Is there any timeframe in which they will approve? or do we need to engage with embassy thorough my employer?

    1. administrator

      There is no set time frame. Your attorney may follow-up w/ USCIS but their response wouldn’t be very helpful except for what’s already there on online status.

  28. Raju

    Hi All,

    I need your inputs on my case- I hold an approved H1B petition which was processed with Client A in TEXAS . Now, the Client A assignment has ended , but my Employer asks me to Go for VISA stamping with the same location and client now and once stamping is done, raise an amendment for another assignment probably in another location for another client.

    Can i do so? If i go for VISA stamping now, dont i need Client letter or SoW etc for Client A now?

    1. administrator

      This is risky and misrepresentation of facts. You should use that client’s information now that the project has ended. What happens if the consulate decides to check w/ the client or authenticate the submitted client documents. My advice would be to not go this route.

      1. Raju

        Thank Saurabh.

        My Employer is still serving the Client A, but the project which was used to raise my petition is filed do not have any openings now, but has other openings. The SoW is still valid , only catch here is that my Employer wants to get the Stamping done now and wait for more opportunities and then finalize my travel.

        1. administrator

          I would still suggest against it as the consulate may want to do verification by contacting A who may then disclose that there is no open opportunity. Talk to your attorney how they plan to address such situations.

        2. Prade

          Hi Raju,
          For me also Client A project has ended up. But my company scheduled an stamping interview, I dont have client letter, Sow got expired. They said once the stamping is done they will do H1B Ammendment and LCA for new client.
          How did you overcome your situation.
          Please respond it will really helpful for me.


    My case moved from RFE to RFE response review in the 3rd week of September. When can I expect an approval. Heard that few people got approvals in 3-4 weeks. Does USCIS keeps a specific time frame to send approvals?

  30. tsenorbu

    Hi Kumar,
    First of all, Thanks for this informative website. My H1B visa was approved on 28th, Sep and received my passport back on 1st Oct. and my job is starts on 1st oct. Is there any problems getting late for the work? When should i leave from India? Kindly suggest me. Thanks.

    1. administrator

      If you are currently outside US, then you can delay the joining. You can come to US to work anytime during the validity period of your petition and visa stamp. However, if there is a considerable delay, you may be asked at PoE about it which you can explain reasonably.

  31. ACC-H1B

    Hello Kumar, required your help again on the below.
    Is there is any amendment required in petition if my client changes not state?

    1. administrator

      Yes, amendment should be filed as the job duties may change. Your employer/attorney should take care of it for you.

        1. administrator

          You can check the processing time online for the amendment document for your processing center, but in general it can take around 2-4 months (no concrete times though).

  32. Haitao

    Kumar/others who might know the answer,

    I have been to US for 7 years. First as a student. Now, I am working in the US on my OPT. My H1-B case has been approved this May.

    I am planning to go back my country in January 2016. On the second day I arrived my country, I will marry my fiancée who I have dated with in long distance for 3 years. Then, we will go to the US embassy for VISA stamping. The tricky part is her B2 VISA application was rejected twice this summer because she was a student, a single lady and had no income. Will this history affect her H4 VISA application?

    Also, since we will be just married couple when we apply for VISA stamping, will this also affect our application?

    Thank you so much for your help!


    1. administrator

      Well, Visa stamping is very subjective and there is no gurantee for anything. All you can do is try to be truthful in every aspect and answer with confidence and hope it goes through. Regarding your dependent’s visa, it should not impact as her status of before and now are very different. Now, she would be traveling as H1B dependent on H4… Your situation is quite common for many of the couples who get married and travel to US, right after marriage…so, take a leap of faith and go ahead, and trust it would go well… Just be prepared for the worst too, ( god forbid, something does not work out)

      1. Haitao

        Morning Kumar,

        Wow! I did not expect you answer my question so quickly. It’s wonderful you could help people going through both their hard and happy moments. I truly thank you and others making this useful website running. I would recommend to my friends and former classmates to use this website. Thank you again for your help. I will keep you posted on my case.


  33. Cognizant BA

    “My case has been approved” is what I see on USCIS website for a week now. But my employer has not notified me of the same. How much time does it usually take from USCIS to reach the petitioner ?

    1. administrator

      Cognizant BA ,
      Under non-premium processing, they should receive the approval document within 30 days. After that, they should follow-up with USCIS.

  34. KR111

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to my experience with you so that whoever is facing the same situation will have the info.

    My Case: 221G Blue Slip on Aug 17th 2015 interview

    Reason for 221G : I had some strike marks on I129 which is original with consulate and had a copy with me.

    VO asked me only 2 questions

    which like is this new employment ?
    where do you work ?

    then he was happy to see my doc has strikes so didnt ask much 🙂 He had put on hold my visa.

    He asked me to submit I129 through email- this is only the ask

    He returned my passport ( some fools will tell if your passport is returned then you don’t get VISA , don’t listen to that, it will come but expected with little delay).

    I have submitted the document through email on 19th Aug. – Got auto reply.

    No reply for 2 weeks , then I contacted UStraveldocs guys , they have asked me to share with them so they can forward it. I have sent to them for safety side I have sent to US consulate also again.

    After 3 days I got the mail from Channai H& L please submit your passport – Sep 1st week.

    Submitted passport on same day .

    Then again no reply for 10 days but I was sure i will get it soon because otherwise they dont ask to submit the passport.
    ——– Till this time STATUS shows Administrative Processing ————

    on Sep 22nd only status date changed first time. then on Sep 25th status changed to Issued.

    ———- Sep 28th I collected my passport in Bangalore ———————-

    Keep contacting ustraveldocs if you see huge delay and send the docs to mail again , don;t forget to send your 221G copy as well.

    Thanks and All the best.

  35. Getting Ready for Stamping

    Hi kumar,
    What is about suplimental nonimmigrant visa application on form DS-160? Is this a separate form other than DS-160? Is this a must to complete for taking appointment? Can I have any help here.

    1. administrator

      Getting Ready for Stamping,
      Where do you see that form. The latest forms are listed here: http://www.travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/forms.html

      and I don’t see it there. So it shouldn’t be required.

      1. Getting Ready for Stamping

        Thanks for the reply Saurabh.
        Yes, you are correct. This is not required now. I found about the suplimental form in my attorney’s mail and later confirmed.

      2. ramji

        i have my H1B petition approved thro a company A , waiting for H1B stamping so before H1B stamping can i transfer it to company B since if i go thro company A there are chances of RFE.Please help me kumar or saurabh?

        1. administrator

          B can file a cap-exempt petition for you (aka H-1 transfer) even before you appear for stamping. Once approved, you can decide whether to appear for stamping using A’s petition and documents or B’s.

  36. first timer

    Hi Friends,

    My H1B interview with VO was fine and smooth but on last leg documentation check by Indian official @ consulate, they were asking for “Petitioner’s letter to USCIS”. All docs were there except that 🙁 . My petitioner has not provide that .They have taken all my originals 797,129,LCA and returned my passport.
    So I was issued 221g blue form, mentioning “further Internal Administrative Processing Needed ” but surprisingly doesn’t ask for any documents either from me or petitioner. Its been twenty days since my interview date.
    My check on CEAC status tracker for my application is still the same “Administrative Processing” .
    Waiting patiently with fingers crossed.. No emails/phone from consulate or VFS. My petitioner is blank on this. Any hope is there for my case? Any one from this group can help/throw light on this ?
    Or Any channel should I approach to know the status ?

    kindly help with you inputs.

    Have nice day !!!

    first timer

    1. administrator

      Well, unfortunately, it is a tricky status that you see, it can take few weeks to few months…there is nothing you can do, other than just waiting for the information via email from them. You can try to reach out to them to the consulate email, after a month or so, if you do not hear back. There is no other channel, you just need to wait I guess. Do NOT keep sending too many emails to consulate or VFS, it is of no use, just send one after a month or just call them, if you can speak to VFS…

      1. first timer

        Thanks Kumar.

        Is there any chance of H1B transfer with same petition approval? (say probably if I dont get any status updates) .
        Jan/Feb recruitment there starts it seems after holiday season.
        Will I be able to capitalize , during that time ?

        first timer

        1. administrator

          Transfer is nothing but a new petition filed on your behalf by a new employer, using the old petition to avoid the lottery and cap as you were already counted. If you are in rush, you can always do a premium processing for the petition to get decision in 15 days.

    2. KR111

      Don’t worry much . You will get the VISA .. but it will take time. They will max do it in 2 months from interview day.

      If not keep sending mails once in 10 days but after/beofre 60 days you can contact them.

      But I see good response and processing faster when I send mail rather than call. call was just for sake of small information.

      Only mail will give you more clarity, I think your is like Back Ground check. It will go through without your notice.

      Hope for the best.

      1. First timer

        Thanks friends.

        60 days passed ,no progress. So as per advice, planning to post one email query for update on my 221g .

        ChennaiH&[email protected] is the official email id right, for 221g related queries?

        Or any other email is, to be kept in CC ?

        Also sharing contact number to reach the consulate team , is welcome.

        Have nice day folks !!!

        Thanks & Regards,
        First timer

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