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H1B, H4 Visa Interview Experience 2018 – Last minute Missing DS-160, Solution

Mistakes happen when are you applying for visa, it could be for various reasons either not knowing or you missed it..anyways, for some of them like DS-160 you have an option to fix it. Kul Bhushan was also in similar situation during his interview. Thanks to him for sharing his experience with all of us, how we overcame the mistake and got successful visa stamping. If you ever run into a situation like this, don’t panic, there will be a solution. You can share your experiences with us here .

Background : Me and my wife had our H1B and H4 Visa stamping interview on 23rd July 2018 (biometrics,9:45 am), 24th July 2018 (main consular interview,9:15 am) at Chennai. Before to this date I was going through redbus2us for preparing for interview round. I did had my all documents properly, but one big mistake I did, I was not aware of that we should have separate DS-160 form for dependent (wife),I gave same DS-160 receipt no on fees and appointment scheduling. You can call it lack of preparation or  ignorance towards biometrics since it’s a 5 min process.

Issue with Missing DS-160, last minute solution to fix the issue : On 22nd July late night I realised this mistake while going through process of biometrics and it was very tough moment for us. But somehow I called my company’s immigration team and explained them about my situation. They asked me to fill new DS-160 for my wife and asked me to call Chennai VAC customer care for overriding the new DS-160 receipt number in appointment confirmation page. I did the same thing called them exactly at 8 am and customer care responded exactly on time and they said they can do it and no need to panic. Within 5 mins she did overriding of DS-160 and sent me the confirmation page. I took that confirmation and biometrics then it was done easily in 10 mins time.

H1B Visa Stamping  Experience – Process at Chennai US Consulate : We reached there by 8.30 am as our slot timing was 9:15 am. We saw a huge number of people standing outside consulate office. We also saw people joining the line to get entry even if there timings are 9:30am but matter of fact they were sent back to join again. Basically they put two queue whose timing gap will be 15 mins only like 8:45 am queue and 9:00 am queue. When our timing card was displayed we joined that queue and went inside.  Wrist watch and everything you have to keep in transparent folder but I did see different folders, no need to worry on those things. Don’t bring mobile phones and other items.

Then inside we waited to get entry in main building, where our fingerprints were verified and finally we went to main queue where we were able to see people standing in front of visa officers and answering questions. I was able to hear questions and even their status of visa. I saw one of the couples were giving answers to a lady officer who asked the couple in strong voice that “sir by hearting stuffs won’t help you, you should try to give answer accurately and in precise manner” and listening this I don’t know what happened all my answers from my mind flushed away 😀 . But I didn’t panic as inside my mind only one thing was keep on repeating “They are nice people, they won’t eat me or beat me, they are here just to validate no need to worry.”

Now guess what happened, I got token 20 (basically counter numbers ) and I looked up to see where to go and saw same counter where that lady was taking interviews of candidate. Finally we were standing behind one yellow line and one person was giving his interview. Then our turn came and here are the questions

H1B Visa interview questions

Visa Officer: S how me your passport and I-797
Me: I gave them
Visa Officer: so do you work with XXX Company
Me: No madam, it’s a fresh opportunity.
Visa  Officer: where you going to work and location
Me: its a client location, client name and location is XYZ.
Visa  Officer: asked me to show client letter.
Me: I gave her client letter
Visa Officer : what will be your roles and responsibilities
Me: I told her my responsibilities in 3 lines only
Visa  Officer: what will be your salary there
Me: I said my salary as per documents
Visa Officer: what is your manager name
Me: told my manager name

H4  Dependent (wife) Visa questions
Officer: when did you get married
Wife: she told the dates
Officer: what’s your highest qualification
Wife: bachelors of technology computer science
Then she said your visa is approved.

Simple advice-please go through you client letter, master service agreement and SOW if it is there, then go through question and try to give answers and see how much you know. If you do mistake, make sure you correct it at right time…


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  1. Already started 2018 h1b visa interviews ? I got 2018 h1b visa in lottary ..already october 7th ..till now any further updates visa stamping interviews nd all ..when can i expect

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  3. Hi Everyone,

    Recently, 2 days back, my change of status to F1 from L1 got denied. My I 94 has expired. I am done with 1 year of my studies. I will have to go back to get the visa stamped from indian consulate.

    I am scared and want to be best prepared. Could you please share your experiences or opinion on what grounds do I have to take care the most.

    Please let me know.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thank You


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