H1B and H4 FY 2013 Visa Stamping Chennai 2012

H1B & H4 Visa FY 2013 Stamping Experience, Chennai, India – July 2012

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One of our readers, SP, attended H1B Visa Stamping along with his wife yesterday in Chennai. This is the first H1B FY 2013 Stamping experience from Chennai.  Firstly, Congrats to SP  on getting visa.  Thanks to him for taking time to share his experience with our readers. You can also share your experience  here

Background of H1B FY 2013 Case
Me and my wife went together for Visa Stamping.
I had my approved petition for FY 2013 and i had it scheduled for July2nd, interview was at 8.30am.

This is how the interview went.
H1B and H4 Visa Interview Questions – Visa Office ( VO) Chennai

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning, How are you doing?
VO: I am doing good, Thank You !!

I passed on the set of documents tied together (both passports)

VO: So where are you going in the US
Me: City, State
VO: Can you give me the original petition filed for this case?
Me: Passed the I-129, LCA and company supporting document (original I-797 was already tied with the passports)
VO: So, is this an extension or Change of status?
Me: No, it’s a new H1 petition
VO: What is your designation in the company?
Me: Answered my designation
VO: What is your highest qualification?
Me: Answered
VO: How many years of experience do you have?
Me: Answered
VO: Who is your client?
Me: I work on in-house projects and my company is partnered with BIG IT giants who gives leads for projects, so they are are not dependent on just 1 or 2 clients.
VO: So will you not be travelling to a different client for working on projects?
Me: NO, i will be working in my company’s headquarters in the same city and state.
VO: Have you read this pamphlet (pointing me the one which was facing towards our side near the interview window)
Me: I was given one a while ago by the other officer who collected my documents but i havent read it yet.

H4 Visa Interview Questions 

VO turned towards my wife
VO : How long have you known each other?
She: 3 years
VO: How have you known each other?
She: Our’s is an arranged marriage
VO: How did your family know your husband?.
She: My uncle is a family friend of my husband’s family?
VO: How long did your uncle knew his family
She: 15-16 years
VO: Wow! thats a long time and turned towards the computer.

After few seconds, she turned to me
VO: Everything is Approved and you will receive your passports in a week.
Wish you a good luck for your ad work in the US and do keep your pamphlet with you always and there are agencies phone numbers if in case you have any trouble with your employer.

Me: i am sure i am going to have a great career with my employer.
VO: Smiled at me and said, I am very positive about that but you stil need to know your rights.
Me: Thank you very much and i appreciate it.
VO: Smiled at my wife and said have a safe trip to US
She: Thank you and I Will.


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Comments ( 80 )

  1. RM

    I am worried because my I-129 document for H1B Approval states no dependents are filed with my petition (Page 4, Part 4). Is that an issue for H4 visa of my spouse??

    1. Sach

      That is not the problem, when you fill the DS-160 form please fill your spouse details and go for the interview with her together….your I-129 does not tell you about your dependants

  2. priya

    if my passport have zambre surname(premarriage) bt i have pass after marraige means my husband is on that and marriage cert have zambare is it problematic for h4.n also if i made correction over their by marriage councler is it ok? or i have get new one plz reply…

  3. priya

    hello i am appling for h4 visa.so i have surname mistake on marriage cer like zambare typed on instead of zambre and i have degree certificate which has zambre n post graduate have zambare.and my passport contain name after marriage bt it also containn zambre on which father n mother name are.what to is it problematic for h4 visa plz reply this urgent.



    I am travelling to US(H1B) in coming JAN 2014.my marriage is in OCT 2014. so I will take leave and will come to INDIA for wedding. I want my would be wife also come with me after marriage. we both want to return together to US.
    she has passport. what process should I follow and what are the things which I should take care to get this done.

  5. jitendra

    I am in US and need to file H4 visa for my wife and Kid.

    Just need to know whether my employer needs to file separate petition for my wife and kid or not

    1. administrator

      Your family is outside US, correct? In that case, they need to submit the fees, complete DS-160 form and appear for interview. No separate petition required from your employer. Your child may be eligible for interview waiver program.

  6. shivani

    Hi I am currently living in US and am going to India for my H4 visa stamping my husband is not accompanying me. I had a question which address should I fill in ds160 form ? Since I have been living in US for more than a year so should I give the US address or the address where I would be staying in India? ( I have put the India address as the mailing address but am wanting to know about the home address)

    Thanks in advance!

    1. administrator

      In the home address mention your India address. In the address where you will stay in US mention your US address.

    1. administrator

      The kid is exempted from appearing for personal interview. The parents can go on kid’s behalf. Search for H-4 dependent waiver program in India to know more.

    1. NT

      Hi Kumar,

      I am also unsure about getting passport after VISA stamp as I don’t have idea to where to check in online.. Pls let me know if you know

      BTW – The questions for H4 they asked my wife are only below two,
      1. Education
      2. How long you know each other

      they may ask proof of marriage(certificate, album), working condition, what do u do in US, etc…

  7. Kumar


    My Wife H4 interview is scheduled on a friday at 10 am
    Can you please let me know what is the posibility of the getting the passport on sunday or latest by Monday.
    Also ,I see the passort collection office is ipen on sunday.
    Will we be able to collect it on Sunday.
    Please let me know

  8. NT

    Hi All,

    Could anyone tell me is there any direct link that I can check the delivery status of passport after H1 and H4 visas approved. I have attended interview on 5th Dec.


    1. Biswajit Dash

      you can send a mail to passportstatus at ustraveldocs dot com
      with a single passport number as the subject line ( nothing in the body of the mail)
      You will get a reply with status message ( you need to google to understand the meaning of these status messages)

      Once the passport is delivered to courier service
      you can track at courier service website.
      If you have opted for courier delivery, Its delivered through BlueDart http://www.bluedart.com/ and you will receive an Email with the tracking number.

  9. sinha


    Have got my stamping next week, i will be taking m wife also for H4 stamping.
    She is working as of now, but later she will quit her job and go with me as dependent.
    Apart from marriage cert, album anything else documents which i require to take along withe me like leave letter, regn letter. As of now she has not put down her papers.

    kindly suggest, would be very helpful

    1. Biswajit Dash

      I don’t think so.
      Be truthful. if at all they ask ( normally they don’t ask in details ) you can tell the truth.
      try to convey the message that,
      you will return back after the VISA period is over, and
      she would enjoy the time off ( no plans to work in US during this period)

  10. Biswajit Dash

    Sub: H1/H4 visas approved : Interview on 15th Nov 2012 at Chennai
    I am really grateful to you guys who have posted here. This is real information, which made me feel comfortable even before the interview process.

    Now I feel Its my duty to share my experience. Interview questions are already covered here. same sorts of questions were asked.
    My experiences that i would like to share are
    1. we should reach 30/45 min ( Max 1 hour) before the interview scheduled time. otherwise you will be standing in the queue unnecessarily
    2. I had taken marriage album ( which was quite large ) this was allowed, however It had a hard cover ( almost like a suitcase ) which was not allowed. So I had to remove the cover and store it with security ( they have a very good system in place to keep these stuffs, they charge only Rs 10, so keep cash) however note that this will take 5-10 min of your time.
    Similarly I had my car key. the car key is allowed in general, however since it had built-in remote, it was not allowed ( I had to pay Rs10 for storage)

    3. Don’t remember where I had read, but when you have doubt about whether to take some document/paper/photo etc.. or not, take it.

    4. In the website ustraveldocs , there is no option to specify an address for returning the passport. only pick up is available. however after the visa interview, there is desk where you will be able to book a courier ( Rs300 per passport, I paid 900 for three, me/wife/daughter) carry this much cash ( I kept cash in my pocket without the purse )
    5. I was not told “congratulation, your visa is approved” . however I was handed over the pamphlet and was asked “Have you read this pamphlet” ? then
    “you will receive your passport in a weeks time”. This is also an indication of approval 🙂

    6. I had made another mistake, which i should share. I thought OFC center and the interview venue is same. however they are at different place. although both address are mentioned in the appointment letter. i didn’t read it carefully. so i reached the interview venue for OFC.
    Its not far, so I could take an auto and reach the OFC center in time.

    1. NT

      Hi Bishwajit/All,

      Good to hear that. Can you please let me know the checklist for H1B and H4(dependent) visa interview coming next week.
      I had been travel to US on B1 this year. Will this be a trouble to get stamping H1 for me. My wife Tourist visa got rejected earlier when I was in US on B1.

      Thanks in advance..


      1. Biswajit Dash

        I had travelled to US 2/3 years back on B1. The B1 VISA was for 10 Years, multiple entry . which means I too had a Valid B1 VISA on my passport.
        So this is not a problem.

        I don’t think refusal of tourist visa, should be an issue. However make sure information is not hidden. that means if anywhere in the forms you need to mention, mention it.

        The list of documents are mentioned in many sites. such as

        I took,
        -Original Notice of Action-I797.
        -Form I-129
        -My CV
        -All my relieving letters/marksheets/degree certificates ( originals and a copy )
        -Letter from employer to the US consulate requesting requesting H1 visa for me.
        -Tax return documents for the company
        -Detail analysis of the project ( details of the project, and financial analysis )
        -about 10 photograph of the office premises of my employer .
        ( These were sent by my employer, Not sure these are required for big companies, since my employer is a small consulting firm in US, these were sent )
        -Marriage Album

        Interestingly, they checked only
        1. petition document which is the only one you are supposed to hand over ( don’t handover all the documents) and
        2. One of the financial document about the employer ( tax return or project related, don’t remember )

          1. Biswajit Dash

            Though I was expecting more questions then normal, however I was asked minimum number of question. What I realized is, its not the number of questions we should prepare, rather understand, what are they trying to know.
            1. They want to figure out whether the candidate/dependent can communicate efficiently in english.
            2. Whether the company sponsoring the Visa is good, and not fake.
            3. You have not paid money to the sponsoring company to get H1 VISA ( visa process being made a business )
            4. You are clear about your role, work, responsibilities etc. for example, you will work in an in-house project or at client site.
            5. whether you have plans to settle down in US.

            for H4
            1. Whether the marriage is genuine 🙂
            2. There is no intention to work and earn by the dependent.

            for me here are the questions.
            1. Where will you travel
            -I was clear about the city/state. so I mentioned the name.
            2. Where do you work ?
            – I told the name of my current company. at the same time I added that. This is not the company which have sponsored my VISA. I will be leaving this company and wil join the later.
            3. Whats the sponsoring company do.
            – I told about the nature of the business.
            4. Is it an in-house project ?
            5. Asked me to hand over a particular document about the company.
            – I was scanning through my pile of docs, he could seem and pointed to the Tax return document of the company.

            In between, He asked my wife,
            1. is your marriage love/arranged.
            2. for how long are you married.
            Thats it.

            At the end, he handed over pamphlet with Rights of H1 folks in US
            asking me, if I have already read it.
            – I said, I have heard of it, but not seen it, and thanked him for giving it to me.

            He said, you will get your passport back in a weeks time.

            Note: He had neither said ‘Congratulation” nor that “you will get your VISA”.
            Two indicators for success were
            1. I will get my passport in a week. In case of problem/rejection either they return it immediately, or they will keep it, and will not tell when they will return.
            2. He have handed over the pamphlet which is useful only in US 🙂
            So no point in giving it to someone whom they are not giving VISA.

  11. SP

    Yes..you have to fill DS160 for each dependent coming along with you as H4’s and pay the fess sepeartely for each.
    if you want to make 1 appointment for interview (after the DS160)…schedule your appointment and during step 3, it will give you an option for Group appointment and that way you can add all dependants together as 1 appointment time along with you.

    Keep in mind that all of your HDFC recipt barcodes need to be active when you are doing this.
    Good Luck

    1. SP

      i wanted to give a heads up to the anxiously waiting guys about the outage for USCIS website to Check Case status and other related info from online this sunday

      Please post this if possible.

    2. prabhu

      Hi SP,
      So nice of to seeing your response.
      Do i need any documnet that should refere my dependent names like ‘Whom so it may Concerns’ which includes my wife and kids are my dependents?
      I hope(2 yrs back) i took same kind of letter for Ireland(Organaization took care of it for my Visa and depenents)
      Actually, i am in Ireland and need to take Postal Order instead of Bank Draft.

      1. SP

        I dont think you need reference letters as such but your spouse can carry marriage certificate and your marriage albums..for the kid, just a birth certificate having parents name listed as yours’ will do…
        i am not sure of the postal order, but check the local site, there would be a time delay before the postal order gets activated for you to schedule the appointment..unlike schengen, uk or ireland visa, US is completely different.

        Wish you all luck…

        1. prabhu


          COuld it be okey to provide your mails id, i have more quiestions regarding what questions would come to me before attending my Stamping interview(which will be held soon).

  12. Srinivas


    I have got my H1b approved but I have few questions going for VISA stamping.

    1. Can I schedule my interview at any of the consulates ?
    2. do I need to show the original I-797 or can carry the scanned copy ?

    thx & rgds,
    srinivas chamarthi

  13. sia


    Can plz tell me when u got married?my fiance comng next year in may then he will file for H1.
    So shall v married 1st then go 4 visa 2gether or wat is the most r8 way???


  14. H1 B Approved on 05th October - VSC

    Hi Saurabh ,

    Question on H4 stamping.

    Could dependent go for H4 stamping a month after H1 primary worker’s H1 had been stamped?


    Should H4 dependent go along with H1 primary worker?


    1. H1 B Approved on 05th October - VSC

      Hi Saurabh,

      Are you able to reply when you get a chance?


      Could dependent go for H4 stamping a month after H1 primary worker’s H1 had been stamped?


      Should H4 dependent go along with H1 primary worker?

  15. Nainesh


    I have H1 stamping and my wife H4. you think we can go together?

    It would be very nice if you can provide more details on the process itself. like you paid the fees first, how many ds160 and how did you select the option for 1 appointment for both of you.. ..

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can go together. Each one of you, needs to file a separate DS-160 form. Later, submit the fees (again 2 sets of fees) and schedule a visa appointment. As the online system has changed, I am not sure about the exact process.

  16. RT


    My H1 B Visa got approved today. I gave my original I 729 to the VO along with passport, appointment and BEP letter. I forgot and VO also didn’t returned my original I 729.. Will I get the original I 729 along with my passport after stamping as it is required for my travel??


        1. SP


          You’ll get it back along with your Passport in the VFS package. I don’t think they dont file anything at their end.
          In fact, you’ll even get the HDFC receipt consulate copy as well, that was my case.

  17. Sachin

    Hi Saurabh, I have approved H1B petition started from 1st oct 2012 for 3 years which got approved just before few days. My wife also has Approved H1B petition along with Stamping done in August 2012 from Cognizant. I have applied for petition from a consultancy which is located in USA which has done his job of getting the petition approved.
    Now after my H1b petition is approved I have to go for H1B stamping. But due to fear of 221G my consultancy is suggesting me to not to go for H1B stamping, rather he is suggesting me to go for H4 stamping now(as my wife’s H1 is approved and stamped ).
    But I have following questions
    1) What should I write in DS-160 form ( Have u applied for H1 before?) which I have to submit to USCIS before going for H4 interview through my wife’s company. Shall I write Yes or No?
    2) During H4 interview if they will ask me have you applied for H1? then what should be my answer?
    3) My consultancy is suggesting me write No in DS-160 form ( i.e I have never applied for H1) and go for H4 interview and if they will ask a question tell them ” I have given my resume to one of my friend and he must have forwareded to any consultancy and they may have filed my H1 which I am not aware off “. …..But this reason does not seems good.
    4) However I think during my H4 interview USCIS can easily cross verify that I already have approved H1B petition.which is again a next catch
    5) If they come to know this what will they do?? I am totally confused what to do now?? Do I goahead with consultancy suggestion or shall I write in DS-160 that I have approved H1B petition. Please suggest and share the experience.
    6) However my friend is suggesting me to write yes in DS-160 and if they will ask a question in interview just tell them ” I just want to accompany my wife” then I will be back as I have job in India.
    7) Also some friends are saying H4 interview is easy and they will not come to know about your H1B approved petition. Also as you are going through a big brand they will not ask much questions to you.

    Please suggest what to do?? and what will be the safest way?? I am half way in half way out… :((

    1. IndiGuy

      On visa application i.e. DS-160 form, all the questions are related to visa stamping. There won’t be any question related to the petitions. Always remember one thing, petition is not a visa, it is a valid document to apply for a work visa.

      1) If is say “Have you applied for h1 before”, that refers to visa stamping and not the petition. If you had gone for H1-B visa stamping to a consulate then write “Yes” else “No”.
      2) Unlikely they will ask you anything about H1. All queries will be related to H4.
      3) Yes, it is correct if you have never gone for H1-B visa stamping earlier.
      4) Too much of thinking man, they wont be having the details unless you provide your petition #. Your petition doesn’t contain your passport number (Have a closer look at it).
      5) Say thank you and go home. Stop imagining way far. Nothing of that sort will happen.
      6) Your friend is wrong here. Since, you are applying for H4 (I assume you never had H1-B visa interviews earlier), you don’t have to mention anything about H1-B.
      7) That’s correct. Consular (Visa officer) wont know about your H1-B, unless you are a big time criminal or terrorist [I know you are not.].

      Just chill man. You are thinking too much. Go for stamping and answer to the point. No more no less. Make sure you have gentleman’s attire (Total Business Attire, no need to wear coat and tie though) with matching shoe, socks and belt.
      All the best.

    2. administrator

      Taking a step back, is there a question in the DS-160 form “Have u applied for H1 before”? I don’t remember seeing it, but they keep changing the questionnaire every now and then.

      1. Sachin

        Hi IndiGuy,

        Thanks a lot mate for clearing my doubts. May be I have never went for stamping till now hence I was thinking beyond the extremities.. :-)) I wish everything will be fine in interview and I will get my H4 stamped as I not have any criminal record as well.
        The only question I can see in DS-16 about petition is

        (Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? )

        Hence for above question my answer will be “NO” as I have never been to stamping interview

        Thanks a lot again for the relief you give me by clearing the picture …..please suggest if I have to take care of anything else which I may have missed….


        1. administrator

          “Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?” – this refers to GC immigrant petition and not H-1. H-1 is still a non-immigrant visa w/ dual intent. They do not ask about previous H-1 filings in the DS questionnaire.

          1. Sachin

            Hi Saurabh,

            Thanks a lot for making me understand the meaning of GC immigrant petition. The information you guy’s have provided is really helpful I really want to appreciate the efforts you people are putting to clear doubts of candidates.


          2. Sachin

            Hi Friends,

            I have one more doubt in my wife’s passport my father’s name is misspelled with one extra letter ‘ambikaprashad’ instead of ‘ambikaprasad’ letter ‘h’ is extra. If I will go for H4 interview interviewer may get to know about this spelling mistake. Hence I am worried shall I go ahead with H4 interview now? or shall I correct this spelling mistake first in wife’s passport and then go for H4 interview?

            My consultant suggested me to go for H4 interview now without correction and if the interviewing officer ask about spelling mistake show him your Marriage Certificate/school leaving certificate with the correct spelling of your father’s name. That will solve your problem. But I am not sure will this work or not? Please suggest if anyone has experienced or have any idea on this?


    1. Mishra


      Even i have the same doubt.

      Some says, go alone and get your stamping done then send your wife for H4..
      Don’t know what’s the right approach to make things fall in right place.

      Please let me know what have you decided..

      @Saurabh, could you help us please. I am not finding any concrete answer to this in any of the forums and am hopeful that your advise will be helpful.


    2. administrator

      I would suggest both applicants going together so that all documents are shown just once. Even when H-4 applicant goes for interview, lot of questions are directed towards H-1 applicant; and so it is better that they attend interview together. In worst case scenario, 221g is issued, it will be issued for both visas which is not very different for 221g being issued just for H-1 applicant while H-4 applicant continues to wait (as they cannot attend interview until H-1 applicant gets the visa).

      1. Bala

        Hi Saurabh,
        Thanks for your valuable support as always!
        I got my PP along with 3 yrs Visa validity from Hyd Consulate on 15th May & I’m in Chennai .Plan to travel US on JUNE.
        (This is my New and very First H1B ).

        Now I’m planing to go H4 visa stamping in Chennai for my Wife & Kid along with required H4 Docs. Is that possible ? At the time of H4 Interview VO required the US Payslip? & Is that Mandatory to get H4 Stamping? Please clarify.

        Many Thanks,

        1. administrator

          Congrats on the stamping. If you have never traveled to US on H-1, then H-4 holders don’t need to carry your US payslips and W-2. Also, the kid may be eligible for interview waiver program. You can check it on consulate website.

  18. H1B2012Applicant

    Hi All,

    I am non-Comps background with 6+ years exp in IT. I have been to US on L1 visa and B1 visa. I filled my H1 this year and got RFE related to my degree. Does anybody faced similar situation and if yes then what is the best solution.


  19. hj

    Hey SP, I am plannin to appear by aug @ chennai consulate, can you pass on your email id or number to my mail id which is harinijb at gmail dot com. thanks !!

  20. Piyush Jain

    Congratulations SP. I had read somewhere that visa stamping should be done not more than 60 days in advance. In your case, you have appeared almost 90 days in advance. I didn’t know you can do that. I was planning on mid-August.

    Does this mean that I have a lower chance of approval since everyone is already done with stamping this year?

    1. SP

      I did not read that “somewhere”.
      i read here in redbus that we can go for stamping as early as 90 days in advance from the start date. Keeping that in mind, i had planned to schedule it on the 1st day, just not to get held up with lot of crowd coming for H1 stamping (FY 2013 cap is already complete, hence a number of approvals would already be there). I made someone here in India to take my HDFC receipts and the barcode was activated in 2 days..Everyday i used to check the dates to open up in July since 1st week of June,,,it opened up on June 16th, immediately i took July 2nd which was the 1st date (1st was sunday) and i also got the 1st slot for the morning.
      June 19th, i flew back to India just to give enough time for my i94 exit to get updated in DoS database and went i went to interview it was all smooth.
      Reading multiple websites and forums may lead to confusion and contradicting info (just my perception), so i went only with redbus, Saurabh and Kumar are perfectionists (thats the best i can describe 🙂 )
      If you have all documents supporting your petition, you should’nt worry.
      Though i work for a direct employer, and no EV or EVC model, i wanted to go early because to avoid 221g, my thought was if lot of applicants are there on a given date, consulars may not spend enough time during interview and may give 221g directly and process the visa later by doing the check on the petitioning employers and the employee (they would still issue a visa but the time period ranges for 2months to indefinite), if you check the 221g case tracking, there are applicants from 2011 still waiting 🙁
      Saurabh : Correct me if i am wrong in anywhere, i dont want to mislead.
      Piyush : All the Best for your interview 🙂

      1. Piyush Jain

        Thanks for your insight SP. I am a full time employee too (not EV/EVC) and have all the documents in order. But it is still scary info that they hand out 221G directly without issuing visa during the interview.
        When I look at the available dates now, it looks like most of July is available (shown in green). Unfortunately, I have some personal limitations that I cannot go for appearance before mid-August as well.

        Saurabh, your thoughts on this?

        Keeping my fingers crossed now 🙂 And thank you for the wishes SP!

        1. administrator

          Piyush Jain,
          There is always a possibility of 221g even w/ the safest of the cases. I would suggest keeping all the documents you can think of, and then hope for the best. Also have contingency plans in case things don’t turn the way you expected.

      2. administrator

        You have put it perfectly except the part that I am a perfectionist 🙂 I am still in the learning phase 🙂

      3. Aravind

        Hi SP, you said you flew back on 19th June right… in which visa you were in US before?
        how long u stayed in that visa?

        If it is B1, which state u went?

        Thanks in advance…

          1. SP

            In the last 2 years, i had travelled 5-6 times, not stayed more than 2 months each time..i remeber once it was 5 days ; Mon-Friday, My travel team dint allow me to extend for 2 days to be there for a weekend 🙁

          2. Aravind

            So sad 🙁 hope this time u will get more days to njoy

            do you think staying full i-94 tenure(3 or 6 months) on B1 will raise red flag in H1 interview? Did you got any question about ur B1 travel?

          3. SP

            My attorney said, 1 can stay a full 3 or 6 month until last day of i94 as long as it is a legitimate purpose.
            But ideally, there wouldnt be any business purpose travel which would last 6 months, so it will raise a red flag and it all depends on the individual and the consular…

          4. prabhu


            I need information..

            What are the documnets to carry for stampimg?
            Do i need to fill separate D-60 form for my wife and child and same fee(190$ for each person)

  21. SP

    Thank You Kumar and Saurabh…
    I have been following redbus for almost 2 years now.
    My petition filling ,interview scheduling everything was planned so perfectly was all because of the knowledge that I gained from your replies to all the readers and your informative articles.

    Please do start posting information on green card process as well because we(redbus) are not so matured in that area when compared to non-immigrant visas. ( just a thought).

    True redbus fan,

    1. administrator

      Thanks for the feedback. I will write some articles on GC as soon I get some free time (busy w/ lot of things these days) 🙂

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