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H1B Dropbox Experience Chennai – 221g Blue Slip, Visa Interview

H1B Dropbox can be quite simple and straightforward process, but at times, it can be tricky and you may get 221g and maybe be asked for in person interview. One of our users went through the same process, where she had to attend interview and finally got stamping. Thanks to Yasmeen for taking time to write up and share experience with the community. Really appreciate her time and effort for sharing! You can share it in User Experiences in Community Forum or email us at redbus2us (at) gmail.com

Background : Applied for H1B Dropbox in Chennai, India. Currently working at a consultancy and they sponsored H1B. Current layers in middle : Consultancy à Vendor à Primary Vendor à Client. I had my drop box  appointment in Chennai for April 5, 2019. Please find below my experience at Chennai consulate for DropBox/Interview.

Experience for Dropbox in Chennai, India for H1B  – Photo Issues :

There was short line for documents verification, where they told me photo is not accepted due to shadow in the background. There was a studio downstairs and I got new photos done (6 photos for Rs.200). Then I proceeded for Dropbox window directly and submitted the documents. Below are the list of documents submitted  :

There was short line for documents verification, where they told me photo is not accepted due to shadow in the background. There was a studio downstairs and I got new photos done (6 photos for Rs.200). Then I proceeded for Dropbox window directly and submitted the documents. Below are the list of documents submitted  :

Documents Checklist for H1B Dropbox 2019 :

  • All previous I-797 copies ( H1B Approvals )
  • DS 160 form
  • Interview waiver letter
  • Photo
  • Passport

Called for H1B Interview after Dropbox Submission :

I got email on April 14th that the passport is ready for pickup from my chosen Blue dart location. We opened the package little late on April 16th (Tuesday) and found the passport was not stamped and instead had a Blue Slip (221g) asking to appear for interview at the US Consulate Office on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM. The consulate was closed on following Thursday due to elections. 

H1B Visa Interview after Dropbox Submission :

I went for interview on April 22nd (Monday), took my daughter with me though she is US citizen. I skipped the wait lines and went for the interview within 10 mins. Also, I had my fingerprints taken. I carried all the relevant documents required for my H1B visa stamping. I had an interview, where I was asked a set of questions.

Documents Taken for H1B Visa Stamping Interview :

Below are the set of documents I carried for stamping. 

  • I797 Approval notice
  • I129 petition bundle
  • W2 Tax forms.
  • Latest 3 paystubs
  • Vendor letter
  • Client letter
  • Consultancy Offer letter
  • Employment verification letter
  • LCA
  • DS 160 Copy.

H1B Visa Interview Questions after Dropbox with 221g Blue Slip :

  • How long have you been with the company? 
  • What is your salary? 
  • Who is the client? 
  • What is client location? 
  • How long have you been with this client? 
  • What visa is your husband and kid on? 

Waiting for 2 hours after the H1B interview :

 After the interview, they gave me a small yellow slip which said to wait till called again. So, I waited for almost 1.5 hours and then was called to another window, there they asked me about my husband’s visa and job details (he is on separate H1B). My husband is working on Separate H1B and full time employee with the same client where I am working on H1B. I shared all of those details.  Again waited for 15-20 mins. 

I was later called to the original interviewer window, he returned all the documents and said visa is approved. I got my passport by Wednesday evening, within 3 days. Overall the interview took 2+ hours.


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  1. Hey Kumar,
    Love to see your responses, in a hard times like this. And, i too have a query. Me and my husband went for dropbox in New Delhi (but we live in Chennai, due to covid we only got the appointment there) and we got white slip and we waited for 5 months, just today we were asked to attend in-person interview at New Delhi.

    My question is that, can we change the interview location to Chennai?

    • Alekya,
      It is probably not possible now. The simple reason is, you cannot change it after you submit. They clearly tell that when you book in fine print. Also, the officer who reviewed your case would be in Delhi, so they may not be able to change. Try to write to consulate and see, if anything happens. Do update here, how it goes.

  2. Kumar,

    i worked as a Full time Employee for large Cable company in US, my H1b Visa stamping expires in SEP,2019 , i have I-797-A till Jan , 2023, due to 2 year limit i took Drop Box appointment in New delhi, and travelled to india, my wife and kids were in india and got H4 stamping from same employer in OCT, 2020. i submitted the Documents on 13-NOV,20 and got my passport back on 17-NOV,20, to my surprise there was no stamping and they put orange slip along with 221G asking for inperson interview.no document were asked.

    Q1) What orange slip means i dont see much article about orange slip, mainly blue , white , pink etc.
    Q2) Due to convid normal appointment are not happening, do i need to apply for appointment or as its 221G they will ask me what to do.
    Q3) in 221 G they have mention i can mail my request for expedite appointment to NIVND@state.gov if i need to travel back urgently, so what supporting document can help specially from Employer or otherwise to expedite visa Appointment.
    Q4) is my Current US job is at risk as i see post for long wait, what is average wait time in india and in COVID times can we continue from india.

    “Kumar, you are of great help to people like us especially in this tough time, i know you need time and patience to answer my Query , i truly appreciate your efforts & hard work,”

    • mayoor,
      Q1. The slip color may or may not have any significance
      Q2. They clearly told you to attend the in-person interview. So, you should book the appointment. See, if you can directly walk-in as you got this slip. Email consulate.
      Q3. Yes, email them with business justification like a letter from your company on the business loss and reason. Try to see, if you can raise an expedite request as well by submitting the same proof.
      Q4. Not really, there is no such rule. You can continue to work from your home country. it is only the taxation part, where you may need to pay in two place, if you exceed more than x number of days. Talk to your employer’s attorney on this, if you exceed over couple of months.

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I applied for h4 extension on 17th October. Got an interview request. My documents were pretty straight forward, any reason why they call for an interview?

    I was on F1 before and this would be my second H4 stamp

    • Thanks Kumar as always with your Prompt Response !

      Regarding Q2 response, some clarification is there in the 221G note it is written “Please DO NOT make a new appointment” and also written “if you have urgent need to travel please contact NIVND@state.gov to request expedite visa appointment and provide reason for request.”
      Is this note common in 221G, also do i wait for there email or i can also simply walk in the embassy showing them this paper, looking for Delhi Consulate. your response will surely help.

  4. Any idea,How much time they take to process 221g after submitting the documents.My 2.5 years daughter got stuck in India with her father duew to 221g

    • Su, there is no estimated time. It can be few days to few months at times…stay positive…usually less processing time for dependents visas.

  5. Hi Guys,
    I called the passport office to track my passport. The automated teller said that documents are at the post. What does this mean?

  6. I am in a similar kinda situation went for dropbox they gave me a green slip and was asked to attend interview. After the interview I was said that my visa is approved. It’s been more than a week but my visa still shows Admin processing. Any insights?

    • It is definitely positive sign, if they said it is approved. Sometimes, the background checks can take time…give it couple of weeks or so…


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