News : H1B and L1 Fee increase $2000 Bill passed by House to be Law soon

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There has been so much buzz all over the news and blogosphere about the H1B and L1  $2000 fee hike for petitions. The bill was passed last week in Senate and it was passed in House today. They say the rule is any revenue generating bill has to be passed in house. Anyways, there was some anticipation about the consolidation or any amendments to the bill, but nothing. The house passed the bill unanimously approved the $600 million bill. The bill will become a  law once the President signs the bill.

It is very unfortunate because the bill will impact Indian companies’ immigration costs on H1B and L1 by $200 to $250 million dollars.  Though it seems very unfair from trade practice, US defends it saying that they want to encourage hiring of US workers and grow the size of the company with more local workers and create jobs… There is some tension and protest in India, but seems like nothing is going to stop it as it has passed house unanimously and will be on president desk soon. What is still unclear to me is will the increase impact this year H1B quota i.e., FY 2011 quota or will it be effective for 2012 H1B quota.  We will find out  soon because USCIS will update us once the bill is signed and becomes law.

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      1. Arijit

        OH HECK!!!!! Okay.. so tell me something.. since this guy called OBAMAMMA signed on it & enacted it as a law, does it mean this hike will have an effect on small desi IT-Companies & as a result they will not hire foreign students studying in US as much as they used to do before???

        It will ultimately result in reducing the demand for Indian IT workers in US & making it even more difficult for Indian students to find jobs in US, will it not??

      2. Arijit

        Okay… Now tell me something.. How does it affect the desi IT companies in US???

        Will they not hire foreign students anymore because of the hike in the fees???

        I read a comment on an anonymous website where a reader wrote: –

        “From where I see, it’s going to be extremely difficult for foreing students graduating from US to find jobs there as small desi IT companies will not try to hire more than 50% foreign workers because of the price & the law.”

        Another reader wrote: –

        “Desi IT companies may not stop hiring foreigners to work in the US, but the salary paid to a worker will be lessened”

        So I’m just freaked out because I’ve been planning to go to US to do MS in CSE & I’ve even started attending GRE classes..
        Now all of a sudden I’m hearing all this crap.. So do you think this law with reduce the demand for foreign IT workers in US???

        1. administrator

          Well, small IT companies will be impacted for sure if they have more than 50% of their employees as H1B holders….Regarding MS and job after that, you can always find a full time job….but if you plan to join a small IT company that it is going to be a little expensive for the employer…

          1. Arijit

            But at first no large & reputed IT Companies are going to hire freshers on H1B, are they??? Becuase as far as I have heard from one of my friends, his brother had to join small IT companies before joining a larger one because they all needed WORK EXPERIENCE of at least 3 to 5 years. So he, after joining small ITs, gained experience & that’s how he got to join the Cognizant.

            Now this is all that I heard, I’m not sure if the whole story is true.

            Now tell me another thing..

            Are there enough jobs for freshers in US right now regardless of where they come from?? And is it very difficult to find that kind of job???

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