H1B and H4 Visas Stamping Experience at Mumbai Consulate – January 2013

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One of our readers,  Pankaj Sharma,  attended his  H1B  visa interview along with his spouse for H4 Visa recently in Mumbai and got it successfully stamped.  Congrats to Pankaj and his family   ! Thanks to him for sharing his valuable experience.  You can share your experience to be posted on blog here

Background Info 

I am sharing my experience for the visa interview for myself, my wife and my son (though I didn’t took him along with me as he is 2.5 years of age) for H1 visa for me and H4 for my wife and son. I hope this may help some of you who is going to attend the interview. The  visa interview was in Mumbai at 9 AM (24rd Jan 2013) and the OFC (Offsite Facilitation Center) appointment was on Jan 15th, 2013 ( 10:30 AM)

US Visa OFC Process in Mumbai  

Date: 15 Jan 2013—Time 10:30 AM.

1. I went to the BKC  OFC (Bandrakurla Complex ) (I got late by 1 hours because of traffic but please try to get earlier), there was a line which I was asked to stand and they asked my wife and my son to go inside and wait.
2. They screened me to see if I have any prohibited items.
3. The lady inside asked for Original Passport and DS 160 and put a sticker on all 3 Passports.
4. The person next to her scanned the sticker and asked to go inside the room.
5. As soon as you enter one person gave you the token number for myself and my wife.
6. Our turn came and I gave my finger print and photo so did my wife (he took our passports (PP)and DS 160 then stamped on the DS 160 and gave back the PP and asked to be there at the interview on schedule date and be 15 minutes before.
7. They took only the photo of my son and asked us not to bring him for the visa interview as he is less than 14 years old.
8. The overall things took us only 15-20 minutes. There are many counters inside and it won’t take much of time.
9. I took private cab to reach there from suburbs but the traffic was such that it took me 3.10 Hrs. to reach whereas on decent traffic it should have taken me 1 hour. Personal opinion avoid traffic on WE highway from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM or else take train.
10. They didn’t asked any questions there.

H1B and H4  Visa Interviews  – Process at US Consulate in Mumbai  

First you have to get in the building and they will check you if you have any prohibited items with you. You then proceed inside where there are many volunteers to guide you with the seating arrangement and the documents required in your hand.

Once your turn come you will need to go and collect you token number and proceed towards the fingerprinting (even though you might have given earlier).

Look at the TV screens for your token number and counter.

Here is the Interview Part:
to Me ( H1B Visa):
1. Have you been rejected a visa earlier? (Answered)
2. Have you applied visa through any other location? (Answered)
3. What job you will be doing in US? (Answered)
4. How long you have been working with this company (Answered)

To My wife (H4 Visa ) :
1. How long you have been married?
2. Your wedding date?
3. How many children you have any what is his/her age?
(it took around 2-3 min.)

That was it and he kept the PP and asked to collect in 3-5 working days. (Got the message in the evening that it is done and I can collect the PP tomorrow– seems very quickly).

Things to remember for Visa Interview – My thoughts  

1. Be calm and confident.
2. Don’t get influenced with what is going with other interviews. (since I was nervous because there were 2 counters in front of me where I was seating and there were lot of rejections, but I calmed myself as they were for other visas and the case was different.)
3. Dress nicely it gives a good impression.
4. Look in to the eye of the Visa Officer and answer (they look for nervous sign).
5. They ask you simple questions in tricky way so be slow and answer as it will give you Little more time..
6. Their questions are very straight so don’t get afraid listen and if in doubt ask him to repeat the questions and answer.

Thankyou Saurabh and Pandeyji for the inputs.

Regarding documents though I had carried all the originals also but he just asked for the PP and nothing else.

Though my Interview time was very short, these few things i had observed by listing to other interview.

I hope this may be helpful and good luck to others.

Thanks & regards

 You can share your experience here


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Comments ( 13 )

  1. Swathi

    I am on H4 and my husband’s and my visa had already expired and he got the I-797 for H1. We are going to India in next few weeks so will have to get our visas stamped. Can anyone tell me what all documents I require for my visa stamping and even for my husband’s visa stamping.

    1. administrator

      There are articles written on this blog about the documents required. You can search for them from the Archive link at the top.

  2. VKA

    I attended interview in Mumbai consulate a week ago and got it approved. The interview was very simple and it went like this

    Officer: How long have you been with XXX company?
    Me: 5 years and 8 months.
    Officer. Who is your client?
    Me. ABC
    Officer. Whats is your pay in US?
    Me: XXXXX $ per annum
    Officer: What is your job?
    Me; Analyst
    Officer: Which location?
    Me: Seattle, Washington
    Officer: Your visa is approved.

    Stay confident and the visa is yours. All the best everyone.


  3. Vinod

    Hi Currently i am with an H4 status, can you please help me out with the college names in
    massachusetts where i am planning for masters

  4. Shash

    No offense but this is among the crappiest experiences that is shared!

    Whats the point in telling ‘Answered’?! Ofcourse u answered! It will be worth writing more about what you answered than spending time in writing how you travelled till visa office, which taxi you took, etc.


    1. administrator

      Thanks for the feedback Shash. I have contacted the original author to give more info. Also, I have taken a note for future articles on stamping experiences.

    2. Kumar


      I don’t think author has to write answer for the Question asked here. As it is irrelevant for us. Like why we want to know whether author visa got rejected or not, or how long he is working with the company. We need to replace those with our answers. What matters is that author had spent time to write questions for us . He was not obliged to write but still he spent time for it. And our take from this will be the questions asked by VO as in this scenario answers doesn’t matter as long as we are telling truth.

      But if you still need answer here are some dummy ones 🙂

      1. Have you been rejected a visa earlier? NO
      2. Have you applied visa through any other location? No
      3. What job you will be doing in US? Answer as per DS160
      4. How long you have been working with this company ? 10 yrs

      To My wife (H4 Visa ) :
      1. How long you have been married? 4 yrs
      2. Your wedding date? 29/02/2004
      3. How many children you have any what is his/her age? None

      Happy 🙂

  5. Neha

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am in India right now and my husband is in US on H1B visa, I was living on H4 in US since oct 2010 and came to india in Oct 2012. I want to get my H4 stamped at new delhi, I have all recent documents except my husband’s bank statements. he is not providing me those because he doesn’t want me to come to US. Do you think I should go for the interview without the recent bank statements as I have no other option left?


    1. administrator

      You can appear for stamping w/o the bank statements.

      Unfortunately, status of H-4 is dependent upon H-1 visa holder’s status. If your husband is not willing to call you to US, you should be very careful w/ your stamping and your responses. How do you plan to support yourself once you are in US on H-4? Is he willing to support you?

      1. Neha

        Hi saurabh,

        Money is not the issue. I have some financial supports for living in US.
        I had to work on H1 but he never supported me to do so. In september 2012 US police helped me in reaching back safely in India. So, my goal is to come back on H4 and apply for H1.

        What if the Visa officer asks me for the recent bank statments? I have all the updated pay stubs. But also dont have updated LCA, H1b Supplement form and I-129 with his present client, but it has his employers name on these forms. Will that work?

        1. administrator

          You will be misusing the H-4 visa if you enter US and do not maintain spousal relationship. Irrespective of how much the rules favor H-1, H-4 visa is for family reunion and should not be misused like this.

          You may be asked about your spouse’s employment at the time of interview. The office would know about the new client location and may ask for those documents.

          If you enter US on H-4 and file for H-1, they will ask for H-1 visa holder’s recent payslips. Failure to provide those can result in COS denial.

          I suggest talking to an attorney as this can be risky and probable misuse of H-4 visa.

          1. Neha

            Thanks for the information Saurabh. I dont wanna make missuse of any visa status. Fine I will try to get all the relevant documents if I can.
            your suggestions were very helpful.

            Thanks Again!

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