H1B and H4 DS-160 Changes, OFC Process, Visa Interview Experiences at Mumbai – 2013

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One of our readers, Rajesh Dams attended H1B Visa interview in Mumbai recently along with his wife for H4 visa. Firstly Congrats to him on his visa stamping and Thanks to him for sharing his experience with our readers.  You can share your experience here

Background : DS-160, Booking Appointment and OFC Process

After receiving I797 and other supporting documents from my employer, I followed the below steps.

STEP 1 : We started filling DS 160 form from this link https://ceac.state.gov/genniv, after finishing for both we NOTED OUR APPLICATION NUMBER (some thing like this AAXXXXXX called DS 160 NUMBER)

STEP 2 : Applied for VISA by Creating a login and entered all information as needed in http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/

STEP 3: Next day visited near AXIS bank paid the interview fee for both of us in single account with Stanley form

STEP 4 : In 3 Hrs. our receipt was updated by itself, (when we tried it was not accepting )

STEP 5 : Taken an appointment 27th for OFC (biometric registration) 29th Consulate meeting

Mistakes in DS-160  – Correction process 

Taken print out of appointment which mentions information like Date, time , passport number, DS 160 and respective payment receipt number. Next day we felt that we did a mistake in DS 160 (REMEMBER DS 160 SHOULD BE AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE) called US consulate +91 22 67209400. for clarification that “can we change the DS 160 after fixing appointment date or need to take new appointment ” but as per advice given by them we RETRIEVED THE APPLICATION and corrected, since we modified in DS 160 we RECEIVED new DS 160 APPLICATION NUMBER. ”

OFC Appointment – Sunday
On 27th : Since it was Sunday crowd was less. showed our passport, appointment order for entry (security don’t allow any electronic items even PENDRIVE), Inside to the officer will check appointment again and stick BARCODE on top of passport. there I informed about my correction in ds 160 then he sticked my new DS 160 number in barcode and asked about the correction. Followed as per guidance inside, taken finger print scan and pic. (NO photo required to submit, but still worth to carry )

H1B and H4 Visa Interview – Mumbai 2013

Hey Friends, Thanks a lot for the input from every one, I prepared for worst.. one of the easiest interview I had faced in my life… for every one it will be same.. if you are going to tell the exact truth they are quite comfortable to handle.

Even though u have 10 am appointment you will be allowed even 2 hrs before so go early and finish your process early.

After security check they said to sit row as per time slot. A officer came to check my I797 doc, we entered inside consulate hall where 42 windows with,

Step 1 : Token,

Step 2 : finger scan,

Step 3 : Wait for your turn. (taken a seat in middle.. as you can listen most of interview questions and prepared mentally) out token number came, went to consulate window.

H1B and H4 Visa interview Questions – 2013

VO : Please come forward
Dams: Good Morning mam, How are you doing?

VO: Good Morning, Doing fine, May I see your passport please
Dams: Sure, given with I797

VO: For how long you are working for this company ?
Dams: Since I’m going to join newly. said the same

VO: What’s your company profile?
Dams: said in brief

VO: What’s your designation and your job profile?
Dams: said in brief

VO :Why you want to go to US?
Dams: For technical upgradation and global exposure

VO: Fine, What’s your highest qualification?
Dams: Masters in Chemistry and said about university

VO: Good, Chemistry means General or any specialization?
Dams : General chemistry

VO: (Towards my wife) May I know your qualification, Please ?
Mrs Dams: said about her MBA

VO: Where you both met?
Mrs Dams: (she answered in detail- since both are around same age, they chit chatted for some time about love, marriage and all) I understood we went through. and said her computer is giving trouble and final bar code scan. informed both of your visa is approved and gave slip with mentioning rights to H1 and H4 visa holders in US.

while we were waiting for our turn. I was observing other interviews..
* Each window dedicated as per visa type
* First question with out even seeing passport is ” why you want to work in US? or Why you want to go US? ”
* in H1, if your answers are firm and confident, they finish interview in max 2 min. so be confident and humble when answering. then sure you will get..


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Comments ( 11 )

  1. divya

    i haave dount regarding h4 vissa my ofc was completed me and husband applied for vissa at a time h1b and h4 on ofc on my passport they given the bar code on that they mention h1 b their is any pblm

  2. prakash

    Hi ,
    I have an interview scheduled on 7th. However, I have updated my DS-160 form with old petition number. Can I go ahead with OFC & Visa Stamping with new corrected DS-160 form & make the changes during OFC.

    1. administrator

      I think you can as long as you have created a new DS-160 and carry that along with you. Visa rules always keep changing, I suggest you call the help desk once just to make sure.

  3. ratan

    I am in india, got my h1b visa approved and yet to attend my visa interview.
    My F1 visa got rejected in 2008. Do i need to mention this in DS160 form?Will this effect H1b now? Please advise.
    Do i need to have a job with the petitoned employer in India?

    1. prakash

      Thanks Kumar. I got my Visa stamped. There are many people like me who needs correction there in OFC, we can correct & take the new DS-160 form & inform to officer that there was a correction in old one. They accepted my case . This site really helps & may be my case will be helpful information for others as well.


  4. Mrunal

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am on H1b and I want to change my status to H4. My status was changed from H4 to H1B in Oct 2013, but as I delivered a baby in Oct I could not start working. Now it looks impossible to start work so I want to come back to H4. I do not have any paystubs as I never worked. What are the options available for me?

    1. Can I apply for H1b to H4? Will I need paystubs for this?
    Is paystub mandatory document for h1 to h4 status change application?
    Can I show leave letter and resignation letter if I get RFE?
    2. Can I travel to nearby country like Jamaica or India and come back on h4 (I have h4 stamp on my passport valid till March 2015)?
    3. In case of travel and coming back on H4 what are the documents can be asked at POE?

    Please answer my queries urgently. Thanks in advance.


  5. MadGo

    Can we have some articles on the nitty gritties around application and preparation of dependent visas. Like H4 for a H1B, mentioning what all to take care of, what all documents etc.
    And also, I was looking in the forum for articles around options for a person on H4 to get a work authorization. How can a H4 get H1/L1 to start working here.
    If there are already some articles about this topic here, kindly guide me.

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