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Experience: H1B Visa 2012 Filing to Successful Stamping – 5 months tension

One of our readers, Divya, shared her H1B Visa success story with us. She filed for FY 2012  and also filed for FY 2013 as backup.  Firstly Congratulations to Divya for getting H1B Visa approved and stamped !  Thanks to her for taking time to share her experience with our readers. You can share your experience here

H1B Visa FY 2012 Filing Background :

My company is one of the top MNC in India. I never expected that the H1B 2012 cap would get over on Nov 22nd 2011. After several push internally my H1B application got filed on Nov 17th (As per company records). And I was so happy that we could make it through the cap. Months passed on and I kept on asking for receipt number. My organization told they have not got the receipt number yet and we will update it as soon as we get some information. I started to panic. I posted several questions in all forums related to H1B. They all told we get the receipt number in a week. December and January passed on. My organization was not ready enough to track my application and they were saying excuses. One final day after several escalations they told my petition has reached only on November 21st and there was a lot system for the application reached on 21st and 22nd. And my petition did not make through and it returned back. I was on a great disappointment.

Filing for H1B visa 2013 – Reply from USCIS regarding FY 2012 petition

The 2013 quota started. I again started to push and I got a slot on it. And my application got filed as well. I was praying that I should get my receipt number properly at least this time. It was filed on the mid of April. One fine day on April 23rd we came to know that the petition which was filed last year has been approved. April 23rd was a BIG DAY for me. My petition has actually reached on Nov 21st and my company had received the receipt number on 22nd. Because of my company’s reluctance they told they got the petition back and so on. I even got the budget approval for premium processing. But nothing happened. And I had to wait since November for getting the BIG DAY. Almost 5 months fully in tension as what is going to happen next.

H1B Visa Stamping in 2012
On June 5th I went for visa stamping. It went on smoothly!!!
11.30 was our appointment. We went inside by 10 30 and everything got over in an hour. In front of us there was a L1 person where he was screwed up by several questions. But when we met the VO, we got relaxed. She was ultimately cool enough. She did not look at any of our documents.

H1B Visa Interview Questions at US Consulate 

VO means Visa Officer 
VO: Good morning!! How are you both doing today??
H1B: Good morning mam!! We are doing good thank you. How are you?
VO:  good thank you. Passports? Have you had H1B earlier?
H1B: Yes
VO: Client?
H1B: Answered
VO: Employer?
H1B: answered
VO: Salary?
H1B: Answered.
VO : Am approving your visa. You will get it in a week’s time.

No questions were asked to H4.
We greeted her and came out.
This was the most terrific experience I had. It’s all luck and time I would say.
Good luck for all other guys who are applying for Visa.
Am now making arrangements for withdrawing my petition filed for H1B 2013 quota.
Divya !!!


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  1. I am Pakistani national and recently got my H1b ( change of status) from US.
    can i travel to Canada for stamping
    or do i have to go back to my country


    • If you are talking about visa stamping in Canada, then you can try that. But, always have the contingency plan in case if the visa is refused.

    • Maryam,
      If this is your first H-1 visa stamp and if you have not done Masters in US, then avoid going to CA and instead go to home country for the stamping.

  2. Hi Saurabh,

    I went to Mexico last week and got my visa stamped successfully. Thanks for all your help and guidance on this forum.


  3. Hi Saurabh,

    Please find the timelines below:
    1. My petition filed on 18th April,2012
    2. I have got the receipt notice on 7th May,2012.

    By when , i can expect decision from USCIS?

  4. Hi Saurabh,

    Thanks for your reply. I am in a doubt about the documents sent by USCIS after approval. Do they send only one document i.e. approval notice or they also sent the approved petition back to the employer. Also, in case of Premium processing, what are the approximate times when these documents are sent after approval.


    • Kapil,
      They will send the approval notice i.e. 797A or 797B to the employer/attorney. It can take up to 30 days to receive the hard copy approval even in case of PP.

  5. Hi,

    I got the location change amendment approved on 15th June, 2012. This was for year 2012. My wife is 28 weeks pregnant. I wanted to know, when I can expect to receive the approved petition from USCIS and by when I can go for stamping. Also, is there any issue for my wife to get H4 because of her pregnancy?


    • Kapil,
      The employer should receive it within 30 days of approval, and they can then forward it to you. I am not sure about the pregnancy question.


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