ECR vs Non-ECR - ECNR Indian Passport Meaning and Info

ECR vs Non-ECR (ECNR) Indian Passport – Meaning, Application, Work, Removal

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Many of you applying for Indian Passport will come across this question “Are you eligible for Non-ECR Category?”. It can be very confusing with ECR and Non-ECR as many of us are not sure what they mean. Also, you may be asked for emigration clearance for employment in certain foreign countries for ECR passport holders. We will look at all these aspects, including how to get that removed that as well, if you are eligible.

Firstly, as you all know a passport is a travel document, issued by a country’s government. It certifies the identity and nationality of a passport holder. You need it to visit any country or to work overseas. In India, there are two types of passports ECR and Non-ECR (formerly called as ECNR).

What does ECR in Indian Passport mean ?

ECR stands for Emigration Check Required.  Depending on your status like education, age, marital status, etc. You would be either qualified for ECR or Non-ECR category.

Who all are fall under ECR ( Emigration Check Required) Category for Indian Passport ?

Typically, if you have not passed 10th grade/class ( Matriculation or higher education pass certificate)  then your passport will fall under ECR Category.

What is Non-ECR or ECNR in Indian Passport ?

Non-ECR, formerly known as ECNR, means Emigration Check Not Required. In general, if you have passed 10th class/grade (Matriculation or Higher Educational Pass Certificate) or have higher degree then your passport falls under Non-ECR Category.  But, there are other exceptions as well, when you fall under Non-ECR category as listed below.

If you fall under one of the below categories, then your passport would be categorized as Non-ECR or ECNR :

  • Official and Diplomatic passport holders
  • Gazetted Government officers, their spouses and children
  • Individuals who are above the age of 50 years
  • Children up to the age of 18 years.
  • Income taxpayers ( including agricultural income tax payers), their spouses and children under 18 years.
  • Professional degree holders such as Engineers, Doctors, CA,  etc., their spouses and children.
  • Who hold visas for permanent immigration / resident visas for the US, UK, and Australia
  • Individuals who have spent three years overseas and their spouses
  • Individuals who hold a diploma in nursing under the Indian Nursing Council Act-1947
  • People holding diploma in Polytechnic from any recognized institute.
  • People who work in Sea with Continuous Discharge Certificate or Sea Cadets and Deck cadets.

Depending on your status listed above, you will need to carry the relevant documentation as listed on Passport Office Non- ECNR page to the passport office for verification during passport application process.  

ECR in Passport Application Form  – What to select ?

You will come across this question : “Are you eligible for Non-ECR Category?”, when you are filling out Indian passport application form. As described above, if you have NOT passed 10th class/grade ( Matriculation or high school pass certificate)  and do not satisfy any of the above listed Non-ECR category criteria, then you would need to select NO.
      Alternatively, if you have passed 10th grade/class and have qualification above that or you fall under any of the above listed Non-ECR category criteria, then you would select YES.  

How would I know, if my passport is ECR or Non-ECR ?

If your passport falls under ECR category, your passport will have it listed clearly with either a stamp/ notation or full text “EMIGRATION CHECK REQUIRED”.  For passport before Jan 2007, it used to be a stamp, for latest passports you will find the text written/endorsement in the address page of the passport.

Usually for passports issued after Jan 2007, if you do not find any endorsement / printed text / notation in the passport that says “EMIGRATION CHECK REQUIRED” or then your passport falls under Non-ECR category. The practice of putting Non-ECR (previously ECNR) stamp has been discontinued and you only see Text notation in passport.

How does ECR Passport Look like – ECR Endorsement / Notation Sample ?

Emigration Check Required - ECR Sample Latest Passport

How does it work for Minors or Children Passport with ECR ?

   Children below the age of 18 years with one or both parents are eligible for Non-ECR till he/she attains the age of 18 years.

ECR Passport and Emigration Clearance to work in Certain Countries ?

As per the Emigration Act-1983, Indian Passport holders under ECR category , who wish to travel to below list of countries for employment will have to obtain Emigration Clearance from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POE), Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.  

As per the Indian Bureau of Immigration (BOI), the following countries :

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • Qatar
  • Jordan
  • Yemen
  • Sudan
  • Afghanistan
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Malaysia
  • Libya
  • Indonesia
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Thailand

As of now, there is a ban on emigration to Iraq.

For ECR designated Countries, as ECR Passport holder, do you need Emigration Clearance even for Tourism and Pleasure ?

You do not need Emigration Clearance for the above listed countries as ECR Passport holder, if you are traveling to above listed countries for purpose other than employment like for tourism, pleasure or visiting friends/relatives. For that, you have to provide a valid passport, valid visa and return ticket at the immigration counters at international airports in India. These guidelines came into effect from  Oct 2007.

Can you change ECR to Non-ECR in Indian Passport ?

Yes, you can.  If your passport was ECR category and now you qualify to be under Non-ECR category due to changes in your situation either age, education or marital status, etc. then, you can follow the below steps to have it corrected from ECR to Non-ECR

Procedure to Change from ECR to Non-ECR Indian Passport :

    You can apply for passport re-issue by selecting YES for  question “Are you eligible for Non-ECR Category?” during the passport application process and submit relevant proofs for your eligibility like your 10th or matriculation pass certificate or degree certificate, income tax statements, etc.  depending on your eligibility criteria. You can read How to apply for Indian Passport Re-issue Steps

Did I miss anything ? Share your thoughts and experiences.

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Comments ( 49 )

  1. Bhavani

    .sir I am 55 years old.i want to renewal my passport.i don’t have any educational certificates, can I renew my passport with aadhar and electric city bill???

  2. kumar

    Sir/Madam, I’ve completed Three year Diploma(Engineering) after 12th. What should i select in Educational Qualification – Graduation & Above or 10th Pass & Above.

  3. Phanindra

    Hi , plz clarity my doubt ,

    I have freshly applied with Non ECR option as NO.
    And I’m yet to go on appointment day.

    Can i submit my degree documents there nd request them to change to NON ECR as YES. ???

    1. administrator

      Yes, you should be able to get it corrected, if you have a degree. mention to them that you did a mistake and they will correct it during appointment. Carry your 10th class and higher education documents.

  4. Rizwan Alam

    Sir In my 10th certificate and Aadhaar my father name has some Spelling error. So can I show my Degree Certificate in place of 10th certificate For Non Ecr pasport.

    1. administrator

      Well, you could technically use it…But, it is up to them to accept or not. You should get the spelling errors corrected, if you can in certificates.

  5. Gangadhar kumari

    Dear madam sir,
    My name is Gangadhar kumari I was applied passport renewal this date 26 August 2019 in Secunderabad.because my passport ECR to ECNR change .but i need passport urgently because my previous company asking passport making visa sir
    I have 4 years more then experience Qatar and Kuwait
    my file no HY4072381913719
    Date of birth” 18/05/1982 .
    I went two time Hyderabad Secunderabad .please I need passport urgently. when i will receive my passport . please give me information .waiting for your reply


    Dear sir,
    I wish to apply for passport, please explain my problem as below :
    1. I am resident of Jharkhand and having Adhar card/voter ID card .
    2. I am residing in UP since long time , and have been issued passport issued by Bareilly, which is now expired.
    3. Now i am residing near Lucknow and wish to re-issue passport from lucknow.
    4. I am graduate (but presently graduation certificate not available) and regular Income tax payee .
    5. NON-ECR/ ECR which one will be best for us.
    please suggest on above issue.

    Gautam kumar

  7. Kiran

    I am graduate and my passport is in ECR category.currently I received official schengen visa to travel for visit and my flight is after 2 day so can possiblities to face any difficulties or I need to change ecnr passport please suggest.

    1. administrator

      It should be fine for your travel. You should correct your passport, when you return by providing proper proof of your graduation.

  8. Sagar

    My dad is 58 years old and wants to apply for a passport but does not have his original education certificate but have photohcopy and also doesn’t have birth certificate , can he still apply for a passport and which category NCR or Non-NCR

    1. administrator

      Well, you need some sort of documentation to prove that he is 58 years old. He would get it as Non-ECR as he is above 50 years. You need either birth certificate or school leaving certificate for that…

    1. administrator

      Yes, he can. He automatically qualifies for Non-ECR category due to his age. You need to submit either birth certificate or go to his old school and get the school leaving certificate for age verification.

    1. administrator

      The requirements does not explicitly talk about State Literacy Mission’s document. Check


    I wish to apply for a new passport but i have submitted my 10th and 12th certificate to the institution they will return back only after 3years of my course completion but i have my orignal marks card of degree for the 1st year published by the recognized this is ok to apply a passport

    1. administrator

      You should be able to use 10th Class Transfer Certificate (TC) and try. Call the Passport Office or email them and check. You maybe able to use your degree details. See, if you can get a study certificate or something from them and try your luck. Also, try to ask the institution for the originals for passport and tell them you will return them after applying passport. Also, do share your feedback on how you applied with community here after you apply.

  10. Pramod chaudhari

    I have filled the application for reissue request, however erroneousely selected N in the category of NON ECR, hence it may get consider as ECR, where in, I need NON ECR or ECNR Category, please suggest how to rectify it, since appointment has been booked.

  11. pawan

    My adhar card is having my permanent address but my communication address is diffrent .can i use my adhar card as address proof ?

  12. Lalit


    My parents are at 50+ yrs of age.I am applying for Non-ECR but my mother doesnt have either Birth Certificate or School leaving certificate as mentioned in “Documents Required for Non-ECR” for “All persons above the age of 50 years”.we just have Adhaar card and PAN Card.Can I apply for passport.Please assist.


    1. administrator

      I am not sure, if the passport office would accept those certificates for age proof. You can give it it a try with Aadhar Card. If it is not too much effort, you should get a birth certificate or some letter from the municipal office that indicates her date of birth or age…If you have access to her school, you could get the transfer certificate as well…Please do share your experience with community after you apply…

    2. Nishitha

      Hi Lalit,

      Please let me know what happened when you took Aadhar card and PAN card as age proof in passport office. Because I am having the same problem. Booked an appointment for my mother ages 50+ but she have only aadhar card and pan card.

  13. praveen kumar

    sir ,my passport falls under ECR category but i have passed x th std but the reason is i dont have original document like marksheet, & t.c i have only xerox copy of that & also my name has changed if i want to change my ECR to NON ECR is it possible reply me

    1. administrator

      You would need original for any corrections in passport or get a Non ECR passport. Go to the school or State Education department and get duplicate X class certificate, otherwise, it may be difficult without proof to change it to ECNR.

  14. rajita kote

    i pass 12th than also thay write on my passport emigation check required…..i want to remove from my passport sooo what to do for that…plz help me

  15. Mounika Reddy

    Hi.. I am planning to apply for my parents who have not studied 10th grade. Do I need to mark YES or NO and also do they need to provide any school certificates ?
    Can you please let me know

  16. Manu sharma

    I am applying for my daughter passport she is 6 years old .. what category I have to opt for non ecr category .. do I tick yes or no??

    1. kumar

      You can mark non-ecr as ‘NO’ it is to be marked yes when an individual having a qualification certificates from 10th std on wards. since your child is 6Yrs old only so you can opt as no.

  17. Suraj Srivastava

    Sir, My passport is ECR & I want to change in ECNR, I have already done my Education like graduation but Age diffrent between Marksheet and Aadharcard (3yrs) , Now What should I ?
    Please suggest me best solution for it.

    1. administrator

      For ECNR, you may or may not need the age to be fixed, but in the long run to avoid issues, you should fix the issues and correct your aadhar card or Marksheet, whichever is wrong.

  18. Dakshal

    If a person falls in any of the above category o f Non-ECR category listed in the “Passport Seva” webpage, then he/she has to select “YES” in the documents required question ” Is applicant eligible for Non-ECR category?” .
    It is adivised otherwise in the above article. Please correct it as it misguides the readers of this article.

  19. deep desai

    the passport appointment prosess has been complited without 10th,12th&degree cetificat but i have degree certificat then possibel any change ?

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