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As I got a 221(g) query for H1B Visa stamping at Chennai, they gave me a blue form with list of documents to submit. My original perception about drop box was that there would be a dropbox and you just drop off your documents packet in that box…Guess what ?  There is nothing as such… Let me try to explain you the process of drop box at Hyderabad ( most likely to be same at other locations), including facts you must know.

If you want to know more on basics, read What is 221(g) for Visa Stamping ? How long Processing ? – FAQs?. You can also check out our Crowdsourced Anonymous 221g Tracker to get an idea of others 221g Processing time, documents asked.

H1B query – Drop Box documents submission experience :

After I received all the required documents from my employer, I looked at the consulate website for address of VFS drop box center… talked to my colleagues and got the address sorted out ( it is next to Airtel office/HUDA in Begumpet ). I reached the VFS office at 3:10 PM and asked at the entrance that I need to drop off the documents for US Visa Query ( the VFS office accepts US and few other countries documents)… Guess what ? they said, we only take documents till 3 P.M. You have to come next day. I was like… what ? I am late by 10 min, so you are sending me back ? She said, sorry and come next day….I was a little disappointed, well.. that’s rule. Anyways, it was my fault…. I checked website and it said drop box hours 8 AM to 3 PM.

Lesson : Check the timings of VFS Drop Box office before you go !

I assumed it would be till 5 PM. Anyways, next day I reached office at 9 AM. Now, they asked me, do you have any electronic items other than cell phone. I was carrying my laptop and said the same…They said, no Laptops….I asked them if there was any Cloak room or counter to deposit the laptop around the VFS office…they said nothing around that area….I was more frustrated….talked to gate keeper, he said the same and asked for 150 Rupees to hold it…I could not trust him…next I went down the street asking for a place…same result…finally gave 100 Rupees to few police guys and kept the laptop bag with them…I did not had a choice.

Lesson : Check what is allowed at the VFS office drop box. Call them beforehand. They do NOT allow laptops. Unfortunately, no place to deposit them too…Be prepared.

Drop Box submission process – What do you need ? What to fill ?

After security check at the door, you will be given a token….you just sit and wait until they call your token number.  You will be given two small forms to fill out at the counter.  You will need the following information to fill the forms:

  • Passport Number
  • Address details
  • HDFC receipt number
  • Phone numbers
  • Email Address

Make sure you carry your passport as they will ask at the counter. After you fill out the details, you will go to other counter to submit the documents.  You will need to pay 180 Rupees. ( he was very particular asking exact change ) The guy at the counter was slow at work… they were asking about my address for pick up of documents. My home address is not Blue Dart courier serviceable, so they chose Secunderabad  Blue Dart courier office for pickup of my documents. I asked why do you need this address ? He said, US consulate may return the documents some times, so they need address….Anyways, he took the Blue 221(g) form and asked if all the documents asked in the form were part of package( 400 to 500 pages), I said yes…he checked quickly and took all the documents and placed them in a small folder ( I did not submit my passport as my form said not to submit the passport ).  He just gave me receipt for the cash paid.

5 Facts about 221(g) blue Slip Drop box submission :

  1. There is NO drop box as such. You just need to go in person and submit the documents in person.
  2. Just carry the documents seperate, do not seal them in envelopes. VFS will take the documents and put them in their folders
  3. You will NOT get any tracking number from VFS office after you submit documents  for 221(g) blue slip -H1B query.
  4. You cannot track the status of your case after your documents are submitted. US consulate will send you an email. You just need to keep your fingers crossed and wait for that email from US embassy…
  5. Carry your passport, HDFC receipt and Blue Slip with you. You will need them during the process. Do NOT mix it with the documentation.

Did I miss anything ? What are your experiences submitting 221(g) query documents ?
Any other VFS offices experiences to share ?

Check out 221(g) Case Tracker

Check out our 221(g) Tracker with anonymous data from everyone.


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Comments ( 180 )

  1. MJM


    I have got a 221 G and have got all the documents ready. On the slip it says , just go a deposit passport and documents. Do I need to take an appointment OR just show the letter asking me to drop box ? Previously, I had a drop box appointment but was asked to go in person. When I went in person I got the 221 G. So now, I do not know if Drop box appointment is required. Just show the USCIS letter and go deposit. Am I right ?

    1. administrator


      I think you can go for dropbox option now. Just go there, and submit all the documents and passport along w/ the slip.

  2. narayan

    Hi all,

    i am attending for h1b visa interview from feb-2016 hyderabad on that time i got 221g white slip (lease aggrement from client ) so i told me my sponcering person.. he is telling me client will not provide the leased aggrement so Please guide me …

    1. administrator


      Ask your employer to get any sort of information from the client. I assume the project is not a sham and the employer really has a contract with them. If the client has sent an email expressing inability to provide client letter, then submit that email as proof and ask the consulate to do background check by contacting the client.

      If the client/project is fake, then that’s the end of road for this stamping.

      1. narayan

        Dear Saurabh,

        i am asking my employer he is wait for some time i will update to you.. but there is no responce .. i don t no whats going on please suggest me how to approach on my query…and one more thing i am transfer to H1 some other company…how to process could you send me the details..

        1. administrator


          You need your employer’s co-operation in order to provide any meaningful response to this. Keep in touch w/ them and hopefully they will respond with more info/docs.

          As for cap-exempt petition, approach another employer and ask them to file a cap-exempt petition for you. They would need copy of your current approval notice for this. Rest of the docs are similar to what your current H-1 petitioner needed when they applied your H-1.

          1. narayan

            i am applying for the H1 2015 ….But it is showing admin processing when they are clearing my query( present situation client will not providing for the document )..

            what is the process of H1 Transfer can you send me the proper details…

            i am already asking my employer please send me the email while client will not providing for the document he told me wait i can send you still not getting for the mail.. please guide me what is the next step of processing my query

          2. administrator


            I explained the process in my previous post – “approach another employer and ask them to file a cap-exempt petition for you. They would need copy of your current approval notice for this. Rest of the docs are similar to what your current H-1 petitioner needed when they applied your H-1.”

  3. Rohan

    Hi All,

    I came to India for vacation on oct 2015. As my stamped visa was expired I went for an interview on 23rd Oct 2015 to stamp visa with petition valid till 12 Dec 2015. I got 221G white slip asking for few documents. My company had sent all the required document on the same day.

    I am still waiting for my 221G approval and meanwhile my company had filed my H1 cap exempt in premium and it got approved. Please guide me on below case:
    1. Do I need to wait till my 221G case is cleared
    2. If yes then Do I need to face the visa interview again.

    1. administrator


      So your petition has already expired. You should contact the consulate and submit new petition information. In some of the similar cases that I remember, they eventually denied the visa saying that the petition has already expired. So it is better to be proactive.

      As for another round of stamping, you will have to check that w/ the consulate.

  4. Jay

    Hello Saurabh, Kumar

    I have been qualified for Drop Box. Is it possible to handover all the relevant documents (i797, passport, visa, photo) to my Father in law so that he can drop it on my behalf ? or my physical presence is required? This will be the New Delhi Consulate. I have a time crunch situation and hence I need to know if this is a possibility.


    1. administrator


      I am not sure about the answer. Maybe someone who has done this in the past can help, or you can call their support center and ask.

    1. narayan


      i got the 221g white slip from Hyderabad consulate on feb-2016 so the query is ( lease agreement for the client) the query is very difficult

  5. Ampili muraleedharan.

    Three weeks before I submit one job application for Canada via internet.after they give one agreement form time via mail.now two days before one mail get me from Bangalore they need 8450 INR processing fee and my marriage certificate photographs and other some documents .they give one receipt number CAN_IMM/140812/050619/1 and approval number w301204870.And given contact address is Mr.Maher doleh,Trade office of Canada immigration support section ,Bangalore,Karnataka,560001,India and given phone number is+918098521057.and mail id is [email protected]
    Sir please give me a replay this true or fake.sir please give me your replay in my mail id as soon as possible.

  6. Man

    I appeared for consulate interview today, They issued a white slip with remarks “Processing”. Not asked for any document submission

    Consular asked me following question.

    Consular: asked for passport
    Me: Gave passport and I-797

    Consular: (Checked something on computer and left her seat and came back after 1-2 min)

    Consular: Company Name?
    Answer: abc

    Consular: When you joined this company.
    Answer. I didn’t joined the company yet, Company gave me job offer.

    Consular: When they gave you job offer?
    Answer: Date

    Consular: (left and come after 1 Min.) Where you will go in USA
    Answer: city, state

    Consular : Current Company?
    Answer: xyz

    Consular: (Typing on computer whatever i replied) Asked for pettition and supporting document.
    Me : Gave bundle of document.(Which I recieved from my Pettitioner via courier)

    Consular: (flip and go through the document) Is everything is in this bundle
    Me: Yes

    Consular: We are keeping these document with us for further processing.
    Me: Ok, But these all are original documents.
    Consular: Don’t worry we keep it safe.We are not keeing your passport(She returned my passport)

    Me: (As I-797 was stappled with my passport i asked do you need I-797.

    Consular:(Get confused and left her seat and came back after 30 seconds) No we don’t required we have all the documents.

    I said thanks and left the counter.

    That is how my interview happened.

    Now, I am confused, where is the problem? Kindly let me know the further process in my case.

  7. Syed Arif

    I have a similar situation. i need someone to tell me how probable and how soon i can get the visa.

    I went to the embassy and i was asked only three questions, what university, duration of course and my bachelors aggregate. After a lot of head scratching he told me “young man, i will approve your visa on one condition, get me a police clearance certificate and drop your passport with this (blue) slip (221g slip) along with the clearance letter at the VFS office. He returned my passport and said I’m returning your passport for now you submit it there.

    ANY idea how long it will take?

  8. soch the power


    My husband got his H1b visa visa approved on 26th December 2013 from Chennai US consulate and H1B visa stamped passport after two days.

    We started processing H4 visa process for me n my 5 months old daughter (DS160 and payment of Fees). Got OFC done for me and my daughter on 17th Jan 2014.

    We had visa interview appointment on 21 Jan 2014 7.45 am (first slot for that day) and i was first one to give interview for visa.

    VO: Good Morning
    Me: Good Morning
    VO: May i have your Passport
    I gave my n my daughter’s passport to VO
    VO: Do you have your husband’s visa with you?
    Me: Yes (i gave him my husband’s paasport also)
    VO: Where is your husband working currently?
    Me: ABC company (Indian Company)
    VO: Where he will be working in USA?
    Me: XYZ Company (Company In USA)
    VO: Why is he leaving company like ABC and going for small company XYZ?
    Me: He wanted global career exposure
    Then VO started nodded his head
    VO: Why you did not appeared for visa interview with your husband?
    Me: We had applied for my daughter’s passport and i wanted to apply for visa with my daughter
    VO: Where is your daughter?
    Me: She is outside with my husband. My Daughter is 5 months old.
    VO: When did you got married?
    Me: 24 Feb 2011
    VO: Why you husband went for his visa interview in chennai and you in mumbai?
    Me: There was no interview slots available in Mumbai during that time and his employer wanted him to go for visa interview in that week only.
    Again VO nodded his head
    VO: When did you got married?
    Me: 24 Feb 2011
    VO: Where you daughter was born?
    Me: Mumbai
    VO: Where your stay?
    Me: Mumbai

    Then VO left from his seat and went to one lady (American) with our passport and he talk to her 8 to 10 min then he came back to his seat and started typing in his computer for 7 to 8 min

    VO: When did you got married?
    Me: 24 Feb 2014
    VO: Where you husband will be working in USA?
    Me: AM, MMMM

    Then he again started typing in his computer and after 5 min one white paper to me and said
    VO: Sorry i will have to take your passport for some admin processing
    Me: You will keep my husband’s passport also
    VO: Yes i have to take his passport for enquiry
    Me: When will i get all three passport?
    VO: It will not take more that one week. You will get notification regarding your passport through Email or SMS.
    Me: Ok

    Then i left from there. I was very tensed because VO took my husbands passport also and i did not wanted my husbands visa get affect because of my interview.

    After two days i got mail on my phone that my and my daughters passport is ready for pickup and even my husband got same message.

    Next Day we went BKC, Mumbai US Trade center and got all three passport with VISA STAMP.

    Missed those golden words “YOUR VISA IS APPROVED” but still ALL WELL THAT ENDS WELL

  9. Applicat

    yes i got mailed but little bit of confusion that i got mail after the interview consulate gave`s me a DNA offer letter after done the DNA test complete i got the mail from consulate that contain to submit the passport on nearest drop box visa center ****
    here written like that but may be not exact word 221G with passport submit to nearest drop box visa center so confusion is why i have to submit passport there or what they will do with them please reply me fast need help

  10. sagar parel

    I have recently finished my interview at Mumbai consulate(CR1 category) ….Its really straight forward, dont be afraid…nice experience…Thanks mumbai consulate

    Sagar Patel..Mob-9712402009

  11. chetan

    I have different situation here. plz help me with this.
    I had visa interview (New Delhi) a month ago and VO returned my passport back with 221 g(white slip).
    I submitted supported docs to Visa Application Center , at that moment my company don’t have enough supported docs and they told me to submit the docs i have. I submitted docs as well as my passport also.

    Now after a month, my company send rest of the required docs and told me to submit it(those docs are required).

    My question is i already submitted docs and passport previously, can i resubmit docs again in Visa Application Centre ?


  12. Sanup Thomas

    Hi Saurabh,

    I attended my H1B interview at the Hyderabad consulate. After shooting a lot of questions the VO said that my petitioner (employer) is too small to be hiring me as a management analyst. He then went on to say that this whole thing will be investigated and if found ambiguous I will be banned for life from applying to the US. To which I retorted he could do as he wished because I am confident about my employer. The VO then asked me to submit all the documents that I had with me (I-129, I-797, USCIS letter, LCA and RFE) at another counter. They kept all the originals and gave me photocopies of the whole bunch, they then returned my passport as well. Does this mean my visa has been rejected? The VO did not mention anything about rejection or for the matter issue any colour slip. I request you to please help me if you can. Thank you.

    1. @Sanup Thomas-What happened to your case?

      @Sanup Thomas – Did you get H1b stamped finally? On what grounds, VO said that your employer is too small? I meant how do they know any employer is too small or big to hire?

      1. Sanup Thomas

        Hi Saurabh,

        My case is still pending or as the consulate has put it ‘it is undergoing administrative processing’. I believe USCIS is currently conducting their investigations about my employer. It has been almost 4 months now and I am still waiting for them to take a decision.

        1. Sanup Thomas

          Hi Saurabh,

          Although this comment is a tad late I would like to inform you that my H1B visa had been issued last month. I had waited for 5 months for USCIS to conduct their investigations about my employer but it was worth the wait as I have eventually got my H1B Visa.

          All I would like to say to everyone on this forum is be frank and confident at your interview and never lose hope.

  13. hyd news

    We stumbled over here coming from a different wweb address and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to going over your wweb page repeatedly.

  14. vel

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been attended my visa interview on August 8th 2012, Chennai consulate and vo gave me Blue slip, after very long interval nearly 7 months after got call from VFS office asked to submit the minimum documents like passport,ds160,petition letter and copy of 221g letter on march 5th till date I am not getting any response from vfs office Chennai, when I check my passport tracking, it always shows that Delivered to post .How long this process take to complete ?

  15. Mar

    In my USCIS case status it states there that on november 1,2012 we mailed approved or reaffirmed petition at the department of state. please contact them directly. My question is what does this mean?

    1. administrator

      Your petition has been reaffirmed (I assume the consulate sent the petition back to USCIS for review). Your employer would have received a copy of it along w/ the consulate. Get that copy from your employer and contact the consulate on next steps.

  16. balak

    Hi This is Balak,

    I went for the interview on March 19th and I got the green 221(g)slip. VO Told me to submit my petitioner last 2yrs tax details. I submitted employer last 2yrs tax details,I797, 129,DS-160 and also some required docs. but they revert back to me twice. 3rd time i submitted all docs in a proper in a proper way like suppurated each one is a set.

    Again they sent back all docs and this time they told me to submit my passport and also employer last 2yrs tax details.I submitted all docs and passport, but i didnt submit my photo(They didnt told me to submit photo). If they want to approve my Visa, is it required my photo? Please help on this……..

    1. administrator

      You would have already submitted photo when you appeared for the interview. I don’t think they would require your photo again.

  17. Mar

    i have submitted the document required at 2GO COURIER up to now i dont know if the us embassy consulate received. But when i track the document at 2go courier the VFS has already received. how do i check if the us embassy consulate received the document

  18. Lucky

    Hello Saurabh,

    I guess, Little Different situation as no one before ever heard…..

    I attended H1b interview on Jan 5th 2012 at chennai consulate and issued 221g blue slip with case number.

    while H1b 221g under Admin.Processing, (without withdraw my H1B) I attended H4 interview on April 18th 2012 at Hyderabad consulate and VO said “visa issued and you will receive within week” and i felt little happy. Now my Passport is at Hyderabad Consulate for H4 stamping. VFS track passport says “Under process”.

    Today (25th April ) i received (through courier ) the documents which i gave to VO at the time of H1b interview including green slip (mentioned my 221g same case number) to submit documents ( default check marked on printed green slip) and back side of the green slip, with Pen tick mark at Passport (must be valid for six months at the time of application).

    Pen writing as “Memo Cleared – A Kotchin” On DS-160 copy

    Tomorrow April 26th i am going to submit the documents except the Passport at Hyderabad Consulate.

    1. can i submit docs at Hyd dropbox as my H1b 221g issued at chennai consulate?
    2. will it be a problem submission docs without passport?
    3. should i write an letter saying that my passport with Hyd consulate as i had H4 interview with Hyd consulate.? is that helpful or no need to write any letter?
    4. how long will it take after submission docs (i know its pretty repeated question)

    Please Advise Appreciate your quick reply


    1. administrator

      1. Check w/ VFS
      2. They usually expect all documents to be submitted in one lot and not in batches. You can check w/ VFS if it would be ok to submit the passport later
      3. I am not sure, and I fear it may impact your H-4 visa approval (which you are taking as a back-up)
      4. No standard time and can take few weeks to several months (pretty repeated answer 🙂 )

  19. sharmeen


    Igot 221g blue slip on Th April saying I have to submit nikah document along with my passport containing bar code affix to it.My question is that how much time will it take after I will submit my document I have applied for L2 visa.So does I give this to my husband’s employer or I can directly give to VFS office.

    Other question is that Why they asked for passport?Is it just for tracking ??

    Please kindly give response
    Thanks in advance.


    1. administrator

      You will have to submit that document to VFS. They asked for passport in order to stamp the visa. You will have to submit all the asked documents to VFS. Once they are submitted, they can take few weeks to several months to process.

      1. sharmeen sorathiya


        My husband’s company submitted my documents to VFS office but they didnt give them any reciept for acknowledgement.I am worried as they have taken my original document and passport also.

        Is there any way to track my passport status or proccessing status?


        1. administrator

          You can check the passport on VFS site or the case number of respective consulate website (if online tracking is allowed for your case number).

          1. sharmeen sorathiya


            Here is another wonder that happened with me yesterday.I gone to submit my document to VFS office and after waiting there for 1 hour my number came and they checked my passport andthen said you will be interviewed again and finally again my interview was held and I got visa.

  20. Smitha

    This is with regard to 221 G Blue Slip issued to me on 28th Feb 2012 for L2 dependent visa at Mumbai asking for few documents. I submitted all the documents mentioned in the blue slip on March 09 2012 at VFS Pune and a receipt was given to me for docs submission.

    After 3 weeks I just called the VFS helpline to know the status . They said me to mail to [email protected] When I mailed to VFS help desk mumbai, they gave me a reply saying that they will check this with the consulate and let me know.

    After 2 days, I got a mail from VFS mumbai saying that my documents have not reached the consulate at all. I need to send the scan copy of VFS receipt which was given to me after the docs submission at VFS Pune, for reference.

    Its almost a week now, I have mailed the scan copy of VFS receipt to VFS helpdesk mumbai but not got any reply yet. I dont know where the submitted documents have gone.

    If I call to VFS help line they say that our record shows that you have submitted the documents on 09th of March, no need to submit the documents again.

    I am ready to submitt the documents once again but I dont have original 221G blue slip as I have already submitted it on 9th March along with the documents mentioned in blue slip.

    I just daily mail to VFS help desk and call to VFS help line once but no useful result.

    Could you suugest me how can I track my documents . Can I send the documents once again with the 221 G printout( VFS help line says no need to submit docs again as our record already says that you have submitted it). Please suggest if there is any other alternative which I can follow.


    1. administrator

      It is possible that the email they sent out mentioning your documents are not received, was in error. As that’s the only medium that told you non-submission of documents, you can email them again and wait for their response. If this time they come back and state that they have received the documents, then there is nothing else you need to do at this time except to wait.

      1. Smitha

        Hi Saurabh,

        Thanks for the reply.

        I agree your point.
        My spouse had sent a query at VFS site just three days back. He has got the same reply saying my documents have not reached the Consulate and mail the VFS receipt of documents submission to them for reference.

        If my documents would have been under admin processing I would have agreed the delay is quite obvious and in that case and there is some sense in waiting.
        But in my case its more than a month (submitted docs on 9th March) still we get the same reply saying documents have not reached the Consulate. I am confused, dont know how to handle this situation.

        Could you suggest any alternative.


        1. administrator

          It seems they are pretty prompt in replying the initial email where you ask if the documents have been received, but then go silent. How about you send them an email asking if the documents have been received and attach the VFS receipt in the same email. Make sure the file size is less as lot of times they do not process when the attachment size is large.

          You can also call VFS and tell them about what you are receiving in email. Maybe they can sync-up w/ the department that replies to the email and let you know what the real truth is.

        2. Ajay Sahu

          Could you please share the email address of consulate mumbai.
          i am waiting for his reply since 10 months for 221 G. document submited in jan -12 but didn’t get any reply form them.

  21. sudhakar

    I got 221g green slip asking for contract details with the client on Dec 15 2011 in New Delhi Consulate , i have submitted all the docs on 1st Feb 2012. On March 9th 2012 i got a call on my mobile asking whether i have Submitted all the docs , when i replied that i have submitted on Feb 1st 2012 , he said there was an e-mail sent to me on 7th Feb 2012 to my email id requesting further documents for processing my Visa application and when i said i haven’t go any e-mail he said to note down the list of documents and submit at the VFS drop box.

    1) Complete I-797, I-129 petition, Labor Condition Applicaiton, and Cover Letter submitted to DHS with the petition application.
    2) A signed letter from the prospective end client, stating the client’s intention to make use of the beneficiary’s services and the nature and duration of the project.

    Today when i went to submit the documents at the VFS drop box new delhi, they say that we won’t be contacting you by phone and it will be done by email only and they haven’t taken my docs.

    Now when i am trying to contact the number from which i got call , it says user busy only. What should be my next step. Can anyone please suggest.


    1. administrator

      You can check w/ VFS/consulate if it was a fraud call and what action needs to be taken. If the consulate doesn’t need any more documents, then there is no action required on your part. Did you search for that number online to see if there were any search results?

      1. sudhakar


        It’s a delhi airtel landline number. i have sent mail to infousdelhi at vfshelpline dot com explaining the situtaion and haven’t got any reply back, normal how much time does they take to reply back. How to contact consulate for the details. haven’t found anything about this number in google.


        1. administrator

          They may respond back in 1-2 days. You can also call VFS and explain the situation to the person. That may give you a faster response.

          1. sudhakar


            I have called the vfs help desk and he says that they doesn’t have information about the mails sent to the applicants.

            Sudhakar Vytla

          2. administrator

            You can talk to your attorney about it. I don’t think there is any further action required by you as VFS has mentioned they don’t need the documents and are not accepting the same.

          3. sudhakar


            I got reply for the mail which i have sent to vfs , that my mail will be forwarded to US embassy and when they get a reply from them , it will be informed to by email.


          4. sudhakar


            I got the following reply from VFS.

            Dear Sir/Ma’am,

            As per the US Embassy application is still pending for the submission of documents.


            Does this mean the call which i got is not a prank call and i can submit the docs which was mentioned in the call by taking the hardcopy of this mail.


          5. administrator

            Usually the consulate folks do not call. It is good for them if one doesn’t submit the documents or takes time, as it would delay the process and give them more breathing space.

            Anyways, this response means that they are waiting for documents. You can call VFS and ask if you can submit the documents based on this email. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are again returned from the VFS center.

          6. Sudhakar


            I have sent another mail to the vfs for the confirmation of docs submission and this is the reply i got from them.


            Dear Mr. Sudhakar,

            As per the US Embassy, Sudhakar’s application is still pending for signed letter from an end client stating the work that the applicant does for the client and complete I-797, I-129, Labor Condition Application, and Cover Letter submitted to DHS with the petition application. Also an email was sent to the applicant on February 7, 2012 for the submission of above requested information, which the Embassy has not received till now.



            I am going to submit the docs by taking hard copy of this email to vfs global.

            One question is can i get my email-id changed for further communication as i don’t want to get delayed because of the mail’s get missed. i should be thankful for the person who called me otherwise i w0uld be still waiting for the mail from them.


          7. administrator

            I am not sure about the email change. You will have to check w/ VFS or consulate. Also keep checking your spam/junk folder as it may go in there as well.

          8. sudhakar


            After submitting the docs on april 3rd ,i got the following reply.

            As per the US Embassy your case has been returned to the Kentucky Consular Center in the United States.You may contact the USCIS office for further information.Please consider this case closed at their office and a refusal letter was sent to you on April 19, 2012

            Seems like my visa is denied , but i haven’t received the letter yet.

            My same employer is willing to file a new H1b petition for a new project, so does the previous petition decision impacts this new petition when i go for visa interview next time as the company is still the same. what are the chances of getting visa over here.

            Sudhakar Vytla

          9. administrator

            It’s not a denial yet. USCIS will review the petition and then either reinstate it or issue NOID/NOIR. The employer can file another cap-exempt petition for now, but they should address the issues raised during stamping else it may meet similar fate.

          10. administrator

            It is not immediately known. Once USCIS review completes and they decide to revoke the petition, they will let the employer/attorney know. If they reaffirm the petition, then you may not know what the reason was.

            However, some basic hint can be obtained from the documents asked during 221g and learning from others’ online experiences.

          11. sudhakar


            How much time it would take for the USCIS to review it and inform the details.

            In the mean time the following are the docs requested during the 221G review.

            1) complete I-797, I-129 petition , Labor condition application, and cover letter submitted to the DHS with the petition applicaiton.
            2) A signed letter from the prospective end client, stating the client’s intention to make use of the beneficiary’s services and the nature and duration of the project. Include the signatory’s email address and phone number
            3) The applicant’s complete itinerary of services specifying the dates of engagement, the name and address of the employers , the name and address of any intermediary agents , and the name and address of the end client(where the services will be performed).
            4) A copy of the contract between the petitioner and the end client company for the project on which the beneficiary will work.


          12. sudhakar


            My employer is ready to take the risk and file new petition in premium processing as he wants me in US urgent. I have few questions.

            1) Can they now file cap exempt h1B petition or not.
            2) Is there any time limitation for filing new petition as the current was denied or they can go and file new H1b petition and schedule Visa interview if the petition gets approved.
            3) They are planning to file my petition in a new project rather than the same project which they filled in my last petition. This project is there own product and there won’t be any client interaction will these increase the chances of me getting the Visa if the petition gets improved.


          13. administrator

            1. Yes, they can file cap-exempt petition on the basis of previously approved petition.
            2. The current petition is not denied yet. The visa has been rejected and the petition has been sent back for review. So employer can file cap-exempt petition before USCIS denies the petition (assuming that’s their decision after the review)
            3. So you will be going for an in-house project. Usually they ask for product response report, product timelines, launch etc.

          14. sudhakar


            You mean my employer can file cap exempt petition before USCIS deny’s the petition after the review.

            What happens if my new petition is filled under cap exempt before the reviews completes of the old one and in the middle the old petition is denied after the reivew, will they still be processing my new petition which is filled under cap exempt.


          15. administrator

            I don’t know what happens in that case. So it would be better to file it w/ PP.

  22. Ajay Mishra

    IF this can help…….
    Had my H1B visa intervew on 5th January 2012 and got a blue slip (221g)-was aked to submit few more documents.
    Submitted the documents on 30th January 2012 –
    Got an email from consulate on 14th March 2012 to submitt my passport.
    Submitted my passport on 19thMarch 2012.
    Got VISA stampped on 22nd March 2012.
    Travelling Happy on 1st April 2012.

  23. pallavi

    My L1 Visa Expries on may 4th2012and so does my I94 .My Employer is ready to file L1A visa for me. When should I have to start the process for L1A visa?How long does it take in normal process?

    1. administrator

      It should be applied before your I-94 and L-1 expires as you need to be in legal status at the time of filing. Processing may take 2-6 months.

  24. gayatri

    I& myhusbend both have greencard.We got this one on june 2010.my first baby was born in the US.But my second baby she was born in india at April 2010.after she born we got the Green card.so my husbend came to US on september.I &my first daughter came to US on november 2010.I left my indian citizen baby with my parents.After i came here we applied passport for her on jan2011.She got the paasport on june2011.Then we start processing (follow to join application of I-824)at july month.Finally we got interview sheduled on march at BOMBAY.On that time we asked so many times the Vfs guys that my baby is infant baby father can’t come this time for interview because of work.mother is not feeling good so we asked consulate to allow guarding to accompany the baby and they agreed.then first my sister went to bombay.she attend the interview.they gave a white 221g form and they asked me more pictures&corresponce between father,mother and baby.unfortunately we sent only one family photo for the interview. then they asked me more pictures.Interviewer said only either baby parents or grand parents should attend the interview.

    My Baby grand mother took the baby to consulate and they strictly said they allow only either mother or father of the baby. they are saying that whenever parents come to india ask them to come to consulate to accompany child to get Immigrant visa.

    They asked the below queries on white paper of 221(g).

    1. Photographs for parents and my baby in india.
    2. Correspondence between parents and baby in inida.
    3. Dated phone calls placed from USA to india to my baby.

    Here my question is as we left my baby at 8th month and we don’t have any family photos, also we didn’t take any phots since my child birth time.

    Don’t know how to get proof regarding second query of “correspondence between parents and bay”, most of the times we used to communicate my parents in india and ask them how baby is doing>

    PLease help me regarding this issue.

    1. administrator

      This looks like a pretty unique issue. I don’t know what the best course of action should be, but these are my thoughts. The consulate wants to make sure that the baby is yours and you are not taking some other baby to US. This is why they are asking all those documents.

      Obviously no one can call the baby; so it would be ok to highlight phone calls b/w you and your parents. In addition, if you have made a birth certificate in India for the baby stating you both as parents, then you can submit that document. You can also submit medical records from the hospital where the baby was delivered.

      Talk to an attorney for more details.

  25. vijay

    hi i had my interview on chennai consulate on oct last week 2011,they gave green slip and told it will be sent for uscis review,called vfs in feb,they told uscis review is over and is under administrative processing,waiting till now dont know what to do,its almost 5 mnths now,will i get visa??????????

    1. administrator

      It depends upon specific case, and can take several months to process. Also, one cannot say for surety what the final outcome would be. Are you in EVC model?

    2. Inga

      Hello Nirali,It is always diflicuft to say that if your previous rejetction would have any impact on your current visa application. It might depends upon several factors, for example, when your F1 visa was rejected last time and what the reason was. Which VO is handling your case and how he looks at your case. The most important stuff you have to take care is:1) Prepare all possible documents2) Show your strong ties with your home country that shows your strong intentions you will come back for sure3) You do not want to work there on F2 at all4) And you are not taking this F2 route to go for F1 as you had rejection beforeSo my suggestion is that you prepare based on the above points keeping in mind, and dont think about uncontrollables, and only work towards what you can control.

  26. Sud


    I had my second H1B stamping interview on January 3 2012 atr mumbai consulate. I am direct employee of a large chemical company(in US since 2003). I was handed over Green 221g and asked to submit few documetns related to research and job profile. My CEAC barcode appeared on february 9, 2012. My wife and I have submitted passsport on February 10, 2012 for stamping at VFS location. As of now (February 28, 2012) we are still waiting to get our passport back from consulate. The passport tracking system is useless and shows “under process at US consulate”. Does anybody knowshow much time it takes to get passport back from consulate after completion of 221G? Is this normal delay?
    Contacting VFS several times is also useless. Does anybody know if there is any other mechanism to find out what is happening. I am very tensed as my job is at stake.
    Any suggestion would be a great help.


    1. administrator

      There is no set timeframe. It can take as less as couple of weeks to as much as months for them to complete the processing after passport has been submitted.

  27. Rsharma


    I got a new 221g via courier returning all my original documents ( I797 , LCA, H1 petition documents) and asking to submit passport with a photo. I am in Bangalore. Do you recommend flying to chennai and submit in person or drop it in VFS bangalore dropbox. IS submitting passport reliable via dropbox offfice in bangalore? Please let me know.

    1. administrator

      I haven’t done it personally, but I would expect it to be reliable. If you have doubts, then it’s better to hand it over personally to VFS folks in Chennai.

  28. PV


    What are the differences among pink, blue and green 221G slips? Does pink slip take only 3 weeks as you have mentioned above? What about others?

    What is ‘Technology On Alert”?

    1. administrator

      Different colors are issued by different consulates for different reasons. I don’t know what each color means for each consulate, but pink is usually for background check when one is working in an industry that is on TAL (Technology Alert List) and it takes around 3 weeks to process. I don’t remember which color you were issued, but it was related to client/project, right? Those usually don’t have any set processing time and can take few weeks to several months.

  29. Maulik Mehta

    Hello Everyone,
    I gave my new H1B stamping interview on 3rd Jan 2012. I got a 221G blue slip with a list of additional documents to be submitted. The requested documents are as follows:
    1)A copy of the petition with all supporting documents as filed to USCIS
    2)A Letter from the personnel department at the US job site stating that there is a vacancy for you.
    3)A detailed and specific description of the internal development project to which you will be assigned (include a complete technical description).. marketing analysis etc. etc
    4) Photographs of the workplace.

    I am having a really tough time first of all because my Employer took a hell lot of time to gather all these documents. Also Ideally I was supposed to submit these documents to VFS counsulate of mumbai. However my Employer just informed me that they cannot send these documents to me as they are confidential so they have directly mailed it to VFS mumbai.
    First of all I am not sure if the Employer allowed to send documents directly in such cases?
    How will I come to know once my documents are approved? Will I see my Application CEAC no on the website? or they will email me?

    Guys if you have any inputs please help me.. It would be highly appreciated.


    1. administrator

      I have seen conflicting opinions online whether documents can be submitted by the employer directly or not. You can check w/ VFS.

      Not all slips have online tracking, and I think blue slip is one of them. You can track using your passport on the VFS site, or by calling the VFS customer service. They will also email you and send SMS once your stamping has been approved.

      1. Maulik Mehta

        Thanks a lot Saurabh , The VFS site says that “Your passport is under process” at consulate. Does this indicate that they have received the documents from my employer? Also my employer has only send the requested documents , currently my passport is with me.

        1. administrator

          No, they are not that informative. They only provide a very very high level information. You can call DOS and check w/ them if they have received the documents, but again not sure how helpful they would be.

  30. PV

    “In case of my wife’s 221g, the first communication we received about the status change (i.e. approval) was through SMS and email sent to phone number and email address mentioned in our forms.”

    Where did you give these details after 221G?
    How can this be done? Have already given information in DS160 about phone and email id. Will they contact me or the employer in this case?

    What is the problem that your wife faced during the interview?

    1. administrator

      No, they were not given after 221g but either during DS form or VFS interview scheduling (I don’t remember exactly which step). Maybe someone else remembers can help w/ that.

      She is working in an industry that is on TAL (technology alert list) and her visa was put under administrative processing for security check.

      1. aarthi

        hey Saurabh,

        I had my visa interview last morning at the Chennai Consulate and after my interview with VO 1, he sent me to VO2 and I was asked some questions. The first officer collected my docs, including I 797, I 129 (COPY) LCA, Client letter, prime vendor letter, employer letter, etc. After about 30 mins with VO2 and answering his questions, I was handed a green slip marked with ‘ USCIS will review the case further’. They also did not return any of my docs, but returned my passport back. he didnt ask for my paystubs, w2 or bank statement either. He told me that my employer will have to follow with USCIS on my case. What exactly does this mean? he told me it would take weeks to several months to decide my status on the visa. What do you think my chances are?

        Thank you,

        1. administrator


          Here is an article I wrote about 221g. That should answer some of your questions.

          Chances of approval will depend upon how satisfied they are w/ the documents and the additional information they get from the employer. Are you working for a consulting company in an EC or EVC model? Were you asked anything about employer-employee relationship? Seems like he was sure that you are maintaining legal status in US and so didn’t ask for paystubs and W2s, but had a concern that the employment is not satisfying the H-1 requirements and so questioned about vendor, client etc.

  31. PV


    How long will it take after documents are submitted to VFS? How long will the consulate take? Employer says there is no SLA for this…Is there any way to track this?


    1. administrator

      Yes, there is no SLA and it can take few to several months. Did you get your I-129 amended? I assume you are now referring to submission of amended documents to VFS as part of 221g.

      1. PV

        Yes, Saurabh. Sending documents and passport with amended petition. Why would it take so long? Already it has been very late…How can people track such cases?

        1. administrator

          You will be submitting the documents as part of 221g submission, right? If yes, then you can track it using the case number issued on 221g receipt. Unfortunately, consulate take their own sweet time and it can take 2-6 months for them to process the response.

          1. administrator

            Yes, 221g is a pretty slow process. Even I am pretty dissatisfied w/ the current system and lack of transparency (my wife was issued 221g in Jan, and that completely derailed our plans).

          2. PV

            Not able to track the case number given in 221G because it is not available online. What is the best way to track?

          3. administrator

            That happens a lot. You can track it either by calling VFS, or emailing the consulate, or calling DOS, or tracking the passport on VFS site. However, they wouldn’t provide much meaningful information.

            In case of my wife’s 221g, the first communication we received about the status change (i.e. approval) was through SMS and email sent to phone number and email address mentioned in our forms.

          4. PK

            HI SAURABH,

            Can you tell me how much time it take to revived decision for H4 221g blue slip after submitting the document.
            How much time it take in your wife’s case ?

          5. administrator

            My wife’s case was pink slip and it got resolved in 3 weeks. However, in case of blue slips it can take several months as well – it varies from case to case.

  32. seo

    My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  33. SM

    Hi Saurabh
    I was in US from Feb 2011 to June 2011 on B1. I attended the H1B visa interview in Hyderabad on dec 1st 2011 and received 221g (yellow slip). . My employer submitted all the docs on January 3rd 2012. I got an email on January 11th 2011 to submit my Passport in the VFS office. I submitted my passport on Januray 12th
    Is it a positive sign that they asked for my passport or they could be asking the passport to just cancel my B1 without giving h1.
    It has been almost a week that i submitted the passport and VFS website says that My passport is under processing at US consulate.
    Do you have any idea about how much time it usually takes after submitting the passport.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. administrator

      It can still takes weeks to months for them to process after submitting the passport.

      In general, asking for passport is a positive sign, but one cannot say for sure what they would be doing w/ the passport.

      1. SM

        Hi Saurabh
        I got a call from USCIS to come to USCIS Hyderabad on Monday . The person said that he will send an email about what documenst I need to take and the time etc. I did not receive any email after that. Do you have any idea why they called me again to USCIS? Aso I am still waiting for the email. What can i do in case I dont receive any email.

        1. administrator

          I am not sure why they have called you again. It might be to ask more questions and make you sign your responses, or they may just be approving the visa.

  34. AC

    I just received yellow 221g last Friday during my H1 visa stamping. I have gathered all the documents required. I went for the visa interview at Delhi consulate. My question is does it really matters at which drop box do I submit my documents? As I have two options, Delhi and Chandigarh. Since Delhi is much more far from my place as compared to Chandigarh, so will it affect the processing time if I submit my documents at Chandigarh drop box and not directly at Delhi drop box? Please guide. Thanks.

    1. administrator

      I don’t know if it would matter, but even if there is a delay that would be b/c of documents being sent from Chandigarh to Delhi, which I think would take 2-3 days.

      In the overall processing time for 221g, this is a not a big delay, and so you can drop them in Chandigarh if travelling to Delhi requires lot of effort.

      Just my opinion.

  35. Varun Nigam


    I had appeared for my H1 interview on 30th Nov at Chennai and got a 221(g) Blue slip after returning from US on 15th Nov from B1 Visa and I am on E-C model. The consulate required some documents like unemployment wage reports and the detailed project details. I submitted all the requested documents on 09th December and got a reply on 4th Jan where they returned all the documents and asked to submit just the passport which I did the very next day at VFS office. Now, my questions are:

    1. Is it a positive sign to receive the passport submit request, how long will they take to send back the passport?
    2. As I was in US on B1 which I got it stamped in July last year, will they cancel my B1?
    3. My I-94 form had 6 months of time mentioned and I stayed in US for around 4 months, should this create any problem for my H1 stamping or/and B1 cancellation if at all they cancel?
    4. The Airline people forgot to collect this I-94 form from me and since it was my first visit to the states, I was unaware that we are suppose to return the stapled form and it is still in my custody as a matter of proof but I had removed it from my passport while submitting it to the VFS, Is it OK?

    Thanks for going through the above query.

    Best Regards

      1. Varun Nigam

        Hello Saurabh,

        Thanks for the reply. Good news! I got my Passport back today with H1 stamping and my B1 is still intact. It took a week’s time to receive the passport after I submitted it to VFS office in B’lore.

        Thanks again!


      2. Raj

        Hi Saurabh,

        My I94 is valid till Sep 2014. While departing this month – airline didnt collect my i94. I will have visa stamping on 18th Sep and will return on 10th Oct.
        Will there be any issue with stamping or port of entry.


  36. Kala


    Can someone help me with this, please?

    I got blue form 221(g) issued for L1 A visa in Hyderabad and I was asked for individual petition. The blue form says L1 applicants must provide the following documents – Copy of I-797 and Copy of I-129

    I dont have originals at this time. Would it be fine if i just submit copies of both of them

    Appreciate any quick response. Thank you.

  37. Vijay

    Hi all,
    Thought I would share this – I got my visa after receiving a blue 221(g) denial. (I first posted a question/comment here on May 29, 2011). Here’s the chronology of events for people anxious to know the outcome of such cases:
    May 2nd week – 221(g) issued at Chennai consulate.
    June 1st week – submitted documents only. NO passport (personally submitted at the VFS dropbox, Chennai)
    June 3rd week – consulate response – asked to submit more documents
    July 1st week – submitted documents only. NO passport (personally submitted at the VFS dropbox, Chennai)
    July 3rd week – consulate response – asked to submit passport
    July 4th week – personally submitted passport.
    August 1st week – passport received at home.

    Hope this helps!

  38. jaswanth

    Hi i have been attended my visa interview on Sept 27th 2011, hyderabad and officer gave yellow slip, and i have submitted the documents on 28th, and i got response from VFS on 29th that they need few more documents and i submitted the same on 30th Spet 2011 and waiting for the response..,

    i will update my status, thank you folks

    1. Asraf

      Hi JASWANTH,

      Same is the case with me, I got 221g blue form on Sep 14th 2011 at hyderabad , after reaching home, got an email asking to fill some questionairre and asking to send resume, client letter , supplementary docs etc.
      Submitted on Sep 21st 2011 and still waiting for the response.

  39. Guruprasad

    Hi friends,

    I attended at Chennai Consulate on Jun 20th, I got Blue form, And i submitted my documents at Chennai VFS center on June 27th with out passport.

    Still i didn’t get any response from US consulate, Can you please let me know surely how many days they will take completion of this process.

    Please share me your ideas about this.


    1. administrator

      There is no set timeline they need to follow. It can happen as quickly as within weeks, or may take several months.

    2. Prakash Kumar

      This is my friends experience.It takes atleast 6 weeks for them to respond.It sure that they will work behind the scenes .My advice is to dont panic , they will surely work on it . Dont keep calling them or mailing them about status.

      Wait patiently, you will get your visa.


  40. raju

    i also received the 221 g green form in chennai, they have scored in the place of the passport,do i need to submit it or not.

  41. Rajesh

    After submitting my passport i got my passport back in 10 days. Finally this whole process took around 2.5 months ….USCIS really needs to do something about 221g cases to resolve in 1-2 weeks. Our jobs are at stake because of all this.

    Any ways don’t loose hope guys. If you get a 221g slip it doesn’t mean your visa is rejected. Just be patient and hope for the best.

    Good luck.

  42. Paalya


    Submitted documents for 221(g) response on 23rd June 2011, waiting for confirmation from them to send my passport. Will update once I recieve an update.


    1. navin

      hey …

      i did submit my docs on 23rd June in Hyderbad.
      Please give me your details if you don’t mind.
      You know hoe frustrating this wait is 🙁

      1. Paalya

        FInally I got my VISA stamped on July 22nd. Thanks for all of your support.


        Dont worry, I am sure by this time you would had your stamping done also.

        Thanks for all of your support.


  43. EJ

    i attended my interview june 1,then they give me a letter of 221(g),because they needed the record of my correcting name in my b-certificate.In my NBI .then i got my NBI june2 and sent it through 2GO with my passport. then i got a noticed that they received it last june3,all i want to know how long waiting for your visa processing.

  44. prakash kumar

    Just a quick query . i have all the required documents i got green slip . Can i ask some one from that location to drop the documents for me


      1. prakash kumar

        Thank you rajesh , i have submitted the documents on behalf of my friend . i also will write my experience some where here . Your experience helped me a lot to prepare

        1. prakash kumar

          Please refer this page (it has my experience )


  45. Vijay

    Hi Kumar, This was a very informative article – thank you much. Have you heard back from the Consulate yet? I would really appreciate it if you can provide information on what happened after. Since you haven’t dropped your passport how was the Visa granted (I hope you have gotten the Visa!) – were you asked to attend an interview again or did they ask you to drop the passport too at a later time?

    1. Rajesh

      Hi vijay,

      I too got 221g blue slip and they didn’t asked me to submit my passport for the first time. After i submitted all the required docs ,i got a response back after 3 weeks asking to drop my passport.

      Hopefully i will get a stamped passport back soon.

      Let me know if you need anything else.


      1. Vijay

        Hi Rajesh,
        Thanks for the information. That gives me a great deal of confidence. I’ll let everyone know the outcome.


      2. prakash kumar

        Is submitting the passport again is also on the same drop box way or i will asked to drop passport in another place
        Clarify that


  46. RAJESH

    Did you hear back from them yet. If so how many days did they took to process.And is there any way to contact them to know the status of our case.

    Any information is really appreaciated.

    1. Prakash Kumar

      This is my friends experience. US consulate guys dont like to be contacted often regarding this queries. Please be patient , they will surely work on background , it will take around 45 days.My friends visa got rejected , sad news is that they often reject visa’s due to the CAP they have on visas allowed .My friend is employed through a consulting firm that s the probable reason his visa got rejected

  47. priya

    Hi , I would like to apply h1b from india if any of you have information about consultants who are sponsoring h1b, kindly let me know. My email is [email Removed to avoid spam]


    1. rajiv reddy

      Hi priya…
      please send me ur cv to my email id.
      i will forward to my consultant…if they are ok with ur skills let u know all the details.

      1. Pari

        Hi Rajiv,
        Where do I find your email id? Can you atleast send the name of your consultant or any such other consultants you know? Many thanks!

  48. sreeni

    This is an excellent and useful info that you provided for us. Though we don’t have realtime experiences with US consulate, we are confident that we would be ready with required proper info as we are regular readers of redbus2us.
    We all are really grateful to you. Thank you very much

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