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Dress Sense: Should you buy clothes from India or Buy in US ?

Dress sense is very important as it is what everyone sees of you at the first look… You maybe very likely judged based on your brand at the first sight, may not be the best thing to do, but that’s how world perceives…Some brands are very popular in India and third world countries, but in US they may not be  popular or trendy. So, it may be a good idea to pick up some things that are popular globally.

What is the general perception about Clothes and Cost ?
One of the general perception that people have is that buying clothes from India or any third world country is cheaper than in US. But, the reality is that, it is not true. Even though they are made in third world countries, it is cheaper to buy clothes in the US, if you buy clothes when they are on Sale or typically from the outlet malls. You just have to buy at the right time. So, the key thing is you should try NOT to buy too many clothes from your home country and get them here to US.  Read Why NOT to buy clothes in Fancy Malls.

What about the Brands ? How is the brand perception ?

As said earlier, people often get judged by their brands….does not mean, it is the right thing to do…but, it is how the world perceives…Anyways, when you go to work, wearing certain brands may create better perception about you and your lifestyle. When you go out with friends you can wear popular brands among your friends… One of the things that people perceive about your look is the brand you often associate with…you may wonder why all the celebrities folks buy Rolls Royce or McLarens…it is all about branding… You may choose a good brand that goes well with you and that create good image of yourself.. It is like driving a car, that tells about your social status. Same thing with clothes too, If you wear Armani, you maybe trying to portray yourself as a designer quality or may be wealthy ! Key thing is you have to pick your brands based on your lifestyle and place you are going to. Some brands are only wore by certain age groups. Your brand states your age too !Again, let me clarify, it is all about choice…I know many people, who do not care about brands…they just care about good clothes…I am totally with them…it is just a preference… Your dress gives only perception of you, but it is what you are ! Do not be mistaken by any of my dress/brand suggestions. Also, do NOT judge people by their brands. It is just a cool thing to wear new trends. Think of it that way ! The key takeaway from this article is that do NOT buy clothes from your home country, you get good deals here. So, buy clothes here in US and wear the trend here !

What are your thoughts ?  What do you think of branding ? Where do you find clothes cheaper for Brands ?


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  1. It is a nice article it added much to my knowledge but what if someone wants to go for studying and cont afford such branded clothes??

  2. I totally agree. Buy clothes here in the US. The value and quality is absolutely fantastic. Find the right time (i.e. during festivals, holiday sale events) to buy the quality clothes at a good price. Good luck.

  3. Hi, this is very nice post about famous clothing brands. Well, I love to wear branded clothes like Madame, Levis, Tommy Hlfiger etc. And my elder sister lives in USA and she sends branded clothes from USA for me

  4. Kudos to Ellen! for being open minded and NOT having low self esteem and self conscious (in spite of being american) UNLIKE this stupid narrow minded Indian immigrant guy named Kumar, who unfortunately is still trying to get a strong foot-hold in the US soil and his desperation and constant attempt to “fit in” and trying to be(wannabe) “American” is quite evident from whatever he said.
    Clearly, Kumar has very low self-esteem, lacks confidence and substance ; which is why he thinks that “wearing some high priced branded clothes will get you more respect from people”. Also most probably he is in the wrong neighborhood in USA, among wrong people, was among wrong people back in India as well – which means bad upbringing as his cheap shallow school of thought clearly displays.
    Some facts I’d like to state point-wise, so its easier for people to read and grasp:

    1)No one cares what you wear – be it WHAT you wear, or which brand. It is what you DO which is important. What you do, how you behave, how talented, creative, intelligent, enlightened you are in life is what ultimately matters.

    2)Clearly, if you “think” that others will judge you based on what brand clothes you wear OR if others actually do judge you based on such shallow things – you need to
    a) Move out that area
    b) Make new friends and acquaintances – this time with people who are NOT shallow, for a change. People who are deep thinking, not just materialistic women.
    c) Change your cheap, shallow thinking accordingly

    3) We live in a free world(except some countries like muslin countries) and have a choice to think, wear, eat and say what we like. Again, saying that “in america, people judge you based on what brand you wear and “you are who you wear” and giving those impractical BMW and Mercedes examples clearly show how shallow you are. You lack any substance what so ever.
    a) Who’s gonna give me money to buy BMW and Mercedes ? You? So if I don’t have money to buy luxury vehicles or clothes, then I’m somehow inferior to anyone who does? Money doesn’t grow on trees pal – I’m sure your parents must have taught you that multiple times when you were in India( I can bet)
    b) Why should ” how much money I have in my bank” matter so much? If I’m educated, talented, creative, enlightened, humble, honest, disciplined, and non-obscuring – Having any or every one of the above mentioned qualities clearly means I’m MUCH MORE superior than you or any of your shallow 16 yr old buddies of yours – for whom only spending their parent’s monkey on “designer clothes” makes you “hip” and as if that will take you anywhere in life.

    Where does your wrong, shallow, narrow-minded thinking originate from? Well, when someone comes from a poor place(your family, neighborhood, NOT India) suddenly to a BIG, rich place and/or gets rich suddenly – they go mad, they can’t control their emotions. and This is what happens. Clearly you’re actually not that educated(even if you have a couple of academic qualifications, neither do you deserve them nor did they make you enlightened). Degrees can be bought – but how do you buy humility? compassion? open mindedness?
    I liked some of the other articles, this one was disappointing. It was short, shallow and disappointing 🙁

    Advice: Stop trying to “fit in”. You are NOT and will NEVER be american, even if you manage to get a green card and eventually US citizenship – you will always remain Indian. Be proud of it. Nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of who you are, your heritage and try to better yourself as a person – not what brand underwear you wear. Be humble to Indians, coz you are one of them, although you may “think” that you escaped and are american.

    Its not what you wear, its who you are

    • + Princehuman , Do you have to hate so much? Even I don’t like big brands and too much materialism . But some people like it. Let them be. You need to get more ‘tolerant’ for your own good.
      I was used to be a hater just like you and offended many friends/relatives they would advice me to spend and I would advice them to save. Of-course they would say that I am a miser/cheap and what not. Most of them have huge debts.

      All these led to unnecessary frustration. Nowadays I just say things like ‘Oh we think different’, ‘whatever make you happy’, ‘that does’nt make me happy I tried it before’ etc. And completely stopped my advice or accusations.

    • Thank you !! This was the suckiest article i could find on the net. (I too am an Indian and am not as dumb as this Kumar guy. Please don’t form an opinion on Indians based on this idiot)

  5. Great site, I love it! It has been helpful for me to understand Indian culture compare to the USA. Some of the things you speak of… I didn’t realize we even did. It was a “I thought everyone did that..” and was surprised to find that it’s not just “normal” for everywhere in the world. For this, I want to say thank you so much!

    Now as far as clothing goes, no one really cares about your brands in the USA, especially men. They can’t tell Abercrombie & Fitch to Wranglers and don’t care what their friends are wearing.

    For women, some are brand conscience. Personally I think it has to do with a lack of self esteem. Now I would much rather wear some cool stuff from India out in town then the same old western clothing. While some businesses have a “dress code”, Indian women will find it amazing that we (as in female Americans) find them to be beautiful, with very pretty skin and their clothing to be absolutely gorgeous. I have seen bangles they wear and am in awe. Any Indian women that wants to wear a Sari or any of their clothing out in town or to work is more then able to do this. They may get a lot of compliments or people looking at them, but not because they are being judged, but because they are pretty clothing.

    For me (and I may be different)… it doesn’t matter if I wear my A&F jeans or my pajamas when I run to the store. 🙂 I think it would be totally cool to wear the white “dresses” the men in India wear who take care of Elephants. Wouldn’t everyone in my town love that! 🙂 So my advice is don’t worry about fitting in, wear what you like… it’s America you’re free to wear what you like, when you like, however you like! 🙂

    • I am traveling to the US in a couple of days, and this is going to be my first overseas travel in life! I was really confused about i should wear / buy .. but your reply definitely made my day! you go girl <3

  6. Hi,
    I am a lady and I am used to wearing Indian dresses to work, here in India, like salwar-kameez, jeans-kurta etc.
    If I get a job in US, what should I wear to work in US? I do not want to wear western dresses.
    Is there a problem if women wear hizaab to work, in software companies there?

    • I know women who wear head scarfs to work daily (or for that matter jeans-kurta), but I don’t know if hizaab could be wore to work. Although US companies are supposed to be sensitive to all the religions and dress wear, I cannot provide a generalize answer. You will have to check w/ specific company as they may set some guidelines around dress wear. For example, if there is lot of client interaction then business formals may be strongly recommended or if you will be sitting at client site then client’s dress code takes precedence.


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