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Deadline for H1B 2017 Regular Processing Receipts? Premium? Approvals ?

It is crazy to even think of the number of comments, questions, answers and troll on our H1B Visa 2017 page, we have hit over 10,000 comments…It is something that clearly shows the anxiety and frustration of many waiting for their H1B 2017 receipts. Would like to quickly summarize for everyone’s benefit on the anticipated deadline for getting regular processing receipts, premium processing receipts and about next steps like approvals.

When is the deadline for getting Premium Processing Receipts for H1B FY 2017 ?

Well, technically, if you have filed your petition under premium processing, you should have got a receipt by now via email or physical copy. If you have not yet received it, you have just few more days left.  The reality is that your chances of getting a receipt are quite slim…If you do get a receipt, you are part of the outliers like missing emails, mail in transit kind of situations.  All in all, you have about 4 days left to get your receipt as the premium processing clock starts from May 12th.

How about H1B 2017 Regular Processing Petitions Receipts Deadline ?

As you know, USCIS released a press alert that they completed data entry of all the H1B 2017  Selected  petitions on May 2nd and they will start to send out the rejected petitions.  So, technically, all the selected petitions for FY 2017 will be notified in regular mail by USPS. The regular USPS Retail Ground, Standard Mail takes about 2 to 8 working days for delivery. So, technically, as per the standard SLA of USPS, most of the selected petitions must be notified with their case receipt by regular standard mail by end of this week ( 8 working days), which is May 13th.   As it can happen with any shipping service, you can anticipate some outliers here and there to spill over receipts to early next week.  All in all, you need to start to think of back up options, if you do not hear anything, after end of this week. There are always outliers, where some petitioners have got receipts in June as well last year, but those are all exceptions and you cannot really count on that.  We have a vibrant community and many of our users are updating their status on H1B Visa 2017 Tracker, I request all of you to update the result for everyone’s benefit.  The rejection packages can continue to come for a long time until late July…While it is positive hope to wait till we see a physical reject package for full confirmation that you were not selected, I suggest you think of your backup plans, if you do not hear anything by end of this week and at the latest mid of next week…it is always better to plan ahead I guess.

What Next ? What happens after getting receipts?

We have written few articles in the past that talk about all the next steps. You may read the below articles to get some idea on the next steps.

Luck may NOT favor everyone, be prepared to accept the truth…

Some of you would have worked very hard and spent thousands of dollars to study in your dream Ivy League School in US and may even get your dream job on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley… Some of you would have cracked tough interviews at MNCs, worked hard to be in right team to get an on-site opportunity to work in US… Some of you would have tried to work with a consulting company, who was willing to sponsor and file H1B for you…Every person has a story aspiring to work in US…Unfortunately, in your work visa case in US, your hard work does not matter and it is Luck that plays a part…The reality is that there is no immediate fix to this process and you all have to live with it…If you are lucky and get selected, just be happy luck smiled at you…if you are unlucky, don’t get disheartened and try to curse yourself or anyone else, it is life…As Steve Jobs said, sometimes “Life Hits you with a Brick “, we need to accept it…maybe there are better things awaiting for you at your destiny…

What are your thoughts ?


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  1. I got the receipt number(EAC1613xxxxxx) on April 14th. And today I checked status on USCIS website, its approved :). It was my first time and genuine(only one petition by one employer). NON-AD/PP. As i’m L1, employer applied for L1 to H1 COS. I wanted to travel to India to bring my family here, requested for PP to know the status early and the employer agreed .

    As my H1 is approved now, can I travel to India and return on L1/L2(for family) in Jul/Aug?
    Once family is here on L2, can the employer do a COS for the family ?


    • srinivaspl,

      Yes, you can travel outside and return on L-1/2. Your family can apply for COS based upon your H1 approval. As your H-1 was approved w/ COS w/ start date of Oct 1, you would still be on H-1 from Oct 1. Talk to your attorney before leaving US.

  2. Finally my employer sent receipt number EAC-xxxxxxx. My case was received on 11 April.
    Main thing they have mention is that you should receipt number by post before 11 May if you don’t get it call us. I think my employer took 5 days to sort out and sent email to me. Hope this will help. All the Best.

  3. I am in a dilemma. I was selected in the H1B lottery this year. But I have not yet received the approval yet. My OPT expires May 31st. What do you suggest is a better option: apply for OPT Extension, or apply for the CAP GAP?

    • you are automatically qualified for the Cap Gap, you can still stay in the US (but you can’t work), you dont have to apply or do anything to have the Cap Gap extension, does that make sense?

      • Ha,

        On cap-gap the person is able to work if the OPT hadn’t expired by the time H-1 is filed. If OPT has expired and the person is in 60 day grace period, then cap-gap allows the person to stay but not work.

        In other words, cap-gap extends your exact status as on April 1 (fling date).

          • Ha,

            I am afraid so. Majority of folks would now receive rejection letters. If you want to remain optimistic then you can wait until official rejection letter is received. However, only those may receive receipt notice whose letters encountered postal delays or had wrong address etc.

  4. (AD/RP/Vermont or California)
    I’m still waiting on my h1b visa receipt. I contacted my school DSO last Thursday and this is what they said.
    “Unfortunately as of right now there has not been any interface in your SEVIS record to indicate a pending H1B petition.” I know that USCIS finalized data entry on May 2nd. Since my SEVIS record hasn’t updated, does it mean my visa is not selected ? do I still have a chance to get a receipt ?

  5. We haven’t yet heard officially on your petition, but haven’t gotten any new receipts in nearly 2 weeks now. Although we’re not necessarily optimistic, we’ll continue to keep you updated as we get any more info.

  6. Not received any lottery result yet. Looks like my employer(consultancy) has cheated me and not actually applied. This is 2nd time for me from same consultancy.

  7. My HR called me on April28th evening in India Timings. And told me urs is picked up This news is not official Please Keep it secret and after that no information. Shall i ask once again about status

    • Similar thing happened with me on May 4th.. They emailed me that ur case has been picked.. But till now I didn’t get the reciept number..

  8. I haven’t got the receipt yet, so I guess the game is done.

    I just got into a good company in India but here there are no onsite opportunities. So for the next year lot, I need to find some H1b sponsoring companies and I am into Software testing. While going through the comments I noticed that several people had multiple companies filling H1B for them, can anyone let me know how to find H1B sponsoring companies. Your comments will be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

    Also congratz for everyone who got through the lottery and for those who didn’t get through all the best for your plan B.

  9. 24 more hours and end of story guys!
    Stop staring and go back to real work. Build your skills and stay employable. US soil is waiting for you and you will step on it soon! At a 30% probability you will be selected atleast once in 3 tries.

    Non-AD/RP – Direct offer from major employer

  10. DSP-Forth Timer
    I think all over……..not received any thing, lottery pick email or rejection email……no more hopes for H1B this year…….

  11. Saurabh/Kumar,

    Today I got update from my employer , he told my lottery was not selected but told rejection mail yet not received it will take time. I’m wondering how he came to know mine lottery was not picked up? by check en cash option ?

    Any suggestions plz.

    • 1st time,

      He is relying on the fact that no receipt notice was received and chances of receiving one now is close to 0. So he has no absolute proof but substantial proof for the same.

      • Hi Saurabh,

        I filed premium processing under regular cap. Lawyer still have not received anything now. Is all hope lost ? When will I be expecting the package to be sent back ? Will lawyer receive email notification both for approval and rejection ?


        • ffl3883,

          PP cases who have not received the receipts, should expect rejection letter to arrive anytime in next few weeks. It will be sent through postal mail and not through email.

  12. Hi Any idea if there are chances to get the receipt if case was picked in lottery now? I know some people received their cases even in June last year….. Can we expect receipts coming in June?

    I applied in AD/CA/RP.

  13. Hi,

    Non AD/RP. Currently in India. My Consultancy HR mentioned cheque got encashed and shared H1B case number, which is showing Status now as ‘Case Was Received’.
    How much time it may take to get approval?

    And, Meanwhile my current employer offered me L1, to travel US. If i agreed upon to travel on L1 now and if moved to another employer there by H1 .
    What is the consequences? Could some help.

    • Hi arya,

      Did your consultant received it today on may 12? It is from VT/CA. Just asking so that i can know if i can still expect the Non AD/RP/VT receipts. I am still waiting for mine.

    • Kumar Arya,

      Approval can take several months maybe 2-6.

      You can travel on L-1 and later decide to move to H-1 through current H-1 employer or a different one. This is possible and a common route executed by several.

      • Thanks Saurabh for Reply.
        What could be the validity period for H1 Approval? I have seen in different blogs like it could be 3/6 Years. Which one is correct?

        • Thanks Kumar Arya,

          This depends on SOW (statement of work) submitted by your employer. Normally it is for 3 years but if SOW submitted for 1 year then hou will get it for 1 year & then keep on extending.

        • Kumar Arya,

          H-1 petition term would be approved for 1-3 years. 3 years is the maximum term approved for a single petition. However, new petitions can be applied for another terms of 1-3 years as long as you have not stayed 6 years inside US on H-1.

  14. Here is my analysis as per redbustoUS details.

    I have analysed last 3 years data updated in this website.

    >> H1 petitions applied in last three years which are updated in this site : 6045
    >> Cases Waiting for Lottery Result & not picket are : 3360

    which mean 6045 – 3360 = 2,685 people got selected ( I e 1:(2.2 ) for every 2.2 people 1 got selected.) however globally scenario is different now we have almost 1:(2.77) ratio ( ie 26,000/85000 )

    This year analysis.

    People updated in this site : 1744.

    If I consider 1:3 ratio 1744/3 = 581. ( 581 people should update in this site as lotter got picked but I could see only 376 Case Received ( Picked in Lottery).

    376 is 1:(4.6) so still there is more than 30% chances to listen good news but most of the people are saying as game is over.

    Still I have hope on GOD.. I wish every one success…wish me too guys…

    Thanks for your time.

    • I dont think everyone who got picked in lottery will update here.. We cannot rely on this.. We should rely on the basic calculation (236000/85000)..

    • Not yet Anath, I’m getting tired man, third time.

      FY 2015 – Picked- RFE – Denied (Degree not matching job)
      FY 2016 – Not picked
      FY 2017 – Not picked, again!

      • @ Looser – This cud happen, you might get an RFE, but make sure you have a good Lawyer since your degree is “MS in Maths”, still a science stream, talk to a Lawyer, hopefully u shud get it.

        Good luck!

        • Am wondering too…. am B.Sc (Maths) and MBA, working as an analyst in an IT company in UAE, I had UK residence permit earlier and now on UAE residence permit.

          My petition was picked up (Non AD/Regular/CA) and wondering for an RFE.

          I spoke to my employer and they said that its not a problem as many of the MBA graduates working in IT.

          Any inputs??

  15. just an update though…..in my company most of the colleagues i know got their receipt numbers in the last two weeks in three batches.(mostly monday’s and tuesday’s)….usually our attorneys notify us post 9pm IST. So everyday i keep checking my emails after 9pm….so far no hope…fingers crossed though. I am not losing hope..and wish everyone all the best for the left overs…….

  16. RP…..still waiting for a receipt number…….looking @ all the posts and keeping my fingers crossed till the month end.

  17. Fed up of hearing multiple filers, few legits, that’s fine, but most of them were not legit! What a system, what the heck wud USCIS do?

    Third time by the way!

  18. Hi,

    I applied in Advanced degree Regular processing. I havn’t received the receipt. Should I have any hopes? I live in LA so chances to mail delay doesn’t apply to me.
    Is anyone getting the receipts still?

    Please let me know.

    Thank You,

    • Please don’t just post in frustration. You know no one can predict what is going to happen. We can boost your hopes but can’t predict your luck.
      AD/RP/CA can have hopes till May 12 but chances are very slim , mab be less than 5%.

  19. Hello All,

    I am still wating H1b Lottery result. I keep ask to my athornity about my result but they told me that I should wait till end of this week as this News said.
    I also checked with my company accounter and the cheque has not been enchashed.
    It is just too much stress and frustrating to sitting my working desk and waiting the result.

    Do I still ahve chance to win the H1B Lottery?

    My driver lincense will expire next week and I can only extend for two more week.
    Do I even need to renew my license at this point.

    Good Luck Everyone.


    • Buddy…don’t loose hope, you can wait till this week. After that chances are very slim, plan for your back up plan well ahead.

  20. I’ve received I-797C receipt notice on last week. What is the process to get Dependent H1-B visa stamping in india itself as my dependent already works in Infy.

  21. One of my friend, who is Principal Employer from says they make big money just by collecting filing fee and donot apply. The number of applicants applied are higher than 236K. Next year, go for it, only if you know your employer well. This will not only save your hard earned money but avoid mental peace during Lottery sessions.

    Well Wisher,

  22. Hi KUMAR.

    Thanks for the great news!!

    I have been waiting for the results for regular processing.

    Hope I will get the receipt by today. If I get I will party to you where ever you are.

    Thanks for information.


  23. Cheque encashed!! I asked to my company accounter today. Does this mean that my case has not been selected?

  24. Thanks a lot for the update. Best luck to everybody! I am still waiting for my lottery results, finger crossed!

  25. Any comments on this ?


  26. Hi,

    I am still waiting for my receipt. I filed in regular processing, advanced degree. Did anyone get the receipt today?

  27. Received H1B (Final update) mail frofrom my consultancy..

    Dear Applicants,
    This is to inform you that the USCIS has finished the selection of applications through lottery. People who got selected in the lottery have been already informed. Others, I am sorry to say that you did not get selected in the lottery.


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