2 Visitor Visa (B2,Parents) USA- Documentation, Stamping Experiences- India

Parents Visitor Visa B2 USA Documents and stamping experience

Couple of our readers, Ramakanth, Devansh Sharma,  were gracious to share their experiences preparing documentation for Visitor Visa(B2) for their parents to visit USA, including visa interview questions. Thanks to them for taking time to share his experience with our readers. If you have any experience as well, please send it to redbus2us(at)gmail.com Visitor Visa (B2) for …

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New H1B visa Stamping Experience FY 2011 Quota – Chennai, India

Naveen got his H1B visa stamping in late December after Holidays. He has articulated beautifully with every single detail in the whole process. Should be really helpful for anyone attending H1B visa stamping or any other visa stamping at Chennai, India.  Congrats to Naveen on his Successful visa stamping !  Thanks to him for taking …

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