MBA Admission Deadlines Concept Round 1, 2 and 3 for Fall. Why so many?

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Typically(for most of the schools), when you start to apply for MS program in US, you may notice in the universities websites  just deadlines corresponding to fall, spring or summer. It would just be just one date. But, for MBA in top ranked schools, the deadlines work differently. Here are few thoughts on this. How does MBA admission deadlines work …

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Name Reference sheet for MS/ MBA application or H1B, B1, F1 Visa stamping

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Some of us are in situation where the names are spelled differently in different certificates…for instance, in my tenth grade (class) certificate my last name is not fully written, same is the case with my other degree certificates. I have won so many competitions in college and some of the certificates have different spellings of my name. Some places first …