GMAT 2012 Changes – New Integrated Reasoning Section? Difficult?

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New GMAT 2012  June Changes New Integrated Reasoning Section for MBARecently, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) announced changes to GMAT in June of 2012 . They are in fact following the path of New GRE Pattern 2011… The overall goals of the changes are to make the test better.

GMAT 2012 New Integrated Reasoning Section :

From June 2012, GMAT will have an Integrated Reasoning section. They are interactive questions which will have data from multiple sources and interpret them. In reality, I encountered and studied  similar kind of problems in MBA coursework. The goal for introducing this section is to judge the students capacity and ability to solve complex business problems with insufficient information or information from complex sources.

Summary of Changes for GMAT 2012 :

  • No changes to the length of the test ( i.e., 3.5 hrs)
  • New Integrated Reason section will be of 30  minutes
  • No changes to Verbal and Quant sections
  • No Changes to scale. It will be same as now 200 – 800
  • One of the two essay will be replaced by integrated Reasoning section
  • The test takes will get separate score for essay and score for Integrated reasoning section.

My perspective on the changes to GMAT 2012:

My first glance at the GMAT Changes makes me feel that it is similar to what I did in many classes in MBA.  Critical reasoning using insufficient information from multiple sources is one of the very common things you do as part of MBA classes. I think it is a good thing to have the new section that tests on the kind of skills you need in future. It may be a little hard for students who have less analytical skills. But, the reality is MBA is all about learning to deal with complex business issues and figure out a solution.  It is too early to say much about the test now, but the new test seems to have lot of technology integrated which will make it a better experience.

Check the short video and reference articles below for full information.

Sample 1 min 40 Sec video demonstration of new GMAT 2010 New Integrated Reasoning Section

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  1. Aangie

    GMAT has nothing to do with actual MBA. I finished my bachelor in business admin with double options. But when in school, I helped my boyfriend finish his MBA homework. I took GMAT once without studying to see what it was all about. To be honest, MBA materials are much easier. They have complete connection with what we study in bachelor.

    GMAT, on the contrary, is all about testing IQ level. Yeah, a few questions related to materials from management and econ, but thats all about it. My bf took the test 3 times to get to the score accepted by my school. But he has all A’s in his classes.

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