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9. How can you get leverage on submissions in Consulting ? Networking ?

As usual….this post is part of the series:
Everything you need to know about How to get a Job & face interviews in US. The current post will focus on the how to leverage your submissions. It might sound a little bit redundant. But, I am going to write it very short. If you are in consulting, you might know this, just in case… Your resume has more chances of submission or value if your resume or you were referred by someone the vendor already knows. Because the consulting business works on references mostly, the vendor trusts info or someone who he already knows. So, your goal is to find out someone who already worked for that vendor or company. It might be hard, but it is worth it !

As I always suggested in the whole series, network with more people. Get to know the vendors, call them and talk to them. Ideally, when you are in project, call them and talk to them. It gives you more leverage if you talk to them when you are in project. Send them an email from company’s account, so that they know you are truly working. Keeping the network of vendors when you are in project will help you once you are close to getting done.


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  1. Hi this is sreekanth, I hold h1b.I am planning to apply for jobs from india. I need guidance how to apply and how to het the job is it possible. i need toget job from here and i shd go to USA.

  2. Surendra, I have replied to you in a new post. http://www.redbus2us.com/2009/11/how-to-network-in-us-for-success-in.html

    As I said there, try some of those. It might be very hard and you will have to stretch yourself out of comfort zone. Good Luck !

  3. Hi,

    What you suggested is good,but how come we improve the network if we are new to one place like US.during working with first project,we don't know all these difficultiee what you mentined in thio post.As per my knowledge it would be good to give some more guidelines about 'how to improve network' insted just giving meggage.

    looking forward for your reply.



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