H1B Visa Interview Paid Money Trick Questions 2015

60 min H1B Interview Experience – Paid Money Trick questions – 221g issued

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Many of our readers write about successful H1B Visa stamping experiences, but one of our anonymous readers shared their H1B experience that was quite intense and involved tricky questions around paying money for H1B.  Thanks to our anonymous reader for sharing his honest experience, it is quite insightful for anyone attending.  You may share your experience here

Background: Applied H1B through a small employer and went for visa stamping.  Let me jump into visa interview directly as many have shared the process in earlier experiences.  I will share some notes at the end so that you have some idea on why I was grilled for so long.

H1B Interview – First Set of Questions

After 1hr of waiting in queue I went to a counter.

  1. Wishes exchanged with Visa Officer
  2. Asked for passport
  3. Who is current employer?
  4. How long you’re working with them
  5. What is your designation?
  6. How is the work in that employer?
  7. How many years you are working with that company (Present Employer)?
  8. Who filed your petition? (Then asked me approval form and went inside and came after 10mins)
  9. Can you please wait will call you back.(Given one yellow slip written as please be seated until we call back)

After 2 hr. waiting: Second Set of Tricky H1B Interview questions 

An Indian lady called me and asked how much money you paid to the employer to process visa. I said nothing.   Then she asked I129, Client Letter and asked me to wait.

After 30mins of wait again two VOs called me to a counter.

  • VO :  How are you sir?
  • ME: Doing good sir. How are you.
  • VO: Who is your employer?
  • ME : XYZ
  • VO : Can you tell about your employer?
  • ME : Explained the name of the company, place, what kind of work they are doing.
  • VO : Now tell me how much money you paid to process your visa?
  • ME: I haven’t paid anything sir
  • VO : No sir I am asking you how much caution deposit you paid to the employer?
  • ME : Same reply from me.
  • VO : Are you going to work in client place or employer place?
  • ME : Employer only
  • VO : Who is the contact person from the employee?
  • ME : Given CEO Name.
  • VO : have you spoken to him?
  • ME: Yes.
  • VO : How may rounds of interview they conducted?
  • ME : 4 rounds (2 technical, 1 client and 1 hr)
  • VO : How much they offered?
  • ME : XXX
  • VO : Did you commit with them anything?
  • ME : Yes, I have accepted to work with them for 1yr.
  • VO : Why did you accepted?
  • ME : Same question I asked the employer. They told like they spent some time for my recruitment process so I have accepted.
  • VO : Did your employer will deduct anything from your salary after you joined with them?
  • ME : No they didn’t say anything
  • VO: Who is your client what they are doing?
  • ME :Explained about the client and work they are doing.
  • VO: Who is the contact person in the client place?
  • ME: Given the name of the contact
  • VO: Have you to spoken to him?
  • ME: Yes, couple of times, he took interview on March. And 2 weeks back spoken to him regarding joining date and stamping status
  • VO : Again how much employer charged you for visa?
  • ME : Same answer, have not paid anything.
  • VO: How come? You know XYZ?(Company HR Name)
  • ME: Yes he is my HR
  • VO: He confirmed us that he has taken X (exact amount that the employer really charged) amount of money from everyone.
  • ME : Sorry sir. They didn’t charged me anything. If the HR confirmed then definitely I will ask for explanation about that.
  • VO : But one of your colleague only confirmed just now that he paid money to your employer for processing the visa?
  • ME: May be, But I am employee referral and you can check the my friend XYZ already working with them
    VO :  Its ok..
  • VO : Tell me truth it won’t effect your visa.
  • ME : Same answer. Haven’t paid.
  • VO : Tell me how much you paid, I will approve your visa.
  • ME : Without paying anything how can I tell?
  • ME: It’s really shocking for me that my employer charging money for processing visa. I have done a proper check about the employer before processing. My friend is working there and I have requested some of my friends in US to visit the employer. Everyone have given positive feedback of the employer. In fact first time I am hearing that they are charging money to process visa.
  • VO: Oh is it? Paying money is not an issue. I won’t cause anything related to your visa
  • ME : Yes I know, Paying money is not an issue(should not say like this, but by that time fully frustrated) but really I didn’t paid anything.
  • VO : Do you have any other documents?
  • ME : Given all the documents I have. Kept 797 original, copy of 129, LCA, Client letter, Employer offer letter, attorney letter and returned all the original documents except 797.
  • VO : Please have a seat will call you back.
  • Me Thank you.

After 15mins

Same Indian lady called me returned passport with blue form mentioned one number on top and ticked only “Your application requires more administrative processing before taking final decision” and asked me to leave.

Key notes Why so much grilling? :  Many hate to admit this as it is illegal, but there are good number of people who pay money to get their H1B visa application. It just happened that the same day some other employee, who had H1B sponsored, from the same employer had been to the same consulate and he admitted that he paid X amount of money as caution deposit for visa processing. The guy was convinced by VO that the HR only emailed them that he has paid X amount money as caution deposit. He ended up signing a piece of paper confirming that he paid money. My interview took place after that…Even though I did not pay any money for my H1B application and it was through referral, I had to go through all the grilling.  Above are some of the tricky questions that you need to keep in mind. Hope it helps.


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Comments ( 29 )

  1. FooBar

    Just wondering does anybody think any staff from US consulate would also be reading this forum and these comments ?

    Could be right ?

    Thank for sharing the details.

  2. Raju

    Hi ,

    I need an advice. My H1B petition was filed for a location A and approved. Later, an amendment(normal processing) was raised for Location B in November 2015 and is filed with USCIS and is under processing.

    Now, my employer(MNC in Hyd) has an immediate requirement and wants to pursue that in Location C. My concern is

    – Can another amendment be raise for Location C now while an amendment is pending with USCIS?
    – If i do so, will there be an issue during my VISA stamping?

  3. Granil

    Does anyone know if we apply at one consulate (example Dubai) and you get a 221g for administrative processing , can you apply for the H1-b visa at a different embassy (new delhi or Mumbai) ?

  4. Good One!

    60 min H1B Interview Experience – Paid Money Trick questions – 221g issued:

    I appreciate your honesty and the feedback you shared will be quite useful for many.

    Between, you have handled it great.

    Good Luck and Take Care.

  5. Archana

    still i am getting status as
    Request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed
    On June 26, 2015, we mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker

    Anyone has clue on this ?
    and when can i expect status update from uscis

    1. Craig

      Let me be clear that I am not an immigration expert but my suggestion would be to contact USCIS regarding this. If your I-129 with RFE details was mailed out on Jun 26, 2015 chances are you have already crossed the 90 days (roughly) days period that is given to reply to the RFE. I would suggest you to contact USCIS.

  6. Vijay

    Hi Sir

    I got selected in lottery through a desi consultancy and my stamping is scheduled in December. I would like to know what is the best time to plan my trip so as to find best job opportunities. Is February/march a good time? Any advice by experts is appreciated.

    1. administrator

      Lot of companies have a new fiscal year starting in Jan, Feb and have more contracting positions open. Dec is a very lean month because of holidays. If you plan to come to US within next few months, then that would be an ideal time.

      Having said that, your employer or you need to have a good professional network as lot of openings are filled up through referrals.

    2. Sri

      My case is also same as yours. I already got my stamping done. My consultant has asked me to come in Jan or Feb for the same reason mentioned by Sourabh.
      I am travelling in Feb. Share your email, I will update if any info comes up with me

    1. administrator

      The bill’s biggest change is that prohibits any company w/ > 50 employees and > 50% on H and L visas, to become ineligible for H-1 filings. This will make big Indian companies like TCS, Infy etc ineligible for H-1.

      It’s still a bill and has a long way to go before becoming law. Even then the final language may be different from its current version.

  7. Rupesh

    Good that you kept your cool. Whats the general %age of folks who actually pay for their H1s? 5%, 10%. I feel around 10-20% pay for their own H1s and similar for GC processing.

  8. Rupesh

    Good that you kept your cool. Whats the general 5age of folks who actually pay for their H1s? 5%, 10%. I feel around 10-20% pay for their own H1s and similar for GC processing.

  9. Sri

    Thats bad..that other employee said that he paid money to the employer and the worst is he has signed a form….Now there going to be investigation and blacklisting etc.
    Hopefully it shudnt impact your admin processing.

  10. LBK

    Very tricky interview but these are known things to everyone like employers now a days takes money while applying H1B to be sure that the aspirants once picked in lottery will go for it rather than delaying.

  11. Prasahnth

    What money they are asking about? is it processing fee? like attorny fee, documentation fee etc? or he is asking about any separate money like bribing to get visa? Please clarify my doubt, I think it will be useful to other people too.

    1. administrator

      I think they are asking about any payments made to employer to cover the filing charges, which is illegal under H-1B laws.

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