H1B- H4 Visa Stamping Experiences February 2017 India and KSA

5 H1B, H4 Visa Interview Experiences February 2017 – India, KSA

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It is interesting to hear from one of our readers, who shares his experience here, how he copied all the visa experiences on our blog and read them few times to prepare himself for interview…Thanks a lot to our readers Pradeep, Sanjana, H Man, WantedH1B and Flint for taking time to write and sharing their experiences with us. You can share yours here
Visa Stamping Experience by Pradeep at Hyderabad
My H1B Visa Stamping experience @ Hyderabad Consulate on Feb 10th 2017
I would like to share my Visa stamping experience with you. I had my visa interview done on 10th Feb 2017 at Hyderabad Consulate. I have booked my finger prints for 9th Feb 2017 at 9.30 AM and VISA Interview for 10th FEB 2017 at 9.30 AM. Since ever I have booked the dates, I could sense I was feeling nervous. Though I had prepared for every possible question that the VO may pose at me, but still I was feeling “What If I Can’t crack it ”. I have read a lot of articles and Visa Interview experiences posted in the REDBUS2US Website and in most of them they said like be more confident, Please calm down. But I am telling you guys, it happens to everyone or may be at least to the first timers. On the other side, because of this feeling you wouldn’t sleep properly. I had the same feeling and I couldn’t sleep properly.  The only best thing we could do is prepare ourselves better for the interview.

My H1B Visa Interview Preparation:
Copied every Interview experience posted in the comments sections in the REDBUS2US website and pasted in the Microsoft word and then I went through them multiple times. After that, I gave them to my friends and requested them to take mock interviews. Written down few sentences on a paper may be 2 or 3 lines about the employer, client, Project, roles and responsibilities etc. Then went through them several times.

Visa Interview Preparation Suggestions:
Don’t read or by heart anything one day before your Visa Interview. Please be prepared in advance. Make everything ready (File, documents, passport, pen, DS160 Form, Email Appointment Confirmation) at least 2 days prior to your OFC (Finger prints).

My Visa Stamping Experience:
By then, I was in the queue for 10 minutes and just telling to myself “calm down buddy, Calm down. We can do it buddy” and wasn’t listening to anybody and not paying attention on the counters. Then I got the Token number ‘X’ and I slowly walked and stood in the counter ‘X’ queue, there was only one guy before me and he was already being interviewed by VO. I kept myself 4 feet distance from him and still not paying attention on him or the VO. Suddenly, somebody popped up and collected my passport and gave it to the VO. Then I told to myself “let’s do it, buddy”.
VO: Hi, Good Morning.
Me: Hello, Good, thanks. How r u?
VO: Great.
Me: That’s Nice
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Answered
VO: Do you have any end client?
Me: Answered
VO: what is your role at the client?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your pay?
Me: Answered
VO: How did you know about your employer?
Me: Answered
VO: Where are you going?
Me: Answered
VO: How long have u worked with your last employer?
Me: Answered
VO: Have you given the white pamphlet (That is it I knew I got it)
Me: Said yes
VO: have a safe journey to US.
Me: Thanks Mam, Thanks.

VISA stamping suggestions:
I know we all face the same heat. But please calm down yourself and don’t listen to anyone and don’t pay attention on anything. Most important thing don’t pay attention on the guys who is giving Interviews. Last but not least, get to the rest room (it is there in the waiting room in the consulate) if you need to, that may take some tension off.
 All the best Guys.
Visa Stamping Experience by Sanjana at Chennai
OFC Experience  :  I had my OFC on 12th Feb and visa interview scheduled on 13th in Chennai. I had gone with my family.
1) My schedule was at 1 PM but was allowed inside at 12 noon itself.
2) Passport and DS-160 was verified and a sticker was placed on the passports.
3) Token was issued and we waited for our turn.
4) We were called at the counter. Name and date of birth was validated. Photo and biometric enrolment was completed.
5) Process completed in 15 min

H1B Visa Interview: 
1) The schedule was at 10:30 AM. We reached the consulate at 9:30 and joined the queue.
2) After multiple checks by security guards of our passport and DS-160 forms we were allowed inside the building. Do not carry mobile phones.
3) Once inside, we waited in a long queue. After a while we were let in another building to be joined in another queue. Preference was given to families with kids.
4) At the first counter we handed our passports and some data entry was done. Then we were asked to join a queue in another counter.
5) Biometric authentication was done for myself and spouse. Daughter’s date of birth was asked. One person standing outside places a smiley sticker on the passports. I am not sure what that signifies.
6) Again preference was given to family and asked to join another counter, this time for actual interview.
7) Was able to overhear frantic response to the VO at the adjacent counters.
8) We were greeted by a lady VO. Handed over the passports. Asked if XXX was my petitioner and whether I was going to work for the client or the petitioner. I said for the client. She asked for the client name, location and state. Then asked for my salary and education.
8) Then to my spouse she asked education qualification and the number of years we were married
9) That’s all, and the visa was approved. Entire process took less than 3 min. No other documents were requested.
Visa Stamping Experience by H Man at Mumbai  
Questions asked for H1B-
Is the first time you are applying for the H1b Visa?
Ans- Yes
Where are you travelling to in US?
Ans – City, State
What is the position & what is the project about ?
Ans- Explained
How much is the salary?
Ans- XX
Where are you working ?
In IXdia ?
Ans- Yes
What is your Highest degree ?
Questions to wife:
How long have you been married ?
Ans: XX months/Years
Do you have children?
Ans- No
How did you meet your spouse?
Ans: Explained (Love/Arrange)
How many people came to your marriage?
Ans- 400-500
Who did the arrangements for your marriage?
Ans- Explained since it was an arrange marriage and parents got involved and thru community.
And then …Finally the golden words- ” Your visa is approved”
Fantastic Feeling ! and brought smile to our faces!!
Guys- Don’t look other people at the visa counter & avoid hearing questions asked to them. Focus on your case , be confident and look in the eyes of the consular. You will win!
Visa Stamping Experience by Flint at KSA
Background : Hello Guys got my passport stamped together with my dependents (my wife and my child) yesterday. I went to stamping here in KSA.
My H1B Stamping Experience..
Arrived at the embassy at 8:30 am (appointment at 9:00 am)
at 9:05 am called at the counter for fingerprint scanning
9:10 am called for interview and ask the following questions
VO: Good morning
Me: Good Morning
VO: Can I have your Approval form
Me: Give the approved form I-797B
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Told employer xxx
VO: Educational Background
Me: Told BS in XX
VO: Can I see your Diploma?
Me: Gave my Diploma
VO: Okay that’s great. How much is your salary?
Me: xx$
VO: Where will you stay in US?
Me: Told my employer given address..
VO: How many employees are working in Company xx?
Me: I am not sure. But I know its a big company.
VO: Okay..
H4 Visa Interview Questions  
Now she ask my wife.
VO: Where are you working
Wife: Told in xx
VO: Are you planning to work in US as well?
Wife: No
VO: How long have been married?
Wife: xx years
VO: do you have children. and she saw the passport of our 1 month old infant.. A you have one.
Wife: yes only one
VO: Do you have any relatives in US?
Wife: None
VO: Have you traveled from a different country before.
Wife: No
VO: Okay your Visas are Approved
at this time me and my wife was happy to hear those words..
VO: have you read the white pamphlet?
Me: Yes
Then after this we leave the embassy with a big smile..

Visa Stamping Experience by WantedH1B at Hyderabad 

My Interview experience in Hyderabad Office on February 23rd, 2017
9:40 AM : Reached US Consulate, Security at entrance verified my passport and label pasted previous day at OFC center.
9:45 AM : Entered into campus. Security personnel asked me to empty my pockets and keep my belongings in a tray.
9:50 AM: Entered into scanning room with tray. Passed on the tray to scanner and collected from other side. After coming out of the room arranged my belongings.
9:55 AM : I was asked to sit in the lobby and keep I-797B, passport, DS-160 confirmation in hand. A person gave me US rights booklet and asked me to stand in queue.
10:05 AM : When I was standing in queue a security lady collected passport from everyone in the queue. When my turn came I was asked to place my left hand fingers for scanning. Security gave me the passport and directed me to another queue.
10: 15 AM: It took a while in the queue, at the other end of queue a security person gave me card contains a counter number. Based on the number I stood in front of the counter behind yellow line as interview is going on for another person.
10:20 AM: MY turn came security person asked my passport and passed on to the VO.
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: XXXXX Company.
VO: How long you are with this company?
Me: it’s a new opportunity.
VO: Do you have client?
Me: Yes.
VO: what is the name of the client?
Me: XYZ Company
VO: Who is your current employer?
Me: XYZ Company
VO : How long you are with this company?
Me: X years
VO: Earlier to this in which company you worked?
Me: XYZ Company.
VO: To which place in US you are travelling?
Me: XYZ city.
VO: What is your salary?
Me: XXX $
VO : OK, I am issuing your visa.
Me: Thank you.
No documents were asked.
10: 40 AM: I am out of the campus.
all the best


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Comments ( 6 )

  1. Anil Gavate

    I had an bio-metric appointment on 14th March 2018, I went to Mumbai. My in time was 11:15 AM, so reached there by 10:30. As I went with my wife and daughter of 1.5 years old, the officer gave us priority and put us at the beginning of the queue. it took us hardly 15 mins to complete bio-metric procedure.

    Next day we went for the interview. Again the in-time was 11:15 AM, we reached there by 10:30. Looking at kid officer again gave us the preference and my interview got started in next 10 mins.
    We went to the window –
    Officer: GM
    Me: VGM Sir, How are you?
    Officer: Fine, thank you.
    Officer: So you are going to US?
    M: Yes Sir.
    O: Who is your client?
    M: Answered appropriately.
    O: What do you do for client?
    M: Answered appropriately.
    O: What would be your US salary?
    M: Answered appropriately.
    O: Do you have the white pamphlet?
    M: I dont.
    O: (He gave me the white paper which as the list of right for H1b holder.) Your visa is approved, you can collect passports after 7 days.
    M: Thanks a lot sir, have a nice day.

    interview got finished in 10 mins. I came out before 11AM (which is quite prior to my in time. He did not ask any question to my wife.

    Thanks for reading my experience. All the best.

  2. NagaAnu

    Hi Team,

    Requesting you please advise what answer i can provide for below quetion.

    My petition was under Mumbai consulate but visa interview schedules in Hyderabad consulate…if they ask about why you are coming to Hyderabad consulate …please advise

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