H1B FY 2016 Stamping Experiences Hyderabad India

3 H1B Visa Biometrics, Stamping Experiences at Hyderabad India.

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Many of our good readers have been sharing their experiences to be shared with all our readers. This week, I would like to Thank Rams, Rajesh and Sandhya for taking time to share their experiences with all of us. Rams has given a much detailed experience, special thanks to him. You can share your experience as well here .


H1B and H4 Visa Experience at Hyderabad by Rams

Background:  I attended H1B visa interview last week in Hyderabad and it was approved. I am following this forum from past 2 weeks and people are sharing their experiences. Whenever I read the existing experiences posts, I always think about when I will write my H1B experience like this. Finally the day came and I am really very happy to write my experience. I will not write how I started from my home and what I did after that (it’s all dependent on the person how and where he start :)). Below is my Experience at OFC and on the day of Interview

OFC/ Biometrics Experience at Hyderabad
Please reach before 30 mins to your schedule appointment, before that the security person did not allow you to enter inside (This is what I have observed their, incase if you want to wait outside of the consulate for some time, it’s your wish)
Documents Carried to OFC Center :  I have carried all my H1B documents to OFC center to avoid any further complications or issues.
1. OFC and Consulate Interview appointment confirmation Letter
2.Passports (For all if you are going with your H4 people)
3. Fee Receipt acknowledgement letter
4. I797B
5. DS 160 confirmation page with Barcode
Step 1 : Once you enter into the consulate with basic security check, you will be joining in a queue and VAC people will come to you and they check DS 160 forms with your passport details (If there is any mismatches they will guide you to make the changes and join in the queue. My suggestion is, while filling DS 160 itself, give all the correct details to avoid any further complications inside the consulate)
Step 2: Once you clear the step1 process, you will be entering into the OFC premises where you have to empty your pockets and keep everything thing in the tray and go to the officer and they will cross check your passports and put a white sticker with Token# on the backside of the passport.
Step 3: Once the 2nd step completes, security person ask you to sit in the waiting area for your turn (Keep a eye on the display screen for your token) and go to the respective counter.
Step 4: Once the 3rd step completes, you will be inform of the VAC officer and they will ask your passport and ask you basic questions. In my case it was,
Question: Why you want to go to States?
Answer: To work for my employer (Said the Employer name)
Question: When is your interview?
Answer: Tomorrow (Said the date and time)
they have taken photo and finger prints. That’ it. the entire process completed in 20 mins.

H1B Visa Stamping Interview day: I really prepared well and I have complete documentation from my employer so I am confident but there was some nervous and my heart is pumping like anything from 8:00 AM. My interview was scheduled at 10:30 am. me and my family went to consulate by 9:40 AM.  Outside of the consulate gate we waited for 15 mins and then they asked us to hold the passports in hand (they did basic check and allowed us to inside the consulate). We formed in a queue and I have taken out everything from my pockets and kept it in a tray (Watch, Belt, documents, Bangles, wallet, pen, etc..) and we proceed further into the queue and inside the security room they have asked me to open the sealed cover. So, finally I joined in the queue and after 20 mins they asked us to proceed further for finger prints verification, after that we have joined in a queue for Visa interview with a token.

In front of me there were around 7 including F1, H1b, H4 aspirants.  Before me, there is one guy from top MNC company and his visa rejected saying, your qualifications are not meeting H1B requirements hence ask your employer to refile again in next year. My Turn came. We went to the counter with lot of stress ( But I managed with little smile)

H1B Visa Interview Questions
Questions asked:
Me: Good morning Mam.
VO: Good morning.
VO: passports please.
Me: passed
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Said my petitioner name
VO: How long you have been working for this employer?
Me: It’s new opportunity
VO: What is your salary?
Me: I have asked her, you’re asking about Current salary or proposed US salary?
VO: US salary?
Me: Said the salary as mentioned in my offer letter (Please cross check your salary should be common in LCA, Offer letter, and other documents.
VO: What is the current employee size in US company?
Me: said the count (I have taken it from my I129 document)
VO: What is your position?
Me: Said my Role. I am a Software Engineer (as mentioned in the I129)
VO: What is your Highest Qualification?
Me: Master of Science in Computers
VO: From when you have completed/did this?
Me: OU, Hyderabad

H4 Visa Interview Questions:
VO: How long you have been married?
Wife: XX years old.
VO: Will your kids go to school in US?
Wife: yes
VO: Pointing her finger to the Human rights pamphlet and said that, Do you have this document and you have to read this before you land in US.
That’s it.. Not golden, Platinum words ” I am approving your VISA, have a safe journey”.  We wished her with big heart and said ” Thank you mam, have a good day”
The interview process took less than 5 mins and entire process took about 1 hour. We came out of the consulate @10:35 AM and you guys know what we will do after coming out with such a happy moment in life.   Collected my passports on the very next day. Very happy… All the best.


H1B Visa Experience at Hyderabad by Rajesh

I have been a silent listener in this group from the past 8 months and this forum really helped me in each and every aspect. I want to say heartfelt thanks from my bottom of my heart to the Admin of the site.  Yesterday i have given my H1B Visa Interview in Hyderabad consulate and my Visa got approved. I want to share my experience here –

Background : Biometrics Appointment
10/04 12:30pm is my biometric appointment and I have reached there by 12:00 Pm. As soon as i reach they allowed me to go inside and the overall process took me around 7-8 min to complete. They just saw my passport, DS-160 and Appointment letter. They verified and gave it back. Later gave my finger prints. I was out by 12:10 Pm.

H1B Interview Day : 10/07 10:30 Am is my H1B Interview Appointment time. I reached there by 9:30 Am, but they allowed me after 10 Am. We have a seating arrangement inside. They took another Finger printing (to cross check) and gave me a counter number to stand in the queue. Have 4 members in the queue. I was able to listen from all the counters what they have been asking but did not want to show interest what they were asking because unnecessarily you will think for those answers and get you more tensed.
In my counter there was a US lady and there are two guys before me, they both gave interview about 10 min each and I’m really tensed what she will ask me. But thank god she only asked 3 questions to me

  • Who is the petitioner filed your case
  • what is your Client
  • What will you do there?
  • Did you read the pamphlet – Yes

Finally golden Words – VISA Approved.  All the best friends those who are going out there for VISA interview.  Thanks


H1B Stamping Experience at Hyderabad – Sandhya. 

Today I want to share my H1 interview experience at Hyderabad consulate.

Day 1 – Biometics for H1B Stamping : My Biometric was on September 13th 4:00 PM at OFC. I went there at 3:15. Security did not allow my brother to the entrance who accompanied me. We are not allowed to take anything other than required certificates.  Security guard allowed me into the queue at 3:15 pm. The queue is not that much the reason may be its starting season of H1. After 10 mins queue standing one attendant checked my DS 160 and appointment letter and passport. Then she allowed into the OFC. Visa officer checked my DS 160 sticked one label on my passport and gave token to take biometrics. I waited at the waiting hall for my turn. After 10 mins waiting biometric officer have taken my photo using web camera and finger prints. She asked my name and the  purpose of travel. That’s it my biometrics done. This entire process had taken 30 mins completed all this at3:45.

Day 2 – H1B Visa Interview :
The second day my visa interview September 14th at 10:00 am. I reached consulate at 9:15 and was allowed into the queue. The security checked the label on the passport which was sealed by the biometric officer. Security guard instructed us to don’t carry any cosmetics, phones, food etc. After I allowed into the premises greeter showed the seat to wait for the security check. After 10 mins waiting my turn came. During that check we need to put all our belongings in one box for scan including wrist ornaments also. Once it’s done, I waited 10 more mins for the next process. They allowed our row to the biometric check.This day officer will compare the biometrics which was given by us at biometric OFC. Once it’s matched they gave one token with the counter number. Lined into that counter. After 10 minutes of waiting my turn came. Visa officer and I greeted each other. Then the most tensed moment  questions turn 🙂
1) he asked my experience in IT industry.
2) my client name
3) my designation
4)what my client is doing over there.
5) After that he asked my I797 B
Then he took my passport and smiled at me. Thank god my tension relieved left consulate around at10:45.

Admin Processing Status after H1B Stamping :

Once I came home checked my visa status. Again my tension raised. The visa status is showing as admin processing. I checked in the net what’s meant by admin processing. Different versions I read. finally concluded by reading all those was it might take more time to get visa. Some process was left to get visa. But by god’s grace the status had been changed to issue by the evening. On 15th I got a mail from US Embassy pick your passport. That’s the story of my interview process friends.


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Comments ( 28 )

  1. SaiGanesh

    Firstly i would like to appreciate for your effort in replying to Queries which ppl have/had,

    I am in a situation, where i unable to decide what to do with my h1.

    Scenario :: I am working in an Indian MNC named “INDCompany” and one of my close friend who works for a consultancy in US named “USConsul”, two years back, he applied my h1 through his consultancy(“USConsul”) and luckily it got picked and last year it got approved, till that time all went smoothly now becoz of some issues, later they are not sharing any documents to me in-order to go for visa stamping and saying that the client letter got expired. Now my friend is suggesting me to transfer my h1 to current company(INDCompany) or to new company as my h1 is about to expire in 6 months,

    my Question here is , Is it possible to transfer my h1 to current company or new company as i am working in one company and my h1 is from another company, will any company accepts my experience for one company and transfer of h1 from another consultancy.

    1. administrator

      Well, this is a grey area…if you had h1B stamping, then you could technically transfer…now, without stamping, it is subjective, there are some successes and some where there was no approval….You can give it a shot, if your employer is willing to file and take a chance.

      1. Anonymous

        Hi Kumar,

        Thanks for doing so. Just wanted to update the post to include that today my status updated to ‘Ready for Pickup – 23rd Aug 2019’. Just to complete the whole time line :).

  2. Harshal

    I am working on EVC model @ MNC @ finance as senior software engg. Me and client there are two layers . Is any one having same situation where his visa stamped approved ..I have 13+ years of exp . Please share you experience.

  3. Senthilnathan.K

    H1B – Experience Letter
    I have 9 years of experience. 3 years in BPO (previous Companies) & 6 Years in IT Software testing.(Current Company)
    If BPO comes under IT experience or Not ?
    Shall i need to show the BPO experience in the Resume ?
    Need to submit the BPO documents for H1B ?
    Please Clarify.

    1. administrator

      If the experience helped you w/ your technical abilities then mention those responsibilities. If not, then just mention tenure and maybe 1-2 sentences max to make-up for the gap in timeline.

  4. Raj

    Hi Kumar,

    Thanks a lot for guiding us through this form. This website is awe some, I learned a lot about H1B through this. Finally, I got my Visa stamped on 17th Nov and today i got my passport.

    Below are the question in the Interview.
    1) Who is your employer
    2) are you working in xxx company?
    3) what is your salary
    4) What is your highest qualification.
    5) do you lost your passport?

    By God’s grace everything smooth till now. I got visa till my passport expiry date ( I got only 11/2 year only.)

    Do i need to come back to India for visa renewal and passport renewal? or I can do it in us? please answer me.

    Rajesh Dadala

    1. administrator

      You can get petition renewed while you are inside US. Even passport can be renewed in US. For visa stamp you have to go to a consulate outside US. Remember, you can continue to stay inside US on expired visa as long your 797 and I-94 are still valid.

      1. Raj

        Thanks saurabh.
        my I979 also expires on the same day. I think I-94 will be provided based on I 979. So i have to renew my petition with new I979 and passport in US, come back to India and stamp it again with new I797. correct?

        1. administrator

          I-94 and 797 have same end dates except when passport is expiring prior to 797 expiration date. In this case they issue I-94 until passport expiration date and not 797 date.

          Yes, you can get everything renewed inside US and next time when you travel outside of US w/ expired visa stamp, you can get it renewed from a consulate by showing the latest 797.

  5. YRR

    Hi all,

    Anyone attending H1B interview on the dates Nov 3 & 4th @ Hyderabad?? i have scheduled for those days. will keep all posted on status as well

  6. HydStamped

    Hello All… Here is my stamping experience. (Bit lengthy write-up)
    Location: Hyderabad – 19th and 20th Oct 2015
    Background: B.Sc (MPC) with 9+ IT & BPO experience (all with one MNC). Was very tensed since I heard some cases of rejections for candidates with 15 year education.

    19th Oct: OFC, nothing to talk about this. Very simple process. No need of formals. You can reach 45 min before your schedule. They will allow inside and the formalities will be done within 15 min.
    20th Oct: Now, this is what I was waiting for. Appointment was at 10:30. Reached the Consulate by 9 AM. Entered the main gate after showing passports by 9:15 AM. I have read people saying not to reach 15 min prior the appointment. However, out of my experience I can say its OK to reach 1 hour prior as well. Once we (myself and my spouse) entered inside there was a seating place where we had to wait for 20 min. After security scan, we were let inside and were asked to sit in a corridor. Later was in a queue to have finger prints verified. Once done, we were asked to wait in the Waiting Area for them to call. It was after about 15 min, we were asked to stand in another queue. On your turn they gave a token (something like placard with counter number). Again we stood in that counter queue (!!!). But the officer in my counter was clearing off his queue very quick! Couple of F1 and B1 cases were asked more questions. But he seemed good (and young too!). Our turn came in couple of minutes and here is the conversation.

    (The interview area is way different than what I thought it would be! Its like a counter at railways, have to stand and there is a glass separating you and officer with speakers outside. The passports were taken by an attendant just before my turn and the officer made a signal to come towards counter after scanning the passports.)

    Me: Good Morning Officer. (After a split second pause) How are you doing?
    Officer: Good Morning (The voice was very low, I did not hear him answering my question)
    (I had to keep all my ears wide open as the voice was not audible at all, its very low!)

    Officer: who is your employer?
    Me: XXXX

    Officer: What is your role?
    Me: (I did not understand if he asked for onsite role or offshore role. For me both are same anyway)
    Answered after a brief pause.

    Officer: What is your qualification?
    Me: Bachelors

    Officer: What are the subjects sir?
    Me:(woh! I did not expect this. May be as I just told Bachelors he asked this question. I was shit scared about the subjects)
    Maths, Physics and Chemistry Sir.

    Officer: (Turned towards my wife) Is he your husband?
    My Wife: (I was bit surprised at this question. She too paused for a moment. We both did not expect this question!)
    Yes Sir.

    Officer: What is your marriage date?
    My Wife: XXXX

    Officer: Do you think he is a nice Guy! (well, at this moment I was sure its approved)
    We: We both looked at each other with a smile. She said “Yes Sir, he is.”
    I took over and added “Its a love marriage Sir (with a smile)”.
    Officer: Oh that’s great! (with a hearty smile).
    Then came the golden words.
    “Your Visa is approved Sir. Have a nice day”.
    We wished him back and got out of there.

    We were shell shocked as it went pretty smooth. No documents asked. Not even Approval notice. Appointment was at 10:30. Interview done by 10:15! Interview lasted hardly 30 seconds.

    Tips: Dress sharp. Be confident. Have a smile on your face all the time.
    Do not try to overhear other conversations. They are of no use to you. BTW, you can carry a zipped document folder. I carried many documents, however was very lucky to have the interview done in seconds.
    Checked the status once I came home, it was “Administrative Processing”.
    Next day it changed to “Issued”.

    Waiting for Passports now!

    Note: If you are travelling by your own car, park it in a building behind the passport office. They charge you rs. 30 per hour. Its walkable distance to consulate. A parking near consulate will cost you 50 per hour. None will give you a Token/Slip.

    1. Marramreddy

      Thank you for sharing your experience in detail.

      You really gave me confidence as I too have 15 year education. I have Bachelor degree in Maths, statistics and Computers so, I am bit worried about my Degree.

  7. rajsekhar

    I attenteded visa interview on 16 October at Hyderabad consulate.i got 221(g) whit slip due to small company in us. any one can please whats the next steps and how much time it will take…

  8. Preeti


    Can somebody help in understanding this. I received letter from consultancy but it was mentioned as temporary professional assignment. Pasted exact content below. Is it fine or going to be issue for visa interview. Please reply asap.

    This letter is written in support of attached h1b petition…

    We offered XXXXX a temporary professional assignment as software Engineer at XXX,XXX

    we respectfully request that h1-b status to be granted to xxx for temporary period from xxx to xxx


    1. administrator

      They may be referring to it as temporary position as H-1B is a temporary visa for a limited time period. It should be ok, and if VO asks you can explain the same.

  9. PrashanthK

    Damn’ it seems simple but when you hear that a guy from MNC got rejected by officer due to insufficient qualification……”what?” , what qualification was insufficient? I mean is it education? Salary? experience?

    Now I am tensed, what will be the reason behind rejecting a guy from MNC?

    I might be going for interview in December, and till then I have to deal this stress……….:(

    1. Rams

      Don’t worry Prasanth.. Nothing will happen to you. Prepare well and present well. VO’s are there to give visa not to reject and they will not care whether you are from MNC or small company. Only thing is you have to present clearly.

      All the very best.

    1. PrashanthK

      All the best and do post your interview experience here, no matter what it is. Don’t get discouraged by any thing. Just do well and write your experience here. It will help allot of people like you to do better.

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