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2 H1B Visa, H4 Stamping Experiences – India 2019, Questions, Tips

Couple of users went through H1B, H4 visa stampings and some good tips regarding things like smart watch, issues with DS-160, fixing them that are good to know. Thanks a lot to our readers Aswin and Anonymous (for privacy) for taking time to share their detail visa stamping Experiences with community. We appreciate it !  You can either share them by yourself at User Experiences or email us at redbus2us@gmail.com

H1B Visa Stamping Experience in Chennai – 2019

Background:  I’m a first-timer with H1B and this site helped me a lot to prepare myself for any given outcome. Thankfully it all turned positive.

Biometrics and Photo at Visa Application Center(VAC) Experience

Date : Aug 19, 2019
Simple and straight forward process for biometrics at VAC. Takes only about 15-20 mins.

Documents required for Biometrics Before Stamping at VAC :

  • Passport(s)
  • DS-160 Confirmation
  • Appointment Confirmation.
  • Nothing else is required. If you wish, it is good to have all other documents in hand.

Tips for Biometrics Appointment Before Visa Interview :

  • Reach on time or just 5-10 mins early, because there’s no waiting area.
  • Don’t wear white/light color dress. The photo is taken with a white background, so I’d suggest dark blue or black dress.
  • – There’s a locker facility. But better take someone you trust with you. They can have your belongings like wallet, mobile phone and wait outside.

H1B Visa Interview Experience at  US Consulate (Chennai)

Date : Aug 20th, 2019
When I went a few years ago for my B1/B2 interview, I was overhearing all questions and it got me even more tensed. I even witnessed few rejections and you know what that’ll do to your heart rate. This time I rectified my mistake of eavesdropping. Learn from experience, right? My suggestion is “DO NOT overhear others questions”. Your brain will start preparing answers for them and you might get distracted. Just be calm and remember that Visa Officers are nice people. I keep telling myself, “they won’t eat me or beat me, they are here just to validate, no need to worry”.

Document Checklist for H1B Visa Stamping

  • Current & expired passports
  • Visa Size Photo
  • DS 160 confirmation page
  • Visa Fee Receipt
  • Interview appointment confirmation letter
  • Copy of H1B Approval Notice
  • Copy of LCA
  • Job Offer Letter
  • Latest Resume
  • Experience Letters
  • Degree Certificates (Original and Copy)
  • Pay Slips (Last 6 months)
  • Bank Statement (Last 6 months)
  • Latest Income Tax Returns

Documents I actually gave to the VO:
Just Passport. They have everything else in the computer.

H1B Visa Interview Questions 2019

VO: Can I get your passport?
Me: Good morning, sir. Here you go!
VO: Good morning. Is it your first H-1B?
Me: Answered appropriately.
VO: Who’s your employer and what do they do?
Me: Answered appropriately.
VO: Where is it located in the US?
Me: Answered appropriately.
VO: How many employees are there?
Me: Answered appropriately.
VO: How long were you working with them?
Me: Answered appropriately.
VO: Anyone traveling with you? Wife, kids?
Me: No, sir. I’m not married yet.
VO: Oh. When are you getting married?
My mind voice: I keep asking myself the same, man. Et tu, Brute?
Me: I’m not sure. Not for another year, at least.
VO: Your visa is approved. Safe travels.
Me: Thank you, sir. Have a great day!

It was only for about 5 mins, and very smooth!

General H1B Visa Stamping Interview Tips

  • Be at least 30 mins early. There’ll be long queues for each slot.
  • Don’t drive your own vehicle. You might find it difficult to get a parking spot. Take an Uber/Ola, so you can be relaxed and use the commute time to prepare for the interview.
  • Don’t expect any locker facility. Take someone you trust with you. They can have your belongings like wallet, mobile phone and wait outside.
  • Don’t expect restroom facilities. Finish your business before leaving home. There might be one inside, but I haven’t looked.
  • Don’t carry mobile, headphones, smartwatches inside. You can give it to the police/security outside. They’ll issue a token. Better give them to whoever accompanied you.
  • Be in a formal dress, because this is a ‘work’ visa. You don’t have to wear a suit unless that’s your normal attire.
  • Have a good knowledge about your sponsoring company and client (if any).
  • Don’t EVER lie to the VO. Just say you don’t know if you don’t know.
  • Be confident and have hope.

These are just my experience and personal opinions. Every case is unique, and I wish all the best to everyone!


H1B + H4  Visa Stamping Experience in Hyderabad – 2019

Since this forum helped me in preparing for my H1B + H4 interview, would like to pay back the same.

Background  :  Interview location: Hyderabad
Date: 20th Aug 2019 (VAC) ; 21st Aug 2019 (Interview)

Biometrics Experience at Visa Application Center  Hyderabad:

What NOT to carry at Visa Application Center for Biometrics :
No phones, smart watches, wallets, sealed envelopes, pen drives allowed. If can’t avoid leaving phone at home, there are lockers which you can rent for Rs 100. Got to know as I forgot to leave my smart watch back home, so had to rent one anyways.

Issues with DS-160 Name mismatch, How to fix : Second, hiccup: given name in my DS 160 was not same as my passport. Passport has both first and middle name in the Given name section, whereas I mentioned only first name in DS 160 given name section. Was asked to rectify it first.

Within the VAC campus there will be a small stall for DS 160 update. Cost me a ridiculous Rs 250. I wish I had a friend with laptop with internet, waiting outside. Anyways, after getting my DS 160 rectified, went inside VAC again. No further issues.

H1B + H4 Visa Interview – Logistics, Issues

Slot time was 1130 AM. But me and my wife already inside the campus 1 hr prior to our slot. Got in queue for passport verification and second biometric check.

Issue with DS-160 Location Not updated Interview

Third hiccup: my wife’s biometric match did not go through as her DS 160 had Delhi consulate as interview location. (mine got updated to Hyderabad automatically post my previous day Given name fiasco). So had to get out of the queue and go to another window. After about 15-20mins, we were called and the officer verified both of our docs, and got her DS160 transferred from Delhi to Hyderabad.

Since, we were already in the queue before leaving it for the location transfer thingie, the staff were kind enough to let us skip the line and were given a window number for the interview.

Before us were 1 couple and 2 individuals. The couple already had been staying in US, and kid is already a US citizen. VO took their passports, however were asked to fill a form emailed to them, post which further decision will be taken. Out of the 2 individuals: 1 was rejected. As far as I remember, he would be traveling to US for requirements gathering from a client of his employer. And that he is with the employer since 3 months only. Approx: 5 mins 2nd got approved. MS in CS.  Approx: 3-4mins

Then it was our turn….

H1, H4 Visa Interview Questions 2019 at Hyderabad

  • VO: Good morning.
  • Me: GM. How are you?
  • VO: Good, Thanks. Passports please.
  • Gave her our passports only. Using which she pulled our information on her system.
  • VO: Does you employer have clients?
  • Me: Yes
  • VO: Do you work for them.
  • Me: No. I do not work for the clients directly. I work on the product which my employer has licensed to its customers/clients.
  • VO: And what was the name of the product or the tool that you work on?
  • Me: XX
  • VO: What is your role?
  • Me: Computer Programmer
  • VO: So how long have you been with your employer?
  • Me: Since 2016 that’s 3 years.
  • VO: And where is your employer based in.
  • Me: Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA
  • VO: What was your Masters in?
  • Me: MS in MIS
  • VO: Mam, how long are you married?
  • Wife: 2 years.
  • VO: Do you have kids?
  • Wife: No
  • VO: Congratulations, your visa is approved. Next!
  • Total time: approx. 5-6 mins

Visa Stamping Status Online after Interview

  • Immediately went home, checked the status: Administrative Processing.
  • 1 business day later: Issued. (22nd Aug).
  • Status updated to ‘Ready for Pickup – 23rd Aug 2019’.

Hope my experience helps you.  Good luck to you all 


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  1. Hi we got our h1b approval notice in which the starting date is the same as the approval date. i.e our visa expired on 30th june 2019. But our extension was filed on 31st may 2019. Meanwhile on 9th october we had site visit from uscis and al the documents were submitted. Our extension was approved on 13th nov 2019. We are travelling to india next month for stamping and realised approval notice has start date only from 13th nov ? Wil that be a problem?

    • It should not be a problem as long you maintained status. You were in period of authorised stay all along, if you were to file it properly. Check with your attorney once as well.

      • Hi since we are travelling due to personal reasons we are not in a position to cancel our tickets if our attorney wants to do so. Do u think it can corrected during stamping ? We are travelling on 13th dec n our stamping is scheduled on 26th 27th dec . so do u think even if we raise a query we would get it corrected soon?

        • Mahg,
          It may not be corrected that soon as the typographic or any sort of errors take time… Discuss with your attorney and carry supporting documentation for stamping, you should be fine. Carry all documents to indicate that you maintained status and it was an error on USCIS Part. You should be fine. Do update here after stamping.

          • Discussed with our attorney and heard it’s not necessary to get it corrected as my receipt date will be mentioned in the notice. So going forward . will update here

  2. Hi team,
    I have valid H1b Visa- I-94 until 2021.(as per old approved Petition). Recently submitted H1b transfer with new receipt- In Processing. Due to some situation, I had to travel out US, and return in a month.
    Query is “Is it okay I can travel with valid I-94, and come back to US. without reference to new receipt- stamping?
    or I need to wait for the new receipt- approval and then travel.
    Please advise.

    • It is recommended not to travel during the processing, unless you do not have an option….If you work for the new company, there maybe some I-94 mismatch…It is best if you can wait for approval and then travel…Discuss with your attorney of the transferring company before you travel.

  3. Hi guys,

    Currently I am on F-1 visa. I got my H-1B visa (change of status) approved this year. I appreciate the help provided by this forum in answering my questions.

    I want to plan a trip to India in the second week of October. Is possible to check the visa appointment dates at the consulate before filling DS-160? If I complete DS-160 and don’t find any available appointment in the said period, I won’t be making a trip. In that case, do I get the DS-160 fee refunded?


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