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H1B Visa Renewal Stamping Dropbox Experience – Chennai, India 2014

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One of our readers, Sathish has shared his detailed H1B Visa Dropbox Renewal experience with us. I believe, this is the first experience for Dropbox submission. It is written very clearly and gives you a clear picture of the exact process.  Congrats to Sathish on his Visa Stamping and Thanks to him for taking time to share his experience with …

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Detailed H1B Visa Stamping, OFC Experience – Chennai, India – 2014

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One of  our blog readers, Raja Sekhar, has attended H1B Visa Stamping in Chennai along with his spouse. He has taken time to write a very comprehensive experience, describing each and every step. He has also created a very good document that has step by step instructions. Firstly Congratulations to you and your family. Thanks a lot Raja Sekhar for …

What’s After H1B 2015 Lottery ? FAQs – Receipt Numbers, Processing Times?

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Updated : April 21, 2015- Modified content on additional petitions than 85,000 quota – wait-listing for denials  As you know, USCIS conducted a lottery on the 172,500 H1B Visa petitions filed for FY 2015 quota and did a press release indicating that the 85,000 petitions selected will be notified with receipt numbers and those not selected will be rejected and returned. I have …

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USCIS : 172,500 Petitions received for H1B 2015 Lottery. Selection Complete !

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As you know, USCIS announced on April 7th that they received enough number of petitions for filling the H1B Visa statutory cap for the fiscal year 2015. Also, they indicated that there were more petitions received and there would be lottery/ random selection process for the same. Today USCIS did an official press release stating the count of petitions received …