PBS Show - H1B Visa and CBS Youre Fired H1B Documentary

You’re Fired – 60 Minutes CBS, The Controversy Over H1B Visas – PBS

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I came across these H1B visa documentaries that were aired on PBS and CBS this month, quite emotional !  Would love to hear your thoughts on the documentaries and the abuse of the H1B program. What do you all think ?

PBS – The Controversy Over H1B Visas

Read more at  PBS Reference 
CBS – 60 Minutes – You’re Fired

In case, the video is not viewable, check Reference Video and Article 


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Comments ( 16 )

  1. Kiran

    My H1-B petition got picked in lottery for 2016-17 CAP, my case still showing “On April 11, 2016, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker” Its almost an year I have been waiting to get my petition approved. I think its with Vermont center, is there an information for the delay of processing? even my employer also clue less why this much delay with this center.

  2. Raj

    Adding up couple of points which I missed out in the last comment.
    Its a cycle .
    Somebody gets replaced by lower paid guy (forget H1B here , any guy ), once the initial honeymoon and excitement of the more than 24 hour flight trip is gone , the new guy realize , he is underpaid .He starts looking for other prospectus job.His employer has agreements which are pathetic and monstrous than the bonded labour of olden days.Now he realize moving is not easy .He looks out for options , OK Green Card which would set him free , come on wait 10 years.Somehow sacrificing risking he finds some other well paying job. (He has already lost his golden days of career in the hands of body shopper who worry only about billing), only to get replaced by somebody else.

    The system needs reforms , we shouldn’t be afraid of the reforms. If you dont find a place here , hop on another flight to a better place in Canada , Australia , Denmark , Sweden .Opportunities are waiting for us .

    While writing this I am waiting for my extension petition to be approved and my spouse in India worried when they can go for a stamping . The only assurance I could give here is India is always there with a lot of opportunities and that I am working on an offer from Amsterdam and another one from Dubai .Choose which one do you want to visit .
    She chose Amsterdam(Since we both grew up in Dubai)
    Don’t let exploiters spoil your life
    Be free , let life take priority .

    1. Nailed it

      YEs dude, USA is kinda for losers these days. my brother lives in USA and i know about pains firsthand.

      Im contemplating about Denmark (2nd happiest place), love to here your views on it

  3. Reddy

    people will always be replaced by junior and less paid worker in IT and let alone in any industry. Leave H1B still these high paid senior resources will be replaces by a junior or job will be outsourced.
    Imagine a situation where jobs are not outsourced, Cost will be more and USA will loose its competitive advantage.
    Leave the Companies , even for Government and USA as a Country it is profitable only when it has more resources potential at a lower cost, to make it super power and increase its GDP.

    1. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

      I guess this Year lot of guys gone Mad, Especially from US (mainly students who are eager about their opportunities via H1b)

      But these kind of low graded comments on Indian IT Service based companies are Unacceptable.

      Guys you won’t achieve Visas by Commenting like WITCH, BITCH etc.

      1. Shree

        Well said. As I have seen in many platforms, most of those come there and comment bad on Indian companies or the H1B visa are those whose petition didn’t get picked or those who don’t like the growth of another Indian with opportunities. How much ever people say or make videos of those who got fired, there is a real reason behind all these – inefficiency and reluctant to learn. Most of the companies fire these old heads as they analyse them as liabilities and they want to infuse new DNA for better growth.
        H1Bs are not cheaper option for US companies as the cost of H1B employee is more than the domestic employees in most cases. Even though these people said that their replacements were paid less, they are speaking from employee perspective and not from employer perspective. These companies went for body shops like Infosys or TCS, who charge much more than the domestic rates for H1B talents, however, they pay less to their employees. Ultimately, for the company which is hiring these employees the cost is much more than the existing employee, even though the employee gets less in salary. The reason these companies go for H1B is due to commitment, efficiency and better managed (than managing within company).

        1. Romy

          So Shree what edge do you think that the Indians coming have than old heads. Can you please elaborate with an example. I’m not an old head but working with people here who are working for long here and has solid knowledge base. Most of them are competitive in nature. Age is subjective. 10 years from now you’ll be replaced by someone else. It doesn’t make any sense. Now for the so called educated let me make one thing clear. How many of you know what is the essence of H1B at first place. It is not supposed to “replace” the existing workforce but to help fill hard to find talent.

          Believe it or not this has been abused to the core both by American corporate, Indian body shops and the young talented Indian IT talent who feels they can write the same code at $20/hr less. H1B was not meant for this. And by the way why you feel the need to look overseas when at first place India offers lot opportunities.

    2. romy

      Really Mr. Reddy… your economics make sense. If go by this why don’t you let India open up barriers and import cheap Chinese products with no duty and make the market more competitive. Why have barriers at first place. Like it or not …. the poor and hungry has had enough loot. What sort of edge Indians have is well known to all. Those cheap training institutes in South India giving fake experience letter and interviews given by others on the phone is all out and known.

      Time to introspect…

  4. Rahul Rajan

    Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the business model of the Indian outsourcing companies will have to agree with all the concerns that were raised by the CBS news story. Modern day H1b has become a scourge not only for the American IT workers, but also the Indian IT worker who replaces them. Indian IT workers underpaid, and they are treated with contempt by the Indian firms that employee them.

    Many of the outsourcing companies hire OPT and CPT (these are the work permits for students doing masters degrees) and then actively engage in resume forgery to show 10 to 15 years experience. They then place these “freshers” as experts. There is also a lot of people coming in from places like Hyderabad where resume forgery is rampant. These practices have contributed to the perception that the Indian IT workers are mediocre.

    It has become a huge vicious cycle of deceit and servitude. Many of my Indian friends on H1 hate the detestable practices, but they continue on to keep themselves in the US. It is about time that the US government did something on this issue. As far as the Indian IT companies are concerned, I hope that they see the writing on the wall and change their ways. Start hiring some Americans, for heavens sake you are in the US.

      1. Shree

        “Many of the outsourcing companies hire OPT and CPT (these are the work permits for students doing masters degrees) and then actively engage in resume forgery to show 10 to 15 years experience”. This is absolutely true and when I was changing job, I was asking for suggestion with a friend of friends (basically from Hyderabad). He suggested me joining a company directly is a bad idea, because they do thorough background check and the fake experience might not hold good – while I never said I had a fake experience and he presumed everyone on H1B are the same! I ended up joining as a direct employee and even today such kind of abuse disturbs me.

        When it is true that, there are visa abuses with fake experience certificates, it is not true that H1B is a cheaper option for companies. Companies pay higher contracted amount to consulting firms, while the consulting firms pay significantly less to those H1B employees, which makes it look like cheap labor, while cost to the employer is more than domestic hire.

  5. Raj

    I feel most of the things mentioned are true .Most of the H1B folks come over here for two main reasons : Better pay & Better lifestyle .
    The whole H1B system is abused by both American & Indin corporations to increase their profits instead of satisfying the real intent .
    The people coming are very well aware of these things in most of the cases or ignore them .
    Abuses like paying consulting firms to petition H1B , working off site without an employee employer relationship with the petirioning employer .
    Correcting the system would be beneficial for all the parties . Those who are skilled will have demand in any part of the world . Those who are not that skilled can lead a life without being indentured by the employer.

    1. WITCH Hunt

      Yeah TRUE… Good Analysis Mr. RAJ

      Appreciate your genuine & well analysed comments.

      WITCH’s are Becomes Bitches – Exploring the system like Anything (As we can observe displaced Americans were the Final Sufferers)

      Sending Cheap Labor – Kind of Body Shoppers

      Exploring B1 & got fine of 34 Million USD – Systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes by INFOSYS

      This settlement was announced by U.S. Attorney John M. Bales, Eastern District of Texas. This case was investigated by special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service, and by attorneys from ICE’s Office of Principal Legal Advisor.

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