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World of Coca Cola Atlanta. Over 120 years of Coke History with Pictures!

As a part of my road trip during break, I was in Atlanta. Atlanta is a beautiful city and with centennial park and other major attractions at heart of downtown like Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola making it much more attractive. I thought, because of the 1996 Olympics the city was made more attractive for tourists.  One of the most famous attractions that everyone recommend in Atlanta was World of Coke!  If you do not know, The first Coca-cola was make in 1886 by a pharmacist in Atlanta and was sold for 5 Cents a glass. The major things I liked at the World of Coca Cola are:

  • 4D movie about coke
  • Taste 70 Different Coca Cola company products across the world. Drink UNLIMITED!
  • Coke Advertisements across the world since the invention of Television.

Some of the coke products taste was awesome and some tasted AWFUL !  I could not believe how different people’s tastes are…because coke is making a lot of money on such kind of  awful tasting drink too… It is very hard to try all the 70 different ones; But, I did not give up and tried all seventy for the record at least 😉  I was hyped with caffeine for the rest of the day…  The collection of TV ads of Coke from different countries was funny and different…I did not like the one they showed that was played in India, wrong choice….If you do not know, Coca Cola is the most valuable brand in the World with brand value of whopping  $68.73 billion.  Check out the cool pictures of World of Coke !  If you go through state of Georgia, you must visit World of Coca Cola, just an excuse to taste the Refreshing taste of Coke across the world 😉


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