Why people in USA Check weather every day or Multiple times a day ?

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Coming from a tropical country like India, I was not used to checking weather every day. It was just watching in news or I was not even worried about weather. After I came to US, I started to see people check weather everyday and in fact multiple times a day… Let me share a few thoughts on this.

Why people in America Check Weather Multiple times a day?

I have lived in South, Midwest and travelled quite all over US…One thing I have noticed is, often times, there is nothing like a constant weather throughout the day or week. The weather changes rapidly…if you live in Midwest you will sometimes notice there can be drop of even around 20 to 30 degree Fahrenheit in couple days. Also, if you live in the northern states, Snow occupies a big part of weather and your life. Especially in winter, you have to be planned based on weather conditions for stuff like “how to be dress to withstand the cold,  traffic issues because of snow, parking issues to handle ( you cannot park on street when there is over 2 inches snow ), etc”.  People’s  lives are completely governed by climate in general and in America it is even more. The weather changes are extreme. If you live in states like Arizona, the heat is terrible….you have to be prepared to handle the hot weather…   In fact, the first thing most of us do is to check the weather and when we check, we check hourly weather. The  reality is, the weather will keeps changing hourly… These days everyone has an iPhone , Blackberry  or smart phone and they are constantly checking weather… So, if you are planning on moving to America, this is something to know and you do not need to freak out when you see people talking about weather all the time. Talking about weather at work or to a stranger is a common thing too…


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  1. you

    people in America sound retarded

    “how to be dress to withstand the cold, traffic issues because of snow, parking issues to handle ( you cannot park on street when there is over 2 inches snow ), etc”

    1. Ravi

      Mr You.

      It is not retarded. The author have nicely written the facts almost everyone in US follows. You have to in rapid climate changing parts of US to experience this. Of course if you live in California, you may not care that much.
      Well written Kumar.

      1. Cath

        I agree, Kumar has produced an interesting and well written article.

        I am an American and I stumbled across this site while trying to decipher a British expression. I’ve stayed because I enjoy reading about the world and find learning about other cultures and other perspectives fascinating. Kumar and contributors have taught me a great deal in the short time that I’ve visited and I look forward to reading and learning more.

        It is true that talking about the weather is the go to small talk destination when you’re short of topics of conversation. Now that I think about it, I suppose we Americans do pay rather more attention to the weather than in likely necessary, but as Kumar and Ravi noted, for good reason. We also tend to be a bit hysterical about approaching snow storms lol for example it is sort of an inside joke around our home that whenever snow is forecast the news/weather forecasters tend to work themselves up into a bit of a frenzy while my family and myself snicker about the impending “White Death!”.

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