Why people check Nutrition facts a lot in US ? Carbs, Protiens, Sodium, etc?

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I never used to check any nutrition facts when I was back in India. After I came to US,  it is interesting to see how my Why people check nutrition facts in USperception has changed, every time I pick up something to buy in store or pick something to eat, I tend to check the nutrition facts a lot. It is not just me, most of the internationals are in the same boat, they are very conscious about Carbs, Proteins, Sodium, etc.

Why do people check the nutrition facts ?

Here is how it starts. After Internationals come to America and start to eat all the processed food  for some time, they tend to put some weight. After some time, they realize  that they have to start to think about dieting. In the mean time, their seniors or friends who are already here in US keep discussing about the same nutrition facts in food and say “I have to reduced carbs and eat less fat content, etc”. So, most people get into the same cult of checking the nutrition facts and start to check the nutrition facts and discuss about all this stuff. The reality is, there is lot of processed food in America and there is high chance to have more fat and carbs that can create obesity. Even though food seems very cheap, you have to careful when you buy something and watch what you are eating. If you keep eating all junk food without any check, you may put on lot of pounds and become obese.

It is funny though, people will be discussing stuff like, I drink only diet coke or coke zero because there are less carbs in them and on the other hand they eat a nice loaded French fries and ranch, etc.  I do not understand what is their philosophy. It is like saving 100 carbs and adding 1000 carbs or more….Any ways, it is amazing if you pay attention to people how much they talk about the food and dieting. They talk about it at home, when in restaurant, when at work, when in movie theater or any other place…. Bottom line, I think it is kind of important to know what you are eating to eliminate some obesity issues in future. I think it is a great idea to go to Gym and do some exercise and burn those carbs. But, how may of us do it ? I do not do it either because I am so lazy when it comes to gym….well, give it a try…I know how hard it is to go to gym… The golden rule is, if you can do something for 21 days consecutively, it becomes your habit. It is proven scientifically as well as told in old scriptures too. So, give it a try…

What do you all think ?

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Omoshiroi

    American food is over-processed with chemical add-ins to our food. We have since become more conscious of these unhealthy chemical compounds or “fillers” that are non-nutritious and can sometimes cause allergies.

  2. Princehuman

    Yet another shallow, poorly thought out, poorly wordy article full of bad grammar and its said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

    You still LOVE to eat all the “fake processed food” right Mr wannabe ameriCUNT?

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