Why NOT to study Masters Degree in small towns in America ? Disadvantages

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As an international student, with a dream to study in US, getting admission to study MS/MBA in any university in America would be very exciting… But, if you make wrong choices in picking schools, you may have a tough time after graduation. Let me explain you the importance of studying Masters in a bigger city in USA.

Disadvantages of Studying MS/MBA in small towns

Unless you are accepted into top ranked schools that are in small towns ( college towns), it could be challenging for you in many fronts. Here are some:

  • Fewer opportunities for getting internships/ co-ops as there would be fewer companies in small towns
  • Fewer job opportunities as there will be less number of companies
  • Little opportunity to interact with fellow college graduates, as there would be fewer universities / colleges in small towns.
  • Smaller companies in small towns do not understand immigration laws properly to hire international students and would be skeptical to sponsor visas.
  • Small companies in small towns may not be ready to bear the cost involved with sponsoring H1B visa and Green Card.
  • Unless the school is reputed, bigger companies may not visit the schools to hire students for internships and co-ops.
  • In smaller towns, there may be less number of professionals that are into your areas of interest for networking and professional growth

I could list more, but above are some significant reasons…

Advantages of studying MS/MBA in a bigger city :

Well, I do not have to write all the above disadvantages again and say that they are available in bigger cities, it is implied.  As an international student and professional, I lived in very small towns that have about 10,000 population and also lived in bigger cities with about 2.65 million population…my personal experience shows that you have incredible number of opportunities in bigger cities. Logically speaking, we have more odds to secure an internship or job in bigger city as there are more opportunities, including more changes to network with fellow professionals.  The only flip side is that the cost of living is higher, but it does not really matter…you are paying for the opportunities to secure a job and grow professionally…Maybe, once you get a job, get more experience and would like to settle down with family, then you can find a decent small town and settle down…

What are your thoughts on studying Masters in small town ?


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  1. vikash

    What about Power Systems from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla ? The course is reputed but looks like Rolla is a small town. Should I consider it still ? what is your take?

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