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Why NOT to join a Consulting company that is of your distant relatives in US?

One of things I have seen is that people tend to join consulting companies because it is owned or operated by their distant relatives. It can be a consulting company that is run by someone from your own village, town or somehow they are related to you and you do not know them very well. I am NOT talking about close relatives like direct cousins, brothers, etc. Let me share some of my experience.

Why NOT to Join the consulting company of distant relatives ?

Just take a step back for a minute and think about couple scenarios.

  1. You are looking for a consulting company to join
  2. Consulting company contacted you and said you join us because they are relatives and they will take good care of you.

In first case, you were looking for something and you tend to shop around and see if you know anyone. You talk to your family or friends and get contact of your relatives, etc and then join them. This is a good situation because you were not looking for consulting company. The chances of you being cheated are little.

Lets look at second scenario, someone is actively pursuing that you are graduating and you can join us. I know your father or friend or we are related to you by so and so, etc. Here if you pay attention closely, the person you contacted was never a friend or close relative of you. Imagine, why would someone contact you and actively seek to connect to you with the name of relationship. It is because they want to make some profit.  I am not saying all will  be bad, but there is no guarantee. I was kind of fooled by the same situation and ended up losing few thousands of dollars and had to quit.  Consulting companies make money on you until you realize that you are being take advantage of pay wise or you are not paid enough.   The reality is, people just ignore this fact if it is their first project and tend to wait and wait for the project to be done. By the time they realize, it will be an year or more sometimes and they regret. Do not end up in that situation. Also, these kind of employers hold one month or more cash with them in their paycheck, just to avoid you escaping or transferring from the company.   The worst thing about these kind of companies is, if you plan to quit the company, you are losing your money on one hand and on the other hand you are also losing the distant relationship that you had… it is not good in either ways. I have seen few of my friends  including myself experience the same thing.  So, be cautious. I am not saying everyone are bad, just be careful and do not lock  yourself up too much.  Even if they are your relative, do not take anything for granted. Talk your terms and ask all the questions to your employer and also Negotiate your salary and benefits properly with your employer.


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  1. Hi,
    I got a H1 in this year 2017 CAP lottery, and am also holding a valid H4 visa(Where my wife is on H1B and in USA) valid upto 2018 Sept.
    Am planning to go to USA as my wife is pregnent and i am willing to be with her in USA. As my H1B lottery reciept number tracking says sent to another processing center.
    Below are my queries.
    1) Can i travel to USA on H4 visa after OCT 1st if my H1B status is still not approved by that time.
    2) Can i still travel to USA on H4 visa after OCT 1st even my H1B is approved/RFE ?
    3) Else if i enter on H4 visa to USA before OCT 1st Do i need to apply for COS after my H1B status change.? How much time it will take for this COS.
    4) Or Do i have to wait for my H1B to be approved and Visa get stamped and enter to USA on H1 visa.?
    5) In the worst case if my H1B is rejected do still my H4 visa will be valid


    • KK,
      1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. Yes, you will have to apply for COS if you enter on H-4 prior/after Oct 1. COS processing could take few months.
      4. Not required. See previous responses
      5. Yes, H-4 is not impacted

  2. Hi ,

    I got married recently, now my hubby applied for H1B visa, before he was having F1 Visa. And I am ORacle Developer having 4 years of exp and I need sponcer for H1B visa.

    Please let me know, What Can be done to get H1B visa


  3. Hi My name is Supratik Das. I was working for a SAP recruiting agency in NJ in the year of 2008. They had promised me to help me by getting L1 and then eventually H1B visa. But because of recession I lost that job and currently working in India for a Real Estates company at Mumbai. I am good in Marketing and Business development. Qualification Bsc and PGDM in International Business.
    I have got B1B2 Visa valid upto 10 years. I have recently got marraid also. Please suggest how should I persue career in US.


    • First action – Give divorce to your wife, if she is from same country of yours.
      Second action – Search for some girl who is born in US and staying there.
      Third action – Go on B1B2 Visa to US and marry her and start filing your green card.

      Chances are 50%, chances are 100% that you will loose social reputation…..Try it!


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