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Why choose right technology for first IT Consulting job

My cousin chose his career in a specific technology few years ago in IT consulting. He took up training in that Decision for Choosing Technology for IT Consultingtechnology as he had his seniors in that technology and it was an easy choice for getting job. He thought that he can change it at later point in his career after first job. It has been almost 5 years and he has not been able to change his career. He has tried few times, but did not work out. I have seen many people in the same boat. Will share some thoughts on the importance of choosing right technology that interests you.

Why do people choose a certain technology for first IT consulting job?

Well, the answer depends on the objective of the person. Few reasons why someone may choose a technology, because

  • They can make more money in that technology
  • Their seniors work in that technology, easy training.
  • They know someone(friends/family) working in that technology
  • The consultancy they know only offer that technology training
  • The technology is Super HOT in the job market
  • The technology is very mature and there will be jobs always
  • They technology is easy to learn and easy to get jobs too

I can keep on writing…

Why is it hard to change the technology?

The biggest thing that matters to an employer or client is experience. If you have worked in a particular technology for some time, you gain expertise in that area only and when to try to make a switch to different technology, all your previous experience goes vain. It is as if you will have start from square one.

The zeal you have learning technology in your first job and first technology is much higher when compared with your next jobs. You put in your heart and soul in your first job because it is your survival issue…It is very hard to have that same motivation to learn in your next jobs. Priorities change in life and you may not be able to study and learn as you did before.

One of the hardest things in life is to get away from your comfort zone and change something. It is exactly true with your career. If you get stuck in the wrong technology for the first time and get into comfort zone, it can be very hard to change it. People become risk averse. They do not want to take any chances after working for couple years in a technology or job.

What should you do when choosing your technology?

Many people will be thinking, I do not care, I just need more money in consulting and I will pick a technology that pays me more…well, if that is your choice, I cannot really help it, you need not read the next few lines.   You have to pick a technology that interests you. For instance, some people like interfaces, they like to create nice layouts like in web designing. They love to see their work in action. If you are an artistic person, you may look into this. If you like business and how it functions, you may want to choose any ERP like SAP, Oracle Apps, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. If you are a hard core programmer and like open source, you may want to choose stuff like Java. If you like to do Microsoft related products, you may want to choose ASP .NET.   The question is, How would I know which one will I like ? Well, it can be hard if you are not a Computer Science Major. If you have B.S or B.tech in Computer Sciences, then you might have tried all these and you may choose, but it can be hard if your background is not Computer Sciences. You just have to pick something.  The reality is, not everything pays  the same…But, you should be happy with your work, it is significant part of your life and you do not want to hate your job everyday !

What do you all think ?


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  1. Hi.. I am a fresher and my h1b got selected. I wanted to know the opportunity in selenium testing. Is it good if i choose testing for my career or do JAVA?????? I am so much confused please help me

  2. Hi Kumar, this is the reason I am thinking of Masters in MIS . I have exp. of 2 years in 1 technology. Planning for MS next year.

    MS in MIS – will help me change technologies at will ,right?

  3. Very well said, Kumar! People generally tend to get into a particular field mainly because of the “hotness” factor, money and the ease of getting into it(rest what you mentioned implies as well). This eventually leads to displeasure since it becomes monotonous. This post is truly an eye-opener, if not now, at least in the future for most people 🙂 Please keep those wonderful posts coming!


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