Why and How to live and have a decent lifestyle as MS Student ?

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One of our readers Ankit wanted to share his thoughts on how students who come to MS do not give importance of having a decent life style.  He came to US on H1B visa and lived with few MS students and these are based on his experiences.  Here is what Ankit want to share. Thanks to Ankit !

Having good lifestyle is important for professional life. When you have good Lifestyle it makes good impression on anyone. Professional people from industries can meet you anywhere any time, if you dress well, be tidy and look sharp,  it makes big difference on your career. May be the person who sees you randomly sometime might offer you a lead or job. You do not need to wear anything fancy., even if you are in decent jeans and t-shirt with tidy look, it still gives good impression. Having a good lifestyle means, wearing decent clothes, keeping yourself clean, grooming, using deodorant, cologne, etc. You do not want to look like a caveman, who is trying to save money by avoiding a haircut and shaving.

It is hard as a student to have enough money to buy all fancy brands and wear cool stuff.  Also, as most of the students do not have cars, there is a problem with transportation to go to dollar stores or any other places to buy stuff for cheap. The least thing you can do is buy stuff at Wal-Mart.  You can get decent priced personal care items like cheap colone, body spray, etc. As a student you go to Wal-Mart for groceries, you can shop there for personal care items too.  For buying clothes, you will have to go to Outlet malls. Just ask your seniors to take you to outlet malls once during sale season and just buy there.

Well, the problem is not buying stuff…many of the students do buy stuff, but they do not use the stuff. They do not have  good habits or lifestyle.  Most of the students go to class, work in computer labs or library and them come home stinking because of various reasons like no cologne, walked all the way, did not wash clothes, etc.  Bottom line, as MS students in all reality, you may take 3 classes, why don’t you put in some time for personal hygiene and lifestyle ?  Not saying everyone stink…just my experience was bad with students I lived with and observation of others too. So, sharing the info.  If you do not, take time for having a clean and healthy lifestyle.
In my opinion, preparation from India :

DO NOT buy too many Indian style clothes. Buy only 3-4 pairs. Jeans + formal pants why?
1] You need to blend in American culture/fashion.  It is important for your career.
2]  Most of us are skinny, but after we come here, we will gain weight in 6months – 2 yrs. (pizza, French fires and may be pastas)
3]Some of the Indian top brands cost as much as American brands.

DO NOT buy too many Indian cookwares
1] If your university/room is close to Wal-Mart you can buy good set-of pans for $12.

*Please buy some cheap cologne from India for temporary use.
*Get a haircut, shorter the hair, better the look. (DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE WOMEN)

*Buy contact lenses and glasses/specs in India.
DO NOT buy expensive shoe/boots from India
1] you can buy a decent quality boot/shoe in America for less price. Again Wal-Mart or Outlet malls are good places.

– always wash your clothes.

– always keep the hair short.

– always dress sharp and look good.

Do NOT be lazy; in MS, you only have 2-4 classes

No offense to anyone who studied MS and have been clean and tidy. In all reality, majority of the students in MS  just neglect personal care and have a bad lifestyle either trying to save money or just pretend to be  busy with classes, work, watching movies, etc.. Take it in good spirit my friends !


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Comments ( 13 )

  1. Sooraj Rehan

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to move to Wayne State University,Detroit,michigan in january 2016.I have no friends or relatives in USA.Should I opt for the residential dorms of college or should I go to a hotel first and than seek some room?
    Sooraj Rehan

    1. administrator

      Sooraj Rehan, Wayne State has quite a bit of International population, you can reach out to student associations and seek their help with off campus housing. If you can afford to stay and can adjust with the food options, then residential dorms are the best as you will really experience the college life…



    U came on H1B not F1 so shut the fuck up and listen

    We work odd jobs and work in Cafeteria and earn 6$ per hour ,We dont want to buy Expensive clothers we need to pay 1000s of dollars to the university and pay them back in form of interest and loans in india

    This is the place l1 and H1b guys dont understand the fees is way way high

    And u taking about cleaniness we are much better then people who dont do MS here lol, Most of the L1s are villagers no offence but thats the fact and they cant speak or write proper Emails… Sad it is for us because that reflects on all indians

    1. Pranav

      Oh I am sorry, but I didn’t know that having loans on your head had anything to do with being tidy. Being a Grad student from India myself, I have seen other Indian kids spend way more on groceries and Indian food than I do. They will pay 20$ for a biryani, but will think 7$ for a can of deo is very expensive. And don’t even get me started on the dressing sense and looks. Last I checked, combing your hair and shaving your unruly beard didn’t cost money. And son, if you can’t afford a pair of Vans to wear outside your house, you shouldn’t have come to the States in the first place. Wearing a pair of Converse flip flops (the ones that cost 200 Rupees back home) is just disgusting.
      I fortunately don’t have loans to repay for my Grad school. But I have noticed the Indian students with loans spend way more than I do- be it on dominos pizzas, indian takeout food, gazillion spices and other groceries.
      Do yourself a favor and stop eating greasy food. It will not only save you money, it will make you look and feel healthy. Oh, and while you are at it, try hitting the gym once in a while to get rid of that disgusting belly of yours.

  3. Aloha

    Speaking of Indians, you need to tell your people to tip well when dining in a restaurant. Tipping 10% or less is unacceptable. If you are stingy, go cook yourself a spicy meal at home.

    Not trying to be rude. But it’s a fact. And I speak for all waiters and waitreses across America.

    When Indian customers walk in, they all know you guys are bad tippers!!! Change it!!!!

    1. administrator

      Well, I do understand, not to deny you… but do not generalize it saying all Indians are bad…At least from my side and my friends we tip at least 15 – 20 % or more for sure because we know waitress just make money only on tips. I will write an article on this in future Aloha .

    2. Pranav

      Hahaha! It’s such a big problem that it’s not even funny anymore! I will still understand if grad students did it. I have been in the Bay Area for a month and made the mistake of going out with a bunch of Indians from work (mind you, they have 6 figure salaries) and God I was embarrassed! They tipped 50 cents (not making this up), 50 cents for a 6$ drink! Needless to say, I tried to stay as far away from them as possible for the rest of the night!
      But lemme tell you one thing, you can’t stereotype my people (Indians, that is) because of this! Unfortunately, most of the Indians who come to the US are from small towns and have lived all their lives with mommy and daddy and have no clue what real world is like. Their sole aim in life is to earn dollars, which usually happens at the cost of them having no personality whatsoever.

  4. Ankit

    Thank you Kumar for this website,

    As many of you who have been in America long enough knows that having brain and being smart is not enough. You have to be professional too. Now, days in India is it same as well. Most International companies won’t let you walk in with beard/Mustache and long hair. Also guys be easy one those onions lolz i love them too, yet only in weekends (hahah). I have seen American universities and now the trend is changing. Many New comers are buying expensive items from Mall. Therefore i guess the Indian students have more $ power than before, Go India. Jai Hind, Vaande Matram.

    Over and out. Good Luck Guys and Girls.


    1. santhosh kumar

      thanks ankith u r one of the best commenter , yes now the indian students are better buyers they can spend money f they think that is usefull for them ,so no matter about the price ts matter of trend and look…..

      And it would be better if the we get the i9nformation aboout the indian students as well ,and we can use this site for our communication……
      Overally i got much more info thanks ,,,,,,

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