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Why am I not getting interviews though I am getting calls from recruiters ?

I have got a request recently about job search.  It is very important for all
               Surendra asksed “I have posted my resume 5 months ago,the consultancy people are calling and asking for the details, but nobody scheduled interview yet. I don’t know this is because of my resume or the market situation is like this.”

                  There are  few issues here. First, the market is very bad. Secondly, if you do not know the real deal: in fact calls you get are from recruiters from Consulting companies. They are just collecting resumes and getting your information. In consulting world, first preference is given to anyone who already worked with them (i.e., the consultancy) or resumes they got by reference.  In fact, there are two types of people who do marketing in consulting companies, recruiters and sales people. Recruiters just collect info and hand it in to the sales. Recruiters search the job sites for resumes and do calls to people to get info. Sales people in consulting companies actually review the resumes and contact consultants, work with vendors and make the submissions to vendors and clients.  So, if I understand right (may be), your resume is just floating with recruiters. The reason is, in this market situation, sales people already have enough people/resumes available and looking for jobs with them and do not need to take a risk and find new people.   Also, the databases in job sites work differently. You have to constantly remove and upload your resume. It could be the same one. The resume is tracked based on when uploaded. If you have uploaded 6 months ago, it is treated as old. 

Recommendations : Find some contacts who are in the job market or vendors information and send your resume to them. NOTHING works without contacts in consulting business. Either your consulting company’s marketing department is strong or you have good contacts in your field.  Also, suggestion is to constantly re-upload the resume to job sites to keep it fresh and to be picked by job site search.If you are a fresher, honestly,  it is hard situation now and still have to keep trying…
Hope this helps…If you have any questions/request email me or post a comment, I will reply.


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    • Yes, the person can do that. However, one needs to keep in mind
      – if rejection reasons are related to your profile and credentials, then H1 through B is also not a guarantee
      – if the person is already in US at the time of filing, then anytime spent during this period will be considered illegal. This includes time spent w/ A before the petition was denied and time spent in US b/w A’s denial and B’s filing. One needs to be really careful about this.

  1. Hi,

    I am in US in H1B. Can you please let me know for how many days I can stay in US without a job… i.e. Do I need to go back to my country within some time period if I did not get a new job after I quit my current job?


    • Legally, one needs to be paid all the time while on H-1B. There is no benching allowed on H-1B. Benching puts the alien in ‘out of status’. 6 months of such a stay can bar the person for 3 years from entering US, while 1 year of such a stay can bar the person for up to 10 years.

      Besides, it comes back to bite when doing future extensions, green cards, H4 filings, H1 transfers etc.

      If the employer doesn’t agree to pay you, you have the right to complain to DOL about the back wages. Search for WH-4 form.


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