Ladies Nights in US College bars

What are Ladies nights in US college bars? Why are they so popular ?

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Ladies Nights in US College barsI went out today with a bunch of friends  for few drinks. Today is ladies night around our campus. I met so many friends today in the bars. I will share few thoughts on what are Ladies nights and how they work describing why they are so popular.

What are Ladies nights in US college Bars?

Ladies nights are those nights when the college bars run certain specials for ladies. Ideally, a best deal would be like “Ladies drink for free until mid night” and in some places there are other deals like $1 shots or $2 mixers, etc.  The overall goal of a ladies night in bars is to get more students to go to bars on a weekday. Typically ladies nights are on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Bar or pub owners just to get more business they give these discounted rate drinks to get more students to go out to bars and have fun.  Just to clarify, when I say college bars, I mean the bars, pubs or clubs situated around the college or university campus.

Why are the ladies nights so popular in US ?

The simple reason they are so popular is because ladies drink for free or cheap. Who does not want to have free drinks ? Especially when in college, you have less money and anything that is free is a gift and students embrace it. Obviously, guys are the ones who are at disadvantage, but they go to bars because lot of ladies are out…either case, the point I am trying to say is, it is great night to go out with friends…because you can meet lot of your classmates and friends….You get to network or socialize with new people. You may play pool or darts for fun. I met so many of my friends in the bars today.  The whole college experience is not just studying hard, but also about having a good time with your friends.

I am not trying to say something that you should get wasted or hammered by going to bars or clubs on ladies night. You can just drink socially and have a good conversation, play pool, network with new people and become friends. I met at least 10 people today. It is so nice to meet new people and network, it just improves your social skills.   If you have never been out on ladies night, try to find some friends whom you can go out with and get out there…meet some new people.

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