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F1 Visa Experiences – September 2021

Below are experiences from September 10th to September 23rd, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Mumbai

22nd July 2021
Appointment: EA
Slot time: 10:50 am
Course: MS in CS from University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
Interview duration: ~1-2 Mins
Status: Approved✅
Got the legendary bald guy, counter no.32

Me: Good morning officer, How are you?
VO: Good morning, pass me your passport and I-20.
Me: Here it is sir!
VO: Asked something about father couldn’t hear as his voice was very very low and person beside me at counter 30 was shouting.
Me: sorry sir could you please repeat the question?
VO: What does your father do (this is what I assumed the question as i couldn’t hear for the 2nd time because the speaker was situated on right side of counter no. 32 where a lady was announcing some counter no. to send some students).
Me: I am extremely sorry sir could you please repeat the question again?
Vo: I have already repeated twice
By that time I assumed that the bald guy only asks for what does your father do as the first question.
Me: He is a businessmen who runs a garment business also my sister is sponsoring me.
Cuts me and says you are not listening to my questions. Please stick to it. Is this interview important for you or not?
Me: sorry sir I’ll try to answer my best
VO: what does she do?
Me: She is a senior vice President at XYC bank
VO: how much is her annual income?
Me: said Xx amount. (more than 35 lakhs)
VO: Ohh that’s great! that’s why she is sponsoring you
(Here bald guy changes his mood from irritated person to a understanding person)
Me: Yes sir
By that time he kept my passport in tray and started typing
VO: Are you nervous?
Me: Yes sir a bit nervous but I am comfortable now
Vo: You don’t have to be nervous just be confident about it and hear the questions properly. How can you hear the questions now?
Me: I was distracted by the speaker so couldn’t hear much
VO: he gave me a look and said, You will have to answer these questions at immigration exit too! please be confident there and answer properly.
Me: Yes sir I’ll keep that in my mind
( was a bit nervous when he gave me a look)
Vo: Place your left hand
Me: Placed and got scanned in first time
VO: Okay your visa has been approved, please be confident and make sure to take i20 with you
Me: Thank you so much sir

Tips: be very specific with him about finances, do not fumble (I didn’t fumble but I was confident about funding), he does give chances a lot(more than 3) and understands the situation of candidates. So listen to him carefully. He is a nice guy. He is grilling only if candidate is not sure about funding. Please don’t panic he is the coolest and fastest guy to approve the visas.
While I was waiting outside the consulate 5 guys came out and 4 guys were rejected ( 2 from bald guy and 2 from counter 34 they were having conversation among them about universities I heard 2 of the guys universities which were Southwest and North Texas).
Also he rejected one girl and guy within 20-30 seconds of span one of them had j-1 before i was about to go for his counter.
I was bit nervous about rejections that’s why I think i couldn’t concentrate on first two questions.

Experience 2: F1 at Hyderabad (4th Attempt)

Slot time : 8:30
Date: 22 July 2021
Attempt: 4th
University: NWMSU(Applied Computer Science)
Status : Approved ✅
Previous rejections: Spring 21- Delhi and Chennai with University-UNT(Management Science)
Summer21- Chennai with University – NWMSU( ACS)
4 counters are operating I think .
Mine is
Counter : 10
VO may be in her 40’s with brown and black hair.
ME: Good morning mam..How are u doing?
VO: With a good smile …I am good and how are you doing ?
ME: I am doing well and thank you for asking mam.
VO: Please put your passport against the wall.
ME: Did the same.
VO: Put your i-20 as well.
ME: Did
She smiled and looking into the system. I think she is reading comments of my previous rejections.
(In between that unbearable silence)
ME : I want to tell you something.Can I ?
VO: Not now.
ME: Ok mam.
(After few minutes and after reading all comments)
VO: Now go ahead.
ME: Mam…I don’t know why I got rejected previously. I feel that I didnt convince the VO with my answers and I didn’t get enough time to explain myself. My parents want me to get married but I fought with them and struggled Alot to stand in front of u today(Listening this she laughed very loudly )I don’t want to stop my career here itself and My primary goal is to pursue masters and I want to become a data scientist in India.I am very good in academics and I have enough savings to pursue my masters.
( VO is typing something and again silence ..I don’t know if she listened or not but I didn’t stop saying)
Later again
Me: I want to tell you one more thing mam
VO: ok tell
Me: Thank you so much mam that you are conducting interviews for us during this pandemic.
VO: ( Just looked at me and again started typing)
(After sometime)
VO: Which university?
ME: I heard like she asked me why this university) I started saying like This university….
VO: I asked Which university?
ME: Oh sorry mam..It’s Northwest Missouri state university where I want to pursue masters in Applied Computer Science with specialization in Data Science.
VO: Why specifically this one?
(VO stopped typing and started looking at me)
ME: ( I just told whats in my mind at that time but told confidently by looking at her)There is large amount of data in the world which is needed to be extracted. Like there is structured and unstructured raw data .We need to extract the exact information by using some algorithms ,tools and techniques and ( she told to stop).
VO: U went to Delhi and Chennai but not HYD.why?
ME: mam,I didn’t find slots in HYD.So I went there.
VO: Who is funding?
ME: My parents are my primary sponsers and also I have an educational loan.
VO: What are your parents ?
ME: My father is an electrical contractor for the past 20 years and my mother is a homemaker. Their income is 15lpa.
VO: Do you gave education loan?
ME: Yes mam,I have an educational loan of 20 lakhs from Union Bank of India and it is secured.
(VO is typing something)
After few seconds
Golden words
VO: Ok..your visa is approved..plz drop your passport in the wooden box.
ME:( I am totally blank and trying to drop from top of the box)
VO: Hey girl..See there properly and …it is there.
ME: Sorry mam and dropped the passport. I started crying and said mam really thank you very much…
VO: (Smiling ) Ok..no problem girl..Happy journey.

Be very confident.
Wait for your time.
Don’t ever loose hope.

Experience 3: F1 at Kolkata

Date: 22nd July 2021.
Status: Approved ✅
University: UIC
Course : Business Analytics
Counter: 5 (Very chill American VO)
Interview duration: 20 to 30 sec
Slot time: 8:45 am
In time: 8:40 am
Out time: 9:15 am
Appointment type: Normal

VO : Good Morning!

Me : Good Morning Sir, how are you doing?

VO : I’m doing great. Please place your right hand fingers on the scanner.

Placed my fingers on the scanner. Meanwhile, he looked at my I20.

VO : Why Business Analytics?

Me : I did an internship in Analytics which got me greatly interested in it’s applications. I want to learn about the application of Analytics in marketing, mainly in the FMCG and retail sector and an MSBA program would allow me to do so.

VO : That’s great. How are you planning to fund it?

Me : I am majorly supported by an education loan from SBI and my father would also be sponsoring me (no figures were quoted)

VO : Your visa is approved and you’ll get your passport in 7 days.

Me : Thank you officer, have a great day ahead.

VI : Thanks, you too.

Just be confident guys. I only saw 2 rejections.

Experience 4: F1 at Mumbai

Mumbai 1st July

Counter 27
Counters working 27 29 31 33

Slot time 10.20
Out time 11.20
Status Approved ✅
University – UNT MS CS

Me : Good Morning sir, How are you
VO : Good Morning
VO : Your undergrdaute?
Me: I completed bachelors in 2018
VO : So what are you doing since then?
Me : I am working in ** as Software Engineer
VO : Sorry which company
Me Told
VO : Who is your sponsor?
Me: My father is my sponsor He is a Landlord we have 23 acres of land and we grow commerical crops
Vo : sorry What is your father
Me : Large scale agriculurist
Vo: ohh farmer,What crops you have and his income ?
Me : Sir we have Banana, Palm and Maize
And annual income of 14Lakhs
VO : Any loan ?
ME : Yes sir i have a secured Educational Loan of 35Lakhs (he raised his eyebrows and tyiping somethinggg… I was tensed and looking into his eyess)
VO: Have you travelled out side anywhere in thE past 3 weeks?
ME : NO, Sir
VO : Your VISA is Approved and given white slip
Me: Thank you sir have a Nice day

Key take aways
Dont go so early
1)They are not allowing before 30mins aswell. JUST Go at 15mins before

2) As all said BE CONFIDENT your voice is will be cleary audible to him
And there accent is very clear so you can understand

Experience 5: F1 at Kolkata

1st July
OFC: 27th June
Slot: 10:30 am
Status: Approved✅
University: Penn State University
Counter not sure but 4 counters were functional.
In: 10:00 am
Out: 10:10 am

VO was an American in their early 30s
Duration: 30-40sec

The queue was outside the embassy, the security person asked for DS 160 confirmation, passport, and visa appointment letter. In the Interview room, they told us to keep our i20, SEVIS Payment Receipt and Passport ready.

VO: * Waving * Good morning. How are you?
*Passed documents *
Me: Good morning Officer. I am great. How are you?
VO: I am good. So, you did not travel with this B1 visa, right? *Pointing to the B1 visa *
Me: No couldn’t due to covid.
VO: What did you go to France for?
Me: That was mainly for tourism…
VO: I see. What did you like the most in France?
Me: The Eiffel tower for sure. I actually travelled to few other countries from France…..*blah blah *
VO: Oh, I see. Yes, now that they are well connected by train, it is a lot easier to travel.
Me: Yes.
VO: What are you going to study?
Me: I am going to pursue a PhD in Computer Science from Penn State University.
VO: Any specific fields/interest?
Me: Yes. So, I’ll be mainly researching on theoretical computer science i.e developing and optimizing algorithms and working on the maths behind these algorithms.
VO: *Nodding yes * Nice
*typing *
VO: Are you married?
Me: No, I’m 22.
VO: Okay. I see you have got an assistantship. Is it Teaching or Research?
Me: It is a Teaching Assistantship.

  • typing *
    VO: Your Visa is APPROVED. You can collect you visa after 7days.
    Me: Thank you so much officer.
    VO: All the best.

VO was an extremely jolly person, and he was approving almost all visas. Simply try to respond confidently. Also, don’t be too early – arrive 30-45 minutes before your scheduled time. I arrived at the consulate a little early, so I had to wait in line for an hour. People with earlier slots who arrived after me were moved to the front of the line accordingly.

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

Date: 29th June

Appointment: Normal

Slot time: 12 PM

In time: 11:30 AM

Out time: Around 12:20 PM

Duration:1 to 2 minutes

Vo:Young American girl

Status: Approved ✅

Vo: Pass me your passport.

Me: Good morning mam and passed the passport

Vo:What visa you are applying for?

Me:F1 visa mam

Vo: Where are you going?

Me:I am going to pursue ms ism from Arizona state university in the city of Tempe

Vo: Pass me your SEVIS and i20 please.

Me: Passed

Vo: What are the other admits you have?


Vo:Do you have loan?

Me:Yes mam I have sanctioned education loan of 43 Lacs from State Bank of India which is public Bank

Vo:(Went inside and return in few seconds)

Do you have loan?

Me : Yes mam I have loan from State Bank of India

Vo:Is it public Bank?

Me: Yes mam it is a public bank

Vo:What are you future plans after completing your master’s?

Me:I am planning to return back to India and take up jobs in data analytics and I have my family here I have responsibility to take care of them

Vo:Which company are you planning to join once you return back to India?

Me: I previously worked in HCL so I am planning to join there mam

Vo: Ok I am approving your visa

Me:Thank you mam

Vo: Thank you

Me:Thank you mam,have a nice day😊😊😊😊😊😊

Experience 7: F1 at New Delhi

Interview july 1st
Vac on june 30
Gannon university
Time 9:50
In time 8:40
Interview time 9:30
Counter no 17
Interview tym :1 min
American lady
Vo :good mrng
Me :good mrng officer
Vo : pass me ur i20 and passport no need of sevis recipt
Me : ok mam
Vo :so ur gng to gannon uni ryt
Me :yes mam
Vo :so y gannon university
Me :gannon is well known and globally ranked and particularly for mechanical its famous in penncylvania state and this clg offers student friendly circullum and lot of research option she intereputed
Vo :most of the people now a days changing course from undergrad what about u
Me :my undergrad is mech and my ms is also mech mam i have lot of intrest in designing so i want to pursue ms in mech only
Vo :what about funding
Me :my mother is my primary sponser we have savings of 40 lacks and loan of 25 lacks
Vo what will your mother do
Me we own a procisional store in hyd
Vo : ur scholorship was 5000 dollars per year ryt
Me : yes mam
Vo : thats great
Me : thanks mam
Vo :congrts ur visa is approved plz travel after july 24
Me :tqs a lot mam

Key things : Be confident, Maintain eye contact

Experience 8: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 2 nd July 2021
Appointment Type: Regular

Slot time: 8:50 AM
In time: 8:30 AM
Out time: 9:10 AM
Interview Duration: 30-45 sec
Counter no: 21(VO was Indian American guy in 30s)
University: California State university Fresno
Course: MS in electrical engineering
Status: Approved ✅
Few Documents were checked before I met VO:-
SEVIS confirmation page, i20, passport, visa appointment confirmation page, that’s it.

Me: Good Morning officer! How are you?
VO: Good Morning!! (Didn’t even look at me)
VO: Please pass me your passport and i20
Me: passed passport & i20
VO: why US
Me: I intend to pursue masters in Electrical engineering from California State university Fresno
VO: Tell me about your funds
Me: Told
Vo:- Why MS?
Me:- Told
Vo:- What do your father do?
Me:- Told
VO: Do you have a family member in US?
Me: No
Vo :- Ur visa is approved
Me:- Thank you so much sir, made my day

P.S.:- In my next counter a guy was given yellow slip and i dont know the exact reason. And even one more guy got completely rejected.
I was super scared , standing in the line but I kept myself calm cause I can’t change anything lol and my interview went smooth.

Take aways: please be calm and confident enough. They expect answer to the point.

Experience 9: F1 at New Delhi

date: 2nt july 2021
appointment type: regular

slot time: 9:50am
in time: 10:00 am
out time: 10:45 am
interview duration: 1 min
counter no: 23(vo was indian american guy in 30s)
university: new york institute of technology
course: ms in data science
status: approved ✅

me: good morning ! how are you?
vo: good morning!! (didn’t even look at me)
vo: please pass me your passport and i20
me: passed passport & i20
vo: why usa?
me: it is my dream to study in USA , I will be studying masters I will be improving my skill set and gaining additional knowledge and the course curriculum is different and we will be learning and implementing practically.
vo: when u will be graduating
me: I will be graduating in the month end of July 2021 and I did my under graduation in computer science and engineering under a specialization data analytics
vo:- who is sponsoring you?
me:- my parents are sponsoring me having savings of xxlakhs and education loan of xx lakhs and scholarship of xxxxx$ and assets of xx cr
vo:- what do your father do?
me:- he is a landlord he do agriculture in xx acers of land ( interrupted….)

vo: then I heard the golden words ” ur visa is approved”
me:- I’m soo excited and said thank you so much have a nice day

Tips : I saw all getting approval and nly 5 counters are opened in Delhi and the temperature it’s 43⁰c so pls jus go before half hour .

Experience 10: F1 at Mumbai

7th july 2021.
Slot time:9:10 am
In time:8:40 am
Out time:9:30 am
Counter no:30
Course: MS CS from North Carolina State University.
Interview duration: 30 seconds
Status: Approved✅

VO was middle aged like in his 40s.
5 counters were open 25,28,30,32,33. Bald guy was in counter 33.

Me:Good morning officer.
VO:Good morning. Please pass i20 and passport.


VO:how are you funding?
Me: I have a personal saving of 28 lacs, parents combined saving of 30 lacs and grandfather’s saving of 15 lacs. So a combined 73 lacs in savings.

VO:how many other admits?

VO:Can you name them?
Me: Arizona state univ and univ of Southern California.

Me: Coursework offered at NCSU is as per latest trends in IT industry. I found courses like DevOps engineering, Automated learning very interesting. Thats why i chose NCSU.

VO:Place your right hand 4 fingers on scanner. Your visa is approved.
He passed me i20 and white slip
Me: Thank you officer. Have a great day.
VO: Thank you. Next

Everyone was getting their visa approved. I didnt see any rejections while I was there. Be confident about your financials and purpose of MS and you will be fine.

Experience 11: F1 at New Delhi

VAC – 18th July Delhi (Appointment confirmation letter, DS 160 and passport)
Slot : 12:30pm
In time : 12:00pm
Out time : 12:20pm

VI – 19th July Delhi (Regular Appointment) (Passport, i20 and SEVIS fee receipt)
Slot : 08:50 AM
In time : 8:20 AM
Out time : 09:00 AM
College : University of North Texas, MS in CE

VO was American lady aged 40-50’s (Counter 12)
Hardly 30 secs

VO : Good Morning. Please pass me i20 and passport (Smiling)
Me: Good Morning Mam. Here they are…
VO : Please place your left hand four fingers on scanner
Me : Done
VO : Which university in US ?
Me : I am going to pursue my Masters in Computer Engineering course from University of North Texas located in Denton.
VO : Good..! How do you know about this university ?
Me : I came to know about this university from my seniors who were already graduated from UNT and my colleagues also suggested about this university.
VO : Colleagues ? Any working experience ?
Me : Yes Mam.. I am having 2 years IT experience working as project developer in Wipro Limited.
VO : That sounds good…! How are you planning to pay the school fees ?
Me : I am having education loan worth 25 lakhs and savings worth 35 lakhs. Besides, I am having immovable assets worth 2Cr. That would be enough to finish my masters.
VO : That’s it I am approving your visa.
Me : Thank you so much Mam..
VO : Enjoy your stay in US. Please abide by the quarantine rules.
Me : Sure Mam.. Once again thank you for making my day..

Ps : Prepare the answers well and make an eye contact always..

She was in smiling manner always with eye contact and making the interview to go in smooth manner… She was asking the questions based on our previous question answers… She was approving everyone in her line while I am waiting in the interview area.. Luckily I am also allocated to that line..

I had not seen any rejections in any of the counter and Delhi consulate was in intention to approve visa for everyone unless we give them chance to reject…

All the best for everyone for their upcoming interviews…

Experience 12: F1 at Chennai

VAC : 20th July 2021
Location : Delhi

VI : 22nd July 2021
Location : Chennai
Attempt : First
Appointment : Regular
Slot time : 10:30 AM
University : Texas A&M University
Counter: 28
Status: Approved✅
Interview time : About 2 minutes

VO was American lady in her late thirties or early forties maybe.

The VO rejected 2 guys, right ahead of me.
But seemed pretty cool and patient during my interview, it was like a coffee table discussion.

No questions asked regarding Funding or Why are you selecting this University etc etc

I was just overhearing other interviews on nearby counters, most of the officers at Chennai were asking about post study plans.
(Please prepare for it if you haven’t, and without fumbling, be clear and confident about your post graduate goals)

VO – Ooh! Double Mask!

ME (Smiling) – Good morning officer! How are you doing today ?

VO – I’m doing good! Thanks for asking.

VO – Pass me your i20, SEVIS Fees Receipt and Passport

ME – Passed

VO – Take of your mask and let me verify your identity with the passport.

ME – Took off my masks.

VO – Oh yeah! You look pretty much the same even with specs.

VO – I see you’re going to Texas A&M!
Tell me more about the scholarship that’s mentioned in your i20

I was blank for a while, she skipped all other questions for which I was constantly thinking

ME – Sir..

VO raising her eyebrows and smiling

ME – Ma’am!
It is a merit based program scholarship for which I was automatically qualified, it waives of my out-state tuition fees and the scholarship amounts to 10205$

VO – Which other Universities did you apply and get accepted into?

ME – I got admits from Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University,
Texas A&M University and Northeastern University.
Got a reject from UT Austin

VO – Alright!

Place your left hand four fingers on the scanner.

I placed my fingers on the scanner.
(I thought I was done and was all prepared to leave 😅)

VO – What was your undergraduate degree? And when did you graduate?

ME (Surprised for a second) – I have done my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and graduated in 2018.

VO – What have you been doing since then ?

(She kept on typing and typing…)

ME – I joined as a Junior Architect at INI Design Studio [Formerly Stantec Consulting] and then worked as a project architect for the last one year.


VO – And what kind of job do you want after you graduate ?

ME – I don’t want to do a job ahead.
While working on many large scale projects…

VO Interrupted

VO – What projects ?

ME – Ma’am I have worked as the project architect on Largest Aquarium of India that was recently inaugurated, a Astronomy and Space Science Gallery, apart from that I have also worked on projects like redevelopment of Kedarnath and Badrinath which were destroyed due to floods, and a few more housing, institutional and urban design projects.

VO – Fair enough!
So what do you want to do after you graduate?

ME – Like I said, while working on such projects, I felt the Project Management Consulting in India needs a lot of improvisation. We keep on talking about Make in India, but the Project Management Consulting for all such major government projects is given still allotted to Fortune 500 companies like EY, KPMG, CBRE and JLL.

VO – Ummm Hmmmm.. Go on…

ME – So I feel, looking at the current pace of development, there is a strong need of Project Management firms in India.
Hence I want to open up my own firm in the same sector.

VO – Looks like you’re headed towards something interesting! All the best ahead.
I’m approving your Visa.

ME – Thank you so much ma’am!
You’ve made my day!

(Greeted her with Namastey, Took the green slip and ran as fast as I could before she asks anything else)

While this seems like a long and heavy discussion, the VO made sure I was comfortable and the the discussion went smoothly.

Wishing you guys All the very best ❤️ Praying all of you get your visas in time!

Experience 13: F1 at Chennai

28th June
Slot time: 9 am
In time: 8 45 am
Out time: 10 30 am
Attempt: 1st(EA)
Status : Approved ✅
University: North Carolina State University
MS in Computer Engineering
Interview Duration: 3-4 mins

Pre-interview :
It was raining in Chennai for a change ! It was sunny for the last 3&4 days but the clouds decided to pour today !
I was in a long line but had fun times for an hour with two folks who were also in for their F1 ! We laughed and spoke so much that I forgot I was in for an interview. The security warned us to stay away twice. Two really sweet people. I really hope both of them got green slips(gives me sense of contentment to know that). I was not able to talk to them later, as we went to different counters and we were out at different times. Hope that ours paths cross in the future ! This convo set the mood for my interview and was so light-hearted and absolutely fearless !

Interview :
Vo was an American women in her later 20s (I guess) ! She had Jasmine flowers in her hair! Gave me Indian vibes 😅

Me : good morning officer
vo : good morning. Pass your passport and i20
Me: (Passed)
Typed something
Vo: (trying to type n scan my passport and hold a conversation) So you going to North Carolina State Uni. (I nodded) when did you graduate?
Me : 2016
Passport scan failed. Vo tried again, and it failed yet again. I was prepared to go back to my hotel n refill it. I was mentally prepared for the goof up if any !
Third time, it worked ! Both VO n I smiled
Vo : when did u graduate? (Again as she was busy scanning)
Me: 2016
Vo: what’s your specialisation ?
Me: front end digital VLSI
Vo: spell it slow (typed it out as I repeated). So what’s Vlsi ?
Me: Very large scale integration
(Vo took her eyes of the screen and smiled at me. Then I realised, she knew the answer and was testing me ! That smile was so comforting and I knew I was halfway through ! )
Vo: so u working since then ?
Me: yes
Vo: where ?
Me: QQ
Vo : what do u work on
Me: I am part of xx team working on design verification
Vo: have u been working @ QQ since u graduated?
Me: initially I worked @ WW and later moved to QQ and currently working here since two years !
Vo : ok. So u must have your savings
Me: Yes
Vo : any additional family savings ?
Me: my father has a savings of AA and I have a savings of BB.
VO: good. (I had a loan, but she was happy with what I told) What does your father do ?
Me: he is into transportation business and is responsible for CC
Vo: Place your left hand
Me : ✋
Vo : congratulations I am approving your visa. Travel safely. Handed me the green slip with a warm smile 🥺
Me : thank you officer, have a great day

Personal tip : The officers are just trying to have a conversation and nothing else ! Don’t ever feel that they are here to find faults in what u convey to them ! Just be confident and give your heart out ! Mine was nothing more than just a normal conversation which I would have had with a friend, just that this was a bit more formal ! All the best to everyone who is yet to have their interviews ! Cheers 😊

Experience 14: F1 at Kolkata

University : SIUE
Major : Industrial Engineering
Status : Approved
27th June 2021 : Biometrics
29th June 2021 : VAC
Slot time: 9:15
In time: 8:30 out time: 9:00
Interview time: 1min approx

VO : Hey good morning. How are you?

Me : Good Morning Officer. How are you doing?

VO : Good, Give me your passport and i20
(Scanned passport)

VO : Scan your right hand 4 fingers.
(Scanned and verified my biometrics)

VO: Tell me about your study plan?
Me: I am going to pursue my masters in IE from SIUE.

VO: What will you do after Industrial engineering course?
Me: (I thought he asked what will I do in IE)
I will do specialisation in Manufacturing Engineering design.

VO: No, what are the job roles you are expecting post masters?
Me: I will be looking for a senior design engineer post in any of the reputed companies. I already have three years of experience as design engineer. Majorly, I worked in transportation domain.

Vo : Oh, Why this university?
Me : I choose SIUE because it has very good course curriculum for IE. They are completely aligning with my area of interests. The courses include supply chain management, lean manufacturing, six sigma, Industrial robotics. Also, siue has got good infrastructure for IE. It has four dedicated labs, which consists latest technologies like virtual reality, 3D printing, motion capture analysis. I also liked one of the professor research……VO interrupted.

Vo : How are you finding?
Me : I have an approved education loan of 30 lakhs which is equivalent to 40k Us dollars.
Also my parents have savings of 10 lakhs for my masters.And I have scholarship of around 8k dollars from university.

VO : ok. I am approving your visa. You will get your passport in a week.
Me : Thank you sir, have a nice day.

Note: Stay calm and confident. They are approving F1 visas easily unless you make a mistake( like not having a proper explanation for any question). No documents are being asked except Passport, I20 and sevis fee.

Experience 15: F1 at Hyderabad

interview time: 2 min
counter num :14
vo: pass me ur passport
me: gave w shivering hands
Vo: what’s ur name?
me : told name
vo : why are u going to US
me : to persue masters in engineering management from University of south florida which is in tampa
Vo : what’s ur background ?
me: did my undergrad in Information technology from Vardhaman college of engineering.
vo: wch year pass out?
me: 2019
vo: what did u do from 2019?
me: i have 1 year of experience in cognizent as process executive. and now i’m working in Amazon as a quality specialist . it’s been 1 year
vo: who’s funding?
me: parents. they have saving of x lakhs. income of X lakhs and loan of ( interrupted and asked another question)
vo: where does ur parents work?
me: told. dad in so n so and mom in so and so company.
vo: place ur left hand 4 fingers and right hand 4 fingers on scaneer.
me: sir, is my visa approved?
vo: yes yes.
me: rannn like anything.
Eye contact is important

Experience 16: F1 at Chennai (3rd Attempt)

Visa Interview: 8th September
3rd attempt
No changes made in profile
Chennai Consulate
University: Lewis university
Course : MS in business analytics
Status: Approved ✅

Slot time: 8:30am
In time : 8:30
Out time : 10:30
Counter: not rememberd after seeing cute and sweet VO lady officer
There was more L1 visas today so they gave priority to them.. hardly I saw 4 to 6 F1 students . In 2 hours of time
Waited for 40 minutes in waiting hall, then 1 hour standing in Q
She wished me first and asked me to pass the passport

Me: Good morning officer here is my passport
She scanned the passport but had some issue in scanning, she asked to go to
Counter no 19 and do it. Went and came back.
VO: welcome back
Then she asked me to pass documents
VO: Which bachelor course you did ?
ME: bachelor of commerce and passed in 2015
VO: what have you doing since the
Me: working from last 6 years, worked with Paytm and now working with Xyz as state business Head
VO: ohh nice, is it baking sector company ?
Me: it’s a Fintech company, we will be providing banking services to the rural people
To develop digital transactions in india.
Vo: what after masters ?
Me: I intend to come back to india and join with Fintech companies like paytm, phonepe,
VO: that’s nice, but which profile you would loved to work after masters ?
Me: Regional marketing head.
VO: what about your funding?
Me: my parents and myself are sponcering, we have dedicated savings of 30 lakhs , she was like is it 30 ? Then I said yes madam, and I have sanctioned educational loan of 20 lakhs .
She tore the green slip And said your visa is approved .

Me: Thank you madam, (smiling with my eyes) you made my day..
VO: have a nice stay in USA dear.. I came
Out from the consulate, some
Auto waala like visa approved KYa, I said yes, he gave shake hand and asked that he need brake fast .. And happily paid for his breakfast.

Experience 17: F1 at Hyderabad

Date – 16 September 2021
Slot – 10:00 Am
In time – 8:45AM
Out time – 10:20AM
Status – Approved✅
My elder brother has H1B visa I mentioned him in Ds160 but no questions asked about that.

University – University of Central Missouri – (UCM)

Counter 12 – VO ( American man )

VO was chill. He approved one F1 visa in front of me got confidence.

VO : Good morning. Pass me your passport
Me: Good Morning sir.
(Handed over)

VO : Which University are you going?
Me: ( I heard why this university. I started my sentence he paused me and asked again same question)University of Central Missouri sir. Sorry for that.

VO: Which course?
Me: Masters in Computer science

VO: Background?
Me : I pursued bachelors of technology in computer science and engineering at SR engineering college. At present working in Deloitte as ANALYST

VO: Ok show me your i20.

VO : Explain job role?
Me: In Deloitte I work middle ware and Master data management for PFIZER.

VO: What is Master data management?
Me: Its well known short form is MDM. We get data from different source systems we have to make golden record of those data.

VO: Fundings?
Me : I have secured loan of 21 lakh and my parents has savings of 18.75Lakh

VO: What does they do?
Me: Dad is a business man. He is into finance sector.
VO: Explain his business?
Me: He lends money for interest and my mom is a beautician.

VO: Their income?
Me: Combined income of 10Lakh

VO: Other form of savings?
Me: we have immovable assets of 4.52 CR

VO: Plans after ms?
Me: I use OPT to get practical skills. This will help me in finding better job role in data science.

VO: It’s ok, Your visa is approved and I’m keeping your Passport.
Me : Thank you so much. You made my day.

Experience 18: F1 at Hyderabad

September 17, 2021
Visa Approved ✅
Counter No : 12
University: University of Central Missouri Spring intake 2022
Scholarship: 0

VO : Good Morning?
ME : Good Morning, officer.

VO : Pass me your passport.
ME : Passed.

VO : show your I-20 against the glass.
ME : showed

VO : Who is your sponsor
ME : we do have savings around 30L and my father is my sponsor

VO : what does he do?
Me: Into politics and he is a farmer

Vo: Do he any post?
Me: told

Vo: His annual income
Me: told

Vo: Do you have any loan
Me: No

Vo: She saw my details in the system which I mentioned in DS160 and asked about my present company
Me: told

Vo: why masters now?
Me: Been working as software engineer for a while in different MNC’s but didn’t get a chance to grow in my position( I do have 7 years experience but she didn’t ask about that)

Vo: Even before completing my sentence she kept my passport a side and she informed that my Visa is confirmed.
ME: Thanks mam

Experience 19: F1 at Hyderabad

September 17, 2021
Slot time: 10AM
Interview time: 9:20AM
Visa Approved ✅
Counter No : 12
University: Kennesaw State University
Spring intake 2022

VO: Place your right hand four fingers on the scanner
ME: #done#

VO : Pass me your passport.
ME : Passed it.

VO: Which university
ME: Kennesaw State University

VO : show your I-20 against the glass.
ME : showed

VO : What are you going to study?
ME: Masters of Science in Computer Science

VO: What is you educational background?
ME: Completed my Bachelor of technology in Information Technology in 2020.

VO: What did you do since then?
ME: I worked in a startup company named Apisero Global Integrations. for 6 months and then moved to my present working company which is also a startup named App Orchid India.

VO: who is your sponsor?
ME: parents

VO : How much savings?
ME : 39Lakhs

VO : what do they do?
Me: Father owns a male botique and mother owns a female botique.

Vo: Annual income?
Me: 12LPA combined

Vo: Thats quite a lot of savings
Me: They are quite hardworkers and they have been working since 15 years. So they have this much savings

Vo: How will this Masters help you?
Me: After coming back to india..*she interupted as I was giving some wrong answer. But then she told me to continue my answer” I will be able to work as a Solution Consultant.

Vo: Your visa is approved.

Experience 20: F1 at New Delhi

For spring 2022
Status : Approved✅
Citizenship: Nepal
Date : 14th September
Time : 8:40Am
Major : Astronomy
University : Youngstown state university, Ohio
TUITION FEES without scholarship – $10 k
Scholarship- 4k per year

I went to Delhi 2 days before my interview and did visit some places . So, I wasn’t thinking about visa interview all the time as I enjoyed visiting different places. So I suggest everyone to visit and enjoy your days before interview date.

—counter No.. 19—
Chinese VO ,but looked like Nepali ..
I was fully confident. But he was taking too long time for other candidates also as compared to other VO, looks like his system wasn’t running well.He wasn’t asking too much questions also, but did reject the guy ahead of me who was still giving for fall 2021.

Me: namaste sir.
VO : namaste, plz pass me your passport and i-20
Me: sure sir,passed.
VO : which university?
Me: Youngstown state university at Ohio sir.
VO: isn’t it very late?
Me: I am going for spring, not for fall sir.
VO: Yours is okay,okay.

After 45 seconds,

VO : Why this university?
Me: sir, Youngstown state university have very strong and well reputed astronomy department. They have many international publications in this field. Also, Youngstown state university have their own planetarium whose name is WBP (Ward Beecher Planetarium) and they include all of their students in their research and planetarium shows.Plus , I am a big fan of proffesor Patrick Durrell who is an astronomer, proffesor at ysu and planetarium director at WBP and I am too excited to learn from him also. So due to these numerous reasons,I choose ysu .
He wasn’t looking at my eyes, busy in his computer for another 3-4 minutes.

VO: ……………..(I don’t understand 😅 ),Passed i20 to me and kept my passport.
I thought my visa is approved, so took it back .
Me: sir, can I go?
VO: yeah.
I wasn’t excited because I was already confident to get visa before my interview.

Experience 21: F1 at Chennai

Biometrics 15 September 2021
VISA Interview 17 September 2021
Both at Chennai.
MSFS Winter 2022- Jan intake.
University – UCB

VAC: Slot 10AM, Reached at 9:45 and they let in at the same time.
Documents requested were appointment letter, passport and DS 160 form confirmation.
The process went very smoothly; it wasn’t crowded as I had reached earlier.

VISA interview:
8AM slot
Reached at 6:50 AM very early as I didnt even sleep for 2 nights because of anxiety. Zombie mode 🧟
In: 7:50 AM
Out: 8:20 AM
Counter 2.
The Officer was an American woman and the interview went more lively.

The security was really great and the consulate office was sanitized perfectly. I guess there should have been 3 counters open and they were preparing 2 more. And, the guy in front of me was rejected sadly. I was tense and humming my favourite song.

VO: Good morning. May I have your passport please?
Me: Good Morning. I hope you’re doing well. Here is my passport.

VO: Oh F1 visa applicant. Then, please pass your Sevis fee receipt and i20.
Me: Passed

VO: Stares at I20 and why did you decide this course?
Me: I have planned to research AAA and explained about areas of my research interests.

VO: What course did you do in your undergraduate and when?
Me: BE 4 years program. I graduated in August, 2019.

VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: After my graduation, I was Volunteering as a Project assistant to my previous college professor to support students to complete their final year projects and I actually intended to apply in 2020 Due to the pandemic I had to differ this year. By that time, I started working remotely at XXX from April 2020 by to September 4 2021 as BBB Simultaneously continued to research universities and started my application for the masters

VO: Okay. Why did you apply to this University?
Me: I did extensive research online for my MSFS. That’s when I came across this University. It’s one of the TOP universities in the US. The courses that they are offering under MS program are matching with my area of interest. Moreover, I contacted a professor from this university. He was also very much interested in my profile as his current research correlates my research interests. He has also accepted me into his laboratory and offered me a graduate Assistantship.

VO: That’s nice. What’s your plans after completing the program?
Me: I want to work as senior scientist in the companies like ( named indian companies) and this program will give me the right education and high qualifications…….VO interrupts

VO: How are you going to fund the rest of the amount?
Me: (I have an assistantship that offers 70% of my i20) My mother has savings for me and additionally I have also secured an Educational loan from a public bank. This would cover my total cost of education during my stay in the US.

VO: (Pulls the green slip). Your Visa is approved. Study well and all the best.
Me: Thanks and ran away forgetting I20.

VO called me again. (🤦🏻‍♂️At this moment I was about to flashout). I’m sorry, here is your I20.

Me. No problem ma’am. Thanks again, have a great day ahead!!!!!

The vo was really understandable and listened keenly while she was typing most times. I saw very few rejections even though it was too early. Two sounded like scripted and most times if you try to delude the officer they can easily interpret it. Please do stay honest with answers. It’s okay to be nervous but not to react to it. I hope you all get a successful interview and your dreams come true. Best of luck✌🏻

Experience 22: F1 at New Delhi

21th September 2021
Slot time : 11.30am
Univ: Stanford University
VO : America lady (2 counters opened)

VO : Pass me your documents i20 and passport

VO -Stanford University congratulations on your admit

ME- Thank you officer

VO- Any other universities you applied to?

Me- No

VO- how you sure that you will get admit from Stanford University?

Me- I am confident on my profile and my achievements officer .

VO – ( She was totally impressed) Do you have any siblings)

Me- Yes i do have elder sister

Vo- have you ever applied for US visa?

Me- NO

Vo is Typing for 10 seconds

congratulations your visa is approved . You will get notification after it get ready . Have a nice day!

No any questions about parents occupation About major,loans.

She reject 8 people continuously i was little scared but boost myself i have strong profile soo got approved quickly. A sweet girl with Chinese eyes she speak very confidently but rejected i saw her passport while vo passed back to her she had a Nepali passport got crush on her 😜😜

Guys if you had good profile they will approve you quickly, don’t worry ignore the rejection there focus on your self eveyone had thir own story.

On my experience there what i saw
Visa approve 40%
Refusal 60 %

Best of luck everyone

Experience 23: F1 at Hyderabad

Date : 20th Sept 2021
Course : MSBA
University of Texas at Dallas
Status : Approved ✅
Me : Good Morning! Officer, How are you?
Vo : I’m great, thnx for asking, How are you doing?
Me : I’m fine, thanks mam!
Vo : Pass me your passport and i20, >> passed
Vo : UTD?
Me : Yes, mam. I am going to pursue my Ms in Business analytics from UTD
Vo : When did you pass out ?
Me : 2019 mam.
Vo : What are you doing since then?
Me : I have 2.5 yrs of work experience in the field of Analytics, I worked on Customer Behavioral Analytics at HSBC and Now I work as Risk analyst at Amazon, which involves in dealing with probability of fraud and building buyer fraud protection algorithms.
Vo : I understand you prepared well for the interview, I appreciate it but let us make it more conversational rather than an interview, I want you to answer spontaneously, rather than what you prepared.
Me : Sure mam. I was shocked but I maintained I contact and was confident.
Vo : I see you have taken up new role at Amazon just 3 months ago in same field, Amazon is an amazing organisation to work with why do you wanna leave?
Me : I agree mam, the field of Analytics is dynamic with enhancement is tools and technologies, Vo interrupts and says I’m not looking for your prepared answers and repeats same question.
Me : I’m sorry mam, I have taken up this role to understand data driven operations in e-commerce aspect and gain some proficiency in ML and Algorithms. Now that I have got enough knowledge I wanna excel in this field.
Vo: Nice, which all universities you applied and admits.
Me : told.
Vo : who is sponsoring your education?
Me : My parents are my primary sponsors mam, they have savings of L and I have loan from sbi of L.
Vo : Sbi, looks like you have more than enough funds why did you opt for loan then?
Me : This will ease financial stress and start saving time and invest on my studies where I can gain a competitive edge here and my loan tenure is 3 yrs I fell I can pay back.
Vo : tell me about your fathers profession?
Me : told
Vo : how come a life insurance agent earning much ?
Me : Mam he is not insurance agent, he is loss assessment engineer in Marine and industrial loss industry.
Vo : oh! Great, I got it. Did your mother work too?
Me: no mam, she is a house wife but her income is form rentals and investments.
Vo : ok, place your left hand four fingers on the scanner and I’m keeping your passport. Your visa is approved.
Me : Thank you mam🙂

Experience 24: F1 at Hyderabad

Visa experience
University of central Missouri
Course: Ms Cyber Security and information Assurence
Approved ✅
22nd Sept 2021
Appointment: 10:00Am
In Time: 9:45 AM
Out Time: 10:15 Am
Counter 14

It’s been raining heavily since last night. In chilly weather I entered the consulate and was a bit nervous and excited for the interview. 10 members were there before me. Middle age guy around 40 years old. Thankful before me one girl got approved.
Good Morning Officer
VO: pass me your passport.
Me: Given the passport. Scanned and kept aside.
Vo: why are going to you?
Me: To purse Ms in Cyber Security and information assurance in UCM.
VO: When you completed your undergrad and which specialisation?
Me: 2011 in B Tech Computer Science.
VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: Told and my current designation in the company and previous companies. Before completing, he went to the next question.
VO: What are roles in your current job?
Me: I’m working as quality Auditor in Amazon for the past 5 years. And explained my duties.
VO: Nice. Show me your I 20?
Me: Showed ..
VO: How about your funds?
Me: my parents are finding my education. (before telling the savings vo cut)
VO: what do they do?
Me: told
Vo: Tell me about dads role.(I told he is sr assistant in jr.col)
Me: explained his work in detail.
Vo: what’s their annual income.
Xx lac per annum.
Vo: what’s your plan after master?
Me: I want to come to India and work as IT security Analyst in company’s like Amazon Google n TCS.
Vo: Place your right hand 4 fingers.
VO: Your Visa is approved. Have a nice day.
Me : Thank you officer you made my day.
Total time of the interview was 1-2 mins.

Experience 25: F1 at Mumbai

Biometric – 21st September
VAC: Slot 10:30 AM, Reached at 10:25 AM and they let me in at the same time. the process was really smooth got done within 2 min.
Documents requested were appointment letter, passport and DS 160 form confirmation

Visa Interview Experience:
(Spring Intake)
Date: 23rd September 2021
Slot time: 10:00 am
In time: 9:30am
Out time: 11:15 am

Counter: 23
VI was a young American Guy in he’s 30’s

Interview Duration: 1-2min.

University: University of texas Arlington

Course: Master’s in Data Science

Status: Approved ✅

Me: A very Good Morning officer.

VO: Good Morning, pass me your documents.

Me: (passed my passport,I20 & Sevis receipt)

VO: Tell me about your course

Me: I am going to pursue masters Degree in Data Science the University of texas Arlington
It’s a 30 credit hour course with 4 core subjects and 1 capstone project and my specialization are in Computer science and Mathematics

VO: what you studied in your Undergrad?

Me: I did my bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics

VO: In which year ?

Me: 2019

VO: what have you been doing since then ?

Me: I did my Master’s of Science in Mathematics

VO: why double master’s ?

Me: There were 2 reasons one was while I was pursuing my masters in mathematics I realised it was purely theoretical based and I didn’t really enjoyed it much as I love solving problems and Data Science is something where I can use my analytical approach and practical knowledge to solve problems for companies and I see my self doing that happily and another reason was after completing my bachelor’s I just had 15 years of education (he gave me a glance) whereas in US you require 16 years of education for Master’s

VO: How many Universities did you apply and name them.

Me: I applied for 3 Universities and got admit for 2 and I applied for UTD,UTA & NJIT(got little nervous here as I had just applied for 1 University and got admit for the same)

VO: How are you funding ?

Me: my parents will be funding my education, they have a savings of 50 lacs and I’ve also secured an education loan of 40 lacs.

VO: What do they do ?

Me: my father has recently started he’s new business where he sells clothes of different brand and stitch customized clothes and my mom is a teacher in a private school since last 26 years

VO: their annual income ?

Me: about 10 lacs per annum

VO: your score in master’s

Me: 7/10

VO: alright, please scan your Right hand four fingers on the scanner

Me : sure sir.

VO: I’m approving your visa( handed me white slip and my docs and kept the passport).

Me: thanks a lot officer!

Ps – only 3 counters were working and the queue was really long. I saw quite a few rejections as people were kinda nervous but there were few very confident still faced rejection (don’t know why). Also I was really confident with my answers and didn’t fumble


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