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USCIS Increases EAD Auto Extension to 540 Days for H4 EAD, Others

USCIS provides the ability to work in the US on EAD (Employment Authorization Document) for certain visa holders and applicants. Also, certain EAD Category codes get 180 days of Automatic Extension as well during renewals. Despite having 180 days of the automatic extension, one of the major issues is the delays related to the EAD renewals. Many have lost jobs due to these delays. Also, some EAD categories like H4 EAD did not have the 180 days automatic extension in the past. USCIS was taken to court by H4 EAD holders for the delays and eventually, USCIS came to a settlement to automatically extended H4 EAD for 180 days.

USCIS announced in March 2022 its goal to streamline the overall processing times and reduce the backlogs for all types of applications by end of FY 2023. As part of that initiative, USCIS announced today, the increase in EAD automatic extension duration for certain EAD applicants from 180 days to 540 days. This is an interim solution until they streamline the overall processing times. In this article, we will review the details of the same, who all it applies to, and how it works.

Why USCIS is increasing the EAD Automatic Extension duration to 540 Days?

As per USCIS, before 2019, they were able to meet the internal 3 month processing time goal. But, due to various reasons like changing priorities, increase in other processing times, reduced staffing levels, COVID situation, etc., the processing times got hit very badly.

Below table is the summary of the processing times for the top 3 EAD categories filed with USCIS in the last few years from FY 2017 to FY 2021. If you see, the current processing times are anywhere from over 6 months to 12 months.

USCIS EAD Processing times from 2017 to 2021
USCIS EAD Processing times from 2017 to 2021

Also, if we check current H4 EAD processing times on VisaGrader( as in the below screenshot), which tracks changes in processing times, it is almost the same as other EAD categories.

H4 EAD Processing times California Center
H4 EAD Processing times California Center

As per USCIS data, by December 31st, 2021, they had about 66,000 pending EAD renewal applicants in this situation with EADs pending even after 180 days. Basically, all these 66,000 applicants would lose jobs their jobs, as they cannot work anymore after 180 days. This data compared to December 2020 data, they had only 3,300 such pending renewal applications beyond 180 days.

They also expect that another 14,500 applications may end up in such a situation every month in 2022 if USCIS does not do anything immediately. Hence, to address the overall processing times, USCIS is taking this interim step to increase the automatic extension period to 540 days until the backlog eases and they can come back to previous levels.

USCIS Temporary Rule for 540 Days Automatic Extension of EAD for Certain Applicants

USCIS published a temporary final rule in the federal register that increases the automatic extension period from 180 days to 540 days for certain EAD applicants. Below are the details.

  • Temporary Final Rule Name: Temporary Increase of the Automatic Extension Period of Employment Authorization and Documentation for Certain Renewal Applicants
  • Effective Date: May 4th, 2022.
  • Official Rule Text: Temporary Increase rule in the Federal Register

Below are the various aspects that are addressed in the DHS published rule in Federal Register.

EAD Automatic Extension up to 540 days

As per the regulation, DHS is amending the existing regulations to allow a temporary increase of the automatic extension duration for certain EAD Applicants from 180 days to up to 540 days from the date of expiration on their existing EADs as outlined below :

  • Up to 540 days of EAD automatic extension would be applicable for all eligible EAD holders, who currently get 180 days of automatic extension. A full list of such EAD holders and category codes is in the next section or you can check EAD Category codes with 180 days of Automatic Extension
  • Up to 540 days of EAD automatic extension would be given for such applicants, who file for EAD renewals/extensions starting from May 4th, 2022 until October 26, 2023. The next section on “who does the new rule apply to” has more info on this.
  • Similar to before, the 540 days of automatic extension would end as soon as a denial decision is made on the EAD application by USCIS or at the end of 540 days from the date of expiration on the EAD Card.
  • After 18 months starting from May 4th, 2022, which is from October 26, 2023, the automatic extension duration for EAD would revert back to 180 days. It means that, if you file for EAD renewal after Oct 26th, you will only get 180 days of automatic extension.

Below is the actual screenshot of the key part of the rule in the Federal Register.

Regulation Text - Increase of Automatic Extension for EADs from 180 to 540
Regulation Text – Increase of Automatic Extension for EADs from 180 to 540

Technically, they would have the new rule in the Code of Federal Regulations until Oct 15th, 2025, but applicants will be given a provision to get the 540 days until Oct 26th, 2023. The reason to keep it valid until 2025 is to factor in someone who may file on Oct 25th, 2023. They need 720 days of buffer (540 is what they get +180 is how soon they can file).

Who does the new rule apply to?

The new 540 days increase in the automatic extension period for certain EAD applicants is applicable to anyone who meets the below criteria:

  • Eligible EAD renewal applicants with pending Form I-765 with USCIS as of May 4th, 2022.
  • Eligible EAD renewal applicants, who timely file Form I-765 with USCIS anytime in the 18-month period starting from May 4th, 2022, and ending October 26th, 2023.
  • Also, in the interest of fairness, all the eligible EAD Applicants, who had timely filed EAD before May 4th, 2022, and are past 180 days, will resume their employment authorization for up to 540 days from the expiration date of their EAD Card.
    • Basically, they are considering applicants who filed before May 4th and still have not reached 540 days from the EAD expiration date on their EAD card.

Effective Date of new Rule

The new rule will be effective immediately starting from May 4th, 2022. The reason to make it effective immediately, is to avoid employment gaps for non-citizens already using these certain EAD categories.

EAD Categories Eligible for the Temporary 540 Days Rule

Below is the list of USCIS EAD Categories that the new 540 days rule will apply to:

Employment Authorization Document(EAD) Applicant Category Code on EAD CardEAD Category Code in Form I-765
RefugeeA3 (a)(3) 
Asylee (granted asylum)A5(a)(5) 
N-8 : Parent of international organization employee granted permanent residence
N-9 : Dependent Child of international organization employee granted permanent residence
Citizen of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands or Palau admitted as a nonimmigrantA8 (a)(8) 
Granted Withholding of Deportation or RemovalA10(a)(10) 
Temporary Protected Status (TPS) granted under 8 CFR 244.12A12(a)(12) 
Spouse of E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader/Investor
Spouse of E-3 specialty occupation professional from Australia
L2 spouse of an L1 visa intracompany transferA18(a)(18) 
Asylum applicant (w/ pending asylum application) who filed for asylum on or after January 4, 1995C8(c)(8) 
Pending Adjustment of Status(AOS) ApplicantC9(c)(9) 
Suspension of deportation applicants (filed before April 1, 1997)
Cancellation of Removal applicants
Cancellation applicants under NACARA
Registry applicant based on continuous residence since January 1, 1972C16(c)(16) 
Temporary Protected Status applicant under 8 CFR 244.5C19(c)(19) 
Alien who has filed a completed legalization application for special agricultural workersC20(c)(20) 
Alien who has filed a completed legalization application under INA 245AC22(c)(22) 
LIFE Legalization applicantC24(c)(24) 
Certain H4 spouses of H1B holders, qualify for H4 EAD based on their spouse’s pending green card applicationC26(c)(26) 
Principal beneficiary of an approved VAWA self-petition
Qualified child of a beneficiary of an approved VAWA self-petition
USCIS EAD Category Code for Automatic Extension up to 540 days

You can also check the USCIS EAD Auto Extension page to know more about the above list.

F1 STEM OPT EAD Applicants, who file under C03A, C03B & C03C Category codes, are not eligible for the 540-days automatic extension.

I-9 Compliance Documents for 540 days Rule

As per law, an employer who hires anyone in the US is required to complete I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification). The goal of this is to verify the employee’s identity and work authorization. It is to prevent illegal or undocumented workers.  The I-9 form requires that employees verify a set of documents that are related to identity, visa status, and work authorization.

Below is the list of documents that employers need to use for I-9 compliance and avail of the 540 days automatic extension rule

  • Expired EAD Card that indicates relevant category code regarding eligibility.
  • EAD Receipt notice ( I-797C notice of action for form I-765) that has relevant class requested stated as from the above list of codes in the previous section.
  • Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record.

Employers need to attach a copy of the USCIS webpage in addition to the above documents with Form I-9.

Next Steps, Guidance for Existing pending EAD Applicants

USCIS has given the below guidance as part of the next steps for the 540 days rule

  • Starting from May 4th, 2022, USCIS plans to issue I-797C Receipt Notices for EAD applications with an explanation of the new temporary 540-day automatic extension period.
  • However, USCIS will not issue any new revised I-797C Receipt Notices for existing EAD applicants, who already filed EADs with USCIS reflecting the new update.
    • Even though the receipt notices issued by USCIS before May 4th, 2022 do not have any text on the 540-day automatic extension, they remain valid and can be used for availing of the new rule.

Overall, this is really good news for many EAD holders, who have been waiting for months to get their EAD applications approved. It is going to help many of the Adjustment of status and the H4 Visa holders, including many other categories that are stuck with USCIS.

What do you think of the new change? Do you think it will help EAD holders?


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  1. H4 ead 180 day auto extension:
    Current h4 ead expiring on September 20th 2023.
    I obtained i94 extension until 2025 by h4 stamping. And I have applied for h4 ead extension ( before expiry of current ead ). But I have not received h4 ead receipt still. What proof should I provide to my employer for h4 ead automatic extension, since I have not received i797 receipt for my ead still.

  2. Hi All,

    *****Need urgent help*****

    I had H4 EAD which expired in 2021 as I moved to H1. Now, I need to switch back to H4 as my PERM is getting delayed and H1 is maxing out soon.

    If I get H4 stamped from India and apply H4 EAD renewal (I765) once back to USA, can I avail 540 days auto extension?

    • I think I got the answer. To avail auto extension, the EAD renewal request has to be submitted before the expiry of EAD. So, my case is not eligible for auto extension

  3. Hello, by valid I94, does it mean the I94 that comes with the H4 approval notice? Or is it the CBP I94 that we get online? Since my H4 is approved but the online I94 is expired. I am so confused.

  4. I understand the key thing is to have a valid I-94 to use the auto extension process. Spouse and I are currently in the US. My I-94/H1 stamping/I797 expiry is Apr’23 ; My spouse i94/H4 stamping/i797 expiry/EAD expiry is also Apr’23. Provided if we renew our H1 and H4 via H1, H4 extensions right now, well before Apr’23 and file EAD renewal before expiry, is it good enough to take advantage of the auto EAD extension privilege.
    What I do not understand is, does the I94 extension needs to be done ONLY via border crossing/India stamping/ visit CBP office etc? I assume the I797 approval notice will have a i94 with revised dates. Is that good enough. Appreciate any help.

  5. Hello,

    When I read this article this is how it sounded, correct me if I am wrong.

    If anyone applies for renewal between May 4, 2022, to Oct 2023 whose EAD is expired or valid will get 540 days extension.

    Can someone clarify this?

    I am in a situation where my EAD expired in July 2022, but I 94 is valid till 2025, have not applied for renewal yet. If I apply now am I eligible for an extension?

    • Hi Ashwin,
      Yes, your understanding is correct.
      Yes, you would be eligible for it. The simple reason for that is you are in valid status with valid I-94. So, if you apply now, you would get that 540 days.

      • The i-94 expiry date and H1/H4 petition and stamping expiry dates are all the same.
        How would someone get a future dated i94 to make this automatic extension possible?

  6. Hi all, Really Appreciate if you could shed some light on my case.

    – Category C(26)
    – H4 EAD Expired: 08/01/2022
    – New H4 approval I-797 was received AFTER the above H4 EAD Expiration Date. i.e. on 08/03/2022
    – New I-94 Expiration Date (on New H4 I-797): 08/29/2025
    – EAD Application Sent on 8/20/2022. No Receipt Notice received yet.

    Should I expect to get auto-renewal since my new I-94 is expiring only in 2025?

    Or should I not expect auto renewal since I filed for renewal AFTER H4 EAD Expiration.

    I am still confused on what is TIMELY filing. I could not have filed for H4 EAD renewal before I got my H4 approved.

    Please advice or let me know if I need to share more info for context.

  7. Anyone got stamping done just one week before i797 expired? Or do you guys know anyone who has had such an experience? Can you please share experiences? This is very very urgent.

  8. So if I file for my wife’s H4 and H4 EAD together 6 months before her H4 (and I94) is supposed to expire and H4 extension itself takes more than 6 months (which is the case currently), this extension is useless for us?

  9. Hi Karthick,

    Could you please clarify if i am eligible for 540 days extension.
    I am applying under H4 ead under category C26.

    Last H4 EAD expired on Apr 2021
    Extension of EAD applied on Mar 2022 only which means after expiry of EAD.
    But I have valid I94 till 2023.
    So am i eligible to start my employment now or i should wait to get the approval.

    • Priya,
      One of the conditions for auto approval is, applying for the H4 and EAD renewal on time, (before it’s expiration). So even though you have a valid I-94 till 2023, I believe you will not be able to continue to work after your EAD expiration.

  10. Chanda,
    My earlier H4, EAD, I-94 expired on Apr 15, 2022. My H4 renewal application, which I filed on Nov 2021, was approved on Apr 8, 2022 and received I 797C on Apr 12, 2022. Since it didn’t have the i-94 in it, I stopped working on Apr 15. Now I received the new I-797A with new I-94 valid till 2025, on Apr 30.
    In this scenario, where I have an approved H4 and valid I-94, can I rejoin my work? I am yet to get an approval on EAD.

    Please let me know.

  11. Hi Kumar,

    H4 and H4EAD applied in nov 2021, H4 approved in april, can I get 540 automatic extension on H4EAD?
    H4EAD is expiring in june.

  12. Admin please clarify when it’s mentioned I 94 it should be valid and not expired, to prove when the application was filed applicant had a valid stay record

    For instance I have a h4 ead renewal notice along with old h4 ead card and unexpired i94 valid until Oct 2022
    I should then be able to update my I 9 and get 540 days

    • Chanda,
      Key thing is you need to valid status to use the 540 days provision. Yes, you should have I-94 valid during filing and also after that you need to have valid status ( valid I-94) to use this rule’s 540 days.

  13. What if my I-94 is expiring during the EAD extension period and I have applied for Visa extension ? Whether I will still be able to work till the 540 days ?

    • Nishanth,
      You need valid I-94 or H4 Status to avail this. The requirements have not changed. You could leave the country, get stamping and enter on H4 status to fix that issue.

  14. Hi, Thank you for such detailed information, Does this mean the I-94 check is no more a requirement for H4-EAD?In my scenario H4/I-94/H4 EAD all are ending on May 28th, and the H4/H4EAD applications are still pending. Does this mean I am eligible for auto extension?

    • Lakshmi,
      There are no changes to the requirements from the past for H4 EAD, they only increased the automatic extension duration from 180 to 540. You need to have valid H4 status, which means valid I-94 or approved H4 to avail this.

        • A, The key thing is you need to have valid status, meaning valid I-94 for you to work on H4 EAD. That has not changed. Double check with others.

        • Hello A,

          I have heard the same from my attorney. Is there a way we can connect ? I would like to understand more on the situation. My email is vasu145@gmail.com.

          Thank you

      • My case is different. My i94 is expiring in aug 12th 2022. But I have my spouse’s approved i797 till 2025. But my visa is expired . Can I go to otay mesa and get my i94 extension based on my husband’s approved i797? Plzz reply. Its urgent. Thank you


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