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With the new Trump administration in US in 2017, there are so many rumors floating around internationals circles and media on what is happening at US Port of Entry. I see many people sharing info on article H1Bs Deported at POE from 2010 …Some claim X % of their employees are denied entry, some say there are more secondary inspections, some say it is normal and nothing has changed. Unfortunately, there is no better way to track this information as nothing is shared publicly, unless one can come out and share it. We have created US Port of Entry Tracker to help one another. It is fully crowdsourced, you can add your details anonymously.  Check it out.

US Port of Entry Experiences Tracker

Check out US Port of Entry(POE) Experiences with anonymous data from everyone.

To avoid spam, you need to do one time registration. Good part is, if you have already registered for QA Section or added any of your H1B, H4 EAD or 221(g) Cases to Trackers, you do not need to register. It is same login.  Also, we collect minimal info, it takes a minute or two add your Port of Entry experience. Below are the some details.  If you recently came to after  US POE, we request you to add your experience for everyone’s benefit.
US Port of Entry Details Tracker
US Port of Entry Experiences Dashboard

What are your thoughts ? Any suggestions ?


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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Satya Mutnoory



    My POE (PHL)is in different state, but its just 30 miles away from my work location which is in another state(NJ). Will this be a problem?
    Do I need to fly only to the state where my work location is?
    Please advise.

  2. Dileep

    Hi, my h1b got stamped in December 2016 but I couldn’t travel then and I’m planning to travel in April 2017 so I’m just worried about the POE as many people are saying that they are deporting Indians and stuff so will it be a problem for me as I’m so late? Please help

    1. administrator


      There is no mass deportation or anything like that. Yes, they are being more vigilant and using additional measures like going through the phone, social media etc to ascertain if you are breaking any laws or not. As long as you have papers in order and are not doing anything illegal, you should be fine.

  3. Ferry

    Hi, im currently on H1b visa and will expire in august 2017 but i have a plan to go out of the country in May,would it be safe to go travel? for my employer is highly suggesting not to go. Any recommendations? Thank you

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